I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 761


Chapter 761 Those things on Paradise Mountain

Of course Louise did not reject Archangel’s kindness.

Amidst the singing of the angel Zaulie, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy with little help from a midwife.

“Clark and I have discussed it a long time ago. His name is ‘Jonathan’, Jonathan Kent.” Louise looked at the old Kent and said sincerely: “Clarke misses you very, very much, and he still Tell me countless times, I really want to say ‘sorry’ to you, for the countless rebellious behaviors in his youth, for the words he said when you last parted.”

Old Kent trembled. , almost burst into tears – Zaulie clapped his palm on the back of his heart, helping him hold back the tears.

“That silly boy brings me only happiness and satisfaction, and there is no place to say sorry.

Rebellious, which child was not rebellious when he was a child?

After you go back, tell him that the child’s rebellion is never the responsibility of the child, but the parents’ responsibility. He lives every day without any psychological burden, which is the greatest comfort to me.”

He blushed Eye sockets, with a thick nasal voice in the voice.

“gฤ“ gฤ“ gฤ“ ” Little Jonathan looked at his grandfather and grinned.

“Hey, he’s exactly the same as when Clark was a kid, he’s a beautiful young man.” Kent’s old face also blossomed with a smile.

After completing baptism, old Kent also lived with his grandson and daughter-in-law for a week. When Louise was running and jumping, he reluctantly put little Jonathan back in the cradle, ready to go with Zaule. Leave.

“The separation at this time is not an eternal formula. As long as you follow the right path, your family reunion is eternal.” Zaulie said.

“Thank you, Archangel Zaulie.” Old Kent looked respectful and bowed to the black angel. When he looked up, golden light seemed faintly radiating from his eyes and face.

Zaulie’s complexion changed slightly, and happily said: “Very well, babies represent hope and new life, Jonathan Kent, you are also being reborn, taking a critical step towards Holy Spirit.”


What he didn’t say is that when he becomes Holy Spirit and his belief is firm and unshakable, he can travel between Silver City and Paradise Mountain at will, when the time comes not to mention seeing his grandson, it is no problem to have a reunion dinner every year.

The appearance of angels and heavenly holy souls had a huge impact on all the mortals in the small town of Heavenly Mountain.

impact degree second only to I just arrived at Paradise Mountain and I just saw the City of Silver.

โ€œThis is really heaven. The City of Silver is not just an illusory holy light city, in which there are angels and Holy Spirits, there is also a traditional paradise on the outer layer of the City of Silver.


There are holy souls living in heaven, and those souls can come back and talk to us.

This is not an illusion, everything is real.โ€

Not only The old people who have been alive for a few years, and the children in the school have also changed a lot, becoming more pious, and obeying the teachings of God in their words and deeds.

Louis has an illusion that the legendary Garden of Eden should be like this.

Selena was a little disappointed. When she gave birth to Helena in late January, Archangel Zaurie came to sing “Birth Song” for her, but did not bring Wayne old man’s wife.

She asked Zaulie, who only said that the two of them were in a very special state, and it was not convenient for them to come out to meet people.

Selena was a little worried for Bruce.

Zaulie saw it, comforted: “They are making a good transformation, from the Holy Spirit to the Holy Spirit of the City of Silver.”

Now Selena is relieved , also turned worry into joy, happy for Bruce.

At the beginning of March, Zaulel came again, reminding everyone to prepare, the infinite Earth crisis is over, and the spaceship will take them home to be reunited with their loved ones.

Melancholy sweeps the town of Paradise Hills.

“Why so fast?”

They couldn’t help but complain that the crisis was too short.

Louis wanted to say that it was really unpleasant for more than four months.

But she was deep in one’s heart, and she also felt some reluctance.

Even though she knew that she was about to be reunited with her husband and father, she couldn’t bear to live a peaceful and peaceful life here.

“It would be wonderful if you could call Clark and my father together, and we would all live together.” She sighed to Selena.

“Hey, what a big deal!”

Selena’s mood was completely different from everyone else’s. Instead of nostalgia, she was very excited.

“This is not paradise, not the City of Silver! It is Paradise Mountain, Harley’s Fiefdom, with eleven Floating Islands.

Don’t talk about living, she said earlier One is to be the Island Lord for me.

So we can come whenever we want, and if you donโ€™t want to leave, you can stay and go back when youโ€™re tired.โ€

this The remark surprised and envied Louise and the crowd at the same time.

It wasn’t until then that Louise suddenly realized what an amazing person Harley Quinn, who could have a private territory in the “outskirts” of heaven, and was conferred as a Duke by God, was.

They can get close to the City of Silver, and even say that if they can see an angel, they are enough to become Legendary and become a “sage” in Christian history, but Harley Quinn, she.

Louise felt like she was about to change her mind again.

The first time we met was ten years ago.

When Harley Quinn became the youngest and most maverick mayor in the history of the United States, she saw at a glance that she was not a hero, but an irrespective of the law and of natural morality, and her methods were all-powerful. The formidable person.

Before the interview with her, Louise, who had not graduated, had been living in Gotham for a month, and had heard a lot of rumors about the “Mayor”.

So, her impression of her was not very good at the beginning. She was generally considered to be Lex Luthor of Gotham, with beautiful words on her mouth, bright and beautiful on the surface, but a dark, dark heart on the inside. Cunning and cold heart.

What if Harley Quinn was persecuted by the Crusaders in the early days?

When she chose to embark on the path of ‘Godfather Godfather’, no matter how brilliant and innocent she was in the past, she has already jumped into the mud pit at this time.

Second encounter at the North Pole, for the Kryptonian spaceship.

It was a terrible experience for Louise, almost lost her life, Harley Quinn summon God’s spirit saved her – she didn’t believe it at first, and then doubted it for a long time , Now that everyone has come to Paradise Mountain, and seeing her influence in Paradise, Louise can’t help but believe it.

The Krypton spaceship incident only made her understand the power of Harley Quinn, but did not change her impression of her.

Until the Kryptonian invasion Louise admits in her heart for the first time that she has the potential to be a great hero.

After a series of crises in Little Blue Man, Darkseid, and Brainiac, Louise began to trust her. She is different from Luther!

But she still felt that she was far worse than Superman.

Bad in every way except crafty plots and machinations.

Now, having witnessed the “Saint Realm” in Paradise Mountain with her own eyes, Louise suddenly has respect for her.

โ€”โ€”Can be recognized by God, who has the right to question her character? Starting from scratch and laying such a big foundation, do you still need to doubt your ability?

From recognition to vigilance, to eliminating prejudice, to trust, and finally to admiration. Louise felt that her understanding of Harley Quinn had been sublimated.

The day before she left, a news came into Paradise Mountain, which shocked her to the point of dizziness: Heavenly Mountain King, Arkham War God.

Louis felt that she The most shameless black reporter I’ve ever seen in my life, charged millions of dollars in black money, and dared not make up such a story for my employer.

Too absurd, too absurd. But an angel’s message, too real.

“Harley Quinn surpasses Jesus?” She asked Zaulie in a daze.

“Holy Son Jesus is only under God, above all angels and Holy Spirit. The general in the pantheon is War God. Harry is just a ‘Tusi vassal’, and miscellaneous General of Heaven.” Zaulie said solemnly.

Louis feels better.

But then, she began to feel mystical again, Zaulie actually summon thousands of angels – black, white, Asian, Latin American, Indian, various races, including Alien-like angels – let Harley Quinn choose ten of them as her ‘Guardian of the Domain King’.

Let an angel be the gatekeeper? !

Louis is blinded.

“In addition to ten angel guards, you can also appoint five hundred ‘War God guards’ organized by the City of Silver.” Zaulie said to Harry.

Silver City preparation? Become a Warrior of Silver City directly?

Not to mention everyone around her with shining eyes, even Louise had an urge to sign up.

– Harley Quinn has really become a king and a War God!

Louis has a clear comprehension.

How did she do it?

With doubts, Louise and half of the ‘small town residents’ bid farewell to Paradise Mountain, and took large and small bags of ‘local products’, ready to return to Earth.

Well, not everyone wants to come back.

For example, Falcone Camai will stay in Paradise Mountain to spend his later years.

Harry also persuaded him to come.

“Kamai, if you like the scenery here, it doesn’t matter if I send you a floating mountain, but don’t forget, you are now a follower of Morpheus the Sandman, and your future is in the dreamland – idler The green space.”

Louis knew this.

When he first came to Paradise Mountain, the old Camel also visited house to house, holding a “Dreamland Bible” in his hand, and introduced his belief – Morpheus, the supreme dream god.

And that they, like him, are sinful, unrecoverable, and irredeemableโ€”a statement Louise agrees with.

Just like you, do you still want to go to true heaven? dreaming too!

“We are getting older and don’t have time to study complicated Christian doctrines, so why don’t we join the ‘Dream Cult’ and be a church member with me.” Old Camer advised.

Mother Luther shook his head at that time, “Kamai, you are so confused! People like us can only weave lies, and all the dreams and hopes we speak are for the purpose of decorating lies, how can they become ‘Dreamers’?

It’s almost like destroying other people’s dreams.

In fact, I think Spiritual God’s teachings are all about exhorting people to do good, asking for good Believers bring beauty to the world.

We have to be self-aware.

Imperial Capital canโ€™t save us, how can we expect other Spiritual God?โ€

Louise sighed again at that time: Mrs. Luther’s words are right! You people, if you can come to Heaven Mountain to take a look at the real heaven, you should be content, there is no righteous God willing to redeem you.

“But we can’t give up hope, life is only temporary, and death is eternity.” Old Camai said bitterly.

“So I said you are confused, you have been redeemed.” Luther mother looked at him enviously, “Paradise Mountain is so large and the environment is so good. In fact, the villa in the suburbs of the metropolis lives in It’s more comfortable than the city.”

Old Carmichael looked thoughtful looking out the window, looking thoughtful, but still shook his head and sighed: “Even if this is the suburbs, I want to be serious. ‘Hukou’ is also very difficult.

There is definitely no problem with Harley, but heaven is not easy to enter, such as Richie and Fiona, they have all cleared away their sins and become ‘Heaven Hill Grass’ Head God’.”

(end of this chapter)

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