I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 750


End of Chapter 750

It wasn’t until the energy body arm was torn apart that the anti-prisoner king discovered in horror that he was being attacked by Demons. Li disturbed her thinking, and it has been a long time since she struggled with energy.

“bang!” He released a burst of scarlet energy again, weakening his body a little more, and his hatred for Harry in his heart increased a lot.

For the first time, he felt a little hopeless: this time it might really be bad.

He wasn’t particularly afraid of death.

The antimatter universe is immortal, it cannot be completely dead, and it can be resurrected after death.

But he was unwilling, unwilling to be dignified supreme, being manipulated by fate, and being beaten to death by mortals. Too embarrassing.

– Maybe, I should retreat. Under the persecution of mortals, he retreats strategically and has a bad reputation. He can become the first ‘supreme person killed by mortals’, which is even more humiliating.

The anti-prisoner king began to think about running away.

He can be the same as last time in Earth 0, the energy crystallized body, self-destruct into fog antimatter energy.

This is the antimatter universe, and it is integrated into it in an energy state, and no one can kill him.

Harry keenly noticed the changes in the eyes and breath of the anti-prisoner king.

β€”β€”To suffer, this bastard is not going to be embarrassed, he is going to run!

Don’t let him have the mind to run away, give him hope of victory!

Harry’s heart moved and she made a decision to get closer to the anti-prisoner king.

And as she approached, the anti-prisoner king gradually sensed the shadow demon’s breath in his body

β€”β€”the last time. There is still half of it left. It turned out that it was still in her body and had not been removed. It’s no wonder that it was a Shadow Fiend specially customized for her bloodline.

The anti-prisoner king began to hesitate and run away? But he found the deadly weak spot of Demoness Harley.

She couldn’t escape his grasp completely after all.

This seems to be an opportunity to turn the tide and control Demoness Harley.

Without the protection of Demoness Harley, the rest of the people are hot chickens!

Gritting his teeth, the anti-prisoner king made a decision in his heart.

He concentrated one’s mind, disregarding attacks on other parts of the body, and only used his mind to connect with that vague perception. Uh, his right arm was also torn apart.

It’s okay!

He’s got that ‘Kasapa Shadow Demon’ under control, go ahead, old Kasapa, merge me into her soul!

“ahhhh, what is this?” Harley suddenly hugged her head and shouted, making all the heroes unfathomable mystery.

There is no such plot in the script!

However, at the moment, the anti-prisoner neither struggled to resist, nor attacked everyone with scarlet energy explosions. Even if they had doubts in their hearts, they would not let go of this great opportunity and continue to focus on the anti-prisoner.

“No, don’t try to succeed!”

Harry’s expression twisted, with anger in her eyes and indifference for a while, the two emotions tugging back and forth.

“It works, she’s about to control her soul.” The anti-supervisor was overjoyed, he could clearly feel that the shadow demon was occupying her soul a little bit, 1%, 2%, 3%


The growth rate was so obvious, so efficient, that he immediately threw in more powerβ€”the Shadow Fiend was an extension of his own will, and he could project power over it.

“Ahhh” Harley was out of control, her holding head rolled and struggled in mid-air, a shadow overlapped with her body for a while, and then separated again.

At this time, let alone the anti-prisoner king who intuitively felt that the Shadow Fiend is like a hot knife through butter, even other people can detect her wrong.

The pioneer complexion changed slightly, and reminded loudly: “It’s a shadow demon, Demonness Harley has a shadow demon in her body, she’s tricked, everyone be careful.”

After shouting, she Let the negative energy girl be careful, she turned into a red light and rushed to Harry’s side, her palms radiated positive material energy of the same scarlet color, and shot it on both sides of Harry’s temples.

“Harley Quinn, hold on.”

β€”β€”Well, although this chick is the monitor’s “lacking dog”, her character is not bad, better than that kid Alexander too much.

Haley praised in her heart and continued to struggle and scream. At the same time, she did not refuse anyone who came, and took the energy that the pioneers introduced into the Sea of Consciousness for her own use – the sixth note is composed of positive matter energy (monitor), It consists of three parts: anti-matter energy (anti-monitor) and ‘nightmare power’ (owl Evil God, caster). Halle only has anti-matter defense expertise level 9.

“Layla, don’t waste your energy!” Alexander shouted from a distance: “She’s dead, there’s no help, you pay attention to replace her and provide for the heroes of the ‘Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy Array'” Sector Shield’.”

Lyla and Alexander, to some extent, can replace Halle’s tactical role.

Harry resisted the antimatter energy explosion, relying on defense expertise, and the two of them “defeat black magic with black magic” – using positive matter with the same energy level in the body to offset the antimatter energy explosion.

The consumption is very large, and it can’t last a few times.

But now the anti-prisoner king has lost both hands and is about to die.

“Ahhh” the anti-prisoner king is shouting, he is about to succeed, the shadow demon has already controlled 45% of Demoness Harley’s soul, as long as you work harder, more than 50%, you can go against the windβ€”β€”

“Ugh!” A gust of wind blew, and he suddenly felt endless weakness sweeping through his body.

The frantically pouring energy into the shadow demon inside Harry came to an abrupt end.

“What happened?” The anti-prisoner king lowered his head and was shocked to find that he had been torn by the waist.

“When?” He was at a loss for a moment, and then suddenly realized: when he was competing with Demoness Harley, when he poured energy into the shadow demon, the three supermen, the number Hundred Heroes’ attacks did not stop

“The anti-prisoner is dying, we are going to win.” The heroes couldn’t help cheering loudly.

The anti-prisoner king wanted to explode the anti-matter energy explosion again, but only a scarlet energy mist rippled around him, and Superman didn’t even avoid it.

“Just a little bit, just a little bit.” At the end of his life, the anti-prisoner king didn’t regret his tossing with Harry “when he was about to die”. Can control Demoness Harley.

Having control of her, he can turn the tide.

Too bad luck.

Perhaps Demoness Harley is right, there is a higher existence that affects his destiny!

“You think you can kill me? Dreaming!” The anti-prisoner king condensed only the remaining energy, and the scarlet flames rose from the surface of the remnant body, and a terrifying aura representing destruction rippled into the surrounding void.

He would rather self-destruct than be slaughtered by mortals.

And after self-destructing, you may not die. If you can save a small amount of energy-

“Anti-prisoner old thief, I want you to die!” Harley roared and broke free. Laila’s pulling, her body turned into a golden light, and instantly came to the top of the anti-prisoner king’s head, “I hate people taking me as a puppet, but you dare to control me.”

She opened up’ Cheerilee’s big mouth, a waterfall of stomach acid that she had accumulated for a long time, ready to use as the ultimate ultimate move, lit up golden light in her throat.

This stomach acid flushed down, guaranteed to drown the dying anti-prisoner.

But just as she opened her mouth, a majestic force rushed over from the side.

She couldn’t control herself and was knocked off several hundred meters.

Then Alexander stood in her original position and announced in a judgmental tone: “Anti-Monitor, you have done a lot of evil, and the days are over.”

His eyes burst out. Two dazzling cone-shaped beams of light, “BOOOOOOOOM!”

“Ahhhh β€”β€”” The anti-monitor’s body melted into nothingness, and a bitter and bitter howl came out of his mouth: “This is not your power. , not the power of the watchers.

This, this is the power of Omega’s end, Darkseid, you are so brave, you dare to plot against me-“

“Boom-crack crack–“

The farther the cone-shaped scarlet energy beam is, the greater the range, not only covering the entire body of the anti-monitor, but also the aftermath like a sharp blade, Tear the shatter void, leaving deep cosmic cracks in the starry sky.

Even in the face of the aftermath of the energy after crossing thousands of miles, the Law Formation supported by the mages headed by Fate Academician, and the purple light barrier composed of the entire Star Sapphire Legion, all became the champion of the 100-meter sprint. The previous “finish line” can be crossed without delay.

“This level of attack” Harry was horrified.

The strength of Darkseid’s real body was astonished, and he was also shocked that Alexander could withstand this level of energy infusion.

For a long time

The omega red light in Alexander’s eyes slowly dissipated, his face was not red, his heart was not beating, he was not tired after consumption, just stood there, shouting excitedly. Said: “We won, the anti-monitor is completely dead, really dead, the infinite Earth crisis is over!”

The original position of the anti-monitor king, not even ashes were left.

“What was that just now? It’s terrifying. It feels ten times stronger than the anti-monitor’s energy explosion.” Dachao asked with lingering fears.

“Darkseid’s omega power.” Harry’s scrutinized eyes seemed to be re-acquainting with Alexander, “The energy is shot out of your body, do you feel no pain or discomfort? “

“I’m fine.” Alexander was surprised that she cared about herself.

“How do you have the power of Darkseid?” Da Chao frowned.

Alexander pointed at Harry, “Because of her, she signed a ‘spy agreement’ with Darkseid, she spy for him, to help find the opportunity of sneak attack anti-monitor, he gave her A mother box.

But before she yelled to break up and left the task to me.

After I got Dakseid’s mother box, I found that his energy can be directly used in My body is launched for the transfer.

So I have been guarding on the side, waiting for the best time.”

“Are you healthy?” Dachao asked with concern Same thing with Harley.

Alexander patted his chest, proudly said with a smile: “I opened the channel into the antimatter universe, it’s easier to ‘open a door’ for Darkseid’s energy.”

– This guy has a special innate talent! He can accommodate positive and anti-matter energy, I am afraid it is not a coincidence, it is not destiny or in other words, his destiny is to perfectly accommodate the energy of the highest attribute!

Harry guesses in his mind, then unfathomable mystery thinks of the “Nine Orifices Stone people” seen in some Xianxia novels in his previous life – “Yang God” – the “living Divine” who perfectly accepts power and thoughts. Item”.

At this time, not only were Harry and the expeditionary troops in surprise, but Darkseid was also full of surprise on the Apocalypse Star, which was separated by several levels.

“The effect is so good. Dessard, what is Alexander’s origin?”

“Earth 3’s ‘only hero’ Lex Luthor and Lois Lane’s son .”

Darkseid looked inexplicable, “If he is not a special case, if his special case is not a special case, if Earth 3’s – Dessard, immediately collect Alexander Luther’s cell sample, I will Need his genes to receive infinite power without loss!”

“Start now?” Dessard pointed to the huge glass container in front of him, “counter-surveillance fed back from omega rays What to do with the remains of the energy of the people?”

The container is more than four meters high, and it is filled with boiling red energy.

“You study Alexander, leave it to me.” Darkseid’s eyes flashed with greedy red light.

(ps: Here are two “dc secrets” related to future plots, which can also be called common sense of dc comics: 1. Harley guessed right, Earth 3 is a very special universe, Alexander Luther is even more special, he can perfectly accommodate any energy – at least matter, antimatter, Darkseid’s power, Omega’s power, he has accommodated them all.

2. The anti-life equation originally belonged to The king of anti-prisoners, don’t look at him being deflated in front of Harry many times, he has a lot of hard goods in his hands. And the anti-life equation is the reason why he can draw energy from the destruction of the multiverse.)

(end of this chapter)

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