I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 753


Chapter 753 Divine Domain Return

“Admiral of the Galaxy” was originally just a joke by Harley’s brain hole.

It’s a taunt, a cold joke, in response to the heroes’ dissatisfaction with her being a “five-ring admiral”.

She didn’t take it seriously, she forgot when she got home.

In other words, Bateman, who attended the conference on site, understood her character and understood that she was actually disapproving of superheroes and didn’t take it seriously.

But politicians have different brain circuits.

In the Office of the President of the White House, after reading the recorded meeting, Grandma Xi’s eyes flashed with wisdom, said with a smile: “‘Admiral Galaxy’ is actually a very good idea.

First, it functionally covers the ‘five-ring admiral’.

It is also the responsibility of the five-ring admiral, and it can have it.

Secondly, from krypton The star invasion has reached the infinite Earth crisis, and Earth’s pace toward the starry sky has become unstoppable, and it is difficult to turn around.

Since entering the starry sky and striving for the right to speak in the starry sky, as it should be by rights, it is imperative.

Like every country that joins the League of Nations, they don’t want to be a little transparent.

‘Admiral Galaxy’ is a temptation, and it has become a huge profit. Washington’s voice can be borrowed from the mouth of General Galaxy , spread to the scope of the universe. Think about it, every time she gives an interview to the news, it can be sold in the universe.”

A group of politicians are nodded with envy, and their eyes become eager.

Grandma Xi licked her shriveled lips and continued: “If alien civilizations don’t recognize ‘Admiral Galaxy’.

‘Cosmic Boy’ is not the first boy in the universe , ‘Saturn Girl’ is just a girl from Saturn who can use ‘Galactic Admiral’ as the heroic title of Senator Quinn in outer space.

It is no different from ‘Superman’ and ‘Batman’.

Finally, Senator Quinn has a very reasonable sentence – the street hooligan will feel like a thorn in the back of the street patrol, but the generals in the Pentagon have no concept, no intersection, and no psychological burden.

The most outstanding Senator Quinn stepped down as ‘Admiral of the Five Rings’, not only the heroes of Earth will feel relieved, let’s.”

Grandma Xi handed a relaxed smile to the horse Gang Lord and a All Washington bigwigs.

Admiral Wuhuan “overwhelming majority time” has no power, they should not be under pressure.

But there have been too many disasters in Earth in the past two years. Often, the popularity of the previous “five-ring general saves the world” has not subsided, and another disaster has arrived. .

“Harry means that the ‘admiral of the galaxy’ only needs to be announced to the public, and there is no need to seek the approval of alien civilizations.” Lord Ma Gang looked strange, “She is worried that too many civilizations agree to this identity. , to make Admiral the Milky Way real.”

“Hey, she is obviously worried about not having an extraterrestrial civilization to support her in order to look good.” Grandma Xi said clearly.

Everyone laughed softly and agreed.

“Then shall we ask?” Bright light glittering in General Ryan’s eyes, “Even if only one alien civilization admits that she is the ‘Galactic Admiral’, we can declare it candidly – this is An identity recognized by alien civilizations.”

“I’m afraid that no civilization is willing to recognize the ‘admiral of the galaxy’.” Ma Gang Lord helplessly said.

“Hey, we can find some less developed ‘third world civilizations’ in the galaxy to be ‘brothers’ and provide financial support in exchange for diplomatic solidarity.” General Ryan said lowly with a smile.

“Good idea!” Ma Gang Lord’s eyes shined and clapped his hands: “Zanshi, the hometown of the cosmos legend Saruman, doesn’t seem to be that developed.

On To guard the tuning fork, Zanshi also sent a team here.

But their spaceships are all imported from foreign countries, see our IWC spaceship, and drooling.”

” Ai, damn anti-monitor, if we don’t restart, we should be so rich now, hundreds of alien battleships will be able to develop the star system.” Lao Qiao stomped his feet in regret.

On the morning of the second day, Grandma Xi personally met with Saruman, and euphemistically recounted the meaning of ‘Admiral of the Galaxy’.

Saruman did not have a complexion greatly changed, nor did he show his look of ridicule. Instead, he thought for a long time with a serious expression, and said seriously: “It is the same as the ‘five-ring admiral’, normally only the honor of admiral, to like At the time of Shi Xing’s life and death, does the Galaxy Admiral lead the Zan Shi Xing army in a reasonable way?”

Grandma Xi put on a pleasing smile, and took the initiative to lower her requirements: “It doesn’t involve you at any time. Military power, the Galaxy Admiral is just an honor.”

“I’ll help you ask.”

In the afternoon, Saruman rushed to the White House and said solemnly: “In view of Quinn For her great contribution to the arrest of Brainiac and the Crisis of Infinite Earth, Zanshi is willing to acknowledge her status as the ‘Galactic Admiral’.”

“That’s agreed, too soon? “Ma Gang Lord was surprised and delighted.

“Although it is a bit quick, this conclusion is not hasty. The royal cabinet of Zanshi Star conducted a rigorous discussion for three hours.” Saruman said.

Lord Ma Gang rubbed his hands together, his eyes twinkling: “What are we going to pay?”

Saruman shook his head and said: “Earth and the Galaxy Admiral only need to strictly abide by the The terms extended by the ‘Admiral of the Five Rings’. If there is a cosmic dispute, Zanshi Star is also willing to provide a certain amount of military expenses.”

“This-” Ma Gang Lord was a little dumbfounded, not only did he not sponsor , and send money, the Zanshi star is stupid, or is there a trap?

He immediately remembered the law of alien communication that “aliens are not good people”, and began to become cautious and hesitant.

General Ryan frowned: “Reporter Saruman, may I ask why your royal family agrees?”

“Why not agree? Cosmic weak are prey to the strong , our Zanshi star has a medium-to-low strength, and many civilizations have put forward conditions on us. Their conditions are far harsher than those of the Galaxy Admiral, but the rewards are far less than that of the Galaxy Admiral.”

“The Galaxy Admiral even When you take office, you will only be in charge of large-scale crises, and will not interfere in the disputes between Zanshi Star and other civilizations as a ‘golden nuclear bomb’. The golden nuclear bomb only belongs to Earth, and belongs to the United States!” Lord Ma Gang reminded.

“That’s enough, we didn’t pay anything. Miss Quinn probably won’t set foot on the land of Zanshi all her life. We have added a layer of security, and the country has not changed.

If one day she goes to Zanshi Star, 80% will also help us.

We are all facing the crisis of life and death, of course welcome to show infallible strength, wisdom and leadership in the infinite Earth crisis The capable Miss Quinn.” Saruman said.

It seems to make sense!

Lord Ma Gang and a few big bosses looked at each other with some aftertaste: They looked down on the market of ‘Demoness Harley’!

On the second day, Zanshi Xing took the initiative to issue a statement in the interstellar news: Harley Quinn, Wei Zhen Huanyu, Zebei Cangsheng, Zanshi Xing Civilization is willing to imitate the old example of the “five-ring general” and recognize Her status as an admiral of the galaxy.

At this time, the Earth people are still hesitating and discussing at a meeting.

On the third day, the thirty civilizations that had diplomatic relations with Zanshi Star did not communicate with the Earth people, and unilaterally declared that Halle’s status as ‘Galactic Admiral’ was valid in their civilization.

On the fourth day, Zeta, Mataram and other overlord civilizations also announced this information.

Mataran, the royal palace.

“You always hated Harley Quinn, why did you make her an admiral of the galaxy now?” Xinghuo was extremely puzzled.

“When Darkseid invaded Earth, she humiliated me, chased us both for thousands of kilometers, and killed three of my bodyguards. Two of them were my lovers.

As long as I have the opportunity to end her life 100%, I will not hesitate to wring her little head off.”

The Queen of Black Fire made a hard neck twist. Action, the beautiful face is slightly hideous.

Then, like a ball with a hole in it, her resentment leaked out, and her body seemed to be shriveled, said with a bitter smile: “But the ending of the Infinite Earth Crisis Nether Universe makes me terrified again. .

Five universes merged, not only Earth, but Mataram was also merged.

But we survived, and the ‘us’ of the other universes was gone.


Throughout the Infinite Earth Crisis, if the leader makes a single wrong move, the universe will be in a corner.

Everyone makes mistakes, Having made several big mistakes, only Harley Quinn of our universe has always been right.

I would like to give her meager vain glory in exchange for a possible future redemption.”


A week later, the bigwigs in Washington couldn’t sit still.

“Not good, we are too small, we have misestimated the form. Those cunning aliens all want to climb up the ranks and prostitute our golden nuclear bombs!” Ma Gang Lord stomped and cursed.

Compared with before, his attitude at this time has undergone a 180-degree change.

General Ryan worriedly said: “What do I do now? In a few days, hundreds of civilizations unilaterally recognized her identity as a galaxy admiral, but we haven’t dared to tell her yet.

She told me not to look for alien civilizations because she was worried that there would be too many and it would be troublesome.”

“She guessed it right again.” Grandma Xi said with a bitter smile.

“I can’t hide it. Even if Earth doesn’t have any news about this, but the aliens are reporting it, Green Lantern will know. If he knows, she will know soon.” Joe Road.

“Ai, I will go to Quinn Manor in person tomorrow.” Lord Ma Gang helplessly said.

“What? I’ve become the recognized ‘admiral of the galaxy’ in the galaxy?”

On the second day, in the courtyard of Quinn Manor, Harry almost jumped, “You guys have something wrong with your brain. , if I become the true admiral of the galaxy, what happened to the galaxy, and I should not bear the brunt?

I bear the brunt, can Earth escape?

A major crisis that has nothing to do with Earth , it will also involve us!”

“We hadn’t considered this risk earlier.” Lord Ma Gang was dumbfounded.

“Ai, we didn’t expect you to be so popular. At the beginning, we planned to use part of the national budget to buy one or two small civilizations to cheer for you.”

” Go to Zhenglian.” Halle waved, “I’m not going to be the ‘Galactic Admiral’ anymore, let Superman, Batman, or whoever do it, they must be happy to see the galaxy escape from my clutches.”

“They’re wishful thinking!” Ma Gang Lord lightly snorted, disdainfully: “I had a candid video call with a dozen or so alien heads of state.

They all said, your infinite Earth Wisdom and sharpness in crisis are in stark contrast to the ignorance and slowness of other cosmic leaders.

The contrast between Earth 0 and the ending of the underworld is also very strong.

Therefore, as a A vested interest with lingering fears, they are willing to continue to trust you in a similar multiverse major event.

Although it is not emphasized, the fool also understands that the leaders of other universes are the heroes of Zhenglian.

Isn’t the Zhenglian of the foreign world Zhenglian?”

This makes Harry very pleased in one’s mind, but she just wants to take honor and not work.

“There is a saying that is very good, who will watch the watchers? Power needs supervision!” Harley sighed earnestly: “The Galaxy Admiral supervises the Galaxy, who will supervise the Galaxy Admiral?


In order not to be corrupted by power, I suggest that heroes such as the Alliance, Justice Society, and Freedom Fighters gather together to form the ‘Galactic Admiral Supervisory Council’.

Normally in danger, It will be investigated and dealt with by the Supervisory Committee.

Only for the multi-universe level catastrophe approved by the Supervisory Committee after review, can I obtain the real power of ‘Galactic Admiral’.”

Ma Gang Lord With a tangled expression, what Harry said was so right, so great.

There are always great men, but great men who don’t love power are rare in ancient times.

Only with this remark, the Galaxy Admiral is qualified to compete for the greatest man in the universe.

But she said it in a tone of urgency to lose her baggage?

“Wow–” The dog Holy Son suddenly jumped into the yard, looking at the sky emotionally, “Master Harry, Lingbo prison is in summon me, the eight Divine Domains are coming back!”

“summon what are you doing?” Halle said strangely.

“Quiet the chaotic magical element.”

(end of chapter)

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