I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 770


Chapter 770 is so cruel, Harley doesn’t even let “Harley” let go

“shit, how come this weirdo has followed ‘Holy Mother Huiyin’?”

Looking at the pale smiling face that came over, Harry felt bad.

With two ponytails, her face and hair seem to have overturned the palette, pink, blue, pale, jet black, red. Dirty, very unconventional.

Black short-heeled leather boots, ripped fishnet stockings, hot pants with exposed belly buttons and rounded thighs, dirty white T-shirt, black jacket, black neck with a metal piece inlaid with “pudding” collar.

With just one glance, Harley recognized that this was Harley Quinn from another world.

It’s Harley Quinn on “Road of No Return”.

This product can also join the Heroic Spirit Legion?

How did you get in here?

“Hey, sweet girl on the Upper East Side, I’m asking you, can you see Mr. J after rebirth? Or is there only one Mr. J left after the multiverse becomes one universe? Tell me, Did you occupy him?”

“No, no, my little pudding is still waiting for me, it can’t be just one universe.”

The other in a circus clown costume Harley Quinn jumped out and shouted excitedly.

“Hey, my Mr. J dumped me a long time ago, and now he’s dead or alive, I don’t have to worry about it!”

The third Harry squeezed over, She was dressed in a relatively unconventional way, and was younger than the first two in their early thirties, so she looked more pleasing to the eye.

“What’s going on here, why are you all saying ‘Mr. J’? Also, Earth 0’s Harley Quinn, why do you have superpowers and I’m just an ordinary psychiatrist?”

The fourth Harley Quinn is more normal, wearing a light blue slim-fit ladies suit and glasses with large black borders, beautiful, stylish and elite.

“Are you all Harley Quinn from Gotham?” Harley asked.

They don’t look exactly the same. Halle herself has a heart-shaped face, a small face, and delicate features. Halle 1 has an oval face with a shriveled apple muscle – it may have been beautiful at first, Now mutilating myself.

Although Harley 2 wears thick clown makeup, it is obvious that she has a very cute little round face with chubby cheeks,

Ha Li No. 3 is like a deviant little sister, with an oval face with almond eyes and cherry mouth.

Harry No. 4 didn’t bother herself. The face of ordinary beautiful women in Europe and America is a bit like Emma Radish in the workplace.

In general, several Harleys are naturally beautiful, as long as they don’t torture their face, they can see it.

“That’s right, I’m from Gotham, I’m the only Harley Quinn in Gotham. Everyone knows me and knows that I’m Mr. J’s ‘queen’.” Harley 1 said proudly. .

“We should be the same person, we all love Mr. J,” said Nos. 2 and 3.

“We should be peers, I heard what your Earth 0 heroes said.” Harley No. 4, a female elite in the workplace, said rationally.

The dog god frowned at the side, “I’m careless, there are some evil ghosts who should go to hell mixed in among the heroic spirits.”

“The puppy is so cute, I I like puppies the most.” The little round-faced Harley 2 looked at the dog in surprise and said.

β€œI also like to keep dogs. My family, Bleu, Gando, and Sadie are so cute. They can even tear stinky bats into five pieces at my command, hahahaha!”

As Harley 1 spoke, she split her mouth and laughed wildly.

“Harry, get rid of them!” said the dog god majestically.

“I’m sorry, everyone, I’m going to backstage to educate these ‘Arkham patients’ who have nothing to do with me!”

Harry looked at the rest with embarrassment. The heroic spirit smiled, and the powerful spirit might be released. The invisible spirit strength was like four pincers, which tightly clamped the four Harleys, making them unable to speak and unable to move.

She directly took a few people to another floating mountain in the distance, which belonged to her.

“I’m the boss, you listen to what I say, I don’t ask, you are not allowed to speak, OK or OK?”

Harry let go of their mouths, but didn’t let them. They move freely.

“Wow, cool, what superpower is this? Why don’t I Called out in a mess.

“Why, everyone is Harley Quinn, don’t think you have a superβ€”wu wuβ€”” The little round-faced Harley No. 2 still wanted to be stubborn, but was sealed by Harley again. Dead mouth.

“Harley Quinn, there is a different kind of super power, I Harley Quinn will challenge you!” Harley No. 3 said angrily.

Harry swept over with a glance, the golden light flashed in his pupils, and the power of the yellow light burst out.

“ahhhh yay!” Halle 3 immediately distorted her expression, holding head screaming in horror.

Harry No. 4, a female elite in the workplace, has not yet turned into a clown, and her head is still normal. She was frightened by the encounter of the three “senior”, obediently and honestly did not speak, and did not move.

Seeing that she was being frightened, Halle simply glared at No. 1 and No. 2 again, causing them to have the same contorted expressions, frantic eyes, and body twitches.

For a while, just as she was content and thought she had tamed them and was ready to end it.

“Hahahaha, ah hahahaha, hahahaha, so cool, come again, I want more!”

Haley 3, who was not gagged, laughed wildly, The cheeks rubbed with pearl powder were all red with a smile.

Harry was stunned.

Soon, the other two Harleys, whose mouths were gagged, actually broke through her spirit strength and suppressed, “hahahaha, what is this, so interesting, hahaha.”

” Mother Fake!” Harley wanted to increase the intensity, but she could clearly perceive that although the three Harleys 1, 2, and 3 were laughing wildly, their souls were all traumatized.

That is, they were in pain, they were on the verge of collapse, but they still laughed “jolly”.

Harry couldn’t tell whether the emotion was “joy” or not.

Helplessly sighed then said, she lifted the mental suppression, and no longer tortured them with the yellow light of fear, let them paralyze on the ground for a few breaths, recover a little, and then asked: “Now, you know Who’s the boss?”

“I’m not convinced, you’re a bastard, you can only use superpowers, there’s a kind of-“

The big talk of Harley 3 is not over yet. The breath-taking breath came from the “superpower Harley” – Harley took out the blood killing stick, and the pain and resentment of Gabriel’s blood and tears made the other Harleys silent for a while.

“What kind of stick is this?” Harley No. 3, who had always wanted to challenge Harley, asked in surprise.

“You can’t even hold the breath of this stick, do you still want to fight me?” Harry sneered and stuffed the stick back into the Holy Mother Huiyin space, pointing to the nearby Hanging Mountain, proudly. Said: “Did you see, this is heaven, and this territory belongs to me.

I am the king of heaven, the War God of heaven. In front of me, you are all ants!”

“Cut~~~” Harry No. 1 disdainfully stretched out his middle finger, “War God is amazing? I even kicked the Greek War God on the head!”

“Greek War God, amazing A heroine?” Harry asked in surprise.

“That’s right, she’s the daughter of Zeus, isn’t she worse than you, the king of heaven?” Halle said No. 1.

Harley didn’t hit her with the words “You can’t let Wonder Woman break her skin”.

For those who have seen the strange and strange heroes of the Justice League, Spiritual God does not seem to have much shocking effect.

For example, she has become a heaven War God, Earth people who know about this matter have a little more respect for her, but they are not terrified and over-cautious, or bow their heads and worship.

Because of the positive heroes, all of them are as powerful as Spiritual God, even stronger than Spiritual God.

For example, ten years ago, Dachao pushed the “Prime Minister of Heaven” Archangel Uriel to the ground and rubbed it.

The strength and status of “Uriel of Flame” in heaven are second only to Michael, who belongs to the highest group of bosses.

“You all love Mr. J, don’t you?” Harley’s smile became weird, she took out her mobile phone, and asked Rich to pass a few videos through the “Guardian Dog” database.

“I don’t love anymore, he dumped me.” Halle 3 exclaimed angrily.

“I don’t know Mr. J.”

“Mr. J is the Joker,” said Halle.

“Oh, it’s him, I was going to give him psychological counseling, and the infinite Earth crisis happened.” Harry 4 suddenly said.

Harry opened a video of her playing a game with the Joker and handed it to the four of them.

“wu wu wu, I repent, I am guilty, wu wu wu, have mercy.”

In the video, in the dimly lit ‘underground practice ground’ of the Arkham Asylum, Jerome fell to his knees, kowtowing and sobbing.

On the opposite side of him, a woman holding a silver stick, carrying the stick on her shoulder, raised her head and laughed wildly, “hahahaha, hahahaha, Mr. J, the game is not over yet”

She was cruel Swinging the baseball bat in his hand, silver’s stick left an afterimage of silver in the air.

“dong!” is like an iron rod hitting a gong, directly hitting the head of “Mr. J” Chlorella.

Blood flow.

Mr. J wailed and wept bitterly.

“wu wu wu, I’m guilty, have mercy, pity, wu wu wu, I repent”

“Gudong.” Harry No. 1 swallowed, “This is not Really, Mr. J always only laughs, never cry.”

“ah ha ha ha!” In the video, the “good girl Harley” opposite Mr. J has a happy face and laughs happily .

“This Mr. J is fake, right? He actually knelt on the ground to confess. This Harley is also fake, she tortured Mr. J like this.” Harley No. 2 lost her soul and believed Broken, the three views are broken.

“Wow, it’s so exciting, didn’t expect you to look at Sven, like a good girl, but have such a hobby.” Harley No. 3, who broke up with Mr. J, has eyes Wet, squeezed legs rubbed lightly, fingers digging into red lips

“I haven’t tried it yet, so funny.”

Psychiatrist’s Harley No. 4, the look in Harley’s eyes became very strange: this one seems to be a patient.

Haley knew that several “Harleys” had misunderstood, and only lightly said with a smile: “Then Look down.”

The video is quite long, at least ten minutes, and now it’s less than half a minute.

In the video, Harley taps “Mr. J” ten times, laughing wildly ten times, and then gives him the silver stick and asks him to tap his head ten times, each time he taps, ” Mr. J” also let out a crying β€œhahahaha” laughing wildly.

At first, the four Harleys didn’t understand. After five rounds and seven minutes, after Mr. J knocked three times, he finally couldn’t laugh and could only cry.

Harry grabbed the stick, “hahaha” knocked him seven times, then she continued to knock him ten times, and let him knock again as long as he didn’t laugh wildly when he struck her head. It’s a violation.

She would take the stick, “help” him knock the remaining number of times, and knock it on his own head.

“Don’t Mr. J like to make scary and wild laughter?” Harley glanced at the four complexion pale and frightened Harleys, hehe said with a smile: “I like to challenge others the most. Mr. J is very good at laughing, and his laughter is contagious, so I would compete with him to laugh.

This game is called ‘Deadly Joke’, what do you think?

It seems that you are also infected by him, you like ‘hahaha’ laughing very much, how about we try it too? Li shivered together.

Harry No. 3 could no longer experience the slightest bit of fun, and her crotch began to become wet again, this time she was frightened.

(end of this chapter)

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