I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 741


Chapter 741 Save the Ghost? hahaha

“What, the ghost is going to die? Hahaha” Harry laughed directly, “Of course I can’t miss this kind of strangeness.”

The stranger stared at her for a while, and then again Invitation to Zatanna and Alan Scott “The Original Green Lantern”.

“I’m not magician.” Old Green Lantern wondered.

The heroes and villains who immigrated from the underworld universe to the “New Earth 0″ can be divided into three categories: 1. The family remains the same, and life is perfectly integrated into the New World; 2. Lonely, but in the new universe there are ” illusory” new life; 3, a miserable black household with no name, no family, no friends, and no new life.

After investigation and analysis, Bateman came to a very cruel conclusion: the more powerful and influential the hero, the more perfect and complete the life in the new universe.

Like the old Green Lantern, who, as the backbone of the Justice Society, falls into the first category.

Not only the home has not changed, but it is still in the original city, the same house, and the sons and daughters in the family are still there, and I still remember what happened before.

For example, a beautiful girl named “Dolphin” is said to be a dolphin with excellent cultivation success.

Well, completely transformed from a dolphin into a girl.

She belongs to the second category. Although her family is gone and her friends are gone, in New World, even Aquaman remembers her – there is an extra “false” memory that exists on the timeline.

Another example is the “Huntress” Helena Bruce, who has no superpower, and Robin Dick, the middle age person who also has no superpower. They are the third type of people.

A pure black household, the family is gone, the hukou is gone, the life is gone, the relatives are gone.

No one remembers them except the heroes who went to the land of time together.

Old Superman is not among the three types of people. Although he is strong and famous, this new universe is dominated by Earth 0, and Earth 0 already has a big super.

Also because the old Green Lantern Alan Scott has a perfect family and a happy life, he looks good and has a good temper at the moment, and it doesn’t seem like he is approached by a stranger to save the “culprit” ghost. Li sneered like that, or looked unhappy.

“You’re actually a magician.” The Stranger looked down towards the ring on his right hand, “Your green light energy is different from that of the Oa people.”

“It’s a little different. , my lantern doesn’t need to be recharged.” Old Green Lantern said.

The Stranger glanced at the heroes of different colors and said, “I’ll explain it to you when I get to the Tower of Destiny.”

During the Infinite Earth Crisis, most of the Stranger I stayed in Earth 2 all the time, and I also became a member of the Justice Society. I am old friends with the old Green Lantern and the old Flash.

So Alan Scott didn’t say no.

The Stranger opens a Transmission Gate and Harley rides in with Yebby, Zatanna and Old Green Lantern behind.

They were teleported to the door of the Tower of Destiny, and were taken to the dimension room by the Academician of Destiny: a huge cave inside, and a deep rock shaft in the center of the cave.

The ghost returned to its normal form, half-suspended in the well, motionless, not speaking, not even breathing, like a corpse.

The wellhead was surrounded by a circle of magic Grandmasters. They raised their hands high, and the magic power in their bodies spurted out of their hands, forming a colorful magic cloud above the wellhead.

“Hey, you are opening the river of time? It seems that you are planning to extract magic power from it.” Harley lowered her head again to carefully perceive the ghost at the bottom of the well, moved in her heart, and said in surprise: “is it possible that the energy of the ghost Staying in the river of time, can’t you come back? hahaha .”

Speaking of which, she couldn’t help but laughing, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

The Academician of Fate said in surprise: “Harry, you are so sharp, you can sense the breath of the river of time just by looking at it, and even sense that there is magic pulling away from the river”

His eyes gradually looked thoughtful, “The last expedition to the place where time originated, you suddenly jumped out of the time bubble and entered the mother river of time, what is your ability?

By the way, you asked me to borrow it earlier. The magic book related to the super-time flow, it seems that nothing is a coincidence.”

“Hehe, I made it very clear when I asked you to borrow the book, to develop the Manhattan power in the body.” Harley lightly said with a smile.

“wu” Fate Academician also recalled that she did say so at the time.

“What abilities have you developed?” he said curiously.

Harry waved her hand, “Hey, don’t mention it, I can barely survive in the river of time, it’s too far from the “Across the River of Time” in Manhattan’s Academician.”

Fate Academician suspected that she wasn’t telling the truth, but she didn’t pursue it.

His eyes swept across the faces of Halle, old Green Lantern and Zatanna, saying solemnly: “At the end of the universe reboot, a huge shock wave erupts from the hand of creation.

The explosion came too suddenly, and the essence of the ghosts scattered on the river of time did not have time to recover, so they joined us, crossed the long river of time, and returned to this Earth, this point in time.

Lost Power, the ghost is unconscious.

We have to bring back the ‘divine essence’ summon that he left in the river of time.

Because we need the ghost and his might to save Earth .”

“Why are Harley and the Anti-Monitor okay? Harley is still holding the hand of Creation.” Zatanna wondered.

“This” destiny Academician is a little embarrassed.

He wanted to say that Harley had the power of Manhattan, but the Anti-Monitor was in the same situation as the Ghost and didn’t have the power of Manhattan.

He also wanted to say that the Anti-Monitor took the initiative, so it was not directly impacted by the power of the hand of creation, but Halle was more passive than them both, and she was even more aggressive than the other two. hands together.

He also wants to say that the power attribute of the ghost is not suitable for that kind of environment, but he has the power of God, which is obviously higher than the power of Harry and the anti-monitor.

Regardless of whether it is compared horizontally or vertically, it seems that from which angle the comparison is made, only one conclusion can be drawn: the ghost is too stretched.

Or, the ghosts have ulterior motives, are too purposeful, and are desperately modifying reality.

Because of hard work, all the power will be spread out, but the power to ‘stop’ is in Harry’s hands. Just when his power is exhausted, she announces the end of the game.

“Probably the ghost is worried about the world, exerting too much force and trying his best.”

“The energy in my body is also drained.” Halle said with a smile.

“oh!” Fate Academician wanted to cover his face, “Anyway, the ghost needs help, are you willing to do your part, for him and for Earth.”

“I don’t Magic.” Old Green Lantern said.

The Stranger explained immediately: “Your lantern is different from Green Lantern. It is made of a magic lamp pot.”

“What kind of lamp pot?” Alan wondered. road.

The Stranger said: “Long ago, the Guardians of the Universe tried to wipe out all magic in the physical universe.

They succeeded and they failed.

They At a certain historical point in time, all the magical power in the material world was successfully collected and sealed in a sphere called ‘Star Heart’.

But we all know that the source of magic lies in Lingbo Hell!

It is useless to just clean up the magic elements of the material world.

The key is that the master of the magic in the heart of the star is still there, and those magic powers begin to erode the heart of the star.

In the end, the ‘evil consciousness’ was born in the heart of the star, and it became a green flame that took away part of the green light’s energy characteristics and flew away.”

“Ah, you mean, there is a demon in my lantern?” Old Green Lantern was startled, then shook his head and said, “It’s never bewitched me.”

“Ai, evil consciousness is just a Guardian name. It’s actually the master of magic, beating somebody at their own game. Anti-grabbing the green light energy, the idea Avatar was born from magic.” The stranger sighed.

“I don’t quite understand.” Old Green Lantern said blankly.

Harry said: “The little blue people are really a group of Top Grade, they can even do cerebral palsy things like ‘Exterminating Universe magic’.

What is the distortion of human nature, Too greedy; or too twisted human nature, too arrogant and ignorant?”

The Stranger shook his head: “When the Guardian studied science, there was no magic in the world.

At least not in the physical world. There is magic power.

When magic power appears and flourishes, it is reasonable for them to want to study the ‘new power of the universe’.”

“No, it is necessary to do research To collect all the magic in the universe?” Harry wondered.

The stranger said hesitantly: “Magic power is too similar to green light energy, both are miraculous powers that create something from nothing.”

Harry said with a sneer: “For monopoly The power of miracles? Just like some wicked multinational companies in the United States, after acquiring competitive national companies in other countries, they did not manage well and deliberately abolished them to ensure that their garbage products had no competitors.”

“You are too prejudiced against the Guardians, and think of the bad in everything. They are actually the same as Heaven, they belong to the side of order and goodness, and they have made great contributions to maintaining the peace of the universe.” Stranger frowned.

“You’re telling the truth at least, heaven is like them,” Hallie chuckled.

“Harry, you seem to have a deep prejudice against heaven too!” The Stranger said indifferently.

“No no no!” Harry waved his hands again and again, smiled and said: “I love God, I love heaven, I have shed blood and made merits for Christianity, please don’t slander me, Let my hundreds of millions of ‘project funds’ go to waste.”

The Stranger ignored her and asked the old Green Lantern: “Alan, do you understand now?”

“My lamp stove is evolved from the ‘star heart’, so it has a magical attribute?”

Old Green Lantern is just a lack of knowledge, and people are not stupid. Hearing this, I vaguely understand.

Stranger said: “It’s just a small piece of the heart of the star. The sages of the Celestial Dynasty have a saying that is very good. The number of great evolution is fifty, and its use is ninety out of forty. Get away with one.

Your lantern is the ‘one’ who has escaped, without the master of magic power, and the master of green light.”

Here, he looked at the man who was trying to cast spells by the well. Mrs. Shangdu, “If it wasn’t for my interference, it would have been occupied forever by Mrs. Shangdu.”

Shangdu immediately reacted, taking the magic back into his body, wiping the sweat on his forehead, and walking over to ask: “When did it happen?”

“Yuan Dynasty, when you were the ‘prophet of the Western Regions’ for Emperor Kublai Khan.” The stranger said.

Shangdu’s emerald eyes shrank suddenly, “Could it be that green, magic pot? The magic pot is the embryo of the green lantern?”

The stranger politely nodded.

“ao ~~~” all of them were furious, screaming, and rushing to scratch the stranger’s face, “I’ll just say, more than ten years ago, I was like a fish in the Yuan Dynasty. back in water, everything goes well, the emperor believes in me, the ministers respect me, high position and great wealth can’t be enjoyed.

As soon as you came here with that Marco Polo, I was caught in a disaster and had to flee. Thousands of miles, leave Kublai Khan, Your Majesty, who trusts me, and leave my comfortable and comfortable Dongfang Family Garden.

It turns out that everything was arranged by you!”

Fate Academician and Zatanna Going forward to pull the frame, the two mages did not wrestle.

Well, Harry was standing there still, expecting a fight with the Stranger.

“The magic pot came from an extraterrestrial meteorite. The Song people picked up the meteorite and forged it into an emerald teapot, which was then treasured by Emperor Kublai Khan.

But he likes you very much. , often takes you into the treasure trove, and also lets you see the magic pot.

At that time, you were abandoned by the gods and became a mortal who lost the power of miracles. Just touching the magic pot will activate a small amount of magic power. You want it, don’t you?”

“Just because I’ve seen it, you don’t want it to fall into my hands, so you designed it to trick me?” Mrs. Shangdu’s eyes were red.

(ps: I see that some readers want to see Harley’s strength data at this time, please wait for two more days to wait for her value to stabilize. The ghost took a few shots of Harley at the place where time originated, This time it will be retribution, and Harley’s attribute will fluctuate greatly.)

(end of this chapter)

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