I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 766


Chapter 766 Zhakang is going to die

Louise didn’t find the answer to “The Weird Life” in Harley, and Harley didn’t get the answer from her Then find more news related to “Martial God Resurrection Church”.

That idiot Louise threw everything in the shredder and destroyed it.

Harry almost scolded her for being an ass on the spot.

According to Louise’s statement, her position in the Resurrection Church is definitely a small high-ranking.

With the precious information she has recorded for more than ten years, she can not only know more secrets about the Resurrection Church, but also directly connect with the people of the church.

Harry would like to know if the Church exists in the real world.

If present, she would like to chat with church leaders.

She has a feeling that the ‘Martial God Resurrection Church’ really exists, and it also contains a great secret, a secret related to her.

On the second day of the War God banquet, Constantine came over.

He was in a terrible state, with no Essence, Qi, and Spirit. He was filthy and rancid, as if he had been imprisoned in a garbage dump for ten days and ten nights by ten homeless people.

“How did you do this? Did you remember the time wrong? My War God feast was yesterday.” Harry took a few steps back in disgust, not wanting to invite him to sit down on the sofa .

He was quite familiar, leaned on the sofa with a natural expression, took out a silk cigarette and a lighter, lit one for himself, and said with confused eyes, “Harry, I’m fading, Late stage lung cancer, I searched all over the world famous doctors, all came to a conclusion – let me go home and die.”

“You, cancer?” Harry startled, caught a glimpse of him gulping smoke, frowned: ” Are you kidding? I see your smoking posture, it seems likeโ€””

“cough cough cough” Before she could finish her words, Zha Kang suddenly coughed, leaning on the armrest of the sofa, The solid wood floor spit out two thick yellow sputum, and the sputum was a little bright red.

He “hohohoho”, sucked up the phlegm in his trachea and spit it out.

“I have advanced lung cancer, no matter how I smoke, I can’t change the reality.” He began to put the cigarette into his mouth again.

“How do you want me to help you? The Legendary mages I know, like Shangdu, Stranger, Destiny Academician, Orchi Sage, are also your acquaintances.” Harry sat opposite him down, asked softly.

“What do you think I’ve been doing in the past few days?” Zha Kang smiled bitterly, “A week ago, I was injured by a few bastard sneak attacks with poor gambling ethics, and when I went to the hospital for an examination, I was injured by the doctor. Found a lung problem.

In the past few days, I have looked for famous doctors in the world, and I have visited archmage one by one, but it is useless.”

Harry wondered: “archmage If you are not a doctor, you may not be able to cure diseases, but magic is the power of miracles. As long as you are willing to pay the corresponding price, there is nothing that cannot be done.”

“Have you heard of the ‘Eight Laws of Mage’? “Zha Kang took a breath and asked slowly.

Harry thought for a while, then looked thoughtful and said: “I heard Asal teacher say ‘the seven precepts of ancient mages’, such as precept one, don’t reveal your real name.

I I just found out that Naboo and Shazan are not their real names. Those bastards are too treacherous.

It is almost impossible for us modern mages to hide their real names.”

Zha Kang nodded with a smile , said: “It is the precepts of the master, and now it has changed from the seventh to the eighth.

The ancients did take advantage of it. Don’t go out.

Many of the children from poor families do not have a surname or a real name.

I will only take a name when I become a master and become noble.

It is estimated that Only he himself knows what his name is.

It’s also those bastards who have hidden their real names long ago, and they prefer to study spells against their real names.”

Harry didn’t laugh, her tone He said solemnly: “The seventh precept, don’t get sick. When you get sick, you must find out as soon as possible and get medical treatment as soon as possible. Are you being targeted by the hell kid?” Turn off the fireplace, then unbutton the windbreaker, unbutton the sweater together with the autumn coat, and keep it behind your head.

He uttered an old incantation, roughly meaning “Evil is manifested under the eyes of Horus”.

“Omโ€”” On his thin and rough chestโ€”where the two lungs were, there was a circle of magic lines flashing golden light, forming a huge Eye of Horus.

Zha Kang’s chest seemed to become transparent in the magic pattern, and two dirty and swollen lungs could be vaguely seen.

“Uh Ahhhโ€”โ€”” His lungs are like two small TVs, the screen is filled with illusory and twisted black shadows, they can’t see the shape, even the human shape can’t be maintained, but they can emit The oozing scream of the blade scraping the glass.

“Constantine found us!”

“What are you afraid of, he is destined to end, and the soul belongs to us.”

“No, you guys Look, there’s Demoness Halle on the opposite side, Demoness Halle is looking at us, Ahhhh, she’s looking over here, let’s run, run!”

“Stop and don’t panic, we are just shadows, from Hell casts the shadow of Constantine’s lesion. Even the Demoness Harley can’t help us.”

Having said this, hundreds of densely packed shadows crowded into a ball, and the “lung screen” was empty most of the time.

“It’s amazing!” Harry saw with keen interest pleasure, “didn’t expect the legend is true, when a mage who often deals with hell creatures falls ill, he will be targeted by the ‘disease’, causing The difficulty and cost of treating diseases have increased exponentially.โ€

โ€œActually, diseases are not difficult to deal with. There are at least four ways to deal with them.โ€ Zha Kang covered his body with his clothes again, and lit another cigarette. After taking a full stomach of smoke, he said comfortably, “The best way is to do regular physical examinations, early detection, and early treatment.

Second, there are masters who are willing to introduce the disease into the body for the patient, and then At a relatively low cost, use magic to cure the sick.

Third, ask the higher demons to help. Fourth, God is omnipotent.”

Harry sighed: “Who Call us friends? Draw the demon array, and I am willing to suffer the evil of the demons.”

Zha Kang’s expression was shocked, and he said in disbelief, “What did you say?”

“Isn’t the reason why you came to me to introduce the disease into my body?” Harley said indifferently.

No matter what demons, poisons, diseases, cancers, all of them are nutrients when they come into her body.

Unless a virus that poisons the multiverse, the Level 8 Food Defense feat is a bug in the single-matter universe.

“Harley~~~” Zha Kang’s eyes were wet, his lips were trembling, and his fingers holding the cigarette were also trembling.

In an instant, one after another appeared in the mind of Destiny Academician, Shangdu, Sage of Orchi, Witch of Sargon (Zha Kang and her had done it), and the wizard he asked for help.

They all either looked helpless or indifferently shrugged, unwilling to help, unable to help.

Zha Kang touched his eyes and said in a urn: “You don’t need to take risks, your God When you go down to earth, you may not be immune to diseases. I am looking for you to seek help from the Almighty God.”

Harry stared at him for a while, “I remember you said that you will never ask God.”

Zha Kang lowered his head and said with a bitter smile: “That’s why I came to find you after trying everything.”

Harry wanted to laugh at him, but Thinking that this product is in the late stage of lung cancer, and will be alive in a few days, he closed his mouth again, took out the big cross, and began to communicate with the voice of the sky.

After recounting Zha Kang’s situation, she asked, “How much merit does it take to treat him?”

“Even for ordinary cancer, it would cost at least 500,000 merits, Constantine. It needs to be doubled tenfold.” Voice of Heaven indifferently said.

“Basic Lay on Hands only has dozens of merits, why is the treatment of cancer so exaggerated?” Harry asked in confusion.

“He is in a terminal stage of cancer, and saving him is equivalent to defending the heavens and changing the fate. You don’t have to struggle, no matter how much merit you have, you can’t save Constantine.”

” Heaven will not save Constantine!” The voice of heaven.

“Why?” Harry asked in surprise.

The Voice of Heaven indifferently said: “If you are familiar with the Bible, you should know that God loves the world, but there are many people in history who have been spurned by God.

Even if they are chosen by God The ‘King David’ was also punished by God after breaking the Ten Commandments.

Constantine’s crime was far more than breaking the commandments of God.

He directly said Out of madness, he used words to humiliate God in public.”

A layer of white sweat oozes from the back of Halle’s back, and she seems to have slandered God in her heart, calling him black hands and black hearts. Well, this doesn’t seem to be Defamation? Ah, is this kind of thinking a greater sin?

โ€œI know the story of King David. He lured the sword out of Sheba, and wanted her husband to take the blame. When he failed, he killed him with a military order.

Big King Wei committed adultery and murder, he kept his eyes on his God, and turned his back.

But when King David repented devoutly, God still forgave him and let Bathsheba take care of him Give birth to a great sage – King Solomon (ps).”

The voice of heaven: “God will not give up on anyone, as long as Constantine repents, God will redeem him.”

Harry didn’t say yes for Zakang.

She was doing two things at the same time, a wisp of consciousness continued to communicate with the voice of the sky, and the body faced him and said, “You insult God, and God refuses to save you.

But if you are willing to kneel down, kiss God’s toes, offer sincere repentance and firm faith, He can change your mind,”

Zha Kang’s expression changed, “It’s useless for merits? You still owe I have 1 million merits, remember?”

“Oh, I almost forgot if you didn’t say it.” Harry hurriedly asked the voice of the sky, “Ghost owes me 2 million merits, can you help me? Call him?”

“Due to factors such as depletion of the source, loss of control of emotions, and poison of time, the ghost fell into a deep sleep amid the pain and mourning, and was temporarily unable to come out to meet people.” Voice of Heaven .

“Hahaha – uh, that’s really unfortunate!” Harley tried to hold back her laughter and said: “The father’s debt is paid to the son, and the son’s debt to the father is a matter of course.

The ghost is the incarnation of the wrath of God, and now he is in a deep sleep, should you, the great voice of the sky, come to help pay off the debt?”

The voice of the sky held it for a while, and then said indifferently: ” But!”

“John, you’re on God’s blacklist, people don’t want to treat you, and meritorious deeds are useless.

You know, I don’t need to believe in God like this The ‘heaven mercenary’ also has the most basic moral requirements – no matter what you think, at least you can’t directly humiliate God, and you can’t take refuge in God’s great enemy, otherwise your merits will be invalid.” Harley said to Zha Kang.

Although she sometimes let Brother God take the blame, she never directly said ‘this is what God did’, it was others who wanted to think in that direction.

So, she’s not guilty.

It’s different for Zha Kang. Can you not be hated for pointing at the ghost and scolding God?

Zha Kang struggled for a moment, as if making a difficult decision, gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I would like to repent, God please forgive me.”

Harry asked the heavenly voice: “Kang Standing has repented, can you help him?”

“Do you think he is sincerely repenting?” Voice of Heaven asked rhetorically.

Harry stared at Zha Kang’s wandering eyes and the stubble face that seemed to be reluctant and aggrieved, and said seriously: “Well, I have never seen such a pious person, look at his expressionโ€” โ€”In the entanglement of countless emotions, sudden bursts of sudden enlightenment as strong as holy light.

Ah, he is enlightened.

clear comprehension Serving God is the most beautiful thing in the world .

His eyes are shining, the light of faith, ah, so dazzling, he repents.”

The voice of heaven was silent for a while before saying: “King David violated During the Ten Commandments, an angel of God came to rebuke him and express God’s dissatisfaction and anger.

The god is the incarnation of Gabriel, who is in charge of human affairs for heaven.

When Constantine gets his approval, you can call me again. In addition, you have to prepare 6 million meritorious deeds.โ€

(ps: The general is fighting on the front line, the king is interested in his wife, The allusion of pitting him to death on the battlefield and occupying his wife comes from the greatest human king in the Bible – King David of Israel.

King David was the king of Judea who defeated the giant Goliath.

After he became the king, he fell in love with the general’s wife, and after making her belly big, he sent an urgent summons to let the general go home and take over the order–when the general and his wife were in the same room, he would not be able to prove the child. It’s a filthy seed.

But after the general came back, he went through the house three times and refused to enter. , he could only be buried in the front line.

Later, God punished King David, let him lose his country, let him and Bathsheba’s son die tragically, let his father and son cannibalize, son Cannibalism, let his harem concubine be in broad daylight XXโ€”the son who was rebelled by him.

In short, all kinds of chaos.

But in the end King David repented to God , God still forgave him and let him and Bathsheba give birth to the “son of God” Solomon.)

(end of this chapter)

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