I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 764


Chapter 764 Divine King Resurrection Religion

After dinner, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law went back to my father-in-law’s house. There are only Louise, Joe, Martha and the four of him in his apartment.

Xiao Qiao slept in the baby’s room, while Da Chao and Masha sat on the living room sofa and watched all night long, watching old Qiao and Xiao Qiao’s documentaries.

Not to mention, only the magnificent and fantastic scenery of Paradise Mountain can see mother and son as if drunk and stupefied.

“It’s a pity it’s not 4K HD.” Da Chao is a little regretful.

The data is transmitted from the host of Paradise Mountain Ridge to Earth. In order to save traffic, the video is in 360p format.

Not all human items can be brought to Paradise Mountain.

Even though Heavenly Mountain is not true heaven, it is within the Divine Domain.

The Divine Domain belongs to the high-dimensional (five-dimensional) plane, and the frequency is higher. The material world belongs to the low-dimensional four-dimensional world, and the frequency is relatively “low”.

From the Divine Domain to the human world, it is necessary to reduce the frequency. From the human world to the Divine Domain, not everyone is qualified for upscaling.

The ordinary person falls into the spiritual prison of the thinking dimension, and cannot exist at all. Immediately, the fleshy body decomposes, leaving only the mind (soul) struggling on whilst at death’s door, and then the mind also dissolves quickly, if the ice melts in the sea.

Lois and the others survived in Paradise Mountain, not because of what Harry did, but because of the fact that heaven itself can accommodate mortal life.

But heaven cannot use technological equipment, not only mobile phones, cameras, but also spaceships.

Not even the physical constants.

Unless done in advance with magic dip.

Magic is a miracle, and it is also the power of thinking. Magical materials can exist in Lingthin Prison.

Harry’s small airship originally relied on the three witches of carry, from the engine to the outer shell, to complete the “hell” infusion.

The residents of Paradise Town have only a change of clothes and electronic devices, but they can’t be used. Harley doesn’t want to waste her energy on their daily necessities.

So, Louise’s camera equipment came from Richie.

Shoot first, store the data in the “Guardian Dog” database, and download it when you come back.

Da Chao and Martha are watching TV, and Louise is looking through her “treasures” in the study.

In Dachao’s second set of memories, his wife Louise was an avid Wu Divine King researcher, and even joined a cult called ‘Wu Divine King Resurrection Sect’ when she was in college.

If Louise stayed on Earth for the reboot, she’d remember the “younger” craziness.

Now she can only infer the history of how obsessed she was with the Divine King in the first half of her life from the thick reading notes and the blacked-to-edge books in the study.

“Oubui, Oubuya”

Ever since Louise entered the study, ‘Oubuya’ has not stopped.

“Harley Quinn murdered me!”

When she saw a record of sacrifices in her junior year of college, Louise finally couldn’t hold back and roared in excitement.

“What’s the matter?” Dachao asked in confusion across most of the living room.

“She modified my life and deliberately humiliated me” Louise’s eyes were red, and her hands holding the notebook only trembled.

Da Chao heard that she was in a bad mood, whispered to her mother, and came to the study.

Taking the book from his wife’s hand and looking at it, with his concentration, his scalp was numb.

Because of her fanatical obsession with the Divine King since childhood, Louise became a member of the 250-year-old “Harvard Divine King Research Association” as soon as she entered university.

Well, university clubs.

In the second year of sophomore year, he was promoted to the president of the research association with his outstanding ability and rich “martial arts knowledge” – the academic knowledge of Wu Divine King.

As the president, Louise has the opportunity to come into contact with a deeper and more secret ‘Wu Divine King Church Organization’ – Wu Divine King Resurrection Church.

A sect aimed at excavating the tomb of the Divine King Wu and bringing her back to earth.

After joining the church, Louise learned that in the hidden corners of society, there are many church organizations that believe in the Divine King, many of which have existed for tens of thousands of years, and the Resurrection Church is only one of them. one.

Well, according to a priest of the Resurrection Church, their Resurrection Church was established 50,000 years ago from the moment when Divine King Wu died.

If this is all, Louise will only see a novelty, and will not be angry to tears.

From the beginning of her junior year, her outstanding performance won the trust of the church’s upper echelons and made her a Saintess.

Every time the church organizes activities, Saintess Louise will burn incense and bathe, wash her whites, wear shameful and wild sacrificial clothes, kowtow, dance, kowtow again in front of the Divine King Divine Idol, mouth He also recites the “pseudo-Bible” extolling the Divine King.

Divine Idol looks exactly the same as Harley.

Doesn’t that mean she’s kowtowing to Harry?

“What a wicked ceremony, what a wicked Resurrection Sect.” Da Chao clicked his tongue.

“Harley Quinn is humiliating me. She deliberately made such a history and asked me to kowtow to her.” Louise excitedly said.

Da Chao hurriedly shook his head and said, “You think too much, and Harry has no intention of targeting you at all.”

“But what is this?” Silk Diary ‘yelled.

“This is a side effect of rebooting. Any transcendence has a price.” Da Chao said.

“Don’t speak for her, the universe is restarted by her, the reality proves that she is targeting me.”

Dachao helplessly said: “You and her have no conflict, restarting the universe is so Big things, she can’t even take care of countless heroes, how can she think of you?”

This is also Dachao, someone who changed tart and mean (speak frankly), said directly: Louise , you take yourself too much as a dish, people are restarting the universe, single thought can change the lives of hundreds of millions of people, do you deserve to waste an ‘idea’?

Dachao talked about the difficulties of restarting the universe and Harley’s powerlessness in the restart of the universe. It took more than half an hour for Louise to calm down.

Oh, it wasn’t completely calm, she threw away all those “Martial God Biography”, “The Most Precious University Diary”, “Wu Divine King’s Reading Notes”, and “The Collection of Benwu Divine Tablet Rubbings” overnight. into the shredder.

“By the way, is there really a ‘Wu Divine King Resurrection Religion’ on Earth now? Or is it just a false memory?” Ask Clark.

Dachao shook his head and said, “In my memory, this sect has never appeared.”

Leaving her son in the care of Martha, the strong woman Louise resumed work that day .

She first went to planet daily to renew her job, and Perry told her that she could get used to it for a few days before officially starting work.

“In a few days, I need to do an exclusive interview with Harley Quinn as soon as possible, and there will be an ‘extraordinary banquet’ at Quinn Manor tomorrow. I can’t tell you the specific reasonβ€””

Louise solemnly vowed with a serious face.

Editor-in-chief Perry gave her a strange look and interrupted: “Wu Divine King celebration, right?”

“Ah, you know that too?” Louise startled.

Perry touched the stubble on his chin, his eyes flickering: “Lana has already told me that she will take Jimmy to Gotham tonight, for an exclusive interview, a banquet interview, and she packed everything. , you don’t have to worry.”

Louis is anxious, “Who is Lana?”

“Nara Lang, Clark’s hometown, seems to be a high school classmate and has a very close relationship. That’s right. She rose like a rocket when you went back to your hometown to produce.

A little anchor of a local TV station’s midnight news, first interviewing Superman and Batman, and then getting the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with the Fifth Ring Admiral.

The interview was scolded at the time, but later it was supported by countless celebrities, saying that she did the most right thing.”

β€œI agree very much, too. I appreciate Lana Lang’s conduct.” Perry made a point of emphasis, proving that he is also one of the names who support Lana Lang.

“Thanks to Clark’s help to persuade and Miss Quinn’s generous offer of favorable conditions (Harry is a major shareholder of Planet Daily), I was able to dig her into our newspaper.

Fortunately, the universe restarted It doesn’t affect this reality. By the way, her office is next to you.”

Louis heard a lot of shocking information from his words, and the last sentence was even more deeply stimulating. she.

“She just came to the newspaper, so she has an office?”

She won the Pulitzer Prize early and worked hard for six or seven years to get her own exclusive office.

“Lana Lang is not a newcomer, she is hot enough to scald one’s hands of ‘Galactic Names’, several articles have been widely circulated among aliens, and this year’s Pulitzer must be her!

Don’t you watch the news in your hometown? She’s been very hot recently.” Perry wondered.

“I’ve been having a bit of a mess lately,” she mumbled.

“Oh, the effects of the reboot!” Perry understood, and no longer doubted it.

Louis left the editor-in-chief’s office dizzy, just in time to see her husband talking and laughing with a beautiful woman with a long single ponytail at the door of her office.

Lana Long!

In fact, she knew her. In the old photo album of Clark’s hometown, boys and girls hugged together and laughed so innocently and happily.

Louis felt like a jar of old vinegar poured into her heart.

“Hi, Louise.” Lana Lang greeted her generously, “The year before you and Clark got married, when I went back to Smallwell, I visited you at Kent’s house, remember ?”

“Well, I remember, Lana, it was a pleasure to work with you.”

Louis grudgingly coped with her new colleague, and then pulled Clark to herself. The office, closed the door, closed the curtains, was just a gavel.

“Tell me the truth!”

Clark was really honest and told the story of his chance encounter with his first love at Liberty Island Pier.

β€œBy chance?” Louise sneered.

“It’s just a coincidence that you weren’t in Earth and didn’t know what was going on at the time. I didn’t stay near the tuning fork all the time, for a long time, I was watching satellites, saving the multiverse. Alas, now It seems that all wasted effort, and Harry was right.” Clark sighed.

Louis purse one’s lip, no more persecuting him.

His words touched her – she wasn’t in Earth, she didn’t know what happened during this time, and it started to feel a little out of date.

In the next two days, Louise didn’t go anywhere, just stayed at home and read “The Infinite Earth Crisis Detailed Record” written by Dachao with “Super Memory” and “Super Hand Speed”.

However, she attended the “War God Banquet” held at Quinn Manor.

It wasn’t because of her status as a reporter or because of Superman, but Selena, one of the three Arkham sisters, sent an invitation letter to her best friend.

She attended the banquet not to cheer on the Arkham War God, nor was it all for the “Youth Beauty Magic Delicious Food that Harry bought from the Divine Domains at a great price” as her best friend said.

Well, the two girls get along very well when it comes to maintenance and beauty. Women love beauty, but Harley is no longer aging now, and Ivy also relies on the magic of the green of all things, aging slower than a tree, Selena and the two of them have no such topic.

Louis wants to meet the hero who has lived through the Infinite Earth crisis, and drop by to chat with Harley.

She thought it would be a gathering of heroes because Superman also received an invitation.

After arriving at the manor, Louise was disappointed, and there were not many heroes at all.

(end of this chapter)

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