I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 748


Chapter 748 Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy Array

The expedition is in trouble.

“I only feel the evil around, but it’s not concentrated in a certain direction.” The Forsaken said with chagrin.

The grandiose number 600 successfully passed through the barrier of the positive and antimatter universe, successfully reached the starry sky of the antimatter universe, and followed the abandoned person, flying for hundreds of light-years.

During the period, Harley opened the Transmission Gate five times, and the huge amount of yellow light energy consumed made her heartache white face turn yellow.

She opened the door because only she and Alexander Kent could withstand the erosion of the antimatter Space Law.

And Alexander needs to consume energy to maintain his team to survive in the antimatter universe.

Finally, they managed to reach the desolate rocky planet suspected of Kovard.

It’s not too big from the previous Coward Sector, not only the planetary topography is different, but also the planet size and star system structure.

The planet shrunk in size, and the single star became the current double star.

But from the cosmic position, this place is the center of the antimatter universe, and it should be the restarted Kovard star.

Barry ran thousands of laps on the rocky planet, not finding a single living person, nor an anti-prison old thief.

“Alexander, Pioneer, can you find the Anti-Monitor?” Dachao asked.

The Herald shook his head, “I thought the Forsaken would take us straight to him. Didn’t expect dignified Anti-Monitor, and went into hiding.”

” He must be found immediately, the positive material energy in my body to protect you cannot last too long.” Alexander warned.

“The Anti-Monitor won’t hide out of fear. He must be working on the ultimate weapon again, trying to stall the time.” Barry said solemnly.

“What now, Harry?” Dachao said anxiously.

He turned around and saw no one.

“Where’s Harry?” he yelled.

“Hereβ€”” Hal Jordan beckoned above a stone hill a hundred meters away.

When Da Chao flew over, he saw that Harry used the yellow light energy to create a chisel, and quickly carved a lifelike iron-clad anti-monitor from a 100-meter-high stone mountain.

“What is this doing? Besides, is this an anti-monitor? It looks a bit enchanting, like a woman, and has a skirt, this-” While Da Chao was shocked, he was also very embarrassed.

Because Harley is sculpting her breasts for the anti-prison king, she’s so big and round, plus a sexy big ass drum that looks like Kim Kardashian. It’s embarrassing.

“Alexander, prepare to open the door and go home!” Harry finished the carving, the chisel turned into a long sword, “ka-cha”, from the foot of the mountain, cut the whole stone carving.

“With this spills of war, this trip is not bad.” She said loudly with a smile.

A green-skinned girl with short hair and ears flew over and asked curiously, “What does this mean?”

“An old thief who is anti-prisoner learns from women, scared of us, and shrank back. .I will sculpt a statue of the ‘Reboot-turned-woman Anti-Monitor’ to commemorate our victory this time, and to always remember his cowardice, cowardice and wretchedness.”

Harley gave the green light to beckons with the hand , “Help me lift it up so that everyone in the antimatter universe can see it.

We are not stealing stone carvings, but just and honourable spills of war.”

“Harley Quinn, I know you’re humiliating the Anti-Monitor and trying to provoke him and make him jump out.

But your approach is flawed.

Because you are humiliating women at the same time, you regard women as synonymous with cowardice and wretchedness.” The green-skinned girl said solemnly.

“Where did you come from civilization?” Harley was surprised to see an alien girl punching.

“I’m not an alien, I’m the daughter of the original Earth 2 Justice Society Green Lantern.”

The greenskin girl is very angry, she dignified the second generation of a heroic giant, You are also a superhero, where is not the focus of the focal point of ten thousands? Demoness Harley pretended not to know her, 80% deliberately humiliating her.

β€œYour mother is an alien? Looks like an alien,” Harry asked.

“I was born like this, this is my ability.”

“It seems that magic is activated in your body” Harry gradually looked thoughtful, “Heart of the Stars, you are being attacked by the Heart of the Stars. The magic of your heart is infiltrated. Well, it should be your father who was infused with magic and gave birth to you.”

“Don’t change the subject.” The second-generation girl said sternly.

“I’m a woman, so you think too much.” Harry said.

Da Chao frowned: “This move doesn’t seem to work, the Anti-Monitor doesn’t respond.”

Hal Jordan immediately understood her plan when he saw her carving.

Therefore, when she was fighting with the green-skinned girl, he had already raised the stone sculpture and flew high into the sky to ensure that the anti-monitors hiding in the dark could see it.

A few minutes later, Harry was also frustrated, and waved his hand: “Throw away the stone sculpture, we lost, the anti-prison old thief eats a moat to grow a wiser, and now I really raise the tortoise’s temperament. Come out.”

Howl put the stone sculpture aside, frowned: “What do we do now? Alexander can’t sustain our consumption for long.”

“I still have a plan B .” Harry looked around the crowd, and said loudly: “Hal selects a few green lights, stay here with me to build the bridgehead, and occupy the Kovard star.

You go back first, don’t go far. , right here at Oa.

If the anti-prison old thief shows up again, I’ll hold him off with a couple of Green Lanterns, and Hal will pick you up at Oa through the Transmission Gate.”

“I’ll stay with you.”

The old Superman seemed to have death intent in his eyes.

Without Louise’s universe, he no longer has half a point of nostalgia, it is better to stay on Kovard and burn himself for the last time.

“You haven’t completed the transformation of the body of antimatter.” Harry said.

“Green Lantern and they’re done?”

“Neither, but they have a light ring and a Green Lantern uniform.”

“Borrow a ring first. Give it to me.” The old superhuman said.

“Also.” Hal nodded and said.

“Ai, I never imagined that the anti-prison old thief would endure so much.” Harry looked at the slanted breasts, fat buttocks and anti-prisoner, in his heart there was a kind of embarrassment that he thought he had a good plan, but was mocked.

β€”β€”Maybe the anti-prison old thief is hiding in a cave and laughing proudly.

Thinking of this, Harry couldn’t help but visualize a yellow light energy chisel, and carved a line on the stone wall on the side: bastard Old Tortoise, congratulations, finally the turtle Divine Art Great Accomplishment , the “Tortoise Shell Supreme” who was promoted to the famous multiverse first who was too scared to show up by mortals. You defeated me again, and you did it by yourselfβ€”

Before a line of message was finished, the panic shouts of the abandoned people resounded in all directions.

“Be careful everyone, I feel a great evil coming fast in our direction.”

“Demoness Harley, how dare you insult me like this!”

Far away, from the direction of the star, came the roar of the anti-prisoner’s angry heart.

“Uh, the woman’s stone carving worked? It’s just that the anti-prisoner old thief uses a telescope to see it. It takes time for light to propagate?”

Has the anti-prisoner king already fallen to this level? Observing with an optical telescope

“Dare to insult me as a turtle, today you are all dead!” The roar of the anti-prisoner king shook the starry sky and made the earth tremble, “Demoness Harley, you have posted for your own destiny. Seal it!”

“It’s not about the transmission of light, he’s angry because of ‘Old Tortoise’? Being carved into a woman, he’s not angry, just swear at Old Tortoise and he’ll explode? Do we keep doing it? Wrong, he’s actually her? But the voice isn’t right.”

Haley’s head was full of question marks.

When she sees the female watcher and the female Zaulie in the future, she will realize how ridiculous the doubts are today.

Many “natural spiritual objects” are gender-neutral.

Of course, the anti-prisoner king doesn’t even have the energy to endure ‘Old Tortoise’.

He jumped out for two reasons: 1. He listened to Harley’s plan B and realized that he could hide for a while, but not forever; 2. Being the supreme being forced to hide by mortals, it was too embarrassing , the case of the supreme escape from mortals is unprecedented.

Two reasons are considered together: If hiding can’t solve the problem, it is too unworthy to be the ‘first in history to hide from the mortal supreme’.

Actually, there is a third reason: he doesn’t think he will lose, and hides because he really designed an ultimate weapon — a planet vacuum cleaner, which sucks Earth into the universe by creating a crack in the universe. Antimatter Universe (ps).

But if Harley sets up an outpost on Kovard, a planet sucker that causes space-time fluctuations on a cosmic scale, she won’t be able to sneak attack Earth.

“Today is the day of your demise, and today is the day of the annihilation of the universe!”

The anti-supervisor stepped on the rolling antimatter red cloud, leaping from the surface of the star, several In the blink of an eye, it landed on the surface of the Covard planet, in front of the hero.

“It’s the big guy who is against the prison, and Harry guessed one right.” Da Chao let out a long whistle, and Lao Chao and Xiao Chao stepped forward to meet him.

“Everyone prepare Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy!” Harley followed Superman.

As she shouted loudly, more than one hundred purple lights stepped back, leaving four or five hundred heroes, arranged in a four-line snake formation.

The long line, like a needle, points to the anti-prisoner.

More than 30 green light warriors who survived the war are really like Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy, extending the hand from behind the teammates, the green light ring on the finger shoots a green streamer, separated by several Hundred meters, tying the anti-prisoner king who was about to explode into a mummy with his head exposed.

The other three teams, Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy, shot thousands of energy beams at the anti-monitor’s iron skull within a range of 200 to 500 meters.

There are also power-type heroes, incarnated as “Flying Sword of Human Flesh”, fly out to hit the body of the anti-supervisor, and then fly back to the team to charge up and prepare for the next impact.

“Ahhh β€”β€”” As soon as the anti-supervisor came out, he was controlled by the field and struggled hard, the effect was weak, his forehead was submerged by the supernatural rays of light, and the back of his head was punched and kicked by three torn men.

In other parts of the body, there are also dozens of flies-like “Human Flying Sword” shooting.

“bang!” Finally, the signature scarlet energy burst appeared, like a nuclear bomb exploding from the anti-surveillance body, and the dozens of green light streamers tied to him were more fragile than the paper tapes wrapped in the gift box.

“God descends!”

Harry opened her arms to form a defensive piece of antimatter between the Heroes’ Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy formation and the anti-prison, and in front of the anti-prison. power field.

The shock wave of the scarlet energy blast pushed her to rub in the air, but she was like a city wall, at least blocking the antimatter energy explosion in front of her, and the sector behind her also avoided direct impact.

The Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy array is embedded in a narrow sector.

Everyone lined up to hide behind her. If it spreads out, if it is too far away, there will be no attack effect, and if it is too close, Harley will not be able to protect it. At this time, the anti-supervisor is a big man, the 10th layer is high, and the energy burst from his body surface can only block a small piece of it.

“It works, we’re fine!” Sam Uncle rejoiced.

“Harley Quinn’s plan succeeded.” The green-skinned male second-generation Jadeite had tears in her eyes.

She thought of the tragic first expedition, the super girl who died tragically in a burst of scarlet energy, two Wonder Women, and hundreds of heroes

(ps: in In the comics, after failing to return from the place where time originated, the anti-prisoner really sucked Earth into the antimatter universe.

To explain a little, the setting of the anti-prisoner is one of the smartest people in the DC universe. One is a scientist in Supreme Existence.

His name is Mobius, and he just made a “Mobius chair” for finding and storing knowledge, and it became knowledge God of God Divine Spark – whoever gets that chair, whoever sits on it, is the God of Knowledge of the dc multiverse.

So, the anti-prisoner king can invent so many strange things, it is called “Three thousand lives in the multiverse” weapon.

Therefore, no matter how well the anti-prisoner king fights, it can’t prove that he is very hip, but the professional is not right, and the technicians have done warrior

(end of this chapter)

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