I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 732


Chapter 732 Completed Reboot

โ€œDemoness Harley, Jehovah, I call you your mother!โ€

โ€œFather Kesqui, King of Heaven, Harley! Fakesquid, God of Dogs.”

“How dare you humiliate your deity like this, King of Heaven, Harley!”

“Sacred Aunt Harley, we The Mayan pantheon has never messed with you, why are you killing us?”

“Wu Divine King, you and I are irreconcilable.”

A big river, since 2015 Years passed, and Harley’s consciousness was wrapped in multi-colored light and stood on the “wave”. Along the way, countless scolding, begging, and howling sounded in her ears.

They are all gods and demons whose roots of faith in the world have been cut off by her.

The incapable can only cry in grievance, and the capable attack her.

She is now Level 84.

As the river of time begins to form, “reality” officially begins to be modified.

So they call her differently.

It seems that part of the “Heaven War God Harley Biography” she wrote has become a reality.

However, Harry didn’t have the heart to listen to the cry of the gods and demons, nor did he spare any effort to pay attention to his experience level.

When the river of time flowed back from the third starting point to the first starting point, the pressure of a mountain suddenly fell on her.

“Uh–” Harry let out a long scream.

She just felt like she had been stabbed in the stomach, and she also stuffed the water pump powered by the aircraft carrier into the wound, pumped it at full power, and pumped hard.

Strength, energy, stamina, antimatter energy in the body, Bloodline Power, and even life force, will all be taken away.

Yebby felt her state and quickly said: “Master Harley, this is the price of modifying reality. Even the smallest modification will cause a series of chain reactions.

The reality you have modified is too large, and the price you have to pay is huge.

When the antimatter energy is insufficient, the reality you set will be rewritten.

Remember, don’t force it.

If you struggle forcibly, you will then pay the price with your source and life, and it’s not worth it.”

“How can you still speak?” Halle shouted “ahhhh” with ninety-nine percent of her mind, and the rest of her mind was taken aback by Yebi’s state.

“Why can’t you speak?” Yebby wondered.

“The more you modify the reality, the greater the cost and the greater the mental stress. You really haven’t made any changes?” Harley said with difficulty.

“Ai, Master Harry, you are really a ‘living Cao Cao’, and you are so suspicious. My consciousness is fully perceived by you, and I swore to my father, but you still refuse to believe me.” Yebby groaned.


One person and one dog are talking with one consciousness, and a big explosion happened in the river of time without warning.

Originally, the river ran along the emptiness channel, and the flow process was extremely smooth, but when it was traced back to November 23, 1992, it was like stepping on a landmine.

The mines are not filled with gunpowder, but with nuclear warheads.

Harry’s intuition rushed over with a dazzling blue light, and her consciousness was uncontrollably separated from Yebby.

But after losing the protection of the “tool dog” this time, she did not lose consciousness in the information flow because she directly held the hand of creation as before.

On the contrary, this consciousness separated from the tool dog is in a very good state at this time.

The blue light around her gave her the comfort of returning to her mother’s body.

“Blue Light. This is the connecting force of Manhattan’s Academician!”

Harry suddenly woke up.

Then, her fourth linking power defense specialty was triggered, and a vague silhouette appeared in front of her eyes.

It still seems to be talking to itself.

But it was blocked by a layer of time fog, so I couldn’t see it, and I couldn’t hear it.

Harley simply activates all of her feats.

Next moment, she sees it clearly.

In the energy space with blue background, a naked man with blue skin stood there silently.

It feels like seeing black people at night.

He had a clear vision, but he still couldn’t see his face.

“Manhattan, is that you?”

“Hello, Harley Quinn, didn’t expect you to perceive me according to your timeline, the distance from us It’s only been two years since we separated last time, your growth rate is really fast.”

He responded, a little surprised in his words, but his tone was very flat, indifferent but not indifferent.

Attitude seems to be better than last time we parted.

“Boss, what’s the situation now?” Harry asked.

The Manhattan Academician’s expression was a little desolate, “This is the point in time when I merged with Earth 0. After this point, Earth 0, which was once fused with my power, disappeared completely.

1992 On November 27th, my original Earth was destroyed by nuclear war.

On November 27th, 1992, I turned my universe into information and energy, brought it into this multiverse, and merged with Superman’s universe , which is the true beginning of Earth 0.

Now the river of time traces back to this point.

At this point, the source of my home universe, the source of my own power, Accumulated to the limit on the timeline, it is erupting in the river of time.”

“That is to say, they haven’t got your power yet, and you have resisted until this point?” Harry asked in surprise. .

Manhattan Academician shook his head: “It’s true that I resisted this, but this multiverse has my power.

My personal timeline is way past this point.

I can see that after 0.0001 seconds, my quantum energy is absorbed into the multiverse universe source and becomes one of the basic forces of the multiverse.”

Harry smiles like flowers, gentle like water, “Big brother, what can I help you with? Or, you can give all your energy to my little sister within 0.0001 seconds?

Seeing as we are so predestined, we can do it in this situation. For the sake of meeting again.”

Manhattan Academician did not scold her for shameless, her tone was as indifferent as before, “This is another restart of the multiverse level, not only will a new unique universe be born, but the entire multiverse pattern will be born. will also change.

After absorbing the source of me and my universe, the nascent multiverse will add a fundamental forceโ€”my quantum energy.

The quantum energy at this time in 1992 It erupted at this time of year, evolving the ‘Manhattan Quantum Power Plane’ in the restart of the universe.”

Harry heard inexplicable sadness from his words.

“You will become the master of the plane, the Demon God or the Divine King? But I remember, when we parted last time, you said that you were about to completely cut off the bond with Earth 0. Go to the Almighty Universe to explore the infinite future.” She asked softly.

Manhattan Academician sighed: “The quantum energy that exploded at this point was not lost from me, because I myself became part of the multiverse.

I will be with this universe. Like other Supreme Existences, he is trapped in the multiverse forever and can never go back to the omniverse.โ€

Since the burst Manhattan power still belongs to Manhattan Academician, he naturally wonโ€™t give it to him. she.

But now he is afraid that he has regarded the power of Manhattan as a burden and a shackle. If throwing away the power can exchange for freedom

In Harley’s heart secretly sighed, her pattern is still too small .

I can only guess at the origin of the Infinite Earth Crisis, in order to seize the power of Manhattan.

Absolutely never imagined that the dc multiverse would be so bold and greedy. It didn’t want eggs, and directly swallowed the “hen that laid the golden eggs” of Manhattan Academician.

“Why can’t you leave?” Harry asked.

Manhattan Academician said flatly: “Before the Infinite Earth Crisis, Earth 0 merged with my home universe, so I have a bond with Earth 0.

This bond can be seen as a A contract.

Power has a price.

This is an omnipotent law that I have learned in this universe, a law that applies to the entire omnipotent universe.

This law works for me too.

My life, my power, comes from my home universe.

especially my power.

After you smashed the origin of time at the end of the mother river, after the origin breath was dispersed from the hand of creation, I suddenly realized – my power is called ‘the power of connection’, and it is almost the same as that of the hand of creation.

The difference between me and it is similar to the water and soil in the four elemental powers in magic, the same essence, different attributes.”

Although his tone did not change, Harry once again Hear the bitter taste.

“Power has a price, and the more you get, the greater the price. So, I have obligations to my home universe first, and then to Earth 0.

I have Tried to get rid of that connection.

In the parent universe, I gave half of my power to ‘Manhattan’ and failed.

In Earth 0, I tried to leave the responsibility to Angie Ra (Black Manhattan’s wife), failed and succeeded.

Power was taken away by you, and my human incarnation failed.

But you did more than’ The human incarnation’ expectation for ‘blue Angela’.

In the infinite Earth crisis, you perfectly guarded Earth 0, and I thought I was free.”

Harley endured Can’t help but begin to pity him.

As soon as the Infinite Earth Crisis opened, it was doomed to this ending.

This ending is doomed to the Manhattan Academician’s contractor from a single universe to a dc multiverse.

Failed to sell short, was completely trapped, and could not escape.

Manhattan Academician continued: “After the crisis, the five universes merged into one, and this single universe represents the entire multiverse, and the object of my payment has changed from a single universe to a multiverse.


I am above the single universe, free from the shackles of the single universe, but less powerful than the multiverse, so it is inevitable that I will be part of the reboot.โ€

“Is the secret mastermind of all this the watchdog, or God?” Harry asked.

“Neither, the monitors and anti-monitors should also be assigned fate. I have no concept of God, but its existence is at least one level higher than the monitors.”

Ha Li was startled, “What kind of existence is that? A multiverse impossible has two mothers of creation, and I know its true creator god is inside the origin wall.”

“Not the creator god. .” Manhattan Academician thought for a while, and said, “The monitor and the anti-monitor are managers of the same realm.

The positive-matter single universe is in the positive-matter realm.

Anti-matter universe In the realm of antimatter.

So, what realm is the entire multiverse in?”

Harry was stunned and said, “This is beyond my knowledge, I can only guess, the multiverse The universe is built in pure nothingness. Does nothingness also have a manager, who is it?”



I don’t know Is it a coincidence or the vigilance of the black hand, Manhattan Academician did not finish a word, the dazzling white light blew up the quantum field in this river of time.

The river of time rushed out of the point on November 27, 1992 and continued to spread rapidly towards the first starting point.

At this time, Harley’s consciousness lost the tool dog, and her brain was once again overwhelmed by the explosion of creation information, dizzy and drifting with the flow.

Opening her eyes again, Harry saw the ceiling and heard the big cuckoo singing outside the window singing the song of spring.

“This is Quinn Manor.” She got up from the bed and bathed in the bright spring light that came in through the window, her expression a little dazed.

“Harley, Harley, where are you?” Ivy’s cry suddenly came from the living room.

(end of this chapter)

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