I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 760


Chapter 760 Louise’s Diary in Paradise

I really don’t want to leave Earth!

Father, younger sister, Clark, those colleagues and friends of mine are all in Earth, all doing their part in the Infinite Earth crisis.

I want to be a war correspondent, to go to the front line where the fighting is fiercest, to bring the latest news to the people behind, and to keep the stories of heroes from being buried.

But I can’t say no to Clark and father.

They gave a reason I couldn’t refute: the child in my belly is more than eight months old, and the little baby is about to be born.

Even if I stay in Earth and the Metropolis, I can’t go to work, and it’s even more impossible to go to the front line as a war correspondent with a camera.

Actually, as early as two months ago, Perry suggested that I take paid leave, because when I was rushing to draft, the doctor of lower body bleeding said that I had too much work and was too tired.

For child, I can only get on Harley Quinn’s Archimedes airship.

It has been specially modified, it is huge, and there are many people in it.

It’s like Harley Quinn’s promise to Washington politicians after the ‘Heroes’ meeting: there are definitely enough places to send all their immediate family members to heaven.

However, Martha didn’t come, and she didn’t want to expose Clark as superhuman because of herself. On the surface, I can enter “Noah’s Ark”, relying on the ticket of Father Ryan.

Even though Clark said her identity was not a secret from the government, Martha insisted.

“Clark, you know, if something happens to you, I can’t live. If nothing happens to Earth, I’ll be fine. If something happens, at least for the time before it happens, I’m with you,” she said.

Her words are also what I want to say, if father, younger sister and Clark are gone, I will

Well, like Martha, she stays in Earth for her son, and I The son must leave Earth.

Hope they and Earth are all right.

It’s a little embarrassing, I saw a lot of acquaintances in the spaceship.

They are all the family members of politicians and businessmen, the elderly, women and children, whom I once despised deeply.

I don’t know if they know, I have criticized their father, brother or child in the newspaper.

I didn’t sit with the ladies, though.

The spaceship landed at the Luther’s golf course in the suburbs of the metropolis. We all gathered there and waited for the spaceship. I and a few other pregnant women were taken to the central control room.

Also in the original Archimedes airship.

“With Harley and Yebby following in person, there is no problem with safety, but the elemental storm is blowing in Lingbo Prison. It’s very bumpy outside, and it’s more stable here.”

‘Aka Selena Kyle, one of Musanshu’s, as the host, received us warmly.

In addition to pregnant women, there are several old men.

Coincidentally, I know them all.

It is also a coincidence that they are all people who I believe will never be connected to heaven.

For example, the former Gotham Godfather, the boss of Harley Quinn, Falcone Carmel.

Selena was right, after entering the Shaling Prison, the spaceship was indeed a little bumpy.

I was curious about what the “Road to Heaven” was like, and stuck my head in front of the control screen to see that there was nothing on the screen.

“The Lingbo Prison has no concept of space, and naturally there is no map. It can only fly by feeling.” Selena explained.

“Won’t you get lost?” I wondered.

“Not at all. Heaven is in Harry’s heart.”

I want to rant about where hell is in her, but I can’t say anything weird now that I’m sitting on her boat.

Soon, I found out that Selena was right, heaven can really be in the heart.

I don’t know how long it has passed, and I can clearly feel a warm, peaceful, and peaceful aura falling on me.

I have a feeling that I am in heaven, and heaven is not fake.

Many people, like me, felt it and started whispering and looking forward to it.

“We’re here, let’s go down.” Selena stood up and said.

“Isn’t there an angel coming to check?” I’m still going to meet an angel.

“We went to Paradise Hill, not Heaven, Paradise Hill was Halle’s Fiefdom. Of course she didn’t have to check her own boat.”

I also want to ask about Paradise Hill and Heaven What is the difference? The exclamations such as ‘Christ Jesus’ and ‘Father’s mercy’ have come from outside the cabin door.

The people who have disembarked were all shouting excitedly.

My doubts were quickly dispelled, and when I walked out of the cabin door and faced the ray of ‘sunshine’ that can be described with all good words, my heart was suddenly filled with emotion.

“Merciful Father!” I couldn’t help but cry out, then burst into tears.

In the distance there is a city in rays of light, golden and silver are intertwined.

Gold is the floor, silver is the building, a holy light world.

“That is the City of Silver, and we are now on the ‘Paradise Mountain’, which belongs to the suburbs of the City of Silver.” A delicate, beautiful, heroic and handsome female warrior floated in the air, introduced for everyone.

“Youβ€”you’re a Kryptonian? But you’re dead,” I blurted out, shocked.

“This is heaven,” Selena reminded.

I was stunned for a while, then suddenly realized that it is normal to see dead people in heaven.

Later I met another dead man, Rich Simpson, the former technical director of Puppy Technology.

“Oumai Karma, Richie, Omai Karma, wu wu wu.” An old woman hugged Richie and cried bitterly.

“mother!” Richie’s eyes were also red.

“father.” There are a few more children, who want to get close, but are a little scared.

“Where’s his wife?” I asked suspiciously.

“Ricky just died, his beautiful and young wife found a man, and she only wanted the inheritance, not the custody of the child.” Selena said.

Paradise Mountain is not heaven.

A few days later, we finally understand what this sentence really means.

Those of us are not allowed to enter the City of Silver, nor to see the heroic spirits of the bottom heaven.

I have nothing to dislike, though.

On the contrary, Paradise Hill fulfilled all my wonderful fantasies about heaven.

It’s too beautiful and too rich here.

Each of us is assigned to a beautiful little villa, with wood house, stone house, brick house. You can choose by yourself.

When you walk out the door, you can see the fragrant Fruit Tree, pick an apple or a pear, which is crisp and sweet, more delicious than any fruit I have ever eaten in the world.

Paradise Mountain has a radius of hundreds of miles and is a lonely mountain with a height of 10,000 meters. There are Fruit Trees, grape trellises, lawns, wheat fields and rice fields, lakes, and streams.

Robots work in the fields, and we live like a noble man.

However, apart from going to the top of the mountain and reading the Bible in front of the City of Silver, there is almost nothing to do. Many people are willing to pick the fruit themselves, or simply let the robot get out of the way and go to work in the fields by themselves.

Later, Rich built basketball courts, football fields, golf courses, bowling alleys and other sports venues for us, as well as an electronic library and a movie theater.

Seeing that there are a lot of children, and they are all of school age, he built another school.

Many old people have become teachers of all grades.

I have a high education and was invited to become a sociology and linguistics teacher.

About half a month later, Falcone put up a sign outside his house asking for free mending clothes for everyone.

When I first came, everyone also brought a change of clothes, but Paradise Mountain is full of dive aura, and the elderly and pregnant women are also full of vitality. No one has ever been sick, and those who are sick no longer have symptoms. Everyone Both are energetic, often running covering the mountains and plains, and ripping their clothes in the woods.

With a clothing store, a shoemaker’s shop, winery, bakery, and pizza shop appeared on the second day

I don’t know when, our group of people actually established a small town.

What’s even weirder is that everyone is happy to serve everyone and doesn’t charge at all.

“If Batman sees this town, he will be moved to tears. This is the Gotham of his dreams.”

Facing the hilltop platform of the City of Silver, Celine Na lay on the blanket and said warmly.

After getting along for a while, she took the initiative to confess her identity to me – Batman’s mysterious lover.

She also knew Clark’s identity.

We have a strong sense of identity with our respective ‘Hero’s Wife’, and soon became good friends.

“So does Superman.”

“Ai, if Gotham can have a tenth of the peace here, Batman will retire, and I will retreat to the countryside.” Selena said again.

“The same goes for Superman.”

I feel very emotional, Batman and Superman have different powers, but different personalities, but they have an inexplicable sense of fit.


“Before I came, Batman told me that his parents were in the bottom heaven. If there is an opportunity, it would be perfect to meet them and see the child in my belly.” Selena sighed.

“So does Superman,” I said, looking at her in amazement.

She also turned her head and looked at me strangely, “Can this be the same?”

“Superman’s father is also in heaven, and Harley Quinn told him that old Jonathan joined ‘Holy Spirit Training’,” I said with certainty.

“It’s such a coincidence that Harry also said that the Wayne couple joined the training class in heaven.” Selena was surprised.

I looked at her belly and said with a smile: “Our days are similar, and it’s a coincidence.”

Selena glanced at my belly and said hesitantly. : “You shouldn’t be like me, running to the edge of the cliff every day to be illuminated by the holy light of the City of Silver.”

I looked at her, and then at the other pregnant women not far away, puzzled. Said: “Isn’t receiving holy light irradiation can enhance the child’s physique?”

“It is indeed possible, so I come every day and stay for several hours.

But I and Batman They are all ordinary persons, and children are also ordinary persons. I hope she has the power to protect herself in the dangerous Gotham, so I really want to infect the fetus with holy light.

Your child has Krypton genes, 80% Being able to become a little superman like his father, being infected with holy light may do more harm than good.”

After that, Selena explained to me the common sense of magic and magic.

I thought about it for a long time, not only did I not leave, but I spent more time on my stomach.

“I hope he is soaked in holy light, the breath of holy light is so peaceful and warm, it is a good thing to be influenced.”

I know Clark was not happy when he was a child, he was affected by Iron Body He was troubled by the power of the ordinary person, unable to integrate into the life of the ordinary person, and had a bad personality. He said a lot of things that saddened the Kent couple at the time and made him extremely regret now.

Being infected with holy light makes my child become a ‘sunshine boy’, which is a good thing!

Not to mention, this decision of mine paid off immediately.

God has blessed our family.

When I gave birth in mid-January, a black angel descended on the bed with an old man who was shaking with excitement.

“Omg, Jonathan? Are you Jonathan Kent?”

He is exactly the same as the old photo of Kent Farm, I wasn’t sure, but he looked at me Eyes, too gentle, too kind.

“Hello, child, I’m Jonathan, Clark’s father.” Old Kent said softly.

“What’s going on here?” I wondered.

“My name is Zaulie, Chief Archangel and Harley’s friend. She asked me to take good care of you before she left.”

Although he is black, it makes me very sad Surprised, but he really is as gentle as an angel. Well, he is an angel.

“Your child is the first newborn in heaven, a ‘son of holy light’, blessed by God. He is pure and flawless and can come into contact with heavenly heroic spirits.

So, I asked the Voice of Heaven for his grandfather to help him complete baptism, would you like to?”

(End of this chapter)

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