I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 736


Chapter 736 Disbanding

Harley broke free from Dachao’s pull and pointed at the heroes who looked at her with unfriendly eyes , pointed them one by one, and scolded rudely: “What do you mean by this expression? Life is gone, you hate me?

Who gave you the confidence, is it because of my apology just now? ?”

Those heroes absolutely didn’t expect her to be so pungent, completely disregarding embarrassment and face, and directly opened up the topic.

“I apologize because I am conscientious enough to remember the little trust you had in me at the time.

But I didn’t explain it clearly enough?

Go Before the start of Mother River time, the restart has already begun.

That window from the little blue man scientists who observed the origin of the universe tens of billions of years ago, you are not blind, you can see it.

That means restarting, it means my Earth 0, and your underworld universe is so finished.

It means your life is gone.

I invite you to enter the underworld universe The person is Alexander Kent. The plan to go to the land of the origin of time also came from him. He and the ghost obviously have a tacit understanding. As a result, you don’t blame him or the ghost.

You don’t complain about pulling you into the water. Instead, they complained that I, the man standing on the shore, failed to get you out of the water.

Yes, I saved my life, and I still have a ‘Wu Divine King’ The glorious history of the past, my life is even more brilliant and brilliant, standing among you losers who have lost their lives, the rays of light ten thousand zhang are a bit dazzling.

But this does not mean that I am guilty!”

“I didn’t expect Harley Quinn to be so powerful, she dares to say anything and can say anything!” Aquaman leaned into Green Arrow’s ear, clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

“I feel embarrassed just listening and watching on the side.” Green Arrow whispered.

“Gudonggudong.” The experience jar of the second “cheeky” Defense Specialty suddenly reacted, bubbling frantically.

The original Level 5 was 98%, but now it overflows instantly, and it’s Level 6!

Harry was stunned for a moment, then glanced at the heroes, including the old Superman, several of them had their heads lowered and couldn’t see their expressions, and they didn’t know if they were really remorseful.

Only sincere regret, repentance, remorse can have experience.

Harry wanted to scold a few more words and gain more experience, but opened her mouth and realized that she had already finished what she wanted to say.

She was depressed and pointed her gun at Alexander: “You little bastard with a black heart, did I destroy the grand plan of your master watcher and ghost, you fly into a rage out of humiliation? A lie.”

Alexander said with a dark face, “What did I lie about?”

“Do you understand the reboot process?” Harry asked.

“Iβ€”” Alexander thought for a while before saying, “I understand a little bit now, but I didn’t understand it at all before.”


Harry’s eyes widened in admiration for this thing.

If he said she didn’t understand, she would say she didn’t understand the reboot, but put a hat on her head, saying that she changed the ghost’s ‘perfect creation’ in the reboot, and that she was in the reboot process. He only cares about his own pretense, regardless of the lives of the heroes.

He is lying.

If he says he understands, he is also lying.

A person who understands the general process of the restart of the universe will not know that this expedition is equivalent to making space and creating conditions for the restart?

This guy seemed to react in an instant and avoided the big thunder that Harry buried.

“Well, you Alexander, you are worthy of Luther’s seed! He clearly bears Kent’s surname, but he has not learned the simplicity of Kent’s family, and uses his cleverness in crooked ways.”

“You can slander me, but don’t humiliate my parents,” Alexander said angrily.

“Hey, we are both smart people, and we both understand what we mean.” Harry sneered again and again, “It’s a pity that you have missed a little bit since the beginning.

What if you hold me on the head?

Let these heroes distrust me, doubt me, exclude me, and they will hit me?

Or, do you think I am Will be ashamed, will regret, will be worried that I won’t be able to play happily with you in the future, so I will apologize to you for making mistakes and apologizing?


Harley faced the heroes first Taking a sip, he glanced at everyone with a smile, and saw that they were embarrassed and their scalps were numb, and finally cast a mocking gaze on Alexander, saying, “Anyway, the Infinite Earth crisis is over, we who have never united as one. , now let’s break up and break up.

In the future, there will be revenge and revenge, and any emotion can be vented, and no one should suppress yourself.

But you brat Be careful.

Your aunt, I’m not Superman, not Bateman.

Gotham Godfather is a comparison to those bastards who dare to offend her and send their souls to hell. It’s a good ending.”

“Omai Karma!” The heroes widened their eyes, their faces filled with disbelief.

Dachao’s complexion slightly changed, “Harry, youβ€””

Harry raised his hand to interrupt him, coldly said: “Superman, don’t talk, this guy is a three Teenagers know what they’re doing.”

“You think I’m afraid of you?” Alexander clenched his fists and looked grim.

“Yes, I think you are afraid of me, and you should be afraid of me. As long as you are a kind man, slap me in the face with facts, come on, come on!” He akimbo, raised his chin high, and raised the corners of his mouth provocatively.

Alexander’s face flushed and his eyes were bloodshot, “Iβ€””

“Don’t be impulsive!” No matter how hard she tried, she pinned him to the ground, “She admits that she is not a hero, but you are, I hope, and think you are a superhero.”

“Harley Quinn, you are wrong. A word.” Pioneer Lyra said solemnly: “I’m not calling you all here to tell the changed history-“

“ahhhh-” Without warning, the old Superman suddenly raised his head A tearful head, roared towards the sky, “My world passed away, my life is gone.

My wife, my Louise, she passed away, never even in this The world existed.

No, it’s not fair, why did I live and she disappeared?

I regret it, why didn’t I choose to stay with her?

I did nothing in the land of the origin of time, my Louise, how terrified and helpless to disappear, Ahhhβ€””

He was tearful, howling in lost self-control Crying, then soaring, crying disappeared.

Now Halle understands who is “cheeky” breaking defense and who is providing experience for her second specialty experience jar.

She sank into the depths of the Sea of Consciousness and glanced at the jar.

tsk tsk, worthy of being a superman, after a while, he has reached Level 6 60%.

Harry looked towards Dachao expectantly again, Dachao’s wife and mother are all doing well in Paradise Mountain, they will definitely not collapse.

She then turned to Superman, who looked like a fool, with a dull expression and no trace of regret.

“We have to get the old Superman back.” Lyra said solemnly: “The Anti-Monitor is not dead yet, we need Superman, we need to form the last expedition.”

” What? The King of Anti-prisoners is still alive?” The heroes shouted, “What’s the point of paying such a high price that even the universe and life are gone?”

Harry looked thoughtful.

They can return to the new positive-matter universe, and it is normal for the anti-supervisor to return to the new-born anti-matter universe.

Then, she remembered something, took out her mobile phone and searched for Luther’s information.

He and his secret society also returned from 10 billion years ago, and are now squatting on Metropolis Stryker Island.

Accused of colluding and freeing Brainiac, a serious threat to Earth’s safety.

There is absolutely no problem with this crime, but the time of conviction and the process of his crime are also affected by the restart.

“This universe is not completely safe, the Anti-Monitor is brewing the next wave of attacks, I am not prophesying, I am using my strength to resist Earth being destroyed by him.

This time , his goal will no longer be the entire physical universe, he can’t do it, but he can take revenge.

Vengeance on us Earth who have failed him so many times, on Earth,” the Herald said solemnly.

Harry pulled out a cassette-sized metal box and threw it at the Pioneer, “Lyla, then.”

“This is the mother box?” The Pioneer wondered.

Harry said with a smile: “Darkseid’s beacon. After you encounter the Anti-Monitor, you can create opportunities, open the portal, and transmit the power of Darkseid’s sneak attack.”

“What about you?”

Harry shrugged, “We people who walk different paths cannot make plans together, this expedition, let’s play by yourself.”

“You think this is ‘playing’?” Herald frowned.

“Hehe, isn’t it like that?”

“Harry, don’t be angry, the anti-monitor is now eyeing your Earth, your universe.” Da Chao advised road.

“I’m sure you guys can handle everything.”

Haley said this and actually walked out the door.

“Let her go, it’s impossible to cooperate any more.”

Dachao wanted to persuade him again, Bateman lightly sighed and held him back. arm.

After he finished speaking, he also glanced at the Herald and said, “You called us heroes without superpowers, what’s the arrangement?”

The Herald shook his head and said: ” You don’t need to go out this time.”

Betterman thought for a while and said, “Then you continue to have the meeting, Gotham has something to do, I’ll go first.”

“I won’t. Fei, this time I trouble everyone.” Aquaman also got up and said goodbye.

The heroes who have a home are gone for the most part, leaving only the heroes who are powerful and have nowhere to go.

The faces of the heroes on the scene were not very good, and the atmosphere was low and depressed.

Harry can be a target when she’s around. Now that the target is gone, they “return to reason,” thinking back to Halle’s words in their hearts, and starting to use Alexander and Lyra as targets for resentment and resentment again.

“Evidently, each of us has sacrificed our lives and sacrificed. Everyone is a great hero, but it fell apart on the eve of victory. What went wrong?” Sam Uncle said bitterly.

Earth 2’s old Green Lantern said wearily, “Alexander, Lyra, tell the truth, what do the Watchers want? Is this expedition the last?”

“The Watcher is dead,” Laila sighed.

Dachao’s eyes were sharp, and he said solemnly: “No matter if he is dead or dead, there is one thing that Harley is always right.

He has other goals, and his goals are the same as ours. Inconsistent.

We only want to save our own world, but he regards saving the existing world as a means of forcing us to obey orders.

I can see that he himself does not care about countless The life and death of people, the demise of countless worlds.

But we care.

You two are the executors of his will, you know everything, I hope you can be honest once.”

“Now that the universe has restarted, killing the Anti-Monitor is the end. Shouldn’t we go over and let him take the initiative and let him attack Earth at will?

This is just a second choice. A simple multiple-choice question, either we take the initiative to attack or passively defend, don’t think too complicated.” Alexander shook his head.

“It’s a multiple-choice question again? You can choose one of the two, how do you choose?”

Dachao held his breath, and the heat rays were about to come out.

The Pioneer looked around the heroes and said, “The universe has just restarted today, and everyone is in a bad mood. I can understand. It’s better to wait a few days and get used to the New World. After you discuss the results, come to me again?

I can hold on for a few more days so that the anti-monitors can’t destroy Earth.”

“Ai, as you said!” Dachao helplessly sighed then said, turning his head to face Those “black heroes” who lost their lives said: “Everyone, this is the Hall of Justice, the home of all heroes, and of course your home. Let’s live here first.”

(end of this chapter)

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