I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 740


Chapter 740 Wailing, thanks to level 80 experience

Who is the person who is immune to restarting in the Dream Book? Change the person, infuse the memory of the original person, or is it really a complete reproduction of the original person?

I have to say that Riddler is indeed Arkham’s “thinker”, his philosophical thinking is very reasonable, and it is also very inspiring to Harley.

Her heart is beating peng peng at the moment, and a method to verify the truth appears in the brain.

In order to cope with the infinite Earth crisis, she tried her best to raise the level to 80, for which she single-played All the prisons on Earth for super criminals.

This includes, of course, her “Experience Leek Field” Arkham Asylum.

In other words, Edward the Riddler had just been stabbed by her, and even if he had a stubble of experience like a leek, it would certainly not be much.

If Edward changed his personality and was restarted, and only Earth 0 Edward’s memory, then he, who had never been stabbed by her, must have a lot of experience.

After having this idea, Harley immediately reappeared in her mind another idea that could change her future life

Penguin held a cane and reminded: “Some time ago, the alien fleet When defending the tuning fork, I helped the Tamaran traffickers and got a batch of powerful alien weapons as a reward.

This cane is specially enhanced with top alien weapons, and it is estimated that it can hurt Superman, which is very dangerous. “

Harry recovered from the excitement of being alone, frowned: “Have you helped the Mataram trafficker?”

The Penguin was stunned, didn’t expect her The focus is on this.

“Harry, you gave me Du Ping’s business at first.” He reminded cautiously.

Harry narrowed her eyes and her tone was a little stern, “Of course you sell Earth’s Du Ping, of course there is no problem, but the alien harboring malicious intentions wants to use Du Ping to corrupt us Earth people, you are so smart Can’t you think of it?”

Penguin’s cheeks swelled and shrunk again, as if he wanted to let out his signature weird laugh, but he still had reason and knew who he was facing. .

Although he didn’t laugh, he continued to talk: “No matter what kind of Du Ping, he is eroding people’s spirit and will, and is making the United States slip into the abyss of degeneration.

From my many years of experience, Du Ping is like a demon. No matter what kind of Du Ping you touch, it will stay with people for a lifetime, until it goes to hell.

So, if you want to live as an individual, not walking corpse, don’t touch drugs!”

“Cobot, you are Du Fan’s boss, not a Gotham Congressman who gave a speech on anti-drugs in front of a group of reporters.” Harley said indifferently.

“You mean Congressman Hades, who is known as the ‘anti-drug pioneer’? Hey, he took my black money to help fight against other family Du Fan. Moreover, he started to use hemp grass at the age of 11, and he was exposed to white noodles in college. , is an old-fashioned drug addict!”

Cobot laughed, and said resolutely: “I just want to say, Earth Du Ping is a little devil, alien Du Ping is Archfiend, mortals are hard to Avoid calamity and ruin your life.

Whether the native Du Ping or the alien Du Ping are eroding the United States, there is no difference.”

Harry said: “Of course there is a difference, Although all kinds of Du Ping are eroding the United States, and the United States is also destined to sink in the flood of Du Ping.

But the erosion is fast and slow, and the decline is sooner or later.

Now I’m still alive, and I can still be in power for several decades. If the United States is quickly reduced to a third-rate country among Du Ping, won’t my political and commercial status also be reduced?

Ordinary Du Ping can at least guarantee that the United States will survive I retire, when the time comes even if the United States is flooded, it has nothing to do with me basking in the sun.”

Cobble shook his head, said with a smile: “Harry, you look down on us Americans too much. , I look down on the aliens too much.

In terms of the speed of destroying the United States, can the aliens compare with us?

First of all, from a technical point of view, Matalandu Ping’s technological content, addiction, and physical harm are very powerful, but not the strongest.

As far as I know, in the past few years from the first contact with alien civilization to the present, from Wayne There are no less than five ‘potions’ that are stronger than it in the biological laboratory.

In addition, the Mataram people harboring malicious intentions and want to use Du Ping to destroy the rice emperor, but its power is only chiseled with nails How can the efficiency and speed of passing through the wall of a building match the speed of our own destruction of the United States?

How can a chisel nail a wall with a big hammer to hit the root of the wall?

For example Congressman Robben, who I killed last year, actually wanted to set up ‘legal smoking centers’ in various cities in New York State. The dignified U.S. government actually wanted to rob us of Dufan’s business. Is there any reason for this?

Oh , I’m sorry, I’m off topic, I mean, he really made it, the lethality to the United States is ten times and a hundred times more than the alien Du Ping.

So, after a comprehensive consideration, I am willing to help Ma Talan traffickers.”

Harry was persuaded and sighed softly: “Ai, hearing you say this, I’m starting to hesitate whether to participate in the congressional election next year, or sooner rather than later. Retire.”

“You continue to choose, and the 31st century superhero Legion has appeared, which shows that the United States has its own blessing and can overcome this hurdle. “Cobot said with a smile.

The Riddler couldn’t help but said anxiously: “You two, can we put aside the small advance of ‘the destruction of the United States’ and continue the previous argument ‘I Is it really my ‘major event? “

“Give him the cane.” Harry raised his chin to Cobblet. “Mataran’s technology may be strong, but it certainly won’t kill me.” “

Cobert turned the power of the “Cane” laser cannon to a low level, and then handed it to the Riddler, and simply taught him how to use it.

“biubiuโ€”โ€”” Two bunches of thumbs Thick blue light flashed, and the flesh on Harry’s palm was scorched, and bones could be vaguely seen.

This is the result of her revoking all defense feats.

“Gudong.” Experience jar Two very small bubbles popped up.

“Hey, the Matarams really didn’t fool you this time, the weapons are really strong. “Harry looked at his hand first, a little surprised.

“Are you okay?” “Cobot worriedly said.

โ€”โ€”If her palm is broken, will she settle the account with him?

He is worried about this.

” Edward, you are who you are. “Harry looked at the Riddler, as if there was a little Sima Guang in her heart – she smashed the big vat full of regrets, and the endless regrets filled her chest.

She is too Stupid.

Really, so stupid.

Itโ€™s okay to use the book of dreams to summon ordinary acquaintances, basically to ensure that her life will not be distorted, but she shouldnโ€™t It should not, should not help all super criminals to be immune to restart.

It is time to restart this group of bastards. After restarting, they will become individuals, isn’t it equal to ‘experience monster’ refresh?

Harley is extremely remorseful, because she lost her level 80 experience because of her cheap hands-in the world before the restart, she gained experience to upgrade her level to 80.

While regretful, ha Li also discovered the real wealth code of the DC universe – restart!

If the DC multiverse restarts every two years, she does not need to go to the almighty universe to explore at all, just nest in Quinn Manor, like a waiting for harvest The old farmers of the crops, after each restart, harvest a wave, with countless experiences, and infinite levels.

That picture is so beautiful!

In a second, Harry changed from the most determined The anti-reboot faction has become a reboot support faction.

She swears in her heart that this lesson will be remembered forever, and she will never stop it when she encounters a cosmic reboot in the future.

Except for the ordinary person and friends, other super criminals are determined not to protect them, so they must be “refreshed”.

“Why? The Riddler looked at Harry, whose expression changed back and forth, and was a little scared, but the ‘philosophical question’ in his heart still prompted him to ask.

“My feeling has not changed. “Harry said.

“How does it feel?” “

“That feeling I used to play with you guys in Arkham.” “Harry revealed the aftertaste, “Perhaps, I should go to Arkham in two days to help you strengthen your belief in ‘I am still me’. “

Riddler’s eyes were frightened, his face was pale, and his body was shaking.

“Edward, what’s the matter with you?” Still feel like an illusory one? “Penguin supported him by the shoulders and asked with concern.

“No, I have no more doubts, this world is still this world, nothing has changed. The puzzlement and confusion on Riddler’s face were swept away, and he said firmly.

She was right!

Anything can be fake, but “play a game” The kind of feeling that even the God of Creation and Imperial Capital can’t fake.

She felt it.

He feels it now.

โ€œGreat Demon King is back. The Riddler closed his eyes, lifted his chin, relaxed his body, his face turned at a forty-five-degree angle to the sky, a breeze blew, and the ends of his forehead fluttered gently.

“What did you say?” “Penguin put his face close, puzzled.

“I feel, it’s all back.” “

The Riddler murmured softly, his face exuding a strange look of enlightenment.

Harry patted the Penguin’s shoulder and sighed: “If you really treat him as a friend, you should send him as a gift.” Go back next door to rest for two days!

When you are tired from playing outside, you always have to go home. After all, home is a person’s last peaceful harbor. “

The Penguin looked up “next door”, and could vaguely see the clock tower of Arkham Asylum two kilometers away.

He was a little moved.

The Pioneer didn’t lie, the Anti-Monitor was not only alive, but also took Earth as an object of revenge.

On the third day of the universe restart, the scarlet electromagnetic storm swept the entire Earth, 99% of the electronic equipment lay in the nest, the world was Thriller.

Well, terrifying for those who don’t remember the Infinite Earth Crisis.

The 20 million+ people who are protected by Harley and immune to reset are pretty calm.

“Don’t panic everyone, this kind of small scene can’t hurt the Earth people, and it can’t hurt us. “Ma Gang Lord drove the fighter jet very calmly and shuttled back and forth in the red cloud to prove that this seemingly terrifying storm was really a small scene.

Well, the US president drove the fighter jet to meet the enemy, originally only ” Independence Day” in Hollywood movies that flaunt the values of the United States, show off the martial power of the United States, and boast the identity of the world savior of the United States.

Although the universe is restarted, the ‘Universal Brand’ equipment that Halle had prepared for the Earth Army also disappeared. Ninety-nine percent of the time, there are still a few smart-pilot aircraft left.

Driving them is no less difficult than riding a bicycleโ€”as long as you donโ€™t encounter real enemies.

Yes Lord Ma Gang appeared and combined with Lana Lang’s report on “The Infinite Earth Crisis and Mass Memory Correction” yesterday, Earth people can finally face this “sudden and unprecedented” crisis with a relatively calm attitude.

“I, I feel evil again” Zhenglian Hall, the abandoned person with Zizaotou, whose body became transparent and glowing, shouted in pain: “Evil is pulling me again, but I haven’t disappeared.

Because catastrophe will befall this place, but this universe is the only one left in the entire multiverse, and I have nowhere to go.

Gosh, I’m stuck in a cosmic mezzanine, cold, so cold, extremely cold, help me! “

Almost at the same time, Alexander was also suddenly enveloped in scarlet antimatter energy, and his body returned to its previous “positive and negative” balance.

Harry didn’t want to pay any attention to them. “I am entertaining myself”, but He Dachao kept calling her.

When she arrived on the dog, Holy Son, she happened to meet a stranger who came to recruit people: “The ghost is dead, I need a mage. Help, Harry, do you want to come? โ€

(end of this chapter)

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