I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 752


Chapter 752 The Galactic Admiral

Second day afternoon, Quinn Manor, returning from the antimatter universe.

Harry wears a magic mirror, wears cool clothes, and basks in the sun on a lounger in the yard.

Ivy was tossing around the flowerbed on the side.

The sound of Yebi Lang reading aloud came from the study room on the second floor.

The fat-headed shark is belly-up, listening to the online class with headphones and fins holding a tablet.

Betterman walked over from the gate at the foot of the mountain in a state of embarrassment, and said with a serious expression: “Helena and Dick from Earth 2 and Earth 1 are gone.”

Earth 2 The “Huntress” Helena Wayne, the daughter of the deceased Batman Bruce Wayne, and the daughter of Catwoman, who is suspected to be the daughter of the Earth 0 kitten’s belly.

Earth 1’s “Old Nightwing” Dick Reddy, the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, the Batman who died in the Infinite Earth Crisis, is now the equivalent of young Robin.

“What do you mean by not seeing?” Harry was relaxed, lazily all over, too lazy to even breathe.

Ordinary person needs oxygen to carry out normal physiological metabolism. Since she raised Food Defense Specialty to Level 7, breathing becomes unnecessary.

Without the need for oxygen, her digestive system can also digest and absorb nutrients from food such as amino acids and sugars.

At the current Level 8 Food Defense Specialty, sunlight falls on the body, and it can be digested into energy for normal cell activities, even less oxygen.

She is already inhuman.

“Disappeared from Earth, from this world. Like never having a life in this New World, they seem to have never appeared.” Bateman’s voice trembled slightly, with obvious shock on his face and sadness.

Even if they come from the foreign world, they are always the daughter and son (legally adopted) of ‘Bruce Wayne’.

Although they were close in age, it was embarrassing to meet each other, but knowing that they lost their household registration and real estate in New World, Bruce didn’t say anything at the time. s.

“I found out this morning that something was wrong. They suddenly disappeared. Apart from them, there were also those ‘superfluous people’ who came from the place where time originated but had no life.

Judging from the traces left in the bedroom and living room, they left suddenly and without any warning.

The milk jug in Helena’s kitchen was dry and the fire was on.

Considering what Alexander said yesterday in the antimatter universe, I guess they were deliberately wiped out by some Supreme Existence.”

Harry’s startled expression, thinking of yesterday’s warning from Zhakang: No unlucky person in life , it is better to enter the hero’s paradise.

“Don’t worry, there’s no way Alexander quietly took them to Hero’s Paradise to enjoy themselves.” She was comforted against her will.

Betterman’s eyes flickered with anticipation and anxiety, “Are you sure? You can sense the fluctuation of the timeline, what can you perceive?”

β€”β€”I’m sure, Alexander must not come pick them up.

Except for the old Superman and the Supreme Little Superman, the rest of the “unlucky people” are all so weak that they can’t even beat Bateman.

80% of them were disliked.

There are two reasons why Harley is so sure: 1. Alexander has a cold nature and doesn’t care about the lives of others; 2. If he wants to pick them up, his most normal way is to return Go to the Hall of Justice and issue an invitation directly to the parties.

“There is no fluctuation in the time line, and the reality of the universe has not been modified. In fact, people who have no life jumped out of their destiny, and their existence itself is the modification of reality.” Harley said.

Betterman said hesitantly, “If, I mean, if Alexander didn’t pick them up.”

He was never short of sensible judgment, but when it came to caring people , he really does not want to think about the worst outcome.

“Heaven reopens in two days. Let me ask you. Heroes Paradise is 80% also in Lingbo Prison. We may be able to visit often.” Harry said.

She thinks too much, the hero’s paradise is really no longer a thin prison.

It is higher level than Lingbo Hell.

Another day passed, and Harley received news that she was riding her dog, Holy Son, to the Metropolis, the Hall of Justice.

The heroes of Earth are almost here to see off Herald Lyra and the Forsaken.

The two plan to travel together in the stars.

“Since you don’t miss Earth’s life, why don’t you go to Hero’s Paradise?” Harry asked curiously.

Laila, with golden curly hair and blue long trench coat, said in a panicked tone: “Harry, I really don’t know about Heroes’ Paradise, and it has nothing to do with the disappearance of heroes.”

Harry was stunned, “Where do you want to go? I just care about you.”

“Really? You didn’t suspect that I was secret mastermind, and you weren’t questioning me?” Laila doubted.

Harry’s pretty face muscles twitched a few times, and she exclaimed in grievance: “What did I do to make you think of me like this? We are comrades who have experienced countless battles of life and death, of course I trust you.”

She told at least 30% of the truth. Compared with Alexander, Laila has a more simple personality.

The other 70% lie is that Bateman had questioned Laila long before today.

Laila, who was ruled out by ‘Gotham Detective’, can basically be trusted.

The tense expression on Lyra’s face relaxed a little, and explained to the heroes: “Alexander’s mission is to monitor the successor, and he knows to monitor all plans.

My The mission is just a ‘pioneer’, who cooperated with the monitor before, and then served as Alexander’s deputy.

The monitor was my adoptive father, and he left a last word before his death – my mission after the Infinite Earth crisis ended It ended completely.

He put me in the Mortal World and started a new, truly independent life.

So, there are some things I really don’t know. So, I don’t Go to hero’s paradise.”

Harry looked thoughtful, and like Alexander, the watcher also has a cool temperament, but there are times when he has a real temperament.

Alexander is confronting old Superman and Lois, and the Watcher is confronting his adopted daughter, Laila.

Harry looked left and right, without Wonder Woman, Zhenglian became more and more prosperous, and there were heroines, but they were little heroes, and they were not qualified to speak on such occasions.

So, ‘the greatest heroine in history’ Hallie, took the initiative to take the responsibility of speaking politely, and said: “You can stay in Earth, there are at least a lot of friends here.”

Laila has a slightly straight temper, looked at her hesitantly for a while, and said hesitantly: “I like Earth very much. Before I was ten years old, I was an American in Earth who was no different from you. I am very adaptable to life in Earth. However, a lot has happened recently. I’ve had some misunderstandings about me. I’m thinking, I’ll come back in a few years.”

β€”β€”This is not going on a trip, this is running away from the limelight.

Moreover, judging from Laila’s nervousness when she faced her just now, the person who caused her psychological pressure and public opinion pressure was her ‘friendly’ good friend.

Harry was too embarrassed to speak politely.

Farewell to Lyra and the Forsaken, Earth enters a time of true peace.

Not to mention the big disaster, even the super criminals seem to have been exhausted by the Infinite Earth crisis and are now entering a vacation relaxation phase.

Harry has been busy for a few days, first to sort out her own industry and determine the company’s development direction in the “new era”.

She was then called to the Heavenly Eye club headquarters for a “new era, new atmosphere, new hero group, new super criminal” meeting.

Even Mr. President and Bateman attended.

Amanda Waller opened the PPT and stood on the stage introduced: “Now the five universes have merged, and there are many powerful hero groups.

For example, the long history and strength A strong and structurally stable ‘Justice Society’.

For example, a ‘Freedom Fighter’ with a long inheritance, four decades of fighting in World War II, and a stronger and more stable structure.

For example, From Earth 4’s ‘Milicanite Regiment’.”

General Ryan immediately said: “The Milicanian Regiment can be considered for inclusion, their leader ‘Quantum Superman’ is Captain Adam, and our atom is here. Captain – Colonel Adam’s peer.

Captain Adam died in the first expedition and was not reborn after restarting, so Colonel Adam can occupy the magpie’s nest.”

Amanda said: “In addition to the three large hero societies, there are also many loose people and small groups.

They did not sign the ‘Hero Rights and Obligations Agreement’ with the government. After initial contact, their attitudes were also different. Not very friendly.

Simply put, they distrust the current government very much.”

Ma Gang Lord frowned: “Why distrust? Is it against us, or put them in the original Earth’s distrust of incompetent government, brought to the new Earth?”

“Probably both,” Amanda said.

“Even the famous ‘five-ring general’ in the multiverse is also a government-government representative! Didn’t you tell them?”

There was a hint of pride in General Ryan’s tone. , making Harry slightly embarrassed and proud.

Amanda glanced at Harry and said hesitantly, “In fact, the Admiral of the Five Rings is the reason for their concern.”

Harry beautiful eyes widen, “Zhenglian has such a picky appetite, they are convinced by me, why are they dissatisfied with me?”

“cough cough, Senator Quinn, Zhenglian admires your support in many crises. Contribution, but far from being ‘convinced’.” Bateman reminded loudly.

Harry said indifferently: “That’s OK, completely revoke the position of ‘Admiral of the Five Rings’, and I will only be myself from now on.”

“No, it cannot be revoked.” President Mr., General Ryan, Mr. Speaker, General Minos, who has been promoted to the Minister of Defense, at the same time the complexion has been greatly changed, and he has repeatedly rejected it.

Lord Ma Gang also turned to Harry, and said warmly: “‘Admiral of the Five Rings’ is Earth’s signature in interstellar relationships. You see, as soon as you join the ‘Fourth Expeditionary Force’, countless allies come to seek refuge. .

Also, ‘Admiral of the Five Rings’ is also the ‘Holy Cross’ for Earth humans to scare the supernatural forces of evil.

Your name is in the song of Christ cast out demons.

The exorcism magician even cut out your villain out of red paper to terrorize the devils of hell.”

“That’s not the five-ring general, it’s the ancient Human Race hero ‘Wu Divine King Harley’. ‘ Harry said embarrassed.

“But the devil and the devil know that she is you. Anyway, we want to drive away the evil things. It doesn’t matter whether we believe or not. As long as the evil things are believed and afraid, it will be fine.” said Lord Ma Gang A very philosophical statement that is irrefutable.

Harry thought about it for a while, then shook her head regretfully: “Admiral of the Five Rings is a bit outdated. In view of the reactions of the heroes and the arrival of a new era, I would like to be an ‘Admiral of the Galaxy’.”

Everyone’s expressions were distorted.

“As an admiral of the Milky Way, those heroes of the underworld will be fine?” General Minos wondered.

Harry explained: “You see, the United States is wary of the rise of the Celestial Dynasty, but has no sense of the Galaxy overlord rising at a faster rate hundreds of thousands of light-years away.

Brother The little Dufan in Tan Bali Street is always alert to the police officers in Bali Street, but he has no feeling for the more powerful Justice League.

Admiral Wuhuan is too focused on Earth and the United States, so the heroic society that seeks a life in the United States It’s like a thorn in the back.

The Admiral of the Galaxy has already broken through the sky, and the hero society is staring at me again, it’s just a toad worried that the sky will fall – I have nothing to do if I eat too much.”

Ma Gang Lord said strangely: “Do you want to focus on the Milky Way in your future career?”

“The crisis that threatens the Milky Way will certainly threaten Earth. Sometimes Earth’s crisis can also be called a galactic crisis. , the mouth is on the face of His Excellency the President.” Harry said meaningfully.

“wu” everyone understands, gently nods.

“Does the Galaxy Admiral need the approval of the galactic civilization?” Lord Ma Gang asked the last question in his mind.

“Don’t! If a large number of civilizations rush to approve, I have to take responsibility for protecting them? Wishful thinking.”

(end of this chapter)

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