I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 756


Chapter 756 Arkham War God

“Okay, I have nothing but toil in Christ Salvation’s mission.” Harley bites Gritting his teeth, said solemnly: “When the universe is restarted, I will modify reality for God, ten thousand sects will be extinguished, and Christ will prosper.

You go to the neon now, and the toilets of gods have become cathedrals. This kind of Unparalleled merit, how should it be counted?”

“Heaven doesn’t need this kind of false belief.” Voice of Heaven indifferently said.

“Fake? hehe” Harry couldn’t help sneering, “If the reality of the ‘Wu Divine King’ 50,000 years ago was an illusion, what about Jesus 2,000 years ago?

Jesus still worshipped the Divine Idol of ‘Heaven War God Halle’, saying that he got a lot of enlightenment and wisdom from the ‘Wu Divine Stone’.

If this is also false, then now Christian faith The cornerstones are all false.”

The voice of heaven coldly said: “Of course Jesus is true, the restarted world comes from the reality in the original universe, and your Divine King is justβ€””

He paused without warning, as if the tape player was halfway through and suddenly ran out of power.

Harry waited for 3 minutes and couldn’t help but ask: “Voice of the sky, are you still there?”

He is obviously still there, she can feel the presence of him breath.

In addition, just like when he was angered before, the breath of the voice of the sky fluctuated violently again.

Did her words blow his lungs out again?

No, it shouldn’t.

He stopped suddenly while he was speaking.

“Harley Quinn.” The voice of the voice of heaven slowed down, and there was a vaguely complicated emotion in it, “You are right, you are a mercenary in heaven, and you don’t listen to the tune. Lord Quinn has a very high degree of freedom and does not need to undertake responsibilities other than the ‘Heavenly Mission’.

In the land of the origin of time, you have not received a mission to cooperate with Ghost Recon, nor do you need to cooperate with him, you can Be on your own.

And the history on the timeline is also real.

The reality now is that Christianity is widespread in the neon, in Africa, in the Eurasian continent, with tens of thousands of people Years of history.

The daily increase in beliefs in the Heavenly Belief Pool is more than three times that of the previous ones. , tripled, with such a strong effect, then the rest of the gods, the gods of the heavens, must not be so miserable that they can’t even drink porridge?” Harley’s expression changed one after another, not knowing whether to be surprised or frightened.

This is a bit of a sin!

Oh, no!

Compared with the information revealed in the voice of the sky, the change in His tone and attitude is more worthy of study.

I think she has done a great job, and she has to be rewarded. Did the voice of heaven suddenly find her conscience, or did she get any reminder?

Harry has a few guesses about the true identity of the voice of the sky, but they are not sure.

guess 1, God’s Avatar – the voice of God, similar to God’s humility, God’s wrath.

Guess 2, a certain Archangel acts as an announcer, using a system of heaven information called “Voice of Heaven”.

Guess 3, Michael, who was quietly called ‘Heaven’s Traitor King’ by some ‘beast angels’.

Angels Four Great Clans, Human Angels, Eagle Angels, Bull Angels, Lion Angels.

The three Archangel kings, King of Hell Lucifer, the human king Gabriel, and the silver city angel king Michael are all human angels, similar to the Indian caste system, the human angels are the ruling class, and the other three races “Beast Angels” exist to serve the ruling class.

The patriarch of the eagle angel, Zaulie, is more honest and has been keeping his own way, taking the eagle angel to take charge of the outposts outside the heaven.

The Niu Angel belongs to the ‘Guardian of the King City’. Archangel Asmodo is very powerful and ambitious. In recent years, the troubles in the City of Silver have been caused by him and his Niu Angel. from.

Michael’s title of “traitor king” comes from them.

At this time, the change of voice of the sky must be influenced by external factors.

Who is being influenced and who is influencing Him?

For a while, Harry’s thoughts turned and thought a lot, until the voice of the sky on the opposite side spoke again.

“You are right, this time heaven is full and the gods are poor. Countless gods and demons in the multiverse are affected by this restart.

According to the affected The degree of Spiritual God can be divided into four grades.

The worst grade, believe in God, and more than half of them are directly annihilated.

Like the mortals who are disappeared in the underworld, they are restarted in the universe. At that moment, they were forgotten by mortals and disappeared from the root.

The third class, in addition to absorbing Power of Faith, they are also bound to the Universe Principle, barely struggling on whilst at death’s door, saving lives, memory But they are affected,

like mortals in the new rebooted universe, memory is modified, reality is modified, history is modified.

Second, they are the same as those who originated from time. Like a hero who has returned from the earth, his memory has not changed, but his life has been affected.

The first class, as powerful as the Divine King, may also be broken and broken, and his strength will be greatly damaged.”

Speaking of this, the voice of the voice of the sky once again appeared in the mood — the sigh of mixed feelings.

“Before you went mad, no one could have imagined that Spiritual God could have such a huge impact on them.

It’s not that they lack wisdom, but that they dare not Imagine who would dare to be so mad to deliberately target them and cut off their roots.

Even if the Anti-Monitor gets their way and replaces the Matter Multiverse with an Antimatter Multiverse, they would never care about the mortals in the material universe The faith of the people.”

“I at least give the gods and demons a breath, the anti-prison old thief is really crazy, let him succeed, and it is impossible to say that there are no gods and demons in the world.” Harley cried.

“You stole almost half of the energy of the anti-inspector, modifying the reality has used up that energy, and the anti-inspector’s brain has been filled with water, so it will not be wasted so much.

The key is to waste so much A lot of energy will only cause no end of trouble, without any substantial benefit.

In addition to making the gods hate you, let thousands of Divine Kings, powerful enough to destroy heaven extinguishing earth, It doesn’t do the Demon King to put you on the Must Kill List.

The lunatic at Arkham Asylum will not do that.” Voice of Heaven resolutely and decisively said.

β€”Is this implying that she is crazier than the lunatic in Arkham Asylum?

Harry was very unhappy, but thinking rationally, she found that she couldn’t refute it.

The anti-prisoner king destroyed Infinite Earth, so he collected so much energy and used half of it to kill the gods

“Yes, I spent a lot of money in order to modify this reality. The energy of half the multiverse, but so what?” Harry’s small face was awe-inspiring, and the smooth skin on the Spiritual Body’s surface really exuded pure and holy radiance.

“The universe is precious, and the creation price is higher. If it is for belief, everything can be thrown away! In order to spread the belief in God, I am willing to sacrifice half of the energy of the multiverse, if you can’t see it.”

Harry’s face changed, looking forwardly towards the direction of the voice of the sky’s breath fluctuations, “If you can’t see it, you can give me the same amount of God’s power, and treat me as not being the boss of God, I haven’t made such a big sacrifice for heaven.”

“You are shameless.”

Harry smiled slightly and said, “Well, when I didn’t say anything, Let the reality of ‘I make such a big sacrifice for God and for heaven’ continues.”

“You are too shameless.” The voice of heaven finally broke the defense and said angrily: “Except you pretend to be yourself. Cool and handsome, heaven only increases the power of faith and the most direct and most difficult to resolve hostility of countless gods and demons.

But heaven doesn’t need Power of Faith at all, but the hostility of gods and demons will inevitably lead to catastrophic disasters.”

Haley’s eyes widened and she said with a smile: “hahaha, heaven is going to suffer?”

“Are you taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune?”

“No, I’m very worried about heaven.” Harry quickly restrained his expression and said solemnly.

“You were laughing just now, and laughing happily.”

Harry solemnly nodded, said solemnly: “Yes, I was laughing, laughing very happily. Thinking of the disaster in heaven, I immediately saw the opportunity to serve heaven again and cleanse God from rebellion, so I am very happy.”

The voice of the sky returned to indifference, saying: “With this consciousness, Very good! The project of the Christ Salvation Corps, you did not do very well, only 300,000 merits.

But you modify the reality in the universe restart, in fact, you have made unparalleled merits for heaven.

In the name of Omniscient Almighty God, you will be consecrated as ‘Silver City Reserve Arkham War God’ and ranked as the King of Heaven.

Reward for 100 floating islands outside the Silver City, Fiefdom Outside the city gate, there is a 50 breath escape halo belt, and the Silver City has a military quota of 500, which can be registered as ten Sir Heaven Sealing Hall.

A set of Heavenly Mountain King Armor, a set of Arkham War God Armor, to create The eighth divine gold of the Divine Item – Heavenly Gold, Heavenly Silver, 5 tons in total, 10 Prince Guards – can be selected from Eagle Angels, 100 sacred objects, 5 holy springs.”

The string of rewards landed on her head, smashing Harley into a daze.

For a while, she came back to his senses, frowned: “I used to be the Duke of Paradise Mountain, I can understand being promoted to king, but what does ‘Arkham War God, the reserve of the City of Silver’ mean? “

“You were invited to join the Neon Pantheon, right?” Sky Voice asked.

Harry’s heart moved, the neon Divine King can be a god, and Zeus can also be a god, there is no reason that heaven can’t do it.

“Do you want to give me the throne of ‘Heaven War God’?” Her voice trembled.

War God is definitely one of the most important priesthoods of a pantheon.

“It’s okay for you to understand it this way, but it’s not the kind of War God you think. There is no simple ‘War God’ in heaven, and the angels are not like the gods in the heavens. Spiritual God.

The angels are the sons of God, the servants of God, and have only one duty to serve God.

God gives children the right to develop freely and show their innate talents. The ‘Holy Mother Huiyin’ of the previous Holy Mother Maria, do you understand how she became the Holy Mother?”

“cultivation.” Halle looked thoughtful.

The Voice of Heaven: “In heaven, there is no concept of cultivation, only ‘understanding oneself and developing potential’.

I will give you a pure, attribute blank ‘Heavenly Innate’, after you develop your own ‘War God innate talent’, you can turn it into a ‘War God innate talent’.

Even if you fail and find yourself disliking war and combat , prefers to lie and deceive, and turn it into a ‘Scammer’s Seal’.

Heaven still calls it ‘War God’s Seal’ and calls you ‘Arkham War God of Silver City’ .”

Harry’s face was wrinkled into a ball, the voice of the sky was easy to understand, but the meaning inside and outside the words made her feel like vomiting.

“I only want to be War God, and I don’t want to cultivate other attributes.”

Holy Mother’s Hui Yin has been dyed black. It doesn’t make much sense.

The voice of the sky was silent for a moment, and said: “You can burn War God’s ‘evolutionary meme’ on the heavenly seal, so that it only absorbs and overflows War God’s divinity from you in the depth of one’s soul.

But the side effects are serious, I have to tell you in advance.

The Heavenly Seal is not an empty promise, after getting it, you can draw ‘War God’ from the City of Silver every moment Divine Force ‘–a fusion of the power of God and the faith of heaven.”

“Omg, that’s great, thank you Boss Voice, Boss God.” Harry jumped with joy. stand up.

“Don’t call me ‘boss’.” The voice of heaven said sternly.

Harry argues with the courage of one’s convictions: “Between people, there are close people, passers-by, and enemies.

Between acquaintances, there will always be status The difference in status.

The difference in status will only lead to three kinds of interpersonal relationships, either you have a higher status than me, and you are my boss; or if I have a higher status, I will be the boss; Boss.

I think my status is not as good as you, not as good as God, what’s wrong with being called ‘boss’?

Or, voice of the sky, your own position is different from mine ?”

(end of this chapter)

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