I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 777


Chapter 777 The second largest fraud case in the history of hell

The time has come to the end of May 2015, before the universe restarted More than three months, three months before Zha Kang was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

If no miracle happens, Zakang’s time is running out.

Tonight, Harley received a call from Zha Kang, and he bluntly asked her to go over and prepare to collect the body for him, and she couldn’t refuse.

Although she knew he was not going to die obediently and honestly.

After Harley agreed, Zhakang also seriously demanded: “Don’t bring Yebi, don’t open the Transmission Gate, don’t use supernatural power near my house.

Or, you can teleport to Chase’s house first and take his taxi to my apartment.”

Harry became more and more sure that this damned bastard was going to be a big deal tonight. .

Last year, in order to help Morpheus find the “Sand of Dreams”, Harley went to Zhakang’s rented house, which is Mrs. Dalglish’s red brick building. . .

Two hours after hanging up the phone, Harley was at the door of Burger King opposite Dalglish’s old house and saw Zhakang leaning on a telephone pole smoking and accumulating cigarette butts on the ground.

“Why did you toss for so long? You’re still panting, did you come here? Didn’t you go to Chase?” Looking at the sweaty sideburns and the hot head smoking in the sportswear, he was gasping for breath. Halle, frowned.

“Yes, I ran from Gotham, across the Atlantic Ocean, and I was exhausted.” Although Harry was sweating profusely, there was a kind of refreshing refreshment on his body.

β€œYou run on your feet? Two hours across the Atlantic?” Zhakang asked in surprise.

“First teleport to the Atlantic Ocean, 700 kilometers away from London, and then run on your feet, which is equivalent to running around my playground for two and a half laps.” Harry said casually, and ran into the burger shop to sell Two bottles of water.

“Where is your playground? Can it be 300 kilometers in circumference?” Zha Kang followed into the store and took her to a corner with few customers.

“My normal speed can also be more than 40 meters per second. With quantum displacement, what is the speed per hour? I can only use the entire Gotham City as a big playground and run around the city.” Ha Lidao.

“You’re a lunatic.” Zha Kang clicked his tongue.

Harry stared at him for a moment, then asked, “What’s the matter with me?”

At this point, Zhakang was thin, with pale skin, messy hair, dirty clothes, and went to the garbage. When he lays down, he doesn’t need acting skills, and everyone will treat him as a homeless man who died on the roadside after taking drugs.

“You don’t have to do anything, just sit here and watch the night for me.” Zha Kang pointed to the yellow window on the third floor across the road from the window, “I’ll go back later and turn off the lights. , light the candle, no matter what happens, you will stand still.”

“Do nothing, what are you asking me to do?” Harry asked curiously.

β€œYou stretch out your palm,” he said.

“Speak clearly first.” Harry sat still.

Zha Kang sighed then said, “I failed, I didn’t find a forbidden technique to solve cancer, but I also created a new forbidden technique temporarily, and I will test it tonight.

It’s done, I’m back to health.

I failed, and I lost my life in Yellow Springs, which is horrible.

I want you to come here to let you witness the whole process of this ‘forbidden technique for cancer treatment’ ‘.

You stretch out your hand, I will help you draw a ‘listening spell’, your observation is part of the treatment, which can greatly improve the success rate.”

“The forbidden Explain the principle of technique.” Halle said.

“There is no way to say, Heaven and Earth have spirits, all things have spirits, and the words, even if only you and I hear them, can make powerful people feel. In short, you believe me, this I’m the only one taking this adventure, and I won’t hurt you.”

Zha Kang’s tone was sincere, and an unhealthy blush rose from his pale and thin cheeks, but his eyes were frantic and his emotions were a little excited.

Harry vaguely understood something, and no longer forced him to say the “forbidden technique”, and wiped his sweaty palms a few times on the surface of the sports jacket before spreading it out on the table.

Zha Kang bit the index finger of his right hand and drew a circle on her palm, with rune characters superimposed within the circle.

Looking like she was smearing indiscriminately, the red glow on her palm looked like an extra bloody erythema.

I can’t tell the inner rune at all.

“Do you feel anything?” Zha Kang asked breathlessly.

His body is too weak. After painting a set of rune, his energy is gone, and he is sweating profusely.

“How does it feel?” Harry asked suspiciously.

“This is the ‘Listening Mantra’. Your five senses should be connected to mine.” Zha Kang wondered.

Harry’s heart moved, and all the defensive feats on her body were revoked.

The next moment, her eyes blurred for a while, as if she was wearing a pair of completely transparent glasses that were playing a 3D video.

“Glasses” plus her own vision, saw two scenes at once.

She herself looked at Zha Kang opposite, another picture came from Zha Kang’s eyes, staring at her.

“OK, I have a feeling. You got this thing, do you want me to save the ‘evidence’ for you? What if the other party finds me and kills me?”

“Don’t worry, if you don’t get my soul, you won’t be able to find you. When my soul sinks, just wipe the rune off your hand.” Zha Kang said.

With that, he stood up and prepared to leave.

“Wait, where’s your Heaven Helicopter card? How can you get a soul sinking?” Harry stopped him and asked.

“I originally had enough time to chat with you, but you were delayed for two hours when you came.” Zha Kang took out his mobile phone, pointed to the time on it, and said, “It’s half past eleven, it’s almost midnight. It’s 12 o’clock, and I have to go to the bedroom immediately.”

After hurriedly taking a few steps forward, he stopped again and said in a low voice, “Harry, I know you have crisis perception. According to the intensity of perception , use your ‘God descended’ and try not to let those bastards find you.

Remember, your existence is only a threat, you don’t have to do anything, and you’ll get great benefits.

As for who and what the threat is, you can see right away.”

He disappeared across the street without looking back.

Harry ordered a Coke, a large bag of French fries, and closed her eyes and slumped on the sofa.

Close her eyes, she can receive Constantine’s vision more clearly through the “Listening Charm”.

I saw him go back to his apartment with peeling walls and rotten wooden floors, and use a broom to clear a vacant lot in the twenty-square living room.

Take out the chalk and draw a circle with a pentagram in the circle.

He lit candles on the five corners of the pentagram.

Seemingly prepared for this moment, Zha Kang directly opened the refrigerator and took out a canning bottle from the refrigerator.

Opening the lid, a lump of dark red and stinky blood poured down in the center of the pentagram.

Finally, Konstantin took a deep breath, like talking to himself, and like saying to Harry, “It’s on.”

Turn off the lights.

His Essence, Qi, and Spirit changed immediately, the solemnity was replaced by the easygoing ease, the seriousness in his eyes turned into laziness, and the sharp pupils seemed to be covered with fog and became dull.

Both hands crossed near chest standing in the center of the array, lightly said with a smile: “The guest in the dark, the Second Boss of the three giants of hell, I sense you, come out and talk.”

“John Constantine.” Black is like a living mouth, devouring the light in the room little by little, the room is plunged into complete darkness, only five o’clock candlelight becomes five yellow pearls on the black curtain .

“Your ceremony is very out of order, you didn’t recite the summon mantra, and you didn’t call my real name. The blood of the Chu girl that was supposed to wake me up has turned into pig blood? Are you humiliating me?” He angrily.

“Old Brother, let’s avoid the incantation of gu lu, you are a hell boss, a high-quality soul Reaper, hundreds of thousands per second, don’t you waste time chatting with people?

Also, you and I both know in my heart that the raw melon eggs who have just come into contact with black magic are obsessed with knives, names, begging and the like. Ordinary demons rely on those things for fun.


But you are not an ordinary devil.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I won’t respond to your summon?” Beelzebub coldly said.

His tone changed.

No longer held as before.

“My name – John Constantine, is the best letter of recommendation, no one in hell can refuse.” Zha Kang confidently said with a smile.

“Well, Constantine, I kind of like you.” Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, also laughed.

Next, he began to carefully sense the array under Zakang.

The array contains all the summon information.

For example, the protection spell that protects Zhakang himself from the summon creature, the summon rune that determines the summon’s target, and the purpose of the summon ceremony.

After a while, He wondered: “You want my magic power? Why? Constantine, you are famous, and I know something. You are not interested in improving your magic power.”


On the other end, Harry’s heart was pounding.

If Beelzebub didn’t say it, she wouldn’t know the information in Zakang’s summon array.

“Ai, I have cancer, terminal stage, I have tried every method, including alien technology.” Zha Kang sighed.

“Hehehe, I will give you magic power equal to your Grandmaster soul. After you die, your soul and magic power will be mine, how?” Beelzebub said gloomily with a smile.

Zhakang shook his head gently, “How much is the Grandmaster’s soul worth? This little magic power is not enough for me to heal.”

“How much do you want?”

“Gather up a lucky number, 666 times, anyway, after I die, I will pay you back my magic power.” Zha Kang.

“Are you robbing?!” Beelzebub almost jumped out of the darkness.

Zha Kang’s tone seemed to be dissatisfied, “I have already said that all the magic power after death belongs to you, and you still say that I robbed, what logic is this?”

Beelzebub held back Airway: “Can your small body withstand it?”

“ka-cha!” Zha Kang took out the Zippo lighter, flicked his hand handsomely, opened the lid, and ignited a yellow flame the size of a bean .

“See? The alloy of N metal and hell iron, my Life Source magic tool.”

“Well, you need to store the magic in the lighter” Beelzebub After hesitating for a long time, he said: “Change the contract. When you recover completely, the magic power will be mine.”

“Also.” debated for ten minutes.

When the two sides signed the contract, Beelzebub’s breath receded, and the candlelight re-illuminated the room.

One after another, ink-black satanic magic, thick as rice porridge, appeared in the center of the array.

“Uh–” He knelt on the floor with a thud, and let out a shrill cry from his mouth.

At the same time, Harry intuitively felt that the palm of his hand was hot, and the dark red in the palm was dyed jet black.

“Take it, it’s yours.” Zha Kang whispered softly in her ear.

Harry readily accepted, adding three attribute points to herself.

Zhakang put out the candle, wiped the array and pig blood off the floor, and rinsed it several times with water.

The window was opened again, and the warm air of early summer was blowing for a while.

He also took off his clothes and went to the bathroom to wash himself inside and out twice.

Feeling that there was no trace of Beelzebub’s magic in his body, and that his body was not contaminated with the slightest Beelzebub’s breath, Zha Kangcai entered the study and drew an array on the floor.

Draw with new chalk and light new candles.

After carefully checking it several times, he sat in the center of the array to perceive for a while, and only after he found a weak spot did he start a new summon.

“The Resident in the Darkness, Second Boss of the Three Giants of Hell, Belial, King of Lies, I sense you, come out and talk.” He both hands crossed near chest in the center of the array, laughing say.

As before.

“John Constantine, your ceremony is very out of order, you don’t chant the summon mantra, you don’t call my real name, the blood of my favorite virgins is replaced by the blood of cows and sheep Are you humiliating me?”

As before.

“Old Brother, let’s avoid the incantation of gu lu, you are the boss of hell.”

As before.

As before.

Harry gets two and a half attribute points.

(end of this chapter)

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