I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 783


Chapter 783 Nada’s Story

Now Harry understands why Morpheus would give Constantine a “reliable, affectionate and true good friend” review.

Constantine saves old friend Brendan with the Paradise Card, even at the cost of offending Satan.

The Sandman was surprised and moved by this.

But Harry knew about Constantine’s dark history and knew that he did his best to Richie, to Zed, to the little girl Astra.

Constantine is certainly not a useless, heinous villain.

But self-denial is definitely not his label.

Harry stared at him for a long time, “From what I know about you, you are arrogant and arrogant, and especially like to challenge the supreme authority to show that you are extraordinary.

When you see a ghost, you can’t help but sneer, and when you talk about God, you raise your middle finger…

When you meet Lucifer in Ireland, you are probably so excited that your brain is congested and you want to spit on him

So, you follow the trend, let yourself free yourself in the name of helping old friends, and secretly cool off a big one.

As for taking out the Heaven Helicopter Card, It is also because you are arrogant and arrogant, pointing your middle finger at God, spitting at Satan, you do not want to go to hell, and you are not interested in going to heaven to be God’s ‘Lamb’.

So, take this book as you go. Throwing out the heaven card, which is very valuable, but has little value in your heart, and use it as waste.”

“In your heart, I can’t be affectionate and true, and can’t knife piercing both sides for my friends? “Constantine has a hurt expression on his face. “It’s really chilling. We have been dating for more than ten years, but you have never understood me.”

“I often see you stab your friends twice. “

“I’ve explained about Richie countless times; Zed, I don’t have to choose, between human righteousness and personal love, it’s not a multiple-choice question. Except for the two of you, I’m sorry for my friends again. Case.” Constantine sighed.

“You didn’t pit me?” Halle said with a sneer: “You preached everywhere that you came down from the wall of origin, relying on my ‘power of God’, isn’t this a pit?


You asked me to help, saying that I drew a ‘listening sign’ on my hand, but what did you do? Let two Satan hunt me down for tens of thousands of miles.

And now, you Afraid of Satan’s retaliation, you simply moved your family to Gotham and created the illusion that I was protecting you, isn’t this not a pit?”

Constantine defended awkwardly: “I came down from the wall of origin, and You come down from the wall of origin, and the impact is completely different.

You have come down, and the world knows that you are blessed by God, even if there are more feats of ‘helping people get down from the wall of origin’, others I won’t, and I don’t dare to plan for you.

But I’m lonely, just a little Grandmaster. You are affectionate and true again, do me this little favor, it’s easier than bending over to tie your shoelaces, what does it matter?”

Harry said: “Of course it does. I have announced to the public that the origin of destruction is The wall is not intended, but is testing the way to save Asar teacher.

You said I saved you, but Asar teacher is still hanging on the wall, what do others think?”


Constantine almost didn’t need to think about it, and immediately said: “You don’t need to say anything, continue to speak frankly, deny that you have helped me, let me speak.

I will say that your technology is still good. Being immature, the price of saving a magician is completely different from saving a Spiritual God.

I am the liar, you have been telling the truth.”

Harry was speechless.

Constantine continued: “I have calculated the matter of listening to the talisman, trifling two Satan projections will not hurt you who can call Zhenglian heroes at any time.

Facts have proved that , you got them done by yourself.”

“By the way, how did you do it? Even if it’s just a projection, but they are Satan.” He wondered.

Harry indifferently said: “Did you not inquire about it afterwards? Many people saw it.”

“I inquired, and they all said that you consumed them alive, so Even more amazing. Why don’t you fight back with amber energy, but only with Life Source spells?”

— for experience, of course!

Even if the two Satans are just projections, the attack and defense are not as good as one-tenth of the main body, but the total amount of experience will not decrease.

Fighting from over London to Paris, to Jerusalem, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Gotham, the Atlantic

Almost a circle around Earth, a full increase Level 1 half experience.

From about 30% of Level 85 to 84% of Level 8, it seems that the “Superhuman Realm” of Level 90 is just around the corner.

“I was practicing the exercises, and at that time, I entered the state of dying metamorphosis again – the state of power greed. During the battle, I fell into the sudden enlightenment of the Life Source spell ‘Black Vortex of Thorns’, and the effect was very good.” Ha. Lidao.

She did activate the power greed – this dying transformation has been going on for nearly ten years!

The black vortex of thorns was indeed beaten by Belial and Beelzebub, and it was upgraded to Level 1.

The ‘Dark Vortex’ that absorbs and reflects damage – a jar of expertise experience, from level 0 to level 1 – the absorbed damage energy is enough to upgrade the level of the feat from level 0 to level 1.

Compared with the previous zero-to-zero level, it has doubled!

Because of that battle, Harley suddenly discovered one thing she had been neglecting during the cultivation processβ€”she seldom fought with evenly matched opponents for a long time.

The evenly matched here means that the enemy’s physical attack is exactly the same as her defense, which can make her heartbroken and maimed to death, but it will not really cause a fatal crisis.

Beelzebub and Belzebub are just mental projections, and their attack strength is about 90.

She has 85 defense points, plus the black vortex of thorns, just in time to meet a good talent.

Only matched can she be hearty, and a hearty battle can make her spirit sublime.

“Why is your defense so strong? You actually used two Satans to practice the exercises.” Bone, from bone to soul, see through everything.

Unfortunately, under the obstruction of many specialties, his perception magic has little effect.

“Most of the mages in the magic circle are frightened by you, and they are all exclaiming ‘When did Demoness Harley become so strong, she defeated Satan’s projection without relying on swindle, insidiousness and cunning’.

Halle, you’ve become a real boss.”

Zhakang’s tone was very complicated.

He is still walking the swindle way, but she has climbed to the top of the food chain, surpassing him and Zatanna whose innate talent far exceeds her.

“I’m Martial God,” Harry said simply.

Constantine looked at her for a while and said, “Finally, I didn’t come to Gotham to pull you into the water. Nick and Zatanna are looking for the Book of Magic, you know?

I decided to join their squad.

In addition to looking for the root of white magic, I also hope to exchange magical experiences with the two.

My magic realm is stagnant and encounters When it comes to bottleneck, to tell you the truth, the fact that you grind Satan’s projection to death has irritated me.

I can’t be behind you, at least not too far behind.

Nick used to follow Zha Seven or eight famous Grandmasters such as Tara, Mr. E, Sage of Orchi, and Sargon have studied with solid foundation, rich knowledge, and thoughts like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies.

Perhaps, I will Ask him to be the teacher.”

“I think your joining will make them both unlucky.” Harry said.

Constantine successfully became a member of Zatanna and Nick’s team, and Harry met them often when he led the ‘Paradise Mountain Exorcism Squad’ in New York State to subdue monsters and defeat demons.

It was like ‘cultivation – exorcism – punching – work’, after a while.

In the evening of early July, Morpheus the Sandman once again came to Quinn Manor.

“Harry, I’m here to say goodbye.” He said calmly, as if asking ‘how are you doing’.

Harry immediately heard something different, “Goodbye? What are you going to do?”

“Tonight, I will go to hell and ask Lucifer for Nada. My soul, maybe I’ll never come back.” Morpheus sighed.

“So much determination? They all came to me to say goodbye.” Harry was surprised.

“The last time we humiliated Lucifer, remember? I embarrassed him in front of millions of demons when I took the helmet.

He would never submit Nada’s soul is returned to me.

And I will not give up.

I must make amends for my past mistakes.

But in hell, I Not his opponent.”

Harry frowned, pressed the solar system with her fingers, and took a while to digest the information in his words.

“What made you change your mind, give up punishing Nada, and instead resolutely try to save her?

Last time you went to hell, Etrigan deliberately took you away On the winding mountain path, I saw Nada in the prison on the mountain wall.

Nada begged you for mercy and forgiveness, and you rejected her (ps: Chapter 555).”

Mo Feith lowered his eyes and said bitterly, “The Hentai Family held a secret meeting a few days ago, and I met several other sisters.

Desire has fiercely humiliated what happened to my former lovers. Me.

I was very angry at that time, if not for fate, I would.”

After a pause, he said helplessly: “I won’t kill it, but I will definitely kill it with my fist. Its mouth was crooked. Then death came to me and made me realize that I made a big mistake with Nada.

Now that I have discovered my mistake, I have to try to make up for it.”


“What did desire say?” Harry said curiously.

“It said I treated Nada like that, it was a jerk.”

“What’s the matter with you and Nada?”

Murphys looked up Glancing at the sky, he seemed to be staring at a certain star, then he turned back and lightly touched Harry’s forehead with the index finger of his right hand.

“This is the story of me and Nada.”

A very poignant love story.

10,000 years ago, the incarnation of the dream Sovereign, “Kaikun”, descended on a planet full of blacks.

It’s a planet that is going through the Mythological Era. all things have spirits, even birds have wisdom.

Nada is the queen of the richest and most civilized city-state on the planet. She is not only wise and martial, she is a rare prince in the world, and she is very beautiful, known as the most beautiful woman under the sun.

The Sandman with dark skin, thick lips, and looks a bit like LeBron James, saw her under the tower of her palace, and she also saw him while looking downβ€”probably Ximen Qingchu The bridge section of meeting Pan Jinlian.

However, the Sandman didn’t seduce the Black Queen.

He traveled all over the universe, and after he traveled, he went back.

But the queen fell in love with him.

She sent guards to look for him, but couldn’t find him.

She personally entered the forest, found the old god who looked like a big goose, the bird god, and asked about the trace of “LeBron”.

The birds are scattered, searching for her on the planet.

No one found.

But a little Weaver said that he had seen him, and then the bird god was shocked to find that ‘LeBron’ was the Sandman of the Endless Family.

He warns Nada that mortals cannot fall in love with members of the Endless House or they will suffer Heavenly Retribution.

Nada returns home in disgust.

The Weaver Bird quietly found Nada and told her that there is a Divine Tree on Supreme Sun Mountain, which bears flaming berries (probably Golden Crow in the form of strawberries, Sun Tree is Ancient Mulberry divine wood), food Seeing true love.

It also volunteered to help the queen with a flaming fruit, blackening its white feathers.

Since then, the descendants of weavers are all brown black.

The queen got the fruit and excitedly made a wish: On this land, no one will hurt the weaver bird again.

The moment she swallowed the fruit, Nada entered the kingdom of dreams, all the way to Morpheus’s palace, and saw the Sandman in the shape of LeBron.

(end of this chapter)

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