I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 734


Chapter 734 Saint Harley in the Bible

Wait for Harley to take out the computer to check the history of World War II in this world and “self” “History, the whole person is not good.

In the original normal history, the Germans came up with a set of superior and inferior race theory based on Christian doctrine and evolutionary history, and they also searched for the Holy Grail, Atlantis, etc. to help them win during the war the legend item.

In the history after this reboot, tens of thousands of years ago, a mortal girl named “Harley Quinn” appeared, first fleshy body Martial Arts became a god, and then became a Martial Arts god as a god. God’s Chosen – Only in the absurd and uninhibited history, there is a story of Divine King Harley Quinn and God disguised as a mortal becoming good buddies, but Christianity firmly denied the legend of “father, the aunt of all angels”.

After becoming God’s Chosen, Martial God Harley held one red, one silver and two “God Killing Sticks” (exactly the same as baseball bats), killing from east to west, south to north, and southeast of Europe continent Killed to the northwest, from the southwest to the northeast.

She kicked the Norse gods and defeated Odin’s hand; she bullied the Celtic gods and was irresistible; The gods block

In short, in the name of God, the “chosen Harley”, wearing a nun’s robe and holding a stick in both hands, has become a heavenly War God. The department also has no choice but to take her.

Born in Barbarian Desolate Era, she became the first saint in the Bible, 50,000 years earlier than Jesus

However, her title of “Heaven War God” , but from the world, according to her own characteristics and life experience.

Like the titles of mortal emperors in history, Edward Long-Legged, Leper King, King David

Well, Jesus and His Disciple were not the first Saint and Saint in the Bible. only.

Before Jesus, God had manifested himself and led a group of kings of Israel.

For example, Solomon the owned, who was the embodiment of wisdom and the son of King David.

King David was originally just a shepherd. When he became an adult, he defeated the giant Goliath and unified the United Kingdom of Israel, becoming one of the most famous believers of the king of God in the Bible.

In this restarted world, his exploits are not even worthy of shoes for the Heavenly War God Halle.

King David only defeated a bloodline indifferent giant, Goliath, but Halle was the enemy of the gods.

In the Dead Sea documents outside the “Bible”, there is also a vague message: Wu Divine King Harley challenged all the gods and all Demon Kings of Earth.

trifling Goliath, what does it mean when you arrive at the Odin god system?

Therefore, the heaven War God Halle has become the well-deserved first “king on earth” in the “Bible”.

He is the patron saint of Christians.

Since her, in countless battles, active or passive, Christians have either formed the Holy Crusade in her name. Oh no, the “Martial God Guard”.

It is said that the Heavenly War God Harley led the “Martial God Guard” across the world.

In the history of this world, of course, there were crusaders.

But before Jesus, when the cross was not given special meaning, Christians for tens of thousands of years only used names like “Martial God Guard” or “Heavenly War God Guard” as the name of the church’s armed forces.

For example, later King David of Israel and his son Solomon both had a “War God Apology”.

Israel’s King David lived 1st millennium BC, Wu Divine King Hari at least 50,000 years ago, but Wu Divine King is far more real than King David.

There are doubts about the authenticity of King David and Solomon, and the veracity of their stories, but no historian has ever questioned the existence of the Divine King.

Right now, in the Gotham Museum of History, there is a stone tablet left by the Divine King.

Well, the Divine King Wu has a hobby that is different from other kings. She is neither lustful nor greedy for money, and she is especially keen to engage in the kind of “strategic meritorious achievements and inscriptions on monuments”.

So much so that today, tens of thousands of years later, hundreds of inscriptions left by her have been found all over the world.

Some inscriptions are like sphinxes, standing directly outside for everyone to see, some inscriptions are buried deep in the soil, and some inscriptions are carved on the stone walls of caves

In this new universe, Western historians finally no longer have to secretly fabricate history, and finally have the confidence to face Eastern historians proudly.

β€”β€”Our history in Europe and America is better than your bamboo slips, oracle bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions, and inscriptions. Well, you also have inscriptions on inscriptions, but our records are more detailed. The content of “Martial God Halle Stele” looks like a novel. Of course, although it is very long, it is full of dry goods and absolutely no water!

Also because the history of the Heavenly War God Halle is too clear, 100% “true”, and there are many relics she left behind, the Germans regard her as the ancestor of the Aryans, as an example of struggle and Hope of victory.

“I checked, the Germans are not self-indulgent.” The red light flashed rapidly in the steel-bone electronic eyes, and countless information flowed through the chip in his mind, “The content of ‘Martial God Harry Stele’ is often very Long, the description of the characters is more detailed, including the description of your appearance.

Put out those who look sweet like an angel, and have a noble temperament like an angel king descending to earth, so that the Evil God Demon King dare not look directly. Your piercing eyes and things like that.

Appearance text that can be drawn like a portrait, all showing that you are like an Aryan.”

All the heroes of the moment They stopped listening to the pioneers and looked at the history of “Martial God Harley” in amazement.

However, they watched with naked eyes, the speed race Borg’s Cyborg was too slow.

I haven’t read a brief history of World War II yet.

“My grandfather is Italian, my mother is from northern Europe and has no connection with Germany.” Harley is still looking at the history of World War II.

Steel said: “The Aryans are not only in Germany. However, the current historians are inconclusive about the race and origin of Martial God Harley.

Not only the Germans take you as an ancestor, European countries, some countries in America, and even Neon in Africa and Asia also think you are their ancestor, because the Neon people unearthed your grave on Neon Island.”

Harry held the tablet and quickly refreshed the page, frowning, “This history is wrong.”

“It’s definitely wrong, it’s ridiculous.” Cyborg and the heroes nodded.

“No.” Harley waved her hand, dissatisfied: “This plot is not right, the ending is not right, Divine King Harley should beat Odin and Zeus to kneel and kowtow, and finally mortal body Ascend to heaven, be conferred as heaven War God King, position second only to God brother Yahweh.

The ‘snobby’ of Gabriel also kowtows to me and shouts ‘father’.

I paid a lot of money to customize a Hegemon burger, but I ended up giving me a small steamed bun.

In the end, the dignified Divine King died like a mortal? People digging graves?”

Not only Neon people dig her graves, but Germans can fight the freedom fighters with Sam’s uncle and the Justice Society with the Flash and Green Lantern in World War II, all because they care about Daley Under an ancient church, the “War God remains” were dug up.

German scientists transplanted the bones of “War God Harley’s remains” into ordinary soldiers to create a biochemical warrior ten times stronger than the American Captain.

Or, more accurately, “Divine Force warrior”.

“Yerbi, where did you go, Yabi?” Harry yelled.

“Master Harley, I’m guarding the door for you outside!” Yebby ran in with a tablet in his mouth, “I’m also looking at history.

Master, I know What do you want to ask.

But I also reminded you at the time, don’t set too exaggerated plot, you can’t pay the price.

This new Earth is not a rootless tree, Water without source, it is based on the original Earth 0, and the other four universes add bricks and bricks and merge.

It has its own history, and it is already very good that you can become the most famous emperor on earth Hey.”

Harry rubbed her empty stomach and said angrily, “The antimatter energy in my body is all gone.

That amount of energy is enough for the anti-supervisor to create. An anti-matter universe, but can’t even achieve the ending of ‘cultivation success fairy’, is this not bad?”

Yebi exclaimed: “Even if the anti-monitor takes all the energy, don’t even think about it The material universe modifies the reality of the Divine Domain. It’s not realistic at all.

Restart is the material universe, not the Divine Domain.

If you want to become the Divine King of Heaven, go to Heaven The Voice and Father Abba.”

“You’re making a fool of yourself?” Alexander stared at Harry and asked loudly, “You restarted the universe and changed reality?”

“Harry, where is my Louise?” The old Superman’s eyes were red and he looked towards her excitedly.

“What did you do?!” The heroes were angry.

Being glared at by them as a scapegoat, Harley immediately became furious and wanted to get angry immediately.

Suddenly, her arm was pulled, and the scolding she blurted out got stuck in her throat.

“Remember, in the land of the origin of time, you made us believe in you, and we all believed it.” Bateman pulled her, as if reminding and exhorting.

He could see that she was going to freak out.

Harry swallowed a sullen breath, looked around at the heroes, and said solemnly: “Everyone, you should all know my attitude, I am against entering the underworld, and against any plan that may restart my universe.

In terms of resistance to the restart of the universe, none of you are as strong as mine.”

Before the heroes, Bateman said: “But now the universe is restarted, you leave After the origin of time, where did you go?”

“The starting point of time where the expedition is located is the end of the river of time in the antimatter universe, do you know that?” Harry asked.

Betterman shook his head and said, “I don’t know how different it is.”

Harry explained the difference between the true mother river and the time river of the antimatter universe again, “In the The place where the antimatter universe originated in time, without the hand of creation.

It is the antimonitor standing in the shadow of the creator god, imitating his actions and behaviors, and deceiving Croner to take the antimatter starting point as the origin of antimatter. The origin of the universe uses his hand as the hand of creation.

So when the one universe splits, it splits into the antimatter multiverse.

The ghost is stopping him, but the ghost has its own

At that time, I wanted to join the ghost and the anti-prisoner, and I wanted to impose my will on the universe restart.

But as you all saw, I was rejected and rejected Hostility.

Then, a single thought came to my mind – this is just the beginning of the antimatter universe, not the real place where time originated, why not go to the mother river of time, to find the god of creation The Hand of Creation?

I hope you trust me because the Anti-Monitor is untrustworthy and the ghost’s behavior is suspect.

But I overestimate myself, cosmic reboot is not What mortals can participate in, I can only do two things – keep my life from being changed, and keep all sentient beings from being enslaved by beliefs.”

“Can’t you stop the restart? My home, my Wife,” the old Superman said with quivering lips.

Harry said with a bitter smile: “I have emphasized that none of you are more opposed to the restart, but at that time. When the anti-prisoner raised his hand, the restart had already begun.

Why did the ghost bring the hero to the place where time originated?

Those with brains who have experienced everything before should understand that He wants us to bring strength to the anti-prisoner, so that the anti-prisoner can be restarted, Then he picked the fruit.”

(end of this chapter)

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