I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 778


Chapter 778 Kill three birds with one stone, diao!

“Hehe.” At two o’clock in the morning, Constantine was leaning against the mottled old wall.

“cough cough .” After laughing for a while, he couldn’t help coughing violently.

Opening the palm of his hand covering his mouth, he saw a pool of scarlet and smelly blood.

“Damn my lungs, it hurts so bad, I can’t feel it anymore.” He cursed, spat bloody phlegm on the floor where the array was drawn, and lit a silk cigarette .

I smoked seven or eight in a row, my stomach was warm and full.

“hehehe” He stood up, and a gloomy and determined laugh came out of his mouth again, “Fuck Satan’s ass!”

He ran to the kitchen and was carrying half a Next to the moldy pizza box, I found the whiskey and drank the remaining half of the bottle in one go.

He burped full of alcohol, and threw away the empty bottle, “pat ta!”

Then, he stood on tiptoe and looked through the window where the dishes were placed. A hand-length knife. . .

Zha Kang opened his eyes and saw that the brows frowned, the knife had not been used for a long time, and it was stained with rust.

He glanced left and right, threw the knife into the sink, and bent over to pick up a half-sharp glass bottle from the dirty floor where debris had fallen.

Back in the living room, the glass piece touched the artery of the right hand and swiped hard.

“ε‘²ε‘²β€”β€”” Dark red blood shot away, drenching half of his face.

Hands down, let the blood run.

In an instant, a pool of bright red had accumulated on the wooden floor.

Zha Kang’s intuition was originally lacking in strength, and with the loss of blood, it quickly disappeared.

“Bangβ€”” He fell weakly on the sofa, his vision blurred.

“Tick tock.” The blood was low, so clear that it was the only thing left between Heaven and Earth.

“Tick tock.” There was a second dripping sound in his ear, not from the right wrist, but on the left side.

Also mixed with the stench of sulphur and burnt asphalt.

Zha Kang wanted to evoke a smile, but the muscles at the corners of his mouth didn’t obey him, so he could only turn to the left with a blank face.

A pair of big feet!

He saw a pair of feet with black nails like cat claws.

The soles of the feet, the dorsum of the feet, and the ankles all had wounds cut by sharp objects, and a jet-black liquid like crude oil oozes out from the wounds.

The liquid dripped onto the floor and immediately ignited the floor, sending out bursts of black smoke.

Constantine wanted to look up at the master of Bigfoot.

But his body is weak and it is difficult to move.

He could only wait for the big foot to slowly fall and land on the wooden floor. He also saw the owner of the foot.

A cut man with disheveled hair, long horns on his forehead and only a strip of cloth around his waist.

“Satan? You don’t look the same as the last time we saw you. That time in Ireland, you dressed like an 800-year-old gay gentleman, and now it’s like being taken by ten men. The homeless man taught by the sausage.”

Constantine said weakly, shaking his lips a few times.

While he said, he still struggled to move his left hand and covered the wound at the wrist artery of his right hand with his palm.

“As many ways as there are ways of death, Satan has as many faces. You cut your veins, and I will greet you with a cut body.”

“It turned out to be This way”

“Constantine, didn’t expect you to die. But it’s no wonder, terminal lung cancer, desperate?

Come on, come with me, I will bring You are on your way to eternal punishment!

hehehe, from this moment on, you belong to me and will always belong to me.

I promise you that in the infinite days to come, you everyday All can enjoy ten times the pain and despair at the moment.”

Satan golden’s eyes were full of a cheerful smile.

“You’re a cousin, did you come a little earlier? I can hold on for a few more minutes.” Zha Kang scolded with a smile.

Satan coldly said: “I’ll come to see you and see how you are in agony for the remaining few minutes.”

“Don’t look, I’ll tell you.”


Constantine gritted his teeth and insisted, squeezing the little power left in his body like chewing bagasse.

In an instant, his face was covered in cold sweat.

“The pain now is like a belly filled with the urine of Nazareth, he he he”

Nazareth is the place name, in place of Jesus. The urine of Nazareth is a contempt for the holy water by Zhakang.

“I promise you that you will regret saying this for countless thousands of years in the future.” Satan said with a sullen face.

“Big brother, I understand that I am Unparalleled Beneath The Heavens, my soul is unique and unmatched, but you shouldn’t indulge in the beautiful future of Italian silver to get my soul, and ignore the present.” Kang’s pale cheeks forced a strange smile.

“What’s the matter now?” Satan was stunned.

“Look around, isn’t the light a bit dim?” Zha Kang reminded.

“Dark?” Satan didn’t react for a while.

“There is a guy who likes to devour light.”

Satan turned his head suddenly, “Belzebub, why did you invade my territory?”

“Invasion? No, Boss Lucifer, the soul of the person in front of you belongs to me, based on the oldest right in hell – the soul contract.” From the darkness came the hesitant voice of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies.

“You signed a contract? When did it happen? I have already reached a ‘hell contract’ with him, don’t you know?” Satan asked in surprise.

“What hell contract? I just signed a soul contract with him today, just two hours ago.” Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, felt bad in his heart, and his tone became urgent, “Constantin, you What did you do?”

“Hehehe, half a month ago, I went to Ireland to find Old Brother Brendan to renew my life.

He is a forbidden technique master, and I want to ask him for help. A life-saving medicine recipe.

It’s a pity, I’m addicted to smoking, he’s addicted to alcohol, I have lung cancer, terminal stage, he has cirrhosis, terminal stage.

What’s worse, that bastard early Just signed a soul contract with your boss.

Shit, I’ve never seen such a stupid magician.

At least others are for strength, but Brendan uses his soul and Satan In exchange for the knowledge and ability to make wine.

Fake, stupid pig!”

The plot entered the high dynasty, and Constantine returned to the light, suddenly full of energy, and screamed loudly.

Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, glanced at Satan.

Lucifer looked gloomy and did not speak.

“Then what?”

“I know that Brendan loves wine, so he naturally brings a small gift. Do you know what the best wine in the world is?” Zha Kang said in a low voice. Laughing, “Many people think it’s ‘Paradise Mountain Wine’, from Gotham Cathedral, the private holy water pool of the Heavenly Mountain King.”

Lord of the Flies glanced at the gloomy boss, “Use magic to pour the heavenly holy water Turned into wine?”

Zakang gently disowned, proudly saying: β€œEveryone must have heard about the War God banquet held by Arkham War God.

The banquet was used for the banquet. One of the drinks is the highest purity holy water wine.

I have an invitation to the War God feast, and although I am late, I have no shortage of drinks.

It just so happens , I went to Ireland to find Brendan the night he passed away.

Just like today, Satan Your Majesty showed up a few minutes early.

It seems like we’re the unlucky ones In the wailing and begging of the contractor before his death, he was satisfied and delighted.

Well, this is not a special hobby of Satan Your Majesty, you bastards, all of you have a virtue.”

“You dare to insult the Hell Sovereign?” Lord of the Flies stepped forward, poised to harvest his soul.

Zha Kang sneered and remained unmoved.

Satan moved, stepped forward to stop him, and said earnestly: “Beelzebub, give me face, and pretend you haven’t been here today.”

“Lucifer Boss, I have signed a contract with Constantine!” Lord of the Flies excitedly said.

“Hey, the authority of the ancient contract is very high, but the law of hell that ‘humiliation must be punished’ can’t be violated.” Zha Kang said with a smile: “The arrival of Lucifer Your Majesty has brought peace to peace. My tasting Brendan was scared witless and out of his body.

Your Majesty was greatly satisfied by his performance.

Afterwards, I used a few rhetoric , let him accept my toast.

hahahaha, he took the glass that I handed over, and clinked it with me,”

“Drinking holy water?” Lord of the Flies The fly’s eyes widened, and he said in disbelief, “How can a trick like holy water and wine deceive Satan?”

Zha Kang said triumphantly, “No matter how simple a trick is, it is in the hands of a skilled and brilliant magician. It can also change something rotten into something magical, and turn the false into the real.

Of course, no matter how real, its essence is still holy water.

As long as I snap my fingers lightly, It can instantly turn back into holy water, in your Lucifer belly.”

In the shocked eyes of Lord of the Flies, Satan flew into a rage out of humiliation, “I’m careless, his Cunning is not defeated by Demonness ”

β€œHoly water can kill ordinary demons, but for Satan, it is just a good medicine for diarrhea.

You can take advantage of Satan’s bowels to pierce his stomach. Rotten, clutching his stomach and wailing, my Old Brother died.

Poor Brendan, lucky Brendan, wicked man, take my heavenly helicopter and be happy Happy to be in the ‘sheepfold’ of the Lord.”

Zhakang smiled oddly at Lord of the Flies, “So, you understand? Your boss has been humiliated by a mortal mage again.

Tell me, how many times was He humiliated that night?”

“Only once.” Lucifer said immediately.

The Lord of the Flies opened his mouth and wanted to say that drinking holy water and taking away the soul of the mage who already belonged to him should count as two things, two humiliations.

But then, he thought about the present, if at this time again

“Well, only once.” Lord of the Flies said against his will.

Zha Kang chuckled for a while, nodded and said: “Okay, once, there are already three anyway, one less is not much, and one more is not much.”

“What three one?” Lord of the Flies had a bad feeling.

“Believe, the king of lies, come out.” Satan said with a gloomy face.

The room was even more dimly lit, and a dark shadow composed of thousands of faces emerged from the floor.

“I also signed a soul contract with him, just tonight, an hour ago, in this room.” Belial’s gloomy face said.

Constantine said with a smile: “I humiliated Satan Your Majesty, according to the laws of hell, my soul should belong to him.

But I also have a relationship with Lord of the Flies and Lies. Your Majesty Wang signed a soul contract – as long as I die, my soul belongs to you.

Pay attention to your soul contract, it is a complete soul and cannot be divided.

By the way, this restriction clause was imposed by the two Your Majesty.

Said to be worried that I would escape the ‘punishment’ by splitting my soul, hehehe.”

“You deliberately set Are you deceiving us?!”

The dark magic flames on Lord of the Flies and the Lord of Lies rippling like waves, exuding a variety of emotions such as annoyance, gloom, shame, and killing intent.

“Idiot, when you signed a contract with him, didn’t you realize that he was already my prey? What’s even more stupid is that he actually signed a soul contract with you two in a rented house. You didn’t find anything unusual!?” Satan said angrily.

“I” Lord of the Flies opened his mouth, speechless to explain, can only turn to Zhakang, angrily roared: “Bastard, what have you done and how did you do it?”

ps: This is a famous scene in the history of American comics, and it is also one of the Peak .

Many oriental people, especially those of the current Chinese dynasty, find it incomprehensible and feel that this plot is particularly nonsense.

They think, dignified Lucifer, realm is so much taller than Constant, why should he be at his mercy?

In fact, this is mainly due to cultural differences between the East and the West.

First of all, the oriental people sanctified the Divine Immortal, and felt that the Divine Immortal was all right, a noble existence that knew everything.

The Spiritual God of the West is just a powerful person with a very similar character to a person.

Finally, most of the modern Chinese people do not agree with the behavior of “weisheng holding a pillar” when it comes to credit.

Well, in ancient times, we Chinese people actually paid great attention to credibility, but now, no matter whether a white cat or a black cat catches a mouse, it is a good cat

It goes farther, and Westerners also have some problems. Honesty, but the “contract spirit” is accepted by the general public at least on the surface.

Therefore, there is a setting that even Satan can’t break the contract – similar to Three Purities, it can’t violate the agreement with mortals, not because of the morality of Three Purities, but the power of the contract.

Changed to Dongfang Xianxia, and the contract rules were also broken away by the great magic power.

But in Western fantasy novels, no matter how powerful you are, no matter how humble others are, the contract you sign cannot be broken.

(end of this chapter)

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