I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 757


Chapter 757 The dashing Constantine

“No matter what you have, you can’t use the title ‘boss’ in heaven , used between God and you.” The voice of heaven said indifferently.

“I can agree, but as a Heavenly War God, isn’t it God’s subordinate, isn’t God the boss of Heavenly War God?” Harry said.

“You are not the War God of Heaven, but the War God of Arkham, the reserve of the City of Silver.” The voice of the sky.

“I’m still wondering, why is it Arkham War God? What’s the difference between the two?” Harry asked curiously.

“Names have power, and so do priesthood titles. Although there is no dedicated War God priesthood in Heaven, ‘Heaven War God’ is a unique and unmatched title with special and incomparably powerful powers.


‘Arkham War God’ only points out your clerical attribute, it does not mean that you have the right to rule the conquest of heaven.

If necessary, more ‘silver’ can be conferred in the future XXXWar God ‘ of the city.”

Harry was stunned, “Is this still possible?”

The Voice of Heaven indifferently said: “You know what ‘War God’ means to a pantheon Is it possible?

With your little credit, ascending to the skies with a single leap to become one of the highest-ranking people in heaven, how is it possible?

Let’s just say, ‘Paradise War God’ is a formal priesthood with power, and ‘Silver City Arkham War God’ is a miscellaneous brand of War God without special power.

You can think of heaven as the Imperial Court in ancient times, the general in charge of conquests There are a lot of them, you’re just a general.”

Harry said sullenly, “Why ‘Arkham’? I think you’re discriminating against me.”

“You live in Arkham Island.”

“Earth War God, American War God, even Gotham War God.” Harry cried.

“When you level up, you can first upgrade to ‘Gotham War God of Silver City’, and then to ‘Silver City War God of North America’. There must be a place for you to upgrade, and now it’s all Earth War God is over, what about the future?”

Harry’s expression was distorted, “These names are too earthy and too low, can you change them?”

The voice of the sky: “You You should pay more attention to the side effects of ‘evolutionary meme’.

You are only preparing for War God.

Because your War God’s radiance has not been condensed successfully.

But your god position is finally recognized by the City of Silver, and every day all can get a part of the power from heaven, and the strength of the power is related to the integrity of your radiance.

Solidify the radiance into the evolution of War God After being imitated, if you do not become War God’s innate talent, the speed of Huiyin will be very slow, and your income will be very low during this period.

If you do not imitate, Huiyin will be based on your characteristics , choose the fastest and most suitable priesthood for you.

For example, if you have strong defense, you are a defensive Martial God.”

Harry thought for a while and said: ” Different clergy, Huiyin’s ‘salary’ after successfully condensing is different, right?”

“Of course.”

“What is the salary of Blank Huiyin to become a War God? What’s the salary after that?” Harry asked.

“Empty radiance, accumulated for a thousand years, can become the lowest-level two-winged angel. If you successfully condense the radiance of ‘Arkham War God’, you will become an ordinary Archangel in about a thousand years.” voice.

“The strength of the two-winged angel is equal to that of the hell Baron, and the ordinary Archangel is also the duke.” Harry was disappointed.

It takes a thousand years of the power of heaven to create a duke of hell.

Extend the time line to 100 million years. Eighty percent of the time, there will be a power limit, otherwise there will not be so many two-winged angels in heaven, but there are very few Archangel.

Dead wages really don’t make you rich.

Hali sighed then said, “I want the future, I want to be War God.”

The voice of the sky seems to want her to use her innate talent to condense the radiance.

Is the Voice of Heaven a kind person?

Bastard’s words are often heard the other way around.

Her path is defense. In theory, she should follow her own path with no distractions.

But Heavenly Huiyin will definitely record the process of her condensing it, and then transmit the information to the Voice of Heaven.

Harry is very calm in her heart. For those who aspire to transcend the omnipotent universe, the status of the dc universe is actually of little value.

But the gods of heaven are different. ‘Heaven Multinational Trading Company’ is a very promising platform. Even if you leave DC Universe, you will only leave the branch, and you can continue to play an important role in the ‘God camp’. .

So, even though she knew that Heavenly Huiyin might have side effects, she still did not refuse.

But in the same way, she didn’t forget her own way – upgrade and defense, and engage in energy activation feats.

Heaven Huiyin can only be used as a side business, used to decorate the facade, increase her knowledge, and improve her status in the ‘God’s camp’, but it must not become her main business.

Defense is the main business, and Heaven can gain a lot from her ‘defense seal’; War God is a side business, she is a novice, she can only grow with the help of heaven, and can gain a lot from God .

How to choose is obvious.

Bludhaven, Midnight Bar.

A round table in the corner of the ballroom.

Under the dim light of ambiguous colors, a human, two demons, and a Tree Demon are playing cards.

“full house, three old kings, a pair of eights, I won!” The little devil with a huge bottle gourd on his back threw away the cards hard, looking at his opponent’s two pair and three of a kind , laughed excitedly, “The blood of the Druids from the old tree Grade 1, the inner dragon dagger of Frass, and the ‘Demoness inner armor’ of Constantine are all mine, haha”

Zha Kang lit a cigarette slowly, took a deep breath, and while enjoying the laziness of the smoke warming his chest, he said slowly; “Drinking boy, don’t get excited yet, I haven’t played my trump card yet!”

“Your cards are 9, 10, J, Q, unless it’s a straight flush, you can’t beat me, but I already have three kings, two eights, and the old tree is exactly a pair of eights.

The odds of you getting the last king are almost zero, how do you win?” the drunk boy said with a sneer.

“Unfortunately, almost zero is not equal to zero.” Zha Kang winked at it, pulled out his hole card, threw away hard, “Pa”, and a king of hearts appeared on the table.

The drinking boy pupil shrinks, staring at the K of Hearts for two seconds, and suddenly yells furiously: “Impossible, such a low chance, absolutely impossible, Constantine, you’re the best!”

“Cut~~” Constantine spit out a smoke ring at the opposite, and said disdainfully, “It’s just a game of this level, it’s just to pass the time, as for me, am I going to make a fortune for a small profit? “

“Not to mention the inner dragon’s dagger that pulls the soul into hell, your inner armor is from Demoness Halle, how can it be considered a petty profit?” Tree Demon smacked his tongue.

“Constantine is bragging again.”

The Fire Demon glanced at Zha Kang suspiciously, flipped through the remaining cards, and searched for them one by one.

Find another king of hearts, which proves that Zhakang is a thousand.

Zha Kang shoved the spills of war into his arms and said proudly with a smile: “Harry and I have been friends for many years, and even my escape from the wall of origin is the result of her secret transmission of God’s Power.

What is a trifling piece of armor compared to the power of God?”

“Ah, Konstantin can get off the wall of origin, relying on Demoness Halle? “At the wine table next door, the black-winged fallen angel was cry out in surprise.

The murloc old woman at the same table glanced at Zhakang and whispered: “It should be true, I have reliable information, Demonness Harley had quietly gone before Constantine left the Origin Wall. Saw him.”

“But I also heard that Demonness Harley denied to Green Lantern that she helped Constantine,” said an angel and mortal bastard on the side.

“Hey, how many truths has Demonness Harley ever said in her life?” The fishman old woman sneered.

A black mage said: “At least she didn’t lie when she said that Constantine was her friend.

When Constantine was hunted down by Negal, Demoness Halle He also released a message through Midnight Dad, to protect her ‘family friend Constantine’.

If you don’t believe it, you can ask Midnight Dad.”

I heard the people around me discussing spiritedly, Zha Kang smiled, and a smug look flashed in his eyes.

At this time, the Fire Demon also turned over all the playing cards, shook his head regretfully: “Drinking boy, he doesn’t seem to be cheating. I have tested it with the ‘anti-fraud’ magic that I have used in casinos for 800 years. The disguised red heart K.”

“pu Tongβ€”β€”” The drinking boy sat down on the chair, like prepare for there funeral.

“Isn’t it only half a pot of demon wine? As for it? It will take a few years to re-brew a pot. You dignified Demon God, you still lack time?” Zha Kang laughed and took away the wine pot in front of him. .

“Who told you that a jug of wine only takes a few years?” The drinking boy glared at him, his eyes gradually turning blood red.

“Three years ago in Las Vegas, you said it yourself.”

“Three years ago” the drinking boy hugged his head in pain, “I, it seems that There’s something like that, but I don’t remember quite clear.”

“It was badly affected by the reboot.” There was more pity in Tree Demon’s cloudy brown eyes.

“It’s the fifth dimension Demon God!” Zha Kang said in surprise.

The Fire Demon said with lingering fears: “Before this time, the Demon God of the fifth dimension was looking down, ignoring the encounters of the material world in the fourth dimension.

It’s like a human being An ant slapped with a pee.

In the end, Demoness Halle taught all gods and demons a truth. In front of a lunatic, All living things are equal.

Never mind Spiritual God The little god is still the Divine King, and he has all of them, all in one gulp.”

“ahhhh, I remember!” The drinking boy suddenly cried out, wailing with a twisted face: “Aunt father Harley Fifty thousand years ago, I swept the neon gods, my dojo was burned, and I became a wild god.

Ahhh, my billions of properties are all in vain in the restart, they have not Disappeared.

My magic wine brewed by the Divine Force has entered the pool of belief in heaven, and those birdmen stole my power!”

The murloc on the side The old woman nodded and said with emotion: “It’s the righteous god who masters the law. Even if he is beaten as a wild god, he can retrieve some memories from a higher level.”

“But it’s called Demonness ‘Aunt father’. Doesn’t ‘Aunt father’ only exist in undocumented unofficial history? Moreover, only some of the lowest-level angels and fallen angels are shouting.” The fallen angel wondered.

It was a little loud for the drunk boy to hear.

Startled for a while, the Neon Wild God covered his head and groaned: “It’s not an unofficial legend, it’s true, I remember, I remember. No, it’s a false memory, Demoness, Harley, don’t think about it. Change my life!”

Zha Kang glanced at the cards cryptically, stood up and said, “OK, I’m leaving beforehand, I’ll pay for today’s drinks, you can do whatever you want.”

“Hey, I’m going to turn over!” cried the Tree Demon.

Zha Kang looked at its skinny body and reminded: “You have already smoked the blood essence from Grade 1 today.”

“I am strong, and I can still do it again. Draw Grade 1.” The Tree Demon shook the dry tree trunk on the verge of collapse, with red eyes and excited avenue: “No, no, I don’t need to draw blood, I can win back what I lost next time, perfect. Healing.”

“I really have something to do, I’m going to Gotham City to meet my friend Harry.”

Za Kang waved his hand and walked quickly across the wine table and dance floor, disappear into the crowd.

The word ‘Harry’ seems to have magic power. The Tree Demon, who even lost the red eye, also woke up with a shivered, staring at the red eye blisters and watching Zha Kang leave.

“Let’s continue with the three of us, or find another player?”

The Fire Demon was still unfinished and took the initiative to organize the cards.

“Yi!” squeezed a piece of diamond 3, it rubbed its eyes hard, and facial expression grave, the vast magic poured out, washed back and forth on the surface of the card, “thorn!”

Like tearing a veil, dull light flashed, the diamond 3 becomes the old king of hearts!

“Constantine, I’m going to kill you!”

ps: Two shifts today and three shifts tomorrow.

(end of this chapter)

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