I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 742


Chapter 742 “Black Hand” Stranger

Mrs. Shangdu and Stranger have a deep “bad relationship”.

As early as the time of King Arthur, the Stranger cheated her once.

The 15-year-old girl in the forest at that time, Shan Nimiao, was in her 80s as a lover for Merlin, who looked like a ‘Gandoff’.

In order to protect Camelot (King Arthur’s kingdom), Merlin took his half-brother, Demon Prince big brother Etrigan, from hell to the world, forcibly with King Arthur’s Knight Jason Boo. Rad fusion.

Merlin wanted to create a “super magic weapon” that could be controlled and possessed the power of a demon.

Use this weapon against Nimue’s second sister, Morgana.

The Stranger is guided by the voice of the sky, hoping to “liberate” the future 21st century superheroes of Jason Bullard and Etrigan.

He found Nimue, sow discord, and let her kill Merlin (not completely).

As a price, the fairy godmother loses her magic powers.

Afterwards, they met in the capital of the Yuan Dynasty and in Paris, France under Louis XVI.

When she was in France, Mrs. Shangdu took care of her old love and sneaked into the castle with magic cloak, ready to rescue the “Queen of the Beheaded”, but was interrupted by a stranger who did not want “history” to be changed. Arrested and jailed.

It was also that time when Shangdu was on the brink of desperation, and the second sister Summon died. She relied on tarot cards to win the biggest and hardest backer in her life, gain immortality, and restore her magic power.

Until today, Mrs. Shangdu found out that he was also deliberately cheating on her during the Yuan Dynasty.

“Sorry, I have to follow the instructions of the Voice of Heaven and keep my fate from being changed.” The stranger had a faint apology in his eyes, but his tone was rock-solid, with no sign of regret.

“You’re magician, and you just lack magic power. If you get a magic pot, you will definitely use it as your Life Source magic tool.”

And about the path of the mage” Compared to the Life Source Spell, the Life Source Magic Tool is slightly more arbitrary.

It’s not even a necessity for mages.

Mainly based on the personal needs of the counselor.

The reason why the Life Source magic tool appears is because some wizards with extraordinary innate talent, after the realm approaches the Spiritual God wizard, the magic power they master is so powerful that the human body cannot bear the magic power. kind of power.

So, they transfer their power to a Magical Artifact, giving up the fleshy body if necessary.

The most typical example is the Divine King Naboo.

His helmet is his Life Source magic guide Divine Item, his magic, thinking, spirit, divinity, vitality, life force and other life elements are integrated into the helmet.

It’s fair to say that he’s a helmet now, and it’s not wrong to call him a “helmet.”

Naboo is the Divine King of order. Since it is the Divine King, there are naturally other gods of order.

They, like Naboo, are all human beings who have become gods, giving up fleshy bodies and pinning their magic on gloves, cloaks, armors, gold shorts, and boots forged by N metal.

All of these Divine Items plus Naboo’s helmet can be combined into a set of invincible “Order God Suit”, which belongs to Naboo’s strongest state.

In addition to Naboo, Harry also knew that “the most promising sage of the time”, the sage of Orchi, possesses a piece of “Secret Seal of Seven” – he had asked her for N metal, so She can know.

Zhakang’s Zippo lighter is also a Life Source magic tool.

However, Haley felt that Zhakang probably couldn’t use it, he had too little magic power.

Less magic power is less stressful to the body.

But there is not enough magic power to integrate the law into the universe of the Universe Principle at all, that is, it is impossible to become a god.

It’s too far.

The Stranger’s judgment was very accurate back then. Mrs. above is in the state of being a ‘magician without the slightest magic’.

“With Kublai Khan’s favor on you, as long as you see the magic pot before I start my action, once you ask for it, the Khan will give it to you without hesitation.

When you get the magic pot, you will definitely turn it into a Life Source magic tool for your soul and magic.

Then the magic pot cannot be brought to the West by Marco Polo.

When railroad engineer Alan Scott was involved in a train accident in the 1930s, he couldn’t pick up the ‘star heart’ fragments that had been transformed into lanterns.

If he didn’t get the green lantern, Alan would Like hundreds of ordinary persons on the train, they died in car accidents.

Without Alan, there would be no heroic world today, and there would be no heroes who stood up in countless crises (ps).

This is the reason why the Voice of Heaven guided me to stop you from destroying the ‘Mandate of Heaven’.”

These words were said by the stranger with a serious face, not to mention that the lady doesn’t believe it, even Alan Scott himself looked suspicious.

“This stranger, you think too highly of me, I’m not as great as you say.” Old Green Lantern said embarrassingly: “I believe that even without me, the heroes will still stick to their ideals, Take a crucial step.”

“This is the arrangement of the Voice of Heaven, and the Voice of Heaven never lies.” The Stranger looked at him and said sincerely, “Alan, you look down on you. Myself, I’ve been in Earth 2 for a long time and know the impact you have on the next generation of heroes.

Old Superman himself admits that you inspired him to be what he is now.”

Old Green Lantern blushed and waved his hands again and again, “It’s too much, I did what I should do, I shouldn’t be so boastful.”

Harry looked at Old Green Lantern, and then at Mo. Guest, I am more in awe of the voice of the sky in my heart.

Because she knew the Stranger wasn’t lying.

She had a deep conversation with the Manhattan Academician when she took the power of the black Manhattan.

Manhattan Academician tells why and how he merged ‘dc main universe’ and ‘watchmen universe’.

The reason is that Superman, who represents infinite hope, can completely solve Watchman Earth’s ‘self-destruction crisis’ – including but not limited to the nuclear bomb crisis.

Before the fusion universe, Manhattan Academician also tested the impact of Superman on the dc universe: Manhattan Academician took the green light lantern in the 30s, let Alan Scott die in a train accident, lost the old green light Guidance, Kryptonians did not become Superman, and the future DC universe was easily destroyed by him; he did not take away the lantern, Alan became Green Lantern, Kryptonians became Superman, and led all heroes in the future to resist the crisis of his destruction of DC Universe.

Manhattan Academician is primarily testing Superman’s impact on the dc universe.

The conclusion is that “Superman is the key element of the universe”.

But his testing process also revealed a truth: Alan Scott has a great influence on Superman and future heroes.

Combined with the remarks made by Stranger at this time, Harley can draw two conclusions: 1. God is very good, and the little black hands have stretched out for a thousand years; 2. Earth 0 comes from Earth 2, Manhattan Academician fusion dc universe, most likely Earth 2!

The fusion of the universe is not what she thought a few years ago. The two material universes are like two lumps of mud, kneaded into a big lump of mud.

The original main universe was Earth 2. Manhattan Academician first verified what they thought in Earth 2, and then merged the information of Earth 2 and the information of the Watcher universe into a river of time, and finally merged the information of time. The material universe in the ready-made Wantian Ji in the river – Earth 0!

As for Shangdu, Stranger and the others.

80% of them are the same as the current old Flash and old Green Lantern. For immigrants from Earth 2, their memories are slightly changed with reality. Correction.

“Stranger, aren’t you and Shang all those ‘ancient’ things that happened in Earth 2?” Harry asked.

The Stranger said meaningfully: “I’ve always been in the main universe! It’s not me that has changed.”

Harry frowned and said, “Did Manhattan Academician say to Earth 2′ Get out, I want your seat’, kick Earth 2 away with one kick.

The house flew away, and you guys in the house stayed where you were.

Wait for Manhattan Academician to use it Hand rubbed out Earth 0, put it in the center of Wan Tianyi, and covered you all in?”

“What are you talking about?” Mrs. Shangdu frowned.

Harry waved her hands, staring only at the Stranger.

The realm is still low, and the understanding of the secrets of the multiverse is limited.

The Stranger frowned and thought for a while, and said, “Although you are wrong, you can understand it this way.

The fusion of the universe is never a single event, it seems that only Earth 0 Affected, in fact, the entire Wantianyi has changed at that moment.

The infinite Earth crisis will not happen at this time for no reason.”

“I don’t want to. Listen to the fusion of the universe!” Shangdu took another step forward, grabbed the Stranger’s windbreaker, and asked loudly, “You want Marco Polo to get the magic pot.

And the reason why he got it is because the imperial concubine suffered tragically. When assassin raped her, he rescued her.

The Great Khan asked Marco Polo to go to the treasure house to select the treasure as a reward, and he chose the magic pot.

I ask you, the imperial concubine was arrested in her own bedroom Lun Jian’s plot (ps), did you arrange it?”

“Uh, what a lousy script, the dignified imperial concubine, being assassinated in the bedroom, is too unreasonable.” Harry was speechless. .

“Those assassins, like you, are experts in the cultivation Martial Arts. They came from the most terrifying Assassin Organization in the Chinese Dynasty at that time, the ‘Ghost of the Forest’.” The above explained, and they stared at Mo with cold eyes. Guest, “Imperial Concubine is my best friend in the Celestial Dynasty!”

Stranger shook his head, “Assassin was not arranged by me.”

“Really?” Shangdu’s expression softened some.

“I swear,” said the Stranger seriously.

Mrs. Shangdu let go of him and stood there in a daze.

Harry looked speechless from the side, with this brain, no wonder she was tricked three times in a row by one person.

“The Three House Demons were not arranged by him, but Rachel was brought over by him.” She couldn’t help reminding.

“What?” The boss didn’t respond, and looked at her strangely, “What does this have to do with the Sannomiya?”

Harry’s head hurt a little, this guy helped Can’t get up.

“Okay everyone, enough time has passed.” Fate Academician clapped his hands, “Now that the antimatter electromagnetic storm is sweeping the world, we have to wake up the ghost quickly.”

“If I can help, I am willing to help.” Old Green Lantern said sigh.

“Even if I could help, I wouldn’t help the ghost.” Halle said with a sneer.

“Then what are you doing?” Fate Academician frowned.

“Watch the fun.” Halle both hands crossed near chest, standing at the wellhead, smiling and relaxed.

“The world is waiting for us to save.” Old Green Lantern frowned.

“I don’t care, I can’t care.”

“Harry, you are not that kind of person. You are brave and fearless, you are not afraid of sacrifice, you love your country and your people, you are a big hero.” The old green light said sincerely.

“I used to be a hard-working hero, I could throw my head and shed blood for the sake of my world.

But I exterminate the shadow demons, draw the antimatter cloud, and fight against the monitor. The result What?”

Harry laughed at herself: “Whether I work hard or not, it doesn’t matter how much sacrifice I make, and it doesn’t affect the result.

My purpose from the very beginning is to Avoid restarting, but Earth 0 still cannot escape the restart ending; you work hard, and your Earth 2 still disappears; Sam uncle is also working hard, and his Earth 10 still disappears.

In this case, we still work hard What?

Just lie down and let the big guys play by themselves.”

“We have worked hard, at least we can change our destiny.” Old Green Lantern said seriously.

Harry sneered, “You Justice Society has a wild cat, an ordinary girl, and a newcomer who has just joined. He didn’t kill a shadow demon or cause any harm to the anti-monitor.


She survived and kept her original life in this world.

From the very beginning, the old superman fought fearless in the front line.

His efforts and Credit, he can be ranked second among all heroes, second only to me, but his life does not leave a trace.

You told me, this is called ‘trying to change fate’?”

(PS: Mrs. Shangdu was originally a forest girl, carefree, and she also found an old mage as her lover, and she lived a very nourishing life.

The first time the stranger found her, he His goal was Merlin, but he couldn’t get Merlin, so he sow discord and encouraged everyone to do it.

Everyone got rid of Merlin, and he was backlashed and lost all his magic power.

Later, Shangdu went to the Celestial Dynasty and became a female minister under Kublai Khan. She probably held an official position like the Tianjian. She was famous, had wealth, and had a good personal relationship with the emperor and concubine. Once again, she lived a happy life .

Until the Stranger arrives.

The Stranger’s purpose this time is Kublai Khan’s jade pot.

If he doesn’t come, the pot is for sure It fell into Shangdu’s hands.

He brought Marco Polo over, borrowed Marco Polo to get the magic pot, and brought the magic pot to the west.

As for Shangdu, no accident, once again It was miserable by the Stranger.

The way the Stranger got the magic pot was very dark. Dozens of assassins took the emperor and concubine what the hell. Can Kublai Khan endure it?

Stranger She became a wanted criminal, and then the stranger found Shangdu and made her an accomplice.

And later, during the French Revolution, this episode was mentioned earlier, without going into details, that is, Shangdu finally Once clever, cheated the chance of immortality from the second sister of death.

And in London, in New York.

In short, the top is like a leek, and has been cut several times by strangers. .

But most of them fell in love with the stranger from the first sight.

Of course, Shangdu is also a promiscuous guy who has loved many people, men woman)

(end of this chapter)

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