I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 775


Chapter 775 Satan is humiliated again

According to the impact of the universe restart on individuals, the humans on Earth at this time can be divided into four categories : 1, the superhero who went to the land of the origin of time; 2, the super criminal Legion who went to the planet of Martus 10 billion years ago; 3, the person remembered by Harry; 4, the ordinary person.

Super criminals haven’t changed, but memories have.

Haley personally tested it, and the super criminals who came back are indeed those same people–Earth 0 also has some super criminals joining the team.

But even with the loss of memory, Luthor’s IQ did not decrease.

After thoroughly understanding the situation from mother, I immediately found the key to solving the crisis – Harley.

Not to ask Harley to help clear the crime, but to restore her memory.

Recovering his original memory would make it possible for him to understand what Brainiac had done to him.

I didn’t find Harley before because he didn’t know that Harley could help him in this regard.

No one told him that Harley used the Dream Book to keep the memories of more than 20 million people.

In fact, Luther mother didn’t know either, but she was not detained, she could move freely and inquired around, and finally found this “secret” from the top executives in Washington.

Then Luthor realized that maybe the Dream Book would also be useful to him.

“Book of Dreams” listened to Luthor’s mother’s request, and Harry agreed after only a moment of silence, “I can try for Luthor, but I can’t guarantee whether my memory can be restored.”


That night, Harry, wearing a dream robe, jumped into Selena’s dreamland, and found that she and Bruce were holding a little baby, and they were holding a wedding under the auspices of the old priest Carlisle.

She hesitated for a long time, unable to judge whether it was a delusion or an omen, so she had no choice but to jump out and choose another one.

Choose the dream of Mr. Hongfa, the dream of holding a little baby playing in the garden.

Mr. Red Fa is the hedgehog spirit that Harry brought back from Immortal Realm, and there is Mr. Rabbit, the rabbit spirit.

The two of them are servants of the manor. They were in charge of taking care of the pregnant Selena before, and they also went to Paradise Mountain.

Now, when I come back, I take on the responsibility of taking care of the child.

Obviously, this dream was a real omen, and Harry ran downwind, ran out of the dream, and ran straight to the corner gate in a haze.

The entrance to the Kingdom of Dreams is the two manors of Cain and Abel. In the middle of the trail, you will encounter two doors, the Horn Gate and the Ivory Gate.

Go out of the corner gate, enter the hovering floating stairs, run to the end of the stairs, and come to the gate of a magnificent city.

The entrance of the city gate, many strange creatures come in and out.

There are humans who have mistakenly entered the kingdom of dreams, floating and flying forward.

Dream creatures with distorted shapes, not even human.

There are also very few creatures that Harry recognizes at a glance.

For example, Santa Claus in his sleigh.

Harry still wanted to go up to stop him and ask for a gift, but the four reindeer ran so fast, they disappeared outside the city in the blink of an eye, and flew somewhere.

She didn’t delay, went straight to the Sandman’s palace, and met Morpheus under the leadership of Steward.

After listening to Harry’s request, the Sandman nodded and said: “I can take him into the dream library and let him read his dream book.

It’s just a dream book. It mainly helps the lost to find themselves, and whether they can restore the memory distortion caused by restarting.

To be honest, I am not sure.

I have used the dream book for people with amnesia. Restore memory, but it is not the memory loss caused by restarting.”

“Don’t force it, see Luther’s own creation.”

Can do this step, Harry feels that she has already So sorry for Luther.

“Then let’s wait a while for your friend to fall asleep.” Morpheus said.

“Me and him” Harley tangled, “can’t be considered friends. He has always wanted to buy my company, and he even dispatched commercial spies to steal my soul data technology.”


“Not a friend, you still help him like this?” Morpheus said strangely.

“Ai, I used to be a teammate with him and cooperated several times, but his character is very unreliable, and he can only be a 50% friend.” Harley sighed.

There seemed to be stars twinkling in Morpheus’s secluded eyes, “John Constantine is your tens of percent friend?”

“Why is he? Why do you suddenly mention him?” Harry asked in confusion.

“He just used deception to humiliate Satan and is in danger, and may need your help.”

The indifference on Morpheus’ face was replaced by mixed feelings, his tone Complicated: “Shame Satan, the second mortal after you to achieve this achievement surprised me.

He also helped me find the sandbag of dreams earlier, so I know he is your friend

And his ancestors had a relationship with me, and I paid more attention to him.”

“I’m not surprised that Constantine offended Satan, that guy Even the ghost and the Imperial Capital have been humiliated.” Harley was laughed, and asked again: “Which of his ancestors did you have an intersection with? For what?”

Morpheus raised his eyebrows and said: ” Johanna Constantine, who was born in the 18th century, for the head of Orpheus, the son of Calliope and me.”

“Orpheus” Harry thought for a while, then surprised. : “is it possible that is the ancient Greek hero ‘Lymph’ Orpheus (ps)? Isn’t his father Sun God?”

Morpheus looked hesitant, as if he didn’t want to talk about the past He only briefly said: “Look at my relationship with Calliope and Goddess, and you should understand that I had a very complicated relationship with the Greek pantheon.

Simply put. , I was invited by Zeus to be a god of faith in his pantheon during my travels in all dimensions of the universe.”

“Is this a Divine Immortal immigrant?” Harry’s mouth twitched.

“Didn’t the Neon Gods also invite you? Besides, you are now a member of the Heavenly Gods.” Morpheus said.

Seeing that Harry wanted to ask again, he immediately said: “We are talking about Constantine, don’t go too far. I don’t want to talk about the past.”

Ha Li regretfully swallowed the question in her heart and followed his words: “Now there are three Satans in hell, which one did Constantine offend?”

Morpheus indifferently said: “There is only one Satan in hell, Lucifer Β·Morning Star, when He doesn’t become Satan, there is no Satan in hell.”

“Hahaha, it turned out to be Lucifer, and He was humiliated again. The new universe has just been born, and hell has just opened its doors. “

Harry laughed, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Lao Lu has been so unlucky and lost for more than ten years.

Firstly, she was “one sword and three in a row”, and “Evil God the owl” took advantage of the emptiness, and finally calmed down for more than ten years. On the eve of the infinite Earth crisis, Morpheus was again in front of millions The devil’s face twitched.

She killed Sannomiya in hell and at the Sannomiya base camp, which indirectly made all the Demon Kings and Satan lose a big face.

Well now, the Infinite Earth Crisis has just ended, the good times seem to be coming, and the old road has been taken over by Zhakang again.

How did you do it?

Harry is very curious.

Seeing the “sincere” smile on her face, Morpheus brows slightly wrinkle and said slowly: “It seems that Constantine is not even 50% of his friends.”

“No, although he is a 99% bastard, he is 100% my friend. I laugh, I am happy because I have already arranged a way for him, and I don’t worry about his retribution by Lucifer.” Halle waved said with a smile.

“What’s the way back?”

“I went to the Voice of the Sky earlier and asked for the Heaven Helicopter Card of Dodo Yebby’s dog mother. You have made great contributions in the Little Black Bean incident, and you will be rewarded.” Halle said.

Morpheus looked surprised, but he looked at the head and said, “You are his good friend, and he is also a reliable, affectionate and true friend.”

“What did you say? Is he affectionate and true, or in terms of treating friends? What did he do to make you have such a huge misunderstanding?” Harry said with wide eyes and a strange tone.

Just as Morpheus was about to explain, he suddenly stood up, hooked his fingers, a rainbow flew into the void ahead, and a bald man in prison uniform came from an unknown place.


“Halle?” Luther was lost for a moment, then immediately restored to sobriety and calmness, “I was in a dream, you brought me here? This esteemed lord, are you the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Dreams?”

He knelt down to Morpheus as he spoke.

Harry was amazed that Luther was so humble, completely different from his former arrogance!

Morpheus looked indifferent, didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, didn’t even look at him, the next moment the scene changed, and the three came to a huge library.

Like the last time Harry came here, all directions are all bookshelves.

A row of bookshelves “galloped past” like a train in front of the three people, making people dazzled.

However, Harley has Level 5 Speed Force Defense Specialty, and her movement vision is no longer enough to describe it as a pervert.

Under normal circumstances, the Flash is running, and she can see every movement clearly. At this time, the bookshelf is moving quickly, and she can also see the names of the people on it.

Only one point is that it takes too much brainpower to keep up with the reading speed.

The eyes are enough (data transmission is fast enough), and the CPU of the brain is about to burn.

Morpheus extended the hand slowly, and the bookshelf stopped with a “click”.

He took out a book and handed it to Luthor, “This is your dream book.”

Luthor held his dream book, like a downed computer, Keeping a gesture and expression, stunned there.

Harry wiped her forehead, it was hot to the touch, the temperature was definitely over 70 degrees Celsius.

It is also thanks to her current physical fitness that she can withstand it.

β€œInfinite Earth becomes a unique universe, the library of dreams, is it 90% empty?”

Murphys gently nodded, β€œMy work is easy A lot.”

“For the Dream Kingdom, what is the difference between the infinite multiverse and the unique universe? Or, which model is more suitable for the development of the dream dimension?” Harley said.

Morpheus looked at her with deep eyes and asked: “Why do you ask this, why do you think about this? Do you notice that the two modes have different effects on yourself?”

“I just ask, why are you so excited?” Harry asked curiously.

Morpheus was silent for a moment, then said: “Because your question is exactly the topic of our Supreme Existence recent research and discussion.”

“You still hold the Supreme Conference?” Halle was surprised strangely said.

“The Endless Family had a meeting a few days ago, and the other Supremes only communicated in private and indirectly.”

Harry smiled proudly, “So, I now show The ‘most high level idea’ you came up with shocked you?”

“This kind of thinking is not important, the important thing is that the universe is now being restarted by you, and I thought you would have a different perception. .” Morpheus said, staring at her.

“It’s really profound. The unique universe is not as good as the multiverse.” Harley sighed.

(ps: Orpheus is also called Orpheus, he is very famous in “Greek Heroes”, and is the same as Jason and Hercules.

He is very good at playing the piano and has touched Spiritual God and evil spirits with the sound of the piano.

Unlike other Greek gods and Greek heroes who love to mess around, he is also very dedicated. In order to save his wife, he went to the underworld alone , moved Pluto, the Queen of Pluto – Pluto asked him to take away his wife’s soul, but he couldn’t look back until he left hell completely.

His wife broke down at the last moment, seeing that he never looked back. When he looks at himself, he complains that he doesn’t love her anymore, otherwise he wouldn’t stop looking at her.

Orpheus immediately turned around to comfort his wife.

But as soon as he turned around, his wife Then he lost his life again.

After that, Orpheus’s life was more than waiting for Yang Guo, who had been a small dragon for 16 years, Guo Xiang, who had been chasing Yang Guo for several decades, and Zhang Sanfeng, who had a crush on Guo Xiang for hundreds of years. It’s worse than the sum of the three people’s love and suffering.

What’s worse is that he was also targeted by the Dionysian believers, his body was torn to pieces, his head fell into the river, and floated into the sea for thousands of years. .until the French find it.

Murphys asks Johanna, Constantine’s Old Ancestor grandmother, to help get her son’s head back.


(end of this chapter)

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