I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 767


Chapter 767 Shady Deals under Holy Light

“The Voice of Heaven wants you to find Gabriel.” Halle put away The big cross, looked towards Zha Kang helplessly said: “Obviously, heaven is not easy to fool, if you say a few words of ‘repentance and piety’, God will believe it.

You know that the history of King David is not ?

That’s a real God’s blessing.

Going from a shepherd to king of Israel is all about God’s favor.

But even that favor People who disobey God’s teachings will still be punished.

King David strengthened other people’s wives, and his ten concubines were strengthened by his sons in public and on the high platform in the square.

He murdered his generals for the sake of women, and his sons died tragically.

After paying a great price, King David still did not change his faith in God, and was really afraid. Oh, it is Wu Now, obey God’s teachings, and do not violate any of them.

This is God’s forgiveness.

Your sin is obviously bigger than King David murdering and taking his wife. I’m afraid that a few simple apologies won’t solve the problem.”

Constantine’s complexion changed, and he shouted: “How can I impress Gabriel the ‘King of the World’?”

Harry thought strangely: Take the head of my neck and send it over, and it is likely that the guy will treat you as a guest.

“You don’t have a wife to give you strength, and you don’t have a son who died tragically. You can only make a wish to Gabriel – if you don’t sincerely repent, and you don’t believe in piety, you will be strong and murdered.”


Constantine glared at her, “What if this wish comes true?”

Harry spread his hands and helplessly said: “God is supreme! You can’t hide it from the old man.

You have to live, you’d better sincerely apologize. From now on, put on a golden hoop and be an obedient dog.

I firmly believe that your kind of ‘ A high-quality wolf dog’ will definitely be very useful to the boss of God, and He must be happy to accept you.”

Zha Kang was so angry that he was shaking, “You want me to be a dog?”

“Either a dead man or a living dog.”

Zha Kang collapsed on the sofa and didn’t speak for a long time.

Harry looked at him very pitiful, and suggested: “Forget it, you still introduce the disease into my body, and let me bear the price of this ‘ten times the advanced stage of cancer’ for you.”

Zha Kang struggled for a moment, then stood up and shook his head: “That kind of damage belongs to the Universe Rule series, you can’t bear it. Forget it, I’ll go find Gabriel.

If he sees it Hit my ass, I’ll fill a bottle of brandy and let him toss.”

Three days later, Zackham returned to Quinn Manor again, still in that classic yellow Burberry trench coat. , just became more dirty, like fermenting in a garbage heap for two days and two nights.

And Zhakang’s complexion is also very bad.

Harry wondered if Gabriel had really imprisoned him, and tossed him for three days and three nights.

“No way?” she asked.

The result was too obvious, but the tone of the question she used was very positive.

A fierce look flashed in Zha Kang’s eyes, and he gritted his teeth: “Snobby has humiliated me, and sooner or later I will take revenge.”

“How did he humiliate you? is it possible that makes you strong?” Harry said curiously.

Zhakang’s dirty, unshaven face, red and white, “His aloof and remote attitude, contemptuous tone, vicious words. I would rather He be silent and directly strengthen me.”


“I am the ‘Heavenly Mountain King’, theoretically equal to Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael.” Harry took out the big cross and comforted him: “Wait for me to speak to the voice of the sky, Let me be your presiding judge.”

Zha Kang waved his hand and sighed: “Forget it, you’re right, God’s bastard can at least know if I’m pious and sincere. Repent.

I can’t fool myself, I’d rather die than really be a dog for that bastard!”

Harry put away the big cross with a sullen face, just relying on this In a word, he has cut off the way to ask heaven for help.

“Okay, let’s go to the meditation room,” she said, standing up.

“What to do?” Zha Kang’s eyes flickered.

Harry sneered, “Don’t be pretentious, let’s go.”

A look of shame and frustration flashed across Zha Kang’s face, and he lowered his head and silently followed her to the “Hell Meditation Room”. “.

When he entered the meditation room, he didn’t speak. He consciously picked up the “magic chalk” and drew a complex magic array on the ground.

“My 1 million merits are given to you. Heaven doesn’t want to see me, but you can still use merits. If you can’t bear it for a while, let the voice of heaven save you.” He whispered.

“Yeah, I understand.”

Harry looked down for a while, then walked to the left of the array, sit cross-legged, and faced Zhakang.

With a burst of incantation, the array began to flicker with ominous blood-red rays of light.

Harley revokes all defensive feats on her body, allowing array to work on herself.

“The demon of sickness and disability, come, come into my body!” She opened her heart and sent out an invitation with her mind.

“Demoness Harley will pay the price for Constantine, let’s go and divide her soul.” A sinister voice said joyfully.

“Idiot, that’s Demoness Halle! You forgot ‘The Eight Laws of the Wizard’?” Hundreds of voices shouted together.

The sinister voice from before said: “I only know the Seven Laws of the Master – don’t reveal your real name, don’t borrow the magic of an unknown person, don’t believe in any demons, don’t consume your magic to the point of releasing even a single magic. Don’t give away your own exclusive spells easily, so as not to be robbed of the ‘road’ by other mages, don’t get sick, what else?”

“The eighth law of transcender added in recent yearsβ€” – Don’t deal with Demoness Harley! Unless you join the ‘Demoness hunt battallion’, you are already planning her with the heart to die.

Otherwise, whenever you see Demoness Harley, have a strategic withdrawal , don’t talk, don’t look at her, don’t deal with her.”

Thousands of voices sang a chorus of magnificent psalms.

It is like a bell in the morning and a drum in the evening.

“You want to die, don’t you? Dare to slander me like that.” Harry was furious.

“Ah, she’s angry.” The ghost shrank even more into Zakikang’s lungs, resolutely unwilling to go into her body.

Zha Kang was dumbfounded, “Hey, you are invisible and intangible demons, representing disease and death, and you combined are comparable to the Demon King.

In history, countless mages have been treated by you. Entangled, taken to hell, you have made great achievements in battle, and you have never lost!”

“They add up to the origin of the Demon King level?” Harry couldn’t help swallowing.

“Ahhh, I can’t hear anything in Demoness’s words, I even dare to swear to God that she is planning for us, be sure not to be impulsive!”

Fear After calling this sentence, the sick people stopped talking, and even the overlapping shadows disappeared.

“Fake, you bunch of cowards who bully the soft and fear the hard.” Zha Kang yelled angrily.

Then, he looked towards Harley, “Do you really have the means to deal with them?”

“Absolutely not, this is the first time in my life that I have seen a mage being targeted by a disease. .” Harry said firmly.

“You heard, she has never seen a disease.” Zha Kang conveyed his spiritual thoughts to his chest.

It’s a pity that no one paid him any attention.

Zha Kang’s face was ashen, and the last road was cut off.

“How about we go and tie a mage over here? For example, that Phoenix Faust (who joined the Demoness to hunt platoons, but on the eve of the Infinite Earth Crisis, Harley promised Fate Academician, no. Fight comrade black gun).” Halle suggested.

Zha Kang shook his head and said, “This kind of thing must be done voluntarily, and the value of the target soul is higher than mine, which makes the disease profitable. Faust is an outdated old fool, how can he be with him? Me?”

“What now?” Harry asked.

Zha Kang thought for a while, and said, “There is no way in the world that can’t go through, and there is no magic that can’t do it.

If the right way doesn’t work, you can go the wrong way, and white magic can save you. If you don’t have me, you can find forbidden black magic.

I have to go back to Europe, where there are a few old friends who specialize in forbidden techniques.”

“The sorcery costs more. “Harry frowned.

Zha Kang stood up, and couldn’t help reaching into his pocket, took out a cigarette case and lighter, lit one for himself, and said vaguely, “The worst outcome is just this. “

“Wait.” Harry took out the big cross, communicated with the voice of the sky again, and said, “Great voice of the sky, my family is going to hell, right?”

“This issue has already been discussed. It is blasphemous and deserves to be reported.” Voice of Heaven indifferently said.

“The problem is, my family’s blooming to heaven does not rely on the heaven selection system. It uses the ‘100% no side effects to heaven’ heaven card.

You let it go to hell I can’t object, but should the Paradise Card be returned to me?” Harry said.

“Only using the Heaven Card can it go to heaven, and it is the only mistake it makes when it goes to heaven.” The voice of the sky.

“Great Voice of Heaven, according to your logic chain, the Heaven Card became part of the price of Dodo’s sin, right?” Harry asked.

“You can say that.”

Harry smiled slightly, “The logic chain is not over, the Holy Son that Duoduo gave birth to when he made a mistake, Holy Son can help heaven only when he is born. Fulfilling the prophecy.

That is to say, I used the Heaven Card, which led to Dodo going to heaven, and finally let Holy Son come.

Of course, I did not take credit for Holy Son’s birth. All credit goes to me.

God is omniscient and omnipotent, supreme and holy, omnipresent, and destiny is in His arrangement.

At most, I am a small part of God’s arrangement. link.

Here comes the question, my heaven card should be a merit in ‘Holy Son’s Destiny’, contrary to what you call ‘part of the price of sin'”

“Great voice of heaven, the logic chain was first proposed by you!” Harley reminded while holding back a smile.

The voice of the sky has been silent for a long time.

But Harry knew he was still online.

She didn’t speak, waiting for him to calm down.

“Harley Quinn, do you still remember that you have forgotten all about Holy Son.” The voice of the sky said slowly.

Harry was stunned for a while before she understood what he meant.

She once used the dog Holy Son to blackmail the voice of the sky many times, and the voice of the sky finally used the price of offsetting her arrears and giving tens of millions of merits, and let him cast magic on her brain and let her All this memory is forgotten.

Because of God’s skin, the voice of the sky was unsuccessful.

Harry only verbally “amnesia”.

But if she really forgot, she shouldn’t bring it up again today.

“I did ‘forget’ about the whole bunch of things that came to Duo Duo, Holy Son, Holy Son, but my heaven card shouldn’t include it!

I use It is an event that the heaven card sends Duoduo to heaven.

Duoduo’s ‘astringent desire to smoke’, ‘a dog’s courage’, and ‘shuntian childbirth’ is another thing.

How about we find a third party to judge?” She felt wronged.

“sou!” An ink-black card flew over, followed by a stern voice from the voice of the sky: “Two things, today are completely over.

From now on, from the time you send it to heaven with the heaven card, until the birth of Holy Son, you have to forget all this memory.”

Harry held the heaven card and said solemnly: “No, I will not forget, and I have never forgotten.”

As soon as the voice of the sky was about to be furious, she immediately said again: “How to forget what has never happened?”

“sou!” Another ink-black card flew lightly, and the voice of the sky said in an unprecedented gentle tone: “Very good, Heavenly Mountain King!” , confused: “Hey, great voice of the sky, why am I here? Ah, sorry, I’m sleepy, unfathomable mystery sent a ray of consciousness over, didn’t it bother you? I’ll go back right now.”

“Don’t bother, Shan Wang, you just came, go.”

(end of this chapter)

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