I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 735


Chapter 735: No Worship and Inequity

“Anyway, you participated in the restart of the universe, and after the restart The world is only good for yourself. You have the intention to pretend to be cool in history, and you are not willing to spend your energy on improving the living environment of the heroes.” Alexander accused.

“Boom-ka-cha!” Harley threw a punch, the bridge of his nose snapped, and the man flew two meters upside down, crashing into Aquaman’s broad and powerful chest.

“Everyone has aptitude to question me, but you, the bastard, don’t.” Harley pointed at him and cursed, “The universe is your plan, and entering the universe is like starting a restart.


You four universes are about to merge into one.

It was your plan to go to the place where time originated, and what did we do at the beginning of time?

To be a battery for the Anti-Monitor, so that he can successfully start the restart process?

To be a stepping stone to the ghost, so that he unaware of the oriole behind, the fisherman profits?”

“Alexander , she was right, you insisted on going to the place where time originated, and as a result, we achieved nothing, but caused the universe to restart.” Bateman said solemnly.

Alexander covered his nose and shouted: “The anti-monitor has entered the land of the origin of time, our reality is being rewritten, the four Earths of the underworld are colliding, can we do it if we don’t go?”


Actually it works.

If they don’t go, at most Universe Great Explosion, Earth 0 will be fine. The anti-supervisor simply doesn’t have enough energy to start the restart, so it’s up to the heroes to go over and let him draw enough power to summon the “Hand of Creation”.

Betterman gave him a deep look and said, “But what did we do there?

When you proposed the expedition time starting point plan, Harley Quinn asked a question. β€”β€”No one has been there, and I don’t even know how much power I can exert. How to fight the anti-monitor?

You solemnly vowed, saying that everything is fine.”

Alexander wiped the blood from his lips, spit out bloody spit again, and sighed: “After confirming that the ghost will also go to the place of the origin of time, my positioning for the expedition force is not the protagonist of pulling strongly against a crazy tide. , but the assistance of ghosts.

We should not place our hopes on others, but we must also recognize the reality.

Even Harley Quinn knows the origin of time The land is full of uncertainty and danger, can’t I guess?

But something has to be done.”

“So, whatever you want to say, it’s the ghost’s fault, He lied to us? If you think like this, why are you targeting Harley Quinn again?” Bateman’s eyes were sharp.

Alexander didn’t evade his eyes, said solemnly: “Do you trust ghosts?”

“Before going to the land of origin, trust, and now the result makes me suspicious.” Terman Road.

This is an absolute lie.

He was suspicious of anyone at all times.

β€œWhy doubt?” Alexander asked.

Batman said: “The ghost claims that without the help of heroes, he alone can bring the storm to an end, and the building will fall.

The result is the origin of time travel He took the initiative to be our leader when we reached the land, demanding that all heroes and criminals of reputation join the expedition.

Not powerful heroes, but all heroes with names.

Even if the hero doesn’t have superpowers.

From the pioneer recruiting heroes for the Monitor satellite to your first expedition to the antimatter universe, Harley Quinn’s planned failed second expedition. The three of you A leader only needs a hero with strong strength and survivability.

Because the antimatter universe is very dangerous and full of unknowns.

But people with long brains understand one truth – time The starting point must be a million times more dangerous than the antimatter universe.

The ghost made that decision.

The series of events after arriving at the origin of time also proves that the ghost is hiding The real plan.”

“Yes, there is a big problem with the ghost, let him speak.” The old Superman shouted.

“Ai, Infinite Earth Crisis begins, has gone through three expeditions, the first one fell into a trap, the battlefield became a meat grinder, and even Wonder Woman died, terrible; the second expedition, Before we could exert our strength, we were cleared by Harley Quinn alone, and it was utterly boring; this expedition to the land of the origin of time, it was finally my turn to participate, but the result was the worst experience in my life. ‘ Aquaman sighed.

Haljo Pill Dao: “In the Land of Origin of Time, when we besieged the Anti-Monitor, the ghost who was the leader of the team hid, waiting for the Anti-Monitor to point his palm at Crona’s observation window. Start restarting?”

He was uncertain, looking towards Harry with a questioning look.

Halley nodded and said: “The anti-monitor is using his own hands, disguised as the hand of creation, and the ghost is waiting for that moment.”

Hal hearing this, The expression became more and more certain, and he continued: “So, the purpose of the ghost taking us to the beginning of antimatter time is not to kill the anti-monitor, but to let him use us as an energy source and open the ‘hand of creation’.

How can we trust such a ghost?”

Alexander said solemnly: “The general doesn’t need to tell the soldiers about the battle plan, it’s not difficult to understand, right?

As the successor of the monitor, when I was leading you, I also concealed some truth.

I do not deny that the process of this trip to the beginning of time was somewhat unexpected, but you all I tried it myself, all heroes tried their best to attack the anti-monitor, but it didn’t work.

Since all heroes tried their best and still couldn’t solve the problem, we can only trust the ghost.

Let the ghost be the general and the hero be the soldier.

It is the general who makes the strategic plan, and the soldier only needs to trust the general.”

“Trust is not like that.” Dachao Looking at his adopted son, he shook his head in disappointment, “Trust is built on honesty, and people who trust each other should have the determination to work hard for the same goal.

Instead of driving us to a dead end, then giving Let us choose, let us trust.

At the beginning of time in the anti-matter universe, the anti-monitor incarnates as the God of Creation. We can’t hurt him no matter what, but he does It can easily suck our life and will.

We don’t know this, but your ghost knows it.

He knows it, and takes us there, let us do our best to The Anti-Monitor attacked to prove that we had reached a dead end and could only treat Him as a savior and trust Him.

This is machination, not trust.”

Alexander welcomes With the loss of his adoptive father’s sad and angry eyes, his tone was still firm: “This is the problem, you have no friendship with the ghost, and there is no basis for mutual trust without any reason.

The ghost can only use tricks and methods. .

The relationship between you and the ghost is destined to be only a general and a soldier, not a partner like you who cares about each other.

There is complete candor and trust between the partners, and the general is to the soldier There is only responsibility, and strategy.

Batman asked me why I didn’t blame the ghost, but instead pointed the finger at Harley Quinn.

If she didn’t go to the mother river Starting point, instead of summon the creation hand of the creator god, help the ghost and let him defeat the anti-monitor, is there still a ‘blemish’ in the restarted universe?”

Bateman reso lutely and decisively said: “From the way the Ghost treats us, I have absolutely no belief that He will create a Perfect World for us.

He must have his own purpose, and he will achieve his purpose in the reboot without caring about our feelings. “

Alexander gently> nods

, “So I ask you believing or not a ghost, you don’t believe in him, that’s why you have this idea.

And I totally trust him, so I think Harley Quinn made ‘Perfect World’ disappear.

So, I’m going to be pissed at the current ‘Wu Divine King’ history.

Angry that she took away the ghost’s chance to restart the universe, but spent her energy on expanding her reputation.

Back to the previous question, she and the ghost, who should we trust? ”

Bateman and Dachao frowned, thinking that his words were very problematic, but they could not find a breakthrough to refute.

Other heroes, especially the underworld lost The heroes of life are somewhat persuaded. A winner in life?

“No matter what the ghost wants to do, at least my situation won’t be worse than it is now. “A hero said it directly, and looked towards Harley with inexplicable emotions.

“Harley, is there anything you want to say?” Dachao’s eyes worriedly said.

Harry sighed: “First of all, I have to apologize to you, not for what I did, but for the trust you gave me at the time, but I failed to do so for you.” Do something.

Cosmic reboot is beyond my capabilities.

In the reboot, I only did two things, protect my own life, and revise the history of Christianity, that is, the history of the Divine King.

I can protect my life because I have long felt that Alexander and the ghost have colluded and prepared in advance. “

Alexander excitedly said: “Don’t spit your blood, the first time I saw a ghost, you are his subordinate, you said it yourself. “

Ivy sneered: “This is the first time you see him, even if he does something very strange, you still trust him very much.

Harry met him more than ten years ago and knew what he was like, so she doubted him because of his behavior.

Who do you think is the problem? “

“My trust in Him comes from God, and I have total trust in God.” Alexander said.

Harry glanced at him and continued: “Secondly, I have no regrets about the results of this universe restart.

Many of you have lost your universe, lost your family and friends, and lost your life.

I am very sympathetic, but before I took the hand of creation, when the anti-monitor drew your power and destiny, and called the observation window of the little blue man, the restart had already begun, including Earth 0. The physical universe has disappeared.

In other words, I saved my life from destruction, but I failed to save you.

It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that there is nothing I can do.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, I only prepared for myself in advance, not for you.

As for the history of the Divine King.”

She calmly faced the crowd with complicated expressions, smiled faintly, and said, “I pretend to be a force by my own strength, what have you got to do with me? relation? “

“Ai, suddenly the world feels so empty.” Green Arrow covered his forehead and sighed, “What are we, what is true and what is false?” “

“Why don’t you remind us when you’re ready to back off?” “There is a hero.”

“I have long suspected the Watchers, the plans of the Heralds and Alexander, and told you, who do you believe?

When I was about to bring the loach into the time bubble, you still felt that a dog took the place of two people, and complained there, I directly said that I was worried about the restart of the universe. Harry’s tone gradually grew impatient.

“Your ‘backhand’ cost a lot? Is it difficult to prepare for us by the way? “Old Superman asked.

Harry suppressed her irritability and said patiently, “It’s easy to do the trick, and it’s easy to prepare for you.

But who knew then that five universes would merge into one?

Who knew the hand of creation existed in the place where time originated? Who knew my backhand turned out to be really effective? “

Halle looked towards Alexander, “You probably know it, and so does the ghost.” “

Alexander did not deny or admit, but said: “I don’t believe that the price of revising ‘the history of the Divine King’ will be lower than the price of preserving each hero’s life.” “

“Are you finished yet? “Harry rolled up his sleeves and tried to beat someone again, but was pulled by Dachao.

He squeezed her arm, and raised his chin obscurely towards the heroes of the universe.

Most of them looked dissatisfied, even with some anger and resentment.

“Don’t look at me like that, be careful to beat you together,” Harry said angrily, “I’m so special. Isn’t that clear enough?

The person who started the reboot is an anti-prisoner, a ghost, not me.

A group of people have fallen into the river. My biggest mistake is that I only picked up my own relatives and failed to help you. ”

(end of this chapter)

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