I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 765


Chapter 765 The War God Banquet

On the night of spring in March, the stars are as big as a bucket.

The Quinn Manor is full of lights and voices.

In the corner of the corridor, Louise pointed to the heroes who were chatting together in the garden, and wondered, “Why are these heroes?”

“Because there are only a few of them. One was clearly invited, and the others were group @, saying that there was a celebration party tonight, and those who are willing to come can come by themselves.” Selena said.

“I thought Harley Quinn would call everyone out and show it off at such a high moment in life,” Louise said.

“You didn’t listen to Superman? Harley doesn’t have a good relationship with the heroes from the Underworld.”

Louis heard this, her expression changed, and she fell into silence.

She has seen the whole story of Infinite Earth Crisis from Superman’s “Handwritten Memories”.

Of course I know that Harley has a conflict with the heroes of the underworld.

She is more aware of her “eldest son” role in it.

Hearing Selena’s question now, she thinks of him again.

She was very sad. Not only was her son raised by the watchers for the sake of taking care of her son, but also because of her teenage son, she didn’t leave a short video for her before leaving.


Suddenly, from the Hudson River in front of the pier at the southern end of the manor, there was a loud and clear roar of a beast, like a mix of cows and horses. .

Then, the “crash-bang” water rolled, as if a small tsunami hit the manor halfway up the mountain.

“Ah, it’s the seabed people, they got an invitation too?” Louise exclaimed.

The ten-meter-high waves form a city wall, and blue rays of light are emitted from the water splashes, which are extremely bright in the dark, like a curtain of colored lights.

Above the waves, there are two seahorses with colorful scales, a pair of red-haired men and women on horseback, and two seabeds who look like lobsters, and two are dressed like astronauts. The fishtail man of the staff.

The waves were like a gust of wind, quickly drifting from the pier to the mountainside, leaving only a wet trail wherever they passed.

And just in the manor garden, the water flow of the waves disappeared, and six seabed people fell to the ground.

Harry smiled and greeted her, “Old Brother Nereus, Fisherman King, Salt Sea King, and two Princesses, Salt Sea Crown Prince, welcome!”

Tonight, she put on the armor of the Heavenly Mountain King. She didn’t show off her figure very much. She only showed her complicated gorgeousness and sophistication. She was a little bloated, like wearing a three-layer winter cotton skirt.

Also golden-bright and dazzling, emitting a dive radiance like a big light bulb.

However, now that she has 85 defense points and eight defense specialties, it is no longer necessary to wear armor.

When leveling up, overly strong defenses even bothered her.

“Oumai, the three lords and heirs of the Seabed Kingdom, this is too much of a face.” A guest in the courtyard shouted.

“The four kingdoms of seabed, Atlantis, Zebel, Murloc, and Salt Sea, the most powerful Atlantis who can best represent the will of seabed people are not here. Louise’s eyes flickered and she whispered, “Does this mean something?”

“It means that the king of Atlantis is going to be unlucky! He was the only one who didn’t come to the four kings, it was too conspicuous, It’s strange that Harry doesn’t remember it in his heart.” Selena said.

The corners of Louise’s mouth twitched, “I mean, looking at the friendship of everyone to jointly deal with the crisis, the four kingdoms of seabed should have sent representatives. Atlantis didn’t come, it may have something to do with us. Opinions, even hostility.”

“dīng líng líng” A crisp sound like a wind chime floated from the sky, and when everyone looked up, they saw four horses with pure white hair and agate bells hanging around their necks , pulling a beautiful carriage that should only exist in fairy tales, it seems to come from the country of Immortal Spirit.

The carriage circled the manor, flew halfway in the sky, and finally landed on the edge of the garden. The door opened, and a distinguished woman with her hair embellished with gems and flowers walked.

“Welcome, Queen Titania.” Harry greeted her with a big smile.

“Hey~~~ Even the Lord of Immortal Realm is here. Last time I didn’t say they were related”

“The fairy queen is so beautiful, like she came out of a dream. People.”

The mages among the guests discussed spiritedly, and several heroes of the Zhenglian all looked straight, except for Da Chao.

Da Chao noticed that the fairy queen seemed to be looking at himself with strange eyes.

He was like a thorn in the back.

“Who is the fairy queen?” Louise asked in confusion.

“Superman didn’t tell you? He went to hell with Harley to save Rachel last time and fell into the Immortal Realm dimension”

“He didn’t tell me!” Lu Yi Si looked towards Da Chao, with suspicion flashing in her eyes.

His expression at this time is not very natural

After that, many people came, but they were not as high-profile as seabed people and fairy queens.

Most of Louise don’t know each other, but they can be guessed that they are not inferior.

Especially the man with a fluffy afro, a long donkey face, pale skin like moonlight, and a black robe with a silhouette and flames on the surface.

Louis didn’t even see how he appeared.

But all the mages who saw him bowed respectfully.

Even the fairy queen, who admired herself and stood beside the flowers with a glass of wine and didn’t talk to anyone, smiled, took the initiative to greet him, and danced with him.

By the way, the green-skinned fire star hunter kneels down to him.

It was said to be a celebratory banquet, but the process of celebration was unexpectedly dull. Louise did not see any splendid performances, nor did she wait for the gods and demons who were not convinced by ‘Demoness Harley’ to come. smash the field.

Everyone just drinks and eats, chats by the flowers, or dances to the music.

Oh, the musicians who play music for everyone are very special. They are not humans, but elves hired from other worlds.

When almost everyone came, War God Harley gave a speech.

In Louise’s view, the speech was also thin, with no breaking points, no stirring or inspiring shouts.

To sum up, there are two points: 1. She is a devout believer of God, and everything she does is in accordance with God’s will; 2. She is well-deserved as the king of heaven and War God, because she is God and heaven Make a great contribution.

This kind of mandarin and cliché makes Louise absent-minded and constantly distracted.

What is strange is that she found that almost all the guests on the magic side, including seabed and fairy queen, looked serious, listened intently, looked thoughtful or suddenly realized.

Vaguely, she also heard someone in the corner cursing in a low voice, “As expected, black-hearted and black-handed dog XX”.

The following words were too vague and too low for her to hear clearly.

After Harley gave her thank God and thank heaven speech, some guests began to leave quietly, disappeared silently.

By the time Louise reacted, the mages had already gone through bits and pieces, but it was the Zhenglian heroes who came over first. They persisted until the end, and in the middle of the night, they were still drinking, barbecuing, and chatting there. .

“Clark, Clark!” Louise hid in a secluded corridor, calling out in a voice that she could barely hear.

“Whoosh-” After half a minute, Dachao, who found an excuse to part with his friends, flashed in front of her.

“The banquet is over, why haven’t you left yet?” Louise asked strangely.

“We can leave until it’s over, we promised Harry.” Da Chao said.

“Promise her what?”

“Promise that no one dares to make trouble today.”

Only then did Louise understand, “You are the guests, too. Security?”


“Why? The dignified Justice League wants to give it, to—” The husband of the greatest hero in his heart was regarded as a security guard, and Louise was very I was angry, but I opened my mouth and was excited for a long time, but I couldn’t say “gotham local tyrant”.

“Even if she becomes a Heavenly War God now, she is not qualified to order you.” She said firmly.

Dachao digs the back of his head, his eyes are blurry, his tone is hesitant, and he is a little embarrassed, “We are friends after all, and on her happy day, it doesn’t matter to help the market.”

When Louise saw his appearance, she immediately guessed that there was something hidden, and said directly: “Is there another reason?”

Dachao was defeated in his wife’s bright eyes After the battle, the rigid square-faced turned slightly red, “And there are merits from heaven.”

“What?” Louise looked puzzled.

“The ‘Heaven Hill Financial Management’ launched by Shouhu Dog for heroes has proved its powerful effect in the infinite Earth crisis.

We all have a financial account now, so , merits are also useful to us.

You have sins on your back, and you need merits—”

“Wait, who did you hear about sins in me?” Louise was embarrassed interrupt him.

“You shouted it out on the spot on Paradise Mountain, and everyone knew it.”

“Don’t worry, I rely on myself-” Louise got stuck, and seemed to make ends meet on her own. No, she has to change her personality, go to church more, and believe less oneself infallible – hey, let Clark help reduce accidental casualties!

Dachao glanced at his wife, “Aquaman has a father, and Flash has an adoptive father and lover. Even if he has no family, he still has comrades and friends. There are times when merit is useful.”

“How many feats did she do to make all of you security guards?”

“We are friends, and helping her is mainly out of friendship.” Da Chao emphasized.

“Your salary card is with me, and your financial accounts should also be kept by me,” Louise reminded.

Da Chao was helpless and said in a low voice, “I am 30,000, the Flash is 25,000, Green Lantern, Fire Star Hunter, Aquaman, and Atomic Captain are 20,000.

Animal Man , Green Arrow, and a few heroes of the Young Watchmen, who came to meet the world without wages.”

“Oh, a lot!” The coldness on Louise’s face was immediately replaced by a surprised smile, ” If this happens a few more times—”

Seeing her husband’s surprised eyes, Louise quickly straightened her expression and said, “Harley Quinn is a good friend, so you should come and help her.”

Suddenly, she remembered her new little sister and said again: “By the way, I didn’t see Batman, he doesn’t seem to be here tonight?”

“He wants to at least 15,000, Harry is only willing to give him 500 points. The gap is too big to be negotiated.” Da Chao said.

“This” Louise didn’t know what to say.

“I want to talk to Harley Quinn, remember to call me when you leave,” she said finally.

“Talk about what?” Harry drowsily asked.

Louis glanced at her breasts, blushing a little.

She met Harry in the hot spring pool in the backyard.

Ivy and Selena are also taking off their white bathrobes and jumping into the pool.

“Louise, come down too, don’t you get tired after tossing all night?” Selena invited.

Louise hesitated for a moment, then turned to the back of the closet and started taking off her coat.

She was really tired.

“I live in Paradise Mountain, how has my life changed?”

“You mean your mother?” Harry asked.

“No.” Louise endured shame and reiterated the matter of the university joining the “Martial God Resurrection Church”.

Harry frowned: “I live well and need it. Or, as a living person, would I like to dig up my own grave and resurrect myself?”

“Are you saying that the Resurrection Religion is purely a lie?”

“I mean, the Resurrection Religion is not to my liking, your life change has nothing to do with me, I can’t guarantee the rest, there are too many uncertain factors. A lot.”

that said, but Harry felt a little more doubt and uncertainty in his heart.

Because when Louise mentioned the concept of ‘Martial God’s resurrection’ in front of her, her spiritual sense seemed to touch some existence outside of time and space.

Not like a hallucination.

A question that had been suspected before, but was not resolved, came to Harley’s mind again: Why did the Divine King end in death?

Even if the Divine King cannot become the Heavenly War God, he can disappear, he can hide, and he can become a mysterious legend with an undetermined ending, just like those magical characters in history.

For example, Solomon, who is also the ‘Christian King’, has become a mythical figure, and many people think that he is not dead.

But ‘she’ died, and everyone almost reached a consensus on ‘her’ death.

Death is exactly what Harley hates most.

New World restarted according to her subconscious, so there shouldn’t be such a serious ending against her wishes.

(end of this chapter)

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