I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 749


Chapter 749 Tear up the anti-prisoner

The energy explosion of the anti-prisoner king instantly exploded a ball with a diameter of several kilometers, The strongest clearing skill.

Not only can you clear the field, but also get rid of field control at the same time.

With this move, he never feared the siege of the expedition hero.

Even Superman will scream, get injured, bleed, and lose battle strength in the face of the scarlet antimatter energy explosion – once, he used this trick to kill Wonder Woman!

But this time, the anti-prisoner king surprised and angry found that Harley Quinn reacted super fast, and when the energy in his body erupted, she turned on ‘God descends’.

Did God really stop his energy explosion? ? ? !

God of the dog!

And the three superhumans were super fast, and at the moment Harley Quinn erected the “shield of God”, they flew behind her.

Dachao also held Harley’s shoulders, “helping” (holding) her to resist the shock wave of the energy explosion.

Harry is very tricky, her position is blocking the 300 meters behind at the same time, four “Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy team”.

The four teams are like four needles, and the four needles are joined together to form a cluster.

This sector avoids the direct impact of the Crimson energy burst, and even if some Crimson antimatter escapes from other places, it cannot cause fatal damage to the heroes within the range.

The anti-prisoner king fired an empty cannon.

“whiz whiz whiz!” Before the scarlet antimatter nearby dissipated, the three supermen rushed over again and slammed the anti-prisoner who was about to hit Harry’s head with a giant fist.

Then came the green light field control, which bound the hands and feet of the anti-prisoner, turning him into a practice stake, allowing Superman to beat him and the hero to shoot indiscriminately.

What’s more, the Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy formation did not stop there, four teams and three superhuman flies circled around the 10th layer high anti-monitoring.

There seems to be no pattern, but no chaos.

There is no accidental injury to Superman.

When there was no burst of scarlet energy, Harry didn’t have time to support.

They keep changing their positions, which also makes it impossible for the anti-supervisor king to specifically target a certain point.

If it is in the Eastern Xianxia World, this state may come from an Eight Trigrams Array of the Book of Changes.

But here is dc, everyone rushed over as soon as they formed a team, and did not cooperate with the drill.

The reason why there is such “order in chaos” is actually a lie, there is no order at all.

The three big supers were blind and beat them, and Harry avoided them. The four “Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy” kept staring at her back, and they followed wherever she ran. Where to fly.

It’s like a fantastic formation.

“Harley Quinn guessed right again, the Anti-Monitor is absorbing antimatter energy from the outside worldโ€”he’s pulling energy from two stars.” The Herald stood on the periphery, pointing to the two stars of the binary system. the star cried.

She has not joined the battle for now.

Because she regained part of the “monitor power” again, Harley asked her to observe the state of the anti-matter universe and the anti-supervisor old thief.

At this moment, when the battle lasted for ten minutes, the antimatter energy exploded five times, and there was mottled damage on the iron shell of the anti-supervisor, there was finally one after another energy, falling from the star, forming an invisible and intangible form. The plume of smoke poured into the body of the anti-supervisor, quickly repairing his injury, and also helping him replenish the energy lost after the outbreak.

“Harley Quinn is right, the Anti-Monitor has run out of gas and can’t absorb energy from the Universe Source. He was hit hard during the reboot and lost a lot of cosmic authority.” The Herald looked complicated at Alexander road.

Alexander didn’t join the battle. He was a “gatekeeper” who opened and closed doors for the hero, and provided the hero with an “entrance card” – positive material energy protection.

Therefore, he has gone through several large-scale expeditions, and every time he sacrificed a hero, he has yet to throw a punch at the enemy.

With Laila’s confirmation, Harley took a step back and shouted to Superman: “The battle is ready to enter the second stage.”

“Bangโ€”โ€”” Dachao flew to the anti-prisoner’s chin At the place, a punch was thrown, and a circle of milk-white air waves erupted at the place where it was struck, and howling against the prisoner was knocked away for thousands of meters.

“Bangโ€”โ€”” The old Superman flew to the metal sole plate the size of the anti-supervisor basketball court, clenched his fists, twisted his waist and threw away.

Like a shot put, a head-sized hole is smashed into the smooth metal soleplate.

The knee of the anti-prison king’s foot softened, screaming and rising for dozens of kilometers.

Little Superman stretched his fists forward, making a classic superman flying action, and slammed into the crotch of the anti-prisoner.

“BOOOMโ€”โ€”” The powerful air flow blew the nearby clouds away for dozens of kilometers.

โ€œpฤ“ng pฤ“ng pฤ“ng โ€”โ€”โ€

Three rounds of three-segment shots in a row, the anti-prisoner king escaped from the Kovad star and entered the dark outer space.

“The Star Sapphire Legion is dispatched!” The little blue man Said gave an order, and the purple lanterns who were distributed thousands of kilometers around raised the ring in their hands and shot out bunches of purple light, connecting them together. A spherical space with a radius of 1,500 kilometers is formed.

The anti-prisoner king and the rest of the expedition force were all shrouded in it.

“What’s the matter, my energy is draining!” The anti-prisoner king roared with a hint of fear, “You blocked the anti-matter sunlight, did you find it?”

“It really worked” Alexander looked complicated.

“It works, we will win today!” Everyone rejoiced and their fighting spirit was even higher.

“Fate Academician, disrupt the laws of time and space.” Harley’s calm voice entered the division.

The Fate Academician, the Stranger, and the dozens Grandmaster, and even Yebi also joined in, scattered into nodes, with the body against the inner membrane of the purple light barrier.

Every Grandmaster has Comprehended Law, and every Spiritual God has printed his own laws into the multiverse Universe Principle sea – the universe system library.

Each Divine King can also control part of the authority of the law – controlling the operating system of the universe.

At this time, Naboo Divine King descended into the body of Fate Academician, the Stranger drained the power of God in his body, and each Grandmaster released the laws and magic within his body,

multi-colored The magical powers of the are connected into a magical lightning network.

The space in the net is rippling, and the two sets of laws of time and space are like two noodles in a pot of boiling water.

To prevent the anti-prison king from escaping, the best way is to control the laws in this starry sky.

Just like in Earth 0, Naboo’s Divine King Divine Domain spread out, the green light stitched the cracks in the universe, and the anti-prisoner king almost didn’t escape.

But this is the anti-material universe, even if the anti-prisoner king really has lost his destiny, the hero of positive material is impossible to defeat the local tyrant in the power grab.

So, Harley chose the ‘since I can’t use it, I’ll destroy it, no one can use it’ strategy.

At this time, feeling the sea of laws in which the starry sky was chaotic, she knew that the situation was set, and she couldn’t help but get excited.

“The second detachment of the green light, release the yellow sunlight, and kill the old thief against the prison! Kill it!” She raised her head and screamed.

“Kill!” More than 200 novice Green Lanterns held up the ring together, the green light energy was transformed into the light energy of the yellow sun, rushing towards the anti-monitor. Superman is there.

“Ahhhh!” The three superhumans intuitionally swelled their bodies and poured majestic energy into their bodies. They couldn’t help shouting loudly and vented all their power on the anti-prisoner’s head.

“bang bang –crack crack!” The iron shell was broken.

“ao, noโ€”” the anti-prisoner king howled in pain.

But he was still unable to move even a little bit, and the first team’s dozens green light never gave up the cutscene.

A piece of the iron shell fell off, and in just half a minute, the “shell man” shed the outer shell against the prisoner, revealing the body of scarlet energy that was peeled and wild beast inside.

“Negative woman!” On a meteorite outside the battlefield, Laila patted the shoulder of the mummified woman.

“ahhhh โ€”โ€”” the negative energy woman shouted, stepped out one step, leaned forward, and a long human-shaped black shadow flew out of her body, spanning several kilometers, turning the energy state into reverse. The prison was bound round and round.

Her superpower is to release radioactive energy, burning other people’s energy.

“What is this, the energy in my body is burning.” The anti-prisoner king shouted in panic, and sparked a scarlet energy explosion again.

“Retreat!” Harley’s Level 9 antimatter energy defense can always sense the state of his body. Before the scarlet energy is excited, she issues an order, and the negative energy woman withdraws from the shadow of mental radiation, three superhumans. Shrink behind her, and then.


Before the red fog dissipated, the three supermen rushed forward again, not giving the anti-supervisor a chance to breathe or change his tactics.

“His body is weakening, he can’t hold on anymore!” Da Chao exclaimed with joy.

“No, I am the Sovereign of the Universe, I have infinite knowledge and infinite power, and you are impossible to defeat me.”

The anti-prisoner is also really powerful and was beaten by hundreds of heroes For such a long time, it is still full of vitality, but only a part of the energy is lost.

The energy is immortal, he is immortal.

“Sovereign in the fart universe, you’re just an idiot who doesn’t know the number of days.” Harley used the yellow light energy to embody the “excavator” and extracted antimatter energy from the anti-supervisor king, while verbally attacking , disturbing his mind.

“You seem to be the initiator of this infinite Earth crisis, a big boss, but you don’t even understand why the crisis really happened.

Why, for tens of billions of years, Scientists have never created antimatter energy in the material universe, but the outcasts did it?

Have you never thought this might be a conspiracy?

Let you be a cannon fodder The conspiracy?

The open strife and veiled struggle between you and the monitor is such a tacit understanding that outsiders think you are ‘play-fixing’.

You control the antimatter energy to destroy a universe , stabbed out a huge basket, but the monitor did not respond, did not summon countless superhumans, and personally came to the antimatter universe to destroy you.

He almost let you destroy the infinite Earth with a gesture of connivance. Deliberately killed by the Heralds you controlledโ€”even teenage Alexander could find shadows in the Heralds.

You play Antimatter Cloud, he plays Cosmic Tuning Fork; he plays Nether Universe, You immediately followed the cosmic frequency difference zeroing instrument; you lacked energy in the place where time originated, and the anti-supervision successor immediately formed the third expedition to send you a head; you just reached out to the little blue man’s ‘cosmos origin observation window’ , the ghost grabbed his hand and wanted to pick your peaches.

Is this all a coincidence?

If I hadn’t intervened many times during this period, the performance of you and the monitor would have been different More tacit understanding.

Do you know why I am sure you will die today?

Because I know the destiny and the number of days.

I already understand the root cause of this crisis โ€”โ€”Detain the Manhattan Academician who is about to complete the cause and effect and is ready to run away with huge sums of money.

The crisis is mainly to start the restart of the universe.

The restart of the universe is mainly aimed at him.

Now that his Manhattan power has become a ‘basic power’ in the multiverse, you will be useless if the purpose of the giant above is achieved.

Not only useless, but also keep making a fuss You are very annoying.

Everyone dislikes you, if you are not pleasing to the eye, you are dead!”

“No, no, that’s not the case.” Denial loudly, but he couldn’t help recalling a memory (ps) in his heart.

That day, Pharaoh also quietly made the same judgment as Demonness Harley: he and the watchers are too tacit, but they are definitely not acting. If the final result is a fiasco in the anti-prisoner, and the physical universe is restored to its original state, then he is likely to be controlled by an invisible big hand.

“No! No one can control my fate, i determine my own fate, not the heavens – ah, my hand!”

The anti-prisoner king just raised his head to send out unyielding screaming, his left arm was torn by the elbow of the old Superman.

(ps: Chapter 661 has a detailed “meeting”, readers who have forgotten it can look back.

Today’s cause also led to the later anti-prison king’s Darkseid War’.)

(end of this chapter)

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