I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 784


Chapter 784 Let me protect you this time

When I saw ‘LeBron’ in the Sleeping Demon Palace, Nada was instantly taken Fear takes hold.

She can be regarded as an ancient ancestor like Mrs. Shangdu, and she has a unique talent for innate.

Innate spirituality has not subsided, can sense the number of days in the dark.

She fled in fright.

The Sandman who was teased, didn’t want to let her go.

He chased after her and asked her: Why did you find this place and why did you run away?

“I love you more than any man has ever received from a mortal woman, so I can’t help but chase here.

But I see you in person again , suddenly realized that you are not even the Spiritual God.

The Spiritual God will die one day, you will not…

You are a member of the endless family, and mortals cannot In love with the Infinity.

Or Heavenly Retribution will come, your Heavenly Retribution, my Heavenly Retribution, my clansman’s Heavenly Retribution.

So, I must leave.” Na Da burst into tears and said painfully but rationally.

The story begins to take a sharp turn here, from the poignant love between the primitive Spiritual God and the mortals, to the dog-blooded romance of the domineering president.

“I won’t!” ‘LeBron’ Sandman grabbed Nada’s shoulders, shook it hard, loudly said: “You can find me here, it means that you love me more than anything else. People.

Never have anyone loved me like you have.

Never have there been any women that I desperately want to have.

Nada, I want to marry you. Oh, sorry, give me two days to divorce Calliope, I have no relationship with her.”

He also held the Sandman III on his chest. “Dream Ruby”, one of the Divine Items, swears, “I will make you the queen of the dream world, and you will rule the dream kingdom with me.

I will turn you from mortal to Goddess, Eternal and Undying, stay with me forever.”

Seeing this, Harry had goosebumps and couldn’t take it anymore.

“No, it’s against destiny, it will destroy me, and it will destroy you.” Nada was frightened and ran away.

Oh, Nada can also do magic.

She turned into an antelope, but was hunted by “LeBron” turned into a hunter.

“I don’t care, my love for you is extraordinary.”

Nada was moved and rolled with him.

Well, this part was blocked by Morpheus, and Harry could only see the “camera” turned from night to early morning.

A large Fireball fell from the sky, burning Queen Nada’s city-state into a flat glass.

Nada then took advantage of “LeBron”‘s inattention, faced the ruined city, jumped from the top of the mountain, and fell into flesh.

This should have ended the story.

Even if Nada is self-defeating, she is not a believer of God and does not need to go to hell.

The Sandman is not a mortal, and it makes no difference to him whether the body is dead or not.

He was angry, thinking that this was the second time Nada had rejected his most sincere and total love.

“Nada, if you reject me three times, I will punish you with eternal pain. I will ask you for the last time if you would like to be my queen.”‘LeBron’ deduces the overbearing president to Extreme.

Nada, who has performed well from beginning to end, has no guarantees for the evening – like a romantic heroine, she falls into the arms of her lover.

“How can I be your queen? Because of me, my subjects and the city are reduced to ashes” She was very painful, very self-blame, and very desperate, shaking her head and said: “If I and you Together, today’s misfortune will only be the beginning, Lord of Dreams, forgive me, I love you, but I must reject you.”

Then, Lord of Dreams, sent her to hell.

10,000 years have passed

“You are the number one scumbag!” Harry commented bluntly.

The last time they met in hell, Nada’s tortured and withered soul begged Morpheus for forgiveness, and Morpheus justly refused.

At that time, Halle also guessed that it was the black girl Nada who put countless hats on him?

Otherwise, why are you so full of hatred?

“I’m too proud.” Morpheus whispered.

“No, it’s not pride, you don’t know love at all.”

Morpheus indifferently said: “I have had many lovers in my life. It’s true.”

Halle didn’t want to refute him at length, but instead asked the story, “If what you do to Nada is love, what is her love?

Didn’t you realize that your love for her is completely different from her love for you.”

“She clearly loves me, but she refuses to love me resolutely.” Murphy Stow.

Harry was speechless, “Love is just one of many human emotions, such as your endless family, dreams, death, desire, destiny, and despair. They are all part of human emotions.

She loves you, but she also loves her own people.

In addition to love, she also has reason and awe in her mind.

Her love is lively, Rich in life force, but your love is like.”

She was doubting whether Morpheus’s feelings for Nada could be considered love.

“You decide to go to hell to save her now, with the determination to die, even arrange affairs in the Dream Kingdom in advance, and say goodbye to old friends one by one?” Harry asked.

Murphys nodded.

Harry could only let out a long sigh, heartily agreeing with the ancient adage that “mortals must not fall in love with the endless clan”.

“What made you change your concept of ‘Nada is sorry for me and deserves punishment’?” she asked again.

“Death talked to me and she said that I had done a very unjust thing. I believed her and I decided to change my mistake.” Morpheus said.

Harry’s expression is tangled. This guy even insists on the concept of “Nada is guilty, I am a victim” until now, and it has just changed. It is not the cognition of love that has changed.

โ€”โ€”shit, I used to be friends with perverts all the time!

Can you say Morpheus is a scumbag, irresponsible bastard?

As the Lord of Dreams, he was even willing to give half of the kingdom to the mortal Nada.

Nada said Heavenly Retribution, doesn’t he know?

Obviously impossible too.

He insists on his own opinion, just because he doesn’t care about life and death–from the fact that he is now arranging the funeral and preparing to throw his life in hell, it can be seen that he takes life and death very lightly.

It can be said that Morpheus is affectionate

Even if it is his friend, Harry can’t believe his behavior is affectionate.

Nerves are about the same.

She began to feel fortunate that, apart from the concept of love that he should be reformed in the Arkham Asylum, Lao Mo was quite normal in other aspects.

Actually, Harley misunderstood Morpheus.

Morpheus is neither human nor god.

He is a dream.

And reason rarely exists in dreams.

Dream love is destined to be the most fiery, direct and extreme.

Every mortal who has been in a relationship has a certain momentโ€”after kissing a lover, or after confessing to his lover “I love you” and getting a “I love you too” reply– Dream, forever be with your lover, dream that you have everything in the world, and then give everything to your lover.

This state is commonly known as the top, or more elegantly, called ‘love brain’.

Mortals only enter this state for a short period of time.

For example, Nada.

She didn’t listen to the bird god’s warning, swallowed the flameberry brought by the weaver, and insisted on looking for “LeBron”.

When she sees Daoist and her sense returns, she is determined to give up this love.

In the end, Morpheus didn’t dislike her sharp stone breaking X, and moved, she went up again and got on with him.

Wait for Heavenly Retribution to come, she regained her senses, and ended this bad relationship with suicide.

Nada is a normal person.

Murphys is a dream, and has been far from reason in love, and continues to be in the top.

It has lasted for more than 10,000 years and continues to the present.

Harry can understand Nada’s bosses from time to time, because men and women in love are very impulsive, and it is not surprising to do anything under impulsiveness.

Harry couldn’t understand Morpheus, and felt that he was a big pervert in love, just because she didn’t understand “dream” love, where rationality was scarce, and the top was a normal state.

If she can understand “Morpheus is a dream”, she will feel that his performance is normal, at least more normal than the “Three Lives Three Worlds” that she has seen in her previous life.

Morpheus is a dream, so his love fits the characteristics of a dream.

The fox spirit in Sansheng III. The characteristics of a fox should be cunning, beauty, romance, and arroganceโ€”this concept may not be right, but the fox spirit always has a unique characteristic that belongs to the fox spirit.

Then the fox spirit should also show his characteristics in love like “Dream Spirit” Morpheus.

Instead of replacing the fox spirits with stone spirits, white rabbit spirits, and tree spirits, it does not affect the plot at all – the mode of love is exactly the same as that of mortals.

“I’m leaving, Harry, take care!” Morpheus stepped forward and gently hugged Harry’s shoulder, took a few steps back, and was about to leave.

Harry raised her right hand and tickled it lightly, signaling him to come closer.

“Do you have any questions?” Morpheus asked in confusion.

“Do you dream?” she asked softly.

Morpheus gave her a strange look, “I am the dream.”

“You are the embodiment of the dream, the embodiment of a man.”

” I have never dreamed, I only observe other people’s dreams.” Morpheus said hesitantly.

“Can you dream?” Harry asked.

โ€œShould be able to.โ€

โ€œYou are the Sovereign of dreams, can you let yourself dream in front of me while you are awake?โ€

โ€œ What do you want to do?” Morpheus frowned.

“You try,” Harry insisted.

Morpheus closed his eyes and opened them again.

“shua โ€”โ€”” Harley’s short t-shirt turned into a robe with flames and shadows floating on the surface. The robe wrapped her body and disappeared in front of the Sandman.

He startled slightly, and said in surprise: “You ran into my dream? What is this for?”

Harry looked around, she was standing at the moment “Nana” on the border of the Gobi Desert.

“Old Mo, do you think I will watch you die and do nothing?”

Morpheus deserted for a moment: you used to call Am I ‘Murphys Boss’ or ‘Ink Old Brother’, do I become ‘Paradise War God’, and when my status is high, I change to “Old Mo”? Will it be changed to “Little Mo” in the future?

“You’re going to hell with me?”

“Well, let’s discuss a strategy.”

“But, I may die myself, Nothing to protect you.” Morpheus frowned.

“It’s because you might die that I’m here to protect you.”

“Protect me?” Morpheus was stunned.

This is a concept that has never been seen before.

He was never protected, and no one said to protect him.

“I have God descended to earth and can resist Lucifer’s magic; I have a ‘little tail’ given by Little Black Bean, which can be burned if necessary, leveraging the authority of hell, breaking the blockade of hell, and fighting for a momentary chance to escape.

You are also a supreme, with these two points of assistance, it must be no problem to save your life, right?”

“Harry, thank you!” Morpheus said with a complicated look .

(end of this chapter)

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