I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 743


Chapter 743 Harley Happy Water

Old Green Lantern sighed: “The restart of the universe is over, and our current efforts can at least save more Life. No matter how God arranges it, mortals like me just need to be myself and do the present well.”

“Alan, you are worthy of being a hero mentor, this remark is very chicken soup, it can inspire heroes, but for me Not applicable.

If I only pursue the present well, then I will only have the present and no future.” Harley shook her head.

“But if you don’t do anything, you will lose even now.” Alan said.

“Who says I don’t do anything? I just don’t do anything.”

“What are you going to do?” The Stranger said curiously.

“I’m currently trying to ‘know the enemy and know myself’, well, I’m watching you and the enemy’s reaction.” Harry opened his eyes wide, trying to observe the state of the ghost at the bottom of the well.

The heroes contributed their own magic power, forming a magic cloud at the wellhead, and the huge magic power opened the river of time at the upper level, pulling thin wisps of smoke-like energy from it, passing through the grandmaster’s magic power. The magic cloud fell on the ghost in the center of the suspended shaft.

In other words, inside and outside the natural rock well, there are three energy layers: the ghost at the bottom, which receives the “ghost essence” poured into it; the magic Grandmaster in the middle, which forms a circle and connects the magic in the Together, a pump is formed, the river of time is opened, and the essence of the ghost is pulled down from the river of time; the gap in the river of time on the upper level is opened by the magician, so that the essence of the ghost in the river of time can be excreted.

The level is clear and the purpose is clear, but.

Harry felt a little bit, and found that the Grandmasters were sweating on their foreheads, obviously using the strength of feeding, but from time to time. The energy flowing out of the river is very small, and the potency is somewhat low.

“The ghost is resisting us!” The black Grandmaster in the green vest and red cloak, the Mist Sage, brow beaded with sweat, gritted his teeth, and shouted: “His power is too strong, stronger than ours It’s all strong, why isn’t he willing to cooperate with us? We’re helping him.”

“Oh, I can’t do it anymore, my magic power is exhausted, so I have to rest for a while.” Constantine gasped, He took the magic back into his body, lit a cigarette for himself, sucked in the warm smoke, sighed comfortably, and said, “The ghost essence didn’t resist us, it’s because of the river of time.

Time Every minute is slipping away, every minute the river of time is moving forward, and we are always in the ‘now’.

Think of the essence of the ghost as a long river lying in the river Noodles, we have to pull one end of the noodles and keep moving forward with ‘time’.

This extra pulling force is the backward resistance.”

“so that’s how it is.” Most of the Grandmasters were stunned.

The Academician of Fate also gave him an admiring look and asked, “Constantine, do you have a more efficient way? The Anti-Monitor is on Earth, and we need the Ghost.”

Zha Kang’s right hand holding the sika cigarette pointed at the stick one’s head around to look for , Harry looked around, “Isn’t she able to directly enter the river of time?

You can use her As a relay, it is like a straw inserted into a milk tea cup.

The reason why we are inefficient is that we cannot directly exert force on the river of time because of the itch.”

“No !”

“absolutely not possible.”

“Constantine, you are crazy, who doesn’t know that Demoness Harley is greedy and best at deceiving the origin of gods and demons? Let her do the transfer Don’t we send a lamb in a tiger’s den by focusing our magic on her?”

The Grandmasters didn’t even think about it, and immediately the complexion greatly changed and loudly refused.

“Hey, you guys~~” Harry said pretty face, loudly said: “Don’t be too sentimental, I said very clearly, I won’t help today, just watch the fun.

Seeing the ghosts lying on their corpses miserably, seeing your dignified Grandmasters sweaty and embarrassed, makes me happy!”

The grandmasters, who were surging with magic power, exhausted, sweaty, and embarrassed, twisted sweaty face.

Old Green Lantern couldn’t stand it anymore, so he took the initiative to ask: “Stranger, what can I do?”

The Stranger also joined the Grandmaster team at this moment, releasing golden yellow with both hands. Magic Arc, join the Magic Cloud.

“You cooperate with the Orchi Sage to form a magical protective film in the outer space of Earth to resist the anti-matter attack of the Anti-Monitor.” He said.

Sage Orchi exits the Grandmaster team and takes the old green light to the small platform by the well.

As the two sat cross-legged, Alan took out the green lantern and placed it on the ground, while Sage Auchie took out a circular seal the size of the mouth of a mug.

The seal is his ‘Seven Profound Seal’, with red and black two colors on the surface.

The lantern is down, and the seal of the Seven Profounds floats above the mouth of the bottle, whirling.

Old Green Lantern controls the lamp furnace to release majestic energy, while the sage of Aoqi solidifies a magic paradigm with the seal of the seven mysteries. The combination of the two magnifies the magic to cover the entire Earth.

The magic was so bright that it made everyone present as a green man.

Not the bright green of Oa Green Lantern, but a dark green with a dark atmosphere.

The dark green magic radiance has been rushing out of the Tower of Destiny, rushing into the sky, and wrapping the entire Earth in green light.

The Crimson Electromagnetic Storm is blocked.

Fate Academician looked towards Harley, said solemnly: “The electromagnetic storm is just the beginning, there will definitely be no less Shadow Fiend in the end, and this time the purpose of the Shadow Fiend is no longer fixed at the tuning fork.

If they want to destroy Earth, they must be scattered everywhere, so that the hero you can’t guard against it.

Think of the scene of Darkseid invasion, shadow demons are countless times stronger than demonoids, the number of But there will be more.”

“Zhenglian plans to go on the third and fourth expedition, won’t they just wait until they kill the Iron Man?” Harry said.

“The purpose of the Anti-Monitor is to take revenge on Earth. Will he take the initiative to fight the Expeditionary Force before the Shadow Fiend is destroyed and his means run out?” Destiny Academician asked rhetorically.

Zha Kang came over, touched her arm lightly with his shoulder, and sounded transmission: “Fool, this is an extremely rare opportunity for you!

As an energy relay between the river of time and the material universe, not only the magic of the Grandmaster is concentrated on you, but also the divine essence of the ghost, but also the route of ‘the river of time – your body – the deep well of magic power – the ghost’.

When the time comes how much energy can’t be stolen?”

Harry was immediately moved.

“Kent, you mean, according to John’s plan, let me be a relay?”

Fate Academician gently nod, “You have to swear, you can’t steal everyone’s magic .”

“Kent, do you take me for who?!” Harry was shocked and aggrieved.

“I want to treat you as a good person, and I really expect you to be a good person.” Destiny Academician said.

Harry was outraged and loudly said: “I swear to God, I will never touch the magic of all Grandmasters.”

“Is that all right?”

“There are ghosts.” Fate Academician said.

Harry’s eyes widened, Kent, what are you doing so awake? Don’t you understand that life is difficult to be confused?

“John, to be fair, is there any reason for Kent to slander me like this?”

Zha-cha “ka-cha” turned on the lighter, lit a cigarette, and vaguely Said: “Kent, the ghost uses us as a tool, and we should treat him with the same attitude.

He is just a tool to help us solve the crisis, no different from the gun in the hand of a soldier.

If you can use it, you can get through this crisis, don’t think too much about the rest.”

“Omβ€”” Fate Academician’s helmet emits golden-bright and dazzling magic, Naboo The majestic and powerful voice exploded in the hearts of Ha Li and Zha Kang, like thunder on a sunny day.

“Damn, the ghost is my best friend, how dare you encourage me to deceive him?”

“shit!” Zha Kang suddenly received a blow, his body swayed, and the Sea of Consciousness burst. , a red streak came out directly under the nostrils.

Halle’s magic resistance is high, completely motionless under the impact of Naboo’s mind, and only scolded: “Naboo, you don’t respect human rights, you wantonly invade Kent’s consciousness, I want to represent the Congress to send white farts to you Books!”

“Hey, be honest with me!”

Nab was coldly snorted, the golden light faded, and Kent took over the body again.

“Harry, do you agree?” Destiny Academician asked helplessly.

“Ai, Kent, I’ll give you a face today.” Halle sighed then said, raising her hand and swearing: “I won’t steal the ghost’s magic.”

Haha Li’s oath, and then guaranteed by fate Academician, the Grandmasters reluctantly agreed to the plan.

After that, it’s simple, the river of time has been opened, and Harry burrows half of his body into it. It’s similar to sticking his head out in the time bubble that day.

But it feels completely different.

“ahhhh β€”β€”” The dazzling brilliance pierced into Harry’s eyes like a cluster of lances, causing her to scream in agony immediately.

Afterwards, she entered the upper body of the mother river and began to experience the pain of melting flesh.

“Thisβ€”” Harley was stunned for a moment before she realized: what she entered was not the river of time in the parallel universe, but the mother river of time in the dc universe again.

It is also the river of time in the unique universe.

Now that the multiverse is replaced by a single universe, isn’t the river of time the mother river?

She forgot about it.

Level 8 Time Mother River defense, only immune to 90% of the negative effects of Time Mother River.

So, she was seriously injured at this time.

But before she could retract her head, an extremely mixed and huge magic power poured into her body and entered the mother river of time without stopping.

“Wow, the resistance has been reduced by more than ten times.”

“Constantine’s plan succeeded, I just hope Demoness Harry won’t steal my magic power. My magic power is all It’s a loan from the devil!”

“Well, I sensed it, my magic power was hooked to the ghost essence of the River of Time again, during which Demonness Harley kept her oath and really didn’t touch my magic power.”

β€œDemoness Harley has the virtue of honesty and trustworthiness, even though she has a low character.”

The Grandmasters at the well were both surprised and delighted.

Harry did not intend to intercept the magic power of the Grandmasters, for two reasons: 1. She was used to eating big fish and meat in the Demon King, and she despised their “thin” magic power 2. For some black magic grandmasters, the magic power is the attribute of hell, which can be absorbed harmlessly, but the magic power of the overwhelming majority is not pure heaven or hell attribute.

Her god field is only immune to 99% of non-heavenly hell magic damage.

That is to say, absorbing and transforming other magic elements will imprint the mark of the true master of magic power on the soul.

But the essence of the ghosts

“Gudonggudong.” Harry swallowed, ten copies of the ghost essence, she swallowed nine, and only sent back one.

A vow?

Go to the special oath.

It’s hard to cultivate a reputation for being “honest and trustworthy”, isn’t it just for this moment to exchange a good reputation for actual benefits?

However, she is also working hard not to break her vows.

Harry swallowed the mother river.

She’s not stealing ‘ghost magic’, she’s just drinking ‘time soda’.

A liter of pure water is called ‘water’, and when mixed with 200 ml of alcohol, it is called ‘wine’.

One liter of ‘ghost magic’ is called ‘ghost magic’, and when mixed with 200 ml of mother river water, it becomes ‘time soda’.

This is a physical explanation.

Harry also has a chemical reason: water and Calcium Oxide combine to become hydrogen Calcium Oxide, which is another substance; ghost magic and the water of the mother river combine to produce a kind of chemical called Calcium Oxide. The strange substance of ‘Harry’s Joy Water’.

Harry dared to use her good reputation for honesty and trustworthiness to swear to God: This “compounded water” is really fun to drink, she didn’t lie!

(end of this chapter)

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