I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 776


Chapter 776 Zha Kang’s request

There is no multiverse fragrance in the only universe, which is Harley’s most real thought.

As a mortal, 80% of them are not happy to see the parallel universe and one, two, countless myself.

– I am me, unique and unmatched fireworks.

Even the second-year juniors would think so. Those who are a little proud and conceited, of course, hope that the multiverse, and even the omnipotent universe, will be Unparalleled Beneath The Heavens.

Harley used to dislike parallel universe, and she didn’t like another world with Harley Quinn. That made her feel uncomfortable.

But interests determine thinking.

She visited Arkham Asylum again the other day.

Don’t blame her for being mad, it’s been a few months since the universe restarted, and the value of her experience level has hardly fluctuated by 1%. . .

She is in a hurry.

With this level of speed, when will she be able to compete with Superman at level 100 and level 10 with arrogant Darkseid?

At that time, Harley thought in her heart that a single universe has replaced the multiverse, and countless universe sources are unified. Soaring as Universe Source skyrocketed.

In the end, she was full of anticipation, and was poured a basin of ice water, which made her feel cold.

The “leek” of the Unique Universe is not much different from the Multiverse of Infinite Earth.

The leeks have not changed, and there is less land to grow leeks, so she has to fall into philosophical thinking – why does the universe have a multiverse, and there are two modes of the multiverse and the unique universe. Which is more beneficial?

For her anyway, the multiverse “experience field” is wider.

“The more creatures that can dream, the more the number and types of dreams collected by the Dream Kingdom, the stronger the power of dreams, and your power and authority will also increase, right?” Harley ask.

Morpheus gently nods, “The benefits of the multiverse to the kingdom of dreams are indeed higher than the unique universe.

In fact, except for the Spiritual God of order lineage, almost all supreme, They all want the universe to return to a multiverse state.

For example, the old gods who were killed by you, the more parallel universes there are, the more Power of Faith they collect.”

Those words were like a flash of lightning, illuminating a looming thought in the corner of Harry’s mind, but never really thought about it.

“Since the multiverse is more vibrant and full of hope and infinite possibilities than the unique universe, will the unique universe at this time be the final state of the universe?

‘ The monitor’s descendant’ Alexander Luthor said something meaningful before he left, roughly the universe restarted, and the monitor was supposed to be reborn, but he didn’t.

It seems to imply that, The crisis is not over.

The purpose of the last Infinite Earth Crisis, I can confirm with 100%, has been achieved.

It is only that some people who take advantage of the situation and have their own An existence that has been destroyed by me and failed to get what I wished for.

Is it possible that there will be another ‘crisis’ in the future where the universe splits into multiple universes?”

Murphys’ eyes Looking at her suspiciously, he said, “Harry, your ‘spiritual sense’ is really sharp. I’m not sure whether the universe will split into a multiverse in the future. I only know that many supreme beings are not satisfied with the current universe.

For example, the gods who have been miserable by you, they really want to ‘do it again’.”

“Uh–” Luther, who had been standing beside him in a “daze” , suddenly groaned, woke up from the dream review, the dream book in his hands fell to the ground, both of his hands pressed his temples, his expression was slightly distorted, and his eyes became brighter and brighter.

“I remember, damn it, I was modified by Brainiac.”

Harry grinned and said, “Luther, I’m not a justice, here He didn’t give you a trial.”

Not only did the fire star hunter check his spirit strength earlier, but she also used Rich’s quantum technology to filter it out just like the Arkham Ten Heroes. The digital soul.

No inconsistencies were found.

Of course, that’s not to say that Luthor isn’t under Brainiac’s control.

In fact, from the very beginning, Harry thought it was not his intention to save Brainiac.

But at this time, Luthor had undergone a restart, and the traces that could be detected at the beginning have disappeared.

“Harry, I’m not lying or pretending. I swear, my brain has really been manipulated by Brainiac.” Luther solemnly vowed, his expression still cooperating. Anger and hatred, “I want revenge, that alien bastard has humiliated me, tarnished my reputation and IQ.”

“It’s over, you guys go back.” Morpheus said indifferently.

Next moment, Luthor disappears in the Dream Library and Harley returns to Quinn Manor.

Half an hour later, Luther’s mother called the manor and thanked her a lot before saying that Luther was fully recovered and wanted to talk to her.

Harry thought for a while, then went to the study next door, opened the laptop, and had a video chat with China Unicom and Luther.

β€œHow are you feeling now?”

Luthor is locked up in the most high-security Black Gate prison in the metropolis, and should have lived in a double room without a radio.

He can only communicate with the outside world when relatives and friends visit the prison.

But at this time, this guy was wearing a beige prison uniform, holding a 10-inch “lex5 pro” tablet computer, leaning on the soft down pillow, and chatting with netizen Harley in a leisurely manner.

“Excellent, Harry, thank you for this time.”

Thanks first, Luther said solemnly: “I found myself being controlled by Brainiac. Evidence.”

“I actually believed at first that your brain was manipulated by Brainiac, but if you did something too big, Brainiac could destroy it with a single missile. A civilization.

No justices dare to overturn the case for you without solid evidence, and my guess will not affect them.” Harley pondered her words, and declined with embarrassment.

“I really have proof.”

“But your brain has been tested and it’s perfectly fine. There should have been a problem, but after rebooting, a lot of things changed.

But Brainiac didn’t change, he still fled.

His hatred for us Earth people didn’t change, and people’s worries about his escape didn’t change, you The crime cannot be undone,” said Harry.

Luther’s eyes were confident, and there was a slight smile on the corner of his mouth, and he said, “Harry, you are wrong, it was not the reboot, but Martus who cleared the traces of Brainiac’s control in my brain. People!”

“Little Blue Man?” Harley asked in surprise: “10 billion years ago?”

Luther nodded, humiliatingly said: “The secret society of super criminalsβ€” β€”Damn, what kind of twisted my thinking is to be stupid enough to abandon my family and my career, and go to the underworld to be the Earth tyrant?

My mother, my younger sister, are still in Paradise Mountain.

Several of my projects against Superman are well underway at Earth 0, at the secret base of Luthor Biolabs.

My future is bright.

And, compared to defeating Superman, what’s the point of fighting for Earth?

It’s not my hometown yet.

In my eyes, the otherworldly Earth, and Earth 0 What’s the difference between the outer planets of the universe?

Brainiac imposed the ‘outer planet overlord’, an unskilled, extremely low-level ideal, full of vulgar taste and richness, on me, It’s the ultimate humiliation to the smartest brain in the universe.”

“The point. I said it, at first, I believe you won’t be so crazy and stupid, you don’t have to repeat the grievance.” Harry said.

“The spaceship of the super criminal falls on the planet of Martus, the most prosperous metropolis, probably the capital.

Iβ€”ah, the real me, impossible so stupid.

Xiao Lan has developed into the Peak civilization, and the evolution of single life is higher than that of Kryptonians, and Martus is their home planet.

It must be a brainless person to think of it. Go to the highest science Academy on Martus and kidnap their most famous scientist?

This is more difficult than going to Krypton to kidnap Superman’s father.”

“Key point, point! Electricity and internet bills are worthless, but sleep time is precious, it’s three o’clock in the morning now.” Harley cried.

“Oh, sorry for being so late, I’m a little excited.” Luther glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the screen, and went straight to the subject: “Just landed in the metropolis of the little blue man, there are a group of small The blue people came around.

Most of them are civilians, but they all have powerful spiritual energy.

Our strength is not weak, but they are still a trick to our hearts.

The storm, all overturned to the ground.”

Here, Luther couldn’t help but deviate from the topic, “Harry, I think there is something wrong with the ghost and Alexander, the expedition to the Martus star tens of billions of years ago. , is an impossible self-defeating action.”

“Your focus now is to cleanse your body of the ‘first inhuman sin in history’.” Harry reminded impatiently.

“After being overturned, we were sent to the little blue man’s biological laboratory.” Luther’s face was humiliated, “I became their favorite research subject because I have a developed brain.

They are amazed that such a low-level ‘monkey’ has the same level of intelligence as their ‘mentally retarded child’.

This is a humiliation!

Haha Li, even you are wiser than ordinary little blue people, even more how me, so they are jealous of me and deliberately humiliate me with words.”

“I’m not interested in comparing wisdom with retarded children” Harley Full of annoyance, “Can you tell the key evidence first? I’m going to bed.”

“Oh, in the process of being researched as a biological sample, the ‘Brinell horse’ in my mind was The little blue man who is proficient in psychic ability finds it, and then removes it at will.

Little blue man Eternal and Undying, those bastards who dissect my brain, must live to this day and can testify to me.”

Harry’s eyes shined, thumbs up, and praised: “Luther, congratulations, your IQ has finally returned to normal.”

Luther smiled proudly and said, “Since you also think Can you help me get in touch with the little blue man?”

“It’s not that you don’t know about my relationship with the little blue man, go and find the Green Lantern.”

“Just You don’t have a good relationship with the little blue man, you have a very good relationship with the little blue woman, and my dissection is a female little blue man named Seid.” Luther said.

“Oh, it’s her!”

A week later, Luthor was acquitted.

The little blue people claim to be immune to restart, but this restart has seriously affected them.

Not only does a “false” second set of memories appear, remembering the “time traveler” who emerged 10 billion years ago, but even electronic documents recording the events of that year are preserved in reality.

Seid did not attend the Earth court trial, and only arranged for a Purple Lantern to hand over the data disk to the Earth people, among which is included the information of “Luther Craniotomy”.

“Thanks to my good friend Harley, she knew me very well, from the very beginning she knew that I was wronged, only because there is no evidence thank me mother, she also believed that I was not crazy. Thank you Guardian , they provided evidence to prove my innocence.”

Ivy looked at the high-spirited and vigorous, eloquent Luther on the TV screen, wondering: “This world’s The timeline is weird, it’s fake, but it’s actually having a real impact on reality.

It’s real, it never really happened.”

“It didn’t happen in the physical universe, it did happen in the flow of time.

The strange thing is not the flow of time, but the blurred line between true and false.

For example, Sam uncle is real, but his essence is illusory Millician patriotism,” said Halle.

Selena lifted her clothes and hood, showing a big white rabbit in front of the two girls to feed the child, with a happy smile on her face, “Everything else is fake, only the people around you and your own life. It’s true.

Don’t think too much about it, it makes sense to live your current life.”

“If you know the tragic end of the other world Helena, you won’t I think so.” Harry sighed.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Harry was about to speak when the phone suddenly rang, and the caller showed that it was Constantine.

“Ha-cough cough cough” He coughed for a while on the opposite side, as if to cough up his lungs.

Without seeing each other, just listening to the voice, Harry knew that he was in a very bad state, and that he was afraid of dying soon.

“Harry, I’m in London, Mrs. Dalglish’s old house, can you come over?”

“What to do?”

“I’m going to die tonight.”

(end of chapter)

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