I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 755


Chapter 755 We are in a nest with God snakes and rats

Rebuked by the voice of the sky, threatened by lightning, Harry With a sneer in his heart, a sincere expression on his face, he exclaimed in horror: “Master Voice of the Sky, don’t get excited, don’t get angry, I love God.

I swear, I love God just like a mouse loves rice, and like a Demoness Harry loves heaven. Meritorious!”

“Okay, I already know about the ghost, you can go back.” The Voice of Heaven made the wisest decision-close the case immediately and let the reporter get out of the way.

“But I haven’t finished.” Harry was stunned, didn’t expect the voice of heaven to be so shameless.

“I don’t need to finish, just start, I understand all the entire process of development.” The voice of the sky returned to the indifferent tone before.

Harry said quickly: “No, if I don’t finish talking, the problem won’t be solved.

Besides, I don’t finish talking, I feel uncomfortable and can’t help thinking. Talk to others.”

“You say it.” The indifferent tone of the voice of the sky was broken again, and it was more depressed.

“Watch your words!!!!!!”

More obvious warnings.

Harry straightened her waist, her face was solemn, and said cautiously: “Voice of Heaven, I have to criticize you a few words, the mouth of defending the people is more than defending the river, some things have happened, and some reactions have already happened. If you donโ€™t talk, listen, and do things, what can you change?โ€

The ghost was stunned, Omaika, this guyโ€™s guts are made of iron, right?

“Since you speak so openly, let’s open the skylight and speak wisely.” The voice of the voice of the sky was a little colder, “If you don’t interfere with the ghost’s actions, return from the place where time originated. The heroes of Alexander will quickly forget their previous memories after Alexander opens the ‘Hero Paradise’ and leaves the mortal world.

They will completely fit into the restarted universe, and the memory in their minds is the history of the world.”

Harry pupil shrinks, her heart is beating pฤ“ng pฤ“ng pฤ“ng.

She recalled just waking up from New World and Ivy crying in the living room calling her name because she had a second set of memories in her head.

The dog, Holy Son casually, said that the second set of memories was quickly diluted and disappeared by the real memory.

She didn’t take it seriously.

Now, Harley’s back is chilled.

So ruthless, so dark!

So disgusting! ! !

“So many worlds have been destroyed, so many people have died, so many heroes are trying to save the world with the soul flew away and scattered, so many sad stories, so many tragic mortals or heroes. It’s gone.

If even the memories that once existed disappear from our minds, there’s really nothing left.

Their sacrifices are worthless.

What in the world can Heaven and God have, and how cruel it is?”

Harry murmured softly, forgetting the embellishment of ‘boss’.

โ€œYou have no right and are not allowed to intervene in the internal affairs of heaven.โ€ Voice of Heaven coldly said.

Harry sneered in her heart, I don’t ask, but I let you bastards succeed, a dead loss.

Then she was full of frustration, the bastards seemed to have succeeded.

The memory of heroes and people in the world is just a small dot in the countless “black spots” on the big face.

โ€”โ€”A black-faced, black-handed, black-hearted bastard!

“Okay, voice of the sky, let’s get back to the point. In any case, the hero and the world have formed a bad impression of God. It’s the ghost’s fault, and he should take full responsibility.”


The ghost said angrily: “If you don’t make troubleโ€””

“Why don’t I ‘make trouble’?” Harry was holding back his anger, and hearing this immediately turned his head , roaring at him: “Unless it is a lifeless salted fish, any life with an independent will will instinctively resist threats that are unfavorable to itself.

Or, you have been aloof and remote for too long and have already lost it. Reverence for life?

Billions of mortals, the life of the entire universe, in your eyes, canโ€™t even count as an insect?

God created the Garden of Eden and multiplied the Son of God People, is it just for you to spoil me?

I am a vicious, cunning, selfish ‘Demoness Harley’, and I am facing the ordinary people who call me ‘Admiral of the Five Rings’ I feel a heavy responsibility.

You dignified the incarnation of God’s will, and your moral requirements for yourself, isn’t it better than ‘Demoness Hallie, the benchmark of evil demonic path’?

Isn’t the ‘Heavenly Father’ and ‘Abba Father’ that believers worship every day, not as good as the ‘five-ring admiral’ spoken of by trifling?

You’re something that is worse than a pig.”


“aaahhhh โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”” The ghost twisted his old face, his mouth was bigger than the mouth of a plate, and he yelled at Harry frantically, his hands twitching like a goat–as if he wanted to slap her .

His belly also bulged visibly with naked eyes.

The body is getting bigger and bigger and the belly is getting bigger and bigger.

Under Harry’s stunned gaze, “BOOOM!”

The huge ghost like a hill exploded on the spot, blasting into countless golden red energy essence.

The strands of energy essence like flowing clouds condensed old angry faces on the surface.

“What’s wrong with ghosts?” Harley asked unfathomable mystery.

“He was blown away by you.” The Voice of Heaven said indifferently.

I don’t know what he did, and the essence of the ghosts flying all over the sky suddenly disappeared.

“Are you kidding me? He is a Divine Immortal, how can he explode with anger? If he wants to blow up, he should ‘explode his lungs’ with anger, so that the whole person will not explode like a firecracker.” .

The Voice of Heaven indifferently said: “The ghost is the embodiment of wrath.

He was devastated in the land of the origin of time, and Jim Corrigan, possessed by the spirit of vengeance, was almost soul Died.

Just after being revived, He entered the mother river of time again, and was torn into thousands of pieces by the angry time Sovereign, each piece at a different time.

In the power of God With the help of barely sticking together, and being accused by you again, He exploded.”

Harry sighed deeply, “Now you understand? My accusation is all right.

He can’t refute me even if he’s mad.

If I’m falsely accusing, if he can refute, he won’t be mad.”

“You accuse the ghost Have you ever thought about your identity as a ‘Christian Salvation Corps’ and your obligation to God?” Voice of Heaven asked indifferently.

“I swear, I’ve thought about it. Even if I understand that I’m just a mercenary in heaven, and that I have no mission, I have no responsibility, and I understand that I’m just a god-monarch of Paradise Mountain Quinn who doesn’t listen to tunes, but I still think about it. I’ve done it.”

Harry raised her right hand with a very solemn expression.

โ€”โ€”I thought about doing this kind of thing, and the ‘project fund’ of the Christ Salvation Corps might not be available; I thought about disturbing the specter this time, which is equal to offending God and may be punished by God in the future. The black hand touched it.

“I think very clearly. In the place where time originated, when I made a decision, in an instant, from when I was born, when I first went to church to receive priest baptism, until now.

” p>

The teachings of God that I have learned in my life are all in my mind, frame by frame, clearly played back. At least three times!”

Harry raised three fingers and shook it.

โ€œI was thinking about what God, the good and the beautiful, wants me to do when faced with this choice.

In the end, I found the answer in Godโ€™s teaching and care for me. – Sincerity, kindness, peace, fraternity

Innumerable beautiful and pure words popped out of my mind, and I knew what I had to do.

I just had to follow God’s teachings Yes.

Even if the ghost is my superior, even if the ghost ‘proclaims’ to represent God, but I stick to the way of God.

I dare to ask the great voice of the sky, my original purpose Purely no?

Is it for the people of the universe who are still alive, for the people of God in the Garden of Earth Eden?”

The voice of the sky began to get angry again, “For your own sake, You just want to save your own life!”

“Am I not the people of God in the Garden of Eden? Dazai can help the world, I am not developed, you still let me have the world?

Also, shouldn’t it be a basic human need to survive like eating, drinking, and breathing?

There is something wrong with breathing?

If I abandon my life Friends and subordinates, aren’t they cold and ruthless, contrary to the teachings of God?” Harry said loudly with her head held high.

The voice of the sky fell silent.

Then, Harry turned his head and said in a slow tone: “On the matter of restarting the universe, I just want to accuse the ghost of being stupid, not to say that he is vicious, nor to say that the heaven that instructed the ghost to do things is evil.

I am a vicious villain myself, how can I be responsible for others?

I accuse the ghost of being stupid because he always told me the plan of heaven in advance and paid a lot of money Bought me, I will definitely cooperate with Him to do things beautifully and properly.”

“You, are you willing to help the ghost?” The voice of the sky stammered.

“Of course, I love God, and I devoutly believe in the teachings of God, that’s all right.” Halle nodded, with a serious and sincere expression, “but I’m also a great statesman, and I understand ‘the symbiosis of light and shadow’. , use dark means to protect the light.

I am not one of those who see a priest touching a little boy’s ass, cover his face and yell at the collapse of faith and doubt that ‘heaven is the land of light’ A stupid, shallow believer.

I am a wise, rational, true believer who is willing to do anything for God and heaven.โ€

โ€œSo, you are making this up today. , for what?” The Voice of Heaven was a little dazed.

โ€”โ€”Besides the benefits, why? Now I’m scolding the ghost to the point of blowing my lungs, and scolding your voice of the sky to the point of lost self-control roaring.

Standing at the gate of heaven, in front of you and the ghost, I will slap God’s black tricks from head to toe The tail was exposed under broad daylight, scolded merrily, and my chest was smooth, the purpose of venting emotions was almost achieved, and now I began to fight for merit points and heaven positions!

Harry thought frankly.

Well, she’s very inconsiderate with others, but very candid with herself.

She understands that she is not a hero of moral cleanliness and life for the people.

Today, I am looking for the voice of heaven for three purposes: First, she understands that she has broken the ghost major event, which is equivalent to breaking the original plan of heaven. Now she has to preemptively and strike back so that the ghost cannot sue her. black.

Second, in the Infinite Earth crisis, Heaven’s attitude and behavior really disgusted her and made her very unhappy.

It is very refreshing to scold God in front of God now.

Thirdly, she still has a ‘project fund’ that she has to fight for.

Well, now she wants to scold God to get angry, but also hopes that God will give her a big favor. Harley is as thick-hearted as God!

Only magic can fight against magic, and only shameless guile can fight against God’s black hands.

“Everything I do is for God, for heaven. I accuse the ghosts of learning lessons for this Infinite Earth crisis, and to help God’s boss right the wrong – ghosts are useless, I am more worthy of the burden.”

“What do you want?” The voice of the sky once again returned to a tone of indifference to indifference.

He may not be omnipotent, but he is certainly not stupid.

“I want to ask first, how many million merits can I get this time?” Harley laughted asked.


Harry seemed to hear the jeers.

She thought of the ghost that was blowing her lungs, and she quickly suppressed the anger that was about to blow her lungs through, confirming: “Is it all merit?”

“Harley Quinn, you receive His mission is to help Heaven expand its faith, and now you know what the hero’s attitude towards Heaven is.

The 300,000 meritorious deeds are just hard work, not a reward for merit. Judging from the results, you have done all the work in vain.”


ps: In these two chapters, God refers to Sang and scolds Huai, and blatantly mocks the Voice of Heaven, is she going to die?

Why didn’t the voice of heaven kill her directly?

First of all, the voice of the sky is not the deity of God, it is not even the direct will of God.

Secondly, Harley is a mercenary in heaven, a duke of Paradise Mountain who is reticent, and her obligation to heaven is very small.

Finally, the contract that Harley signed with God, the voice of the sky cannot explain more specifically to Harley in the next two chapters without any reason.

(end of this chapter)

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