I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 772


Chapter 772 Earth Green Light Legion

Quinn Manor, PM.

Haley, who had just returned from heaven, walked into the shade and kicked Holy Son, the dog reading Shakespeare on the blanket.

“Wow–” Yebby jumped back a few steps and cried out in confusion, “Master Harry, why are you kicking me?”

“I’m in your old age. Daddy is a little angry and wants to vent from you.” Harry said comfortably.

In order to provide the heroic spirit with five futures that she can choose freely, she made a wish to the voice of the sky: she is willing to give all her merits.

This means that not only is the 70 million meritorious service not hot, it must be taken out immediately, the 2 million she earned from helping the ghost beat the scumbag before, and the 300,000 project of the “Christian Salvation Mission” project. All the money was put in.

Later, forty-three “blind boxes” were distributed to the martyrs, costing more than 50,000 meritorious deeds, all of which depended on her embezzling the heroes’ deposits from Tiantianshan’s financial management.

Well, her own merits are gone, but more than 100,000 heroes’ deposits are still stored in Tiantianshan’s financial management.

For example, at the Martial God banquet, she asked Dachao to be a security guard and paid 20,000.

The 20,000 yuan cannot be exchanged for Paradise Banknotes and handed over to Dachao, and can only be stored in the account, that is, in Paradise Mountain Financial Management.

The merits in Tiantianshan’s financial management are not hers and have not been deducted by the Voice of Heaven, but she can temporarily misappropriate it as long as there is no run on it.

But this incident made Harley feel uncomfortable. The dog God asked her to call her boss, but she was not allowed to make friends.

“You, have you seen Father Abba?” Yebby’s eyes widened and his voice was sour, “What did he ask you to do?”

“For those who use the Soul Preservation Card The voice of the sky wants to swallow sheep, but I disagree, and I have a dispute with him. Your father made a strong appearance and firmly supported my idea.” Harry briefly recounted what happened today.

Yebi felt more and more unhappy, “Why does my father show up when you are in trouble. You just don’t know how to be grateful, so you kicked me with your feet.”

Harry glanced at it, “It’s more than that, he has already confessed to being my ‘boss’.”

“You’re lying.” Yebi shook his head repeatedly.

“Hey, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Zaulie.”

Yebi was muddleheaded, no longer in the mood to read.

“Harry, you should tell the Justice League.” Ivy reminded.

“Tell them what?”

“The destination of the heroic spirit. You can go to the puppy hero forum to see, there are many heroes discussing this matter.”

“Why not call me directly?” Harry asked curiously.

“They have @ ‘Galaxy Admiral’ on the forum.”

Harley took out her mobile phone and logged on to the puppy forum, and she really found that many heroes were asking herself.

In addition to asking the whereabouts of the heroic souls, he also asked whether the soul storage card in his hand could still be used.

“Hey, Clark, I have paid more than 70 million for meritorious deeds, please come down in person, and all the more than 1,400 heroes will be properly placed.”

“very good, Thank God, thank you, Harley!” Clark was excited for a while, then asked: “The super girl of Earth 1, what future did she choose?”

“Why did you ask her specifically?” Harley Strange way.

Clark said with a bitter smile: “Kara left a deep impression on me.”

“Her cousin failed to save her soul, and she had no relatives in the bottom heaven, so she chose Reincarnation and rebirth. We may meet her in the future, and it is even more likely that we will not know each other.” Halle said.

“That’s fine, she will have new relatives.” Clark sighed and praised again sincerely: “Harry, this ending is so good, all the heroes have chosen the future they want. This kind of reward is worthy of their efforts.

I’m going to tell all the heroes about this and make them happy.

Hey, if you could let us know in advance, It would be better to get a parting party.”

“Don’t think about it, God is in front of you, how do you have a party? However, I have a video, you pay attention to receiving it.”

Halle passed on a set of photos and videos.

“Ah, they, they’re all here, it’s great.”

Seeing his former comrades again, Superman couldn’t help but tear his eyes.

“You haven’t used the Soul Saver card yet, have you?” Harry said.

“Does it still work?” Superman said curiously.

Harry said: “When you tell the heroes about the ending of the heroic spirits, collect their unused cards by the way and give them back to me.

They are still valid, but It’s useless to you.

The Divine Domain returns, heaven and hell reopen, and the soul has its own home.”

On the second day, Superman personally came to Quinn Manor and handed it to Harry With a small stack of cards, he said embarrassingly: “Only half of it is taken back.”

“What about the rest?”

Superman’s eyes flickered, and he hummed: “I took the heroic spirit. The video of the hero was shown to everyone, and everyone was happy for them.

But the ending of the heroic spirit is too good, some heroes think that they are also entitled to such treatment, so.”

Halle speechless saying: “This is a Soul Preservation Card, not a ‘Super Vip Heaven Helicopter Card’.”

“You mean, after other heroes die and then use the card, the ending is not as good as those heroic spirits Beautiful? But we, like the heroes who died, helped the Infinite Earth Crisis.” Superman frowned.

Not to mention other heroes, after watching the happy ending of ‘Five Futures’ in the video, even he didn’t want to hand over the cards.

He doesn’t have to, he can give it to Louise.

Louis is now guilty of sin, and it is already a little difficult to exonerate her sin, and it is even more difficult to enter heaven.

“If there is such a good thing again, you have to understand two things first: first, those heroes who died are not ordinary heroes, they joined the Christ Salvation Corps, they are the spear of God, and they are legends. The crusaders.

The real crusaders.

Although I, the leader, never made the rules of the Salvation Corps.

Never published a similar movie Here, the Pope’s generous speech when he was conscripting the crusaders.

Except for the advertisement on the chest, there is no special emphasis on the identity of the ‘heaven saint warrior’.

But our appointment From heaven, more formal than any crusade in history with a clear banner, a loud slogan, a sacred purpose, a song and a thousand years of influence.”

Harry looked at the thoughtful crusade. Superman, once again emphasized: “We may be the only crusaders in history that have been officially approved by heaven.

These soul preservation cards originally cost 500,000 merits, but heaven only costs about 1,000 to 10,000.

For example, if you only need 150,000,500,000 and 1500, what’s the difference?

The difference comes from ‘Heaven’s military expenses’.

For Heaven Fighting, fighting for God, that’s why God is so generous.

But when the Infinite Earth crisis ended, Christ Salvation Corps announced its disbandment, and you even canceled the ‘advertising’ of the Salvation Corps on your chest.”

“We can continue to advertise.” Da Chao said immediately.

Harry looked at him with a blank face. He could go to heaven by hanging an advertisement, and it would be too easy to go to heaven.

He said nonchalantly: “‘The Five Ways After Death’ is too attractive. For this ending, everyone is probably happy to wear a Christian badge.

As you said , except for the badge, there are no rules.”

“Don’t think about it, the second thing you need to understand is that I paid more than 72 million for the happy ending of the Heroic Spirit.

Of course, God’s contribution this time is far more than this merit.

But there is a famous saying in the transcendent world that ‘all miracles have a price’, the merits I have shown are equivalent to pays the price for everyone.”

Two times in a row to cooperate with Heaven on “projects”, each time Harley took the initiative to come up with the project plan and invest money, and then Heaven took a fancy to her project, Decided to participate and added more.

Heaven and God have not taken the initiative.

In other words, never give mortal benefits in vain.

“We also have meritorious deeds, although not as many as 70 million, but the number is far less than 1,400.” Superhuman said.

Then, he explained: “Harry, under the uniforms of heroes, they are all ordinary persons. It is very rare for them to take that step and become heroes who serve the people.

It would be too much to ask them not to be afraid of death, and not to be afraid of the bleak end of their souls after death.”

Harry put away the cards and said, β€œI will not use any of these cards. It’s just for you. Keep it and distribute it to the heroes who need it when you need it most.

Now some people are not willing to turn it over, and I am not against it.

You can keep the cards, or you can keep the beauty Fantasy.

But remember, I never made any promises to you.”

After Superman returned, he didn’t know what to say to the heroes, and the second day came again. A batch of cards, added back and forth, exceeded 90% of the number of existing cards, and the remaining ten or so cards were nowhere to be seen.

Harry didn’t force it.

In the past month, Hal Jordan personally came to Quinn Manor and sent an invitation to Harry: “Tomorrow’s ‘New Green Light Legion’ is officially established, and its headquarters is in my hometown, Seaside City, you come too Come on.”

“Hal, your true identity seems to be revealed.” Harry said.

Hal was stunned for a while, and said: “You call me ‘Hal’ in front of the heroes every day, which has long been exposed.”

Halley sighed: ” There is still a difference between being known by heroes and being known by ordinary people.

You move too much.

After the end of the Infinite Earth crisis, even ‘Batman vs. Frozen Man’ ‘In the dull days when you can make the headlines of the puppy video hero section, you suddenly move the green light of the Megatron universe for billions of years to Earth.

American shock, Earth shock, galaxy shock, universe shock , the ordinary person is shocked, the transcender is shocked, the gods are shocked, the people are shocked, the Earth politiciansβ€””

“Ah, don’t be shocked, I understand what you mean.” Hal interrupted her with a wave of his hand, Rubbing his temples, said with a bitter smile: “From the very beginning, more than 3,000 people in the Green Lantern Legion knew my identity and called me by my name.

Going to the outer planet to resolve the interstellar dispute, of course. The number and name are to be reported.

Too many people know my identity and I can’t hide it.

Also, some things have to be done, I can’t watch the green light Legion disbands, members Displaced.”

“It’s not really a problem to just reveal your identity; it’s not a big problem to continue to maintain the green light Legion. But now move the Legion to Earth, to your hometown, tall trees attract the wind ah !” said Harry.

Hal purse one’s lip, said: “You have never concealed your identity, the people of the universe know that you live in ‘Earth-United States-Gotham-Arkham Island-Indian Hill 001’. “

“You’re not like me.” Seeing the disapproval on his face, Harry stopped.

In the end she agreed to attend the opening ceremony of “Earth Green Light Legion”.

(end of this chapter)

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