I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 781


Chapter 781 The Secret Gathering of the Endless Family (I almost forgot, asking for a monthly pass at the end of the month, thank you!)

In the dream Above the kingdom, there is another dimension.

It is like the City of Silver and the bottom heaven to the kingdom of dreams.

It belongs to the endless family and is also the general center of the multi-dimensional Universe Principle sea.

There are seven brothers in the endless family, fate is the eldest, death is the second sister, Sandman is the third, and then there is the desire of the Old Fourth, the despair of the fifth, the destruction of the sixth, and the madness of the Seventh Sister.

Second sister is running around in the mortal world, every place where life is born.

Where life is born, there is life and death, she is death.

The Kingdom of Dreams is the domain of the Sandman, the Myriad Incarnations, who roam every corner of the universe where dreams are born, in various capacities.

The Sandman that Harry saw was a pale-skinned human because she was human. . .

If she were African, 80% of the time she would see a black Morpheus.

In Yebby’s eyes, the Sandman is a dog.

Old Fourth is lustful, the fifth is desperate and likes to run around, and the sixth is running away from home.

Only the boss, Fate, lives in the Garden of Fate for a long time.

In the garden of destiny, there are crossroads, crossroads, branches and branches, tangled and complicated. Almost every step you take, you have to make a choice.

And every choice determines the future path.

But no matter how many choices you make in life, looking back, there is only one straight road left behind.

Destiny walked in the garden of destiny holding a book thicker than a pillow.

In the eyes of outsiders, he only thinks that he is very familiar with the terrain in the garden, and he walks smoothly without hesitation.

In Destiny’s own eyes, he saw a lot.

He saw Halle wrestling with Belial and Beelzebub. It wasn’t a fight, she was like a living ball, struggling to roll in one direction, Belial and Beelzebub. Bu chased the ball and kicked.

But nothing happened to the ball, and the players began to get tired and started getting hurt in the counter-injury.

In the end, the three of them really fought together. Above the Atlantic Ocean, under the watch of countless Spiritual Gods, demons, extraordinary mages, and even seabed people and heroes, she punched one by one, Smash two Satan’s soul projections.

He also opened his mouth and sucked greedily, sucking all the remaining magic power into his belly.

“Hi–” The people watching nearby, sucked in a breath of cold air, were very uniform, so the sound was very loud.

“Heyβ€”” Destiny’s big brother also gently took a deep breath, “Harley Quinn, actually defeated the projection of the two Demon Kings.

Weird People, weird powers, weird growth rates, weird tempers, weird hobbys, weird fates”

He walked on and entered another person’s fate.

Destiny saw that Constantine’s past, present and future were uncertain. When he opened the book of destiny, he could only see the nodes of destiny.

Constantine gives his old friend Brendan the Heaven Helicopter Card, offends Satan, and

After a show with a gorgeous opening and a disgusting ending, Constantine survived.

Fate big brother stepped forward again, into Lucifer’s destiny, then he face changed, standing there for a long time.

And his this step, like flipping a switch.

The next moment, three shadows appeared in front.

Three gray robe women, holding thread, twist and dance like a dance.

“Greetings to you, the fate of the endless family,” said the old female voice.

“Greetings to you, the eldest son of time and night.” said the mature woman.

“Greetings to you,” said the girl with a clear and melodious voice.

“Bless you, the three gods of destiny. I don’t know why this visit happened?” Destiny asked.

“Why are you here? Fate asks us this question.” The old woman giggled.

“We must be here at this time,” the woman said.

“We’ve read your book, and your book is perfectly clear. It’s fate that we are here at this moment,” the girl said.

Fate laughed dumbly, “Yes, you should be here. Next, please speak your prophecy.”

“The straw that broke the camel came, the king Finally tired of the boring life that lasted for 10 billion years, he will give up his kingdom.” said the old woman.

“Life and death will fight endlessly, and the ancient fire of war will be ignited again.” The woman said.

“The origin of everything comes from you, your garden (ps).” The girl said.

Fate said solemnly: “Everything will not begin here.

Here is beyond the beginning, beyond cause and effect. There is only destiny here.”

“Well, that’s right.” The old woman looked thoughtful.

“Our role in destiny is complete,” the woman said.

“Perhaps, we can make a request.” The girl looked at fate.

“On the road of destiny, I don’t make a decision, I don’t choose a fork in the road.” Destiny refused.

“Listen to me, we have a common goal.” said the old woman.

“Your father, Time Sovereign, is also very dissatisfied with her. And the endless family, as the elder son, you are the most loved by your father. Wouldn’t you like to do something for his old man?” There is temptation in the woman’s voice.

“There is no need to do anything directly to Demoness Harley, just ‘pick the strings of fate’ at certain nodes and let her make seemingly correct choices to fail.

It’s very simple.

We tried it (ps).

You hold the Book of Destiny, and it will only be easier to do.” The girl persuaded softly.

For the first time in his life, Fate was hesitant, and the eyes under the hood of the robe glanced at the book in his arms – the “Book of Fate” of the dc universe.

After a long time, he shouted: “I don’t make a decision, I don’t choose a side road, but one day in the future, if you can find the right time and appear in front of me at the most appropriate time, it means that fate is like this, I will open the book of destiny to you.”

“Enough.” the old woman said joyfully.

“Thank you,” the woman said excitedly.

“it’s a deal.” The girl said with a smile.

Destiny returns to his palace and takes some time to calm down the turmoil caused by Destiny III’s visit by Goddess.

Then he looked up his book and understood what he had to do at the moment.

Fate came to the palace’s gallery with six oil paintings on the walls.

1st , a goth girl in a black dress.

“Younger sister, it’s me, the fate of the endless family depends on you.”

The person in the portrait blinked and walked out. In the original oil painting, a human figure appeared Whitespace.

“Hi, big brother, what’s the matter?”

The second sister is wearing a black sleeveless vest, black skinny jeans, banged hair, and gothic smoky makeup today. , very non-mainstream.

“Family meeting, you should dress formally.”

The second sister turned around and put on the gorgeous black dress in the oil painting.

“Murphys younger brother”

Fate goes from left to right, except for the fifth painting, he stopped in front of each painting, shouted, and jumped down a person.

Ten minutes later,

at a heptagonal table, the six brothers of the family were sitting in different postures, but they were all staring at small eyes.

“big brother, you talk!” the second sister asked suspiciously.

“Say what?”

“The reason for a family meeting,” Murphy said.

“wu” Destiny pondered for a moment, then said: “Earlier, Destiny Goddess came to my garden and made a prophecy and made a request.

Prophecy does not Obscure, I flipped through the Book of Destiny, and the pages described an unexpected encounter with three sisters who reminded me that something big was about to happen and what I should do next.”

Old Fourth, who is neither male nor female, said with a smile: “The infinite Earth crisis has just ended, whole world at peace, what major event can there be?”

Seventh Sister said frantically: “Constantine two days ago Did something crazy with Demoness Harley, is it possible that has something to do with them?”

“I am Fate, and I won’t reveal Fate’s information to deflect Fate.” Fate said.

The second sister rolled her eyes and asked, “What will cause the major event to happen?”

“The introduction to the major event is this meeting.” Destiny It is recorded in the Book of Destiny – After encountering the Goddess of Destiny III, I called you to hold a family meeting, the meeting ended, and the introduction that led to the major event occurred.

So, I called you here, You can’t leave until the meeting is over.”

“We just sit and chat with no purpose?” Morpheus frowned.

“That’s understandable.”

“Let’s talk, what are we talking about?” The second sister propped her chin up and blinked her eyes, not thinking.

The fifth one said in despair, “I just mentioned Demonness Halle, Third Brother, can you do me a favor and introduce me to her?”

“What are you doing?” Morpheus asked.

β€œI want to be like the second sister and accept her as a believer. She is very good at bringing despair to others, especially Supreme Existence.

Satan’s despair, Demon King’s despair, the universe The manager’s despair

Before she appeared, I had never tasted their desperation, and now I have tasted it, and it tasted great.” The fifth man said excitedly.

“I think, I can accept her as a believer too. She is a crazy spokesperson, my spokesperson.” Old Seven crouched crazily on the high-back chair, looking thoughtful.

“Father is looking for her, you lend her power, don’t you mean against father? You want her to take your power against father?” Fate said solemnly.

“Hey, I’m very excited to think of this possibility, and I’d like to accept her as a believer.” Old Fourth said eagerly with a smile.

β€œOld Fourth, if you dare to mess around, plan on Harry or the father, I will kill you.” Morpheus coldly said.

“Are you targeting me? The old five and seven are looking for Demoness to be their followers, why don’t you destroy them?” Desire said dissatisfied.

“They never wanted to kill a kin, you would, you’re crazier than craziness.” Morpheus said indifferently.

The fifth pouted wildly, somewhat dissatisfied with the standard Third Brother compares himself with.

Old Fourth Desire said with a smile: “I want you to kill your kin, kill my descendants, not me.

And, compared to you, I count What madness?

Third Brother, how many girlfriends did you kill recently? Or send whoever rejected you to hell?”

“What did you say?” Murphy Si paused every word, and a dazzling cross starlight flashed in his secluded eyes.

Desire was not afraid at all, and tilted his head, “Let me think, once in ancient Greece, when you were still the ‘Greek Lord God’, you fell in love with a man named ‘Calithel’. A little girl tsk tsk, it’s so sad, you have a wife.

However, compared to Nada, Carlisel has a perfect ending.”

“Shut up , don’t mention Nada, orβ€”” Morpheus stood up, posing for a punch.

Fate grabbed him, said with displeasure: “This is my palace.”

“I didn’t slander you.” Old Fourth’s expression became serious, “I am desire , so you should trust my judgment about her love for you.

She really loves you.

But you sent her to hell.

Just because she hurt your poor arrogance, you let her suffer for thousands of years in hell?”

Morpheus stood up suddenly, looked at the big brother and said, “This is your palace, But at least I can choose to leave. As for the purpose of the party, I don’t care.”

He turned and left.

“big brother?” The second sister looked worried towards fate, “Do you want to call him back?”

Fate groaned: “It’s not necessary, you can leave too, drastic changes The curtain has already been drawn.”

“Uh, shouldn’t it be to humiliate the third brother once, that’s the purpose of this gathering?” said the second sister in astonishment.

“.The king is about to abandon his kingdom. Younger sister, go back and prepare, you will be very, very busy.”

(ps: old woman said: crush the camel The last straw appeared, and the Royal General gave up his kingdom.

β€”β€”This is a prophecy that Lucifer would abandon hell and go to the world to open a bar. After being humiliated by Harry, Lucifer put the authority Divided into three, let Belize and Beelzebub become the new Satan, then he planned to run away.

Constantine gave him another heavy blow this time, making him a little autistic.

The woman said: “Life and death will fight endlessly, and the ancient fires will be ignited again.”

β€”β€”This is a prediction of the chaos of heaven and hell to come.

The girl said: “The origin of everything comes from you, your garden.

β€”β€”This is the fuse that hints at Lucifer’s escape, from the fateful family meeting.

ps2: No need to do anything directly to Demoness Harley, just ‘pick the strings of fate’ at certain nodes and let her make seemingly correct choices to fail. Very simple. We tried.

– Destiny Three Goddess was once humiliated by Harley, so they plotted against Harley once. When she took Superman to hell to engage in the third house, she escaped into the kingdom of dreams through a dream of a petty devil.

As a result, that little devil was ‘deserved by God’s favor’, ate the blood of Sangong, and obtained the “Position of the Great Emperor”, um, used the aptitude of becoming Archfiend.

Harry almost died in the dream vortex.

ps3: The reason why fate called the brother sisters to the meeting was actually for the Sandman-During the meeting, the Sandman was stimulated and decided to go to hell to save Nada’s soul , and then he and Harry This is also the reason why the three Goddess said before, “everything originated from this”.

Fate takes the script (Book of Fate) and walks the plot.)

(end of this chapter)

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