I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 785


Chapter 785 Listening to Lucifer Speak From My Heart

When not in love, Sandman is more reliable.

When he made the decision to go to hell to redeem Nada’s soul, it wasn’t a spur of the moment.

Well, the decision did seem to be made on impulse – Desire mocked After he and the second sister bluntly stated that he did something wrong, Morpheus seemed to have no brains and immediately decided to save Nada.

But there is a long period of time between the decision and the official departure.

He is not like the domineering president on TV, listening to the wind is rain, and when he has emotions, he has to vent his emotions.

It took several days for the Sandman to gather the vassals of the Dream Kingdom and make corresponding arrangements according to the three results of the trip to hell.

A result, everyone is happy, he returns safely with Nada’s soul, and the kingdom does not need to make any changes.

The second result was relatively poor, he was torn apart by Lucifer, a new Sandman was born, and the subjects obediently and honestly obeyed him and it didn’t matter if he was disobedient, the new Sandman’s authority was as great as his, and could be easily overwhelmed Rebellious minister.

Third Type Result – He was imprisoned by Lucifer, the worst possible scenario. . .

In response to this possibility, Morpheus made a lot of arrangements to ensure that the chaos of the Dream Kingdom when he was imprisoned by mortals last time would not happen again.

After the vassals left, Morpheus left the court vassals and confessed them secretly before leaving the palace to say goodbye to his brother sisters, and finally to his friends.

On Earth, the Sandman is just two mortal friends, an Englishman who was blessed by his second sister and immortality hundreds of years ago.

He and the Sandman meet once in a hundred years.

But that doesn’t mean Morpheus has a small social circle.

The Morpheus Harry saw was just Earth ‘Morpheus’, not the Sandman.

No one can see the “dream” in its entirety.

Because in addition to Earth people dreaming, aliens also dream, cats and dogs and other animals can also dream.

Why did the fire star hunters kneel down and salute when they saw the Sandman last time at the “War God Banquet”?

Because fire star civilization also has sandman.

The reason why Nada has a relationship with Morpheus is that there is also a Sandman in Nada’s civilization?

There are as many Sandman Avatars as there are races.

There are countless races in the universe, and the Sandman must have many friends.

He said goodbye to them one after another and received many blessings.

Only in Harley, he did not receive blessings, only a helping hand.

β€”β€”Maybe, this time, I can survive?

Morpheus thought mixedly.

After hesitating for a moment, he still maintained his dream while jumping into the kingdom of dreams, flickering rapidly in each dream.

“Found it.”

In the dream of an old French woman who was playing in her grandfather’s wine cellar as a child, the Sandman suddenly appeared and pulled a bottle of wine from the cupboard.

“What is this?” Harry asked in confusion.

She couldn’t see the scene outside, but could read some of the thoughts he passed on to her.

“In the Lafite Manor in 1828, there is not a bottle of Earth left, only in the dreams of some old people, I can barely find some. In a few years, no one will even dream of it. ,” Murphys said indifferently.

The next moment, he jumped into another dream.

An English lord with a beard is helping a lady fix a computer.

“shit, the Queen of England?” Harry didn’t recognize the person because the other person was decades younger.

But the man called her Your Majesty, and the scene in the dream was a full-scale copy of Buckingham Palace.

“Hi, Hob.” Morpheus greeted Lord Bearded.

“Oh, my God, Morpheus? You.” Lord Beard looked down at the wine bottle he was holding, and wondered, “Did you come early?

It’s the restart of the world, which affects my memory.

We see each other once in a hundred years. Ten years ago, we just met.”

The person in the Buckingham Palace study beside him The scene quickly blurs in white light, leaving him and Morpheus alone.

His dream is awake, and the scene in the dream is disappearing, although he is still in the dream.

“Well, you are in a dream, and your memory is normal.”

Morpheus smiled rarely, a glass appeared out of thin air in his left hand, right hand wine The bottle cork bounced off itself with a bang.

“What’s today’s special day? Your birthday?” Lord Hobb wondered.

Morpheus handed over the glass and said, “Only those who are born have a birthday.”

“What do you mean?”

“Today is not my birthday, but it may be my memorial day. That was before, now. I had planned to come to say goodbye to you before, but now there are variables, I am still here.”

“Before, Now you’re confusing me.” The bearded man said confused.

“I’m going on a trip, let’s have a drink.”

“It tastes really good.” Hob smacked his mouth.

“The rest is for you.” Morpheus handed the bottle over.

“Oh, thank you, although it’s just a dream.”

Morpheus’s silhouette disappears, and there is an extra bottle of red wine at the bedside of the bedroom of a mansion in London. I drank half.

“You don’t need to say goodbye to them anymore,” said Harry.

“Lucifer will never hand over Nada’s soul easily, you know this better than me.” Morpheus sighed softly.

Harry does know that the last time he humiliated Lao Lu in front of several millions of demons, Lao Lu will not be humiliated without resistance for the second time even though Lao Lu seems to have been humiliated a lot in recent years .

“You and I cooperate, everything is safe,” she said.

“But Nada’s soul is in Lucifer’s hands, and he has the absolute initiative.” After a pause, he said seriously: “Harry, I won’t let you die.”

“I’m not moved at all by that. If you really want to thank me, when we’re alive to bring Nada’s soul out of hell, you’ll give me a bottle too. No, I’m going to fill the cellar with the 1828 Rafi.”

“Okay, no need to visit other friends, we will wait for Kane to come back after the final arrangements are made.”

Kane is the right man in the Kingdom of Dreams. hidden.

He was sent to hell by Morpheus as a messenger.


At this moment, under the blood-red red clouds in the depths of hell, Kane’s tragic howl resounded through the sky.

Lucifer spread his wings and soared, the black wings of the fallen angel fluttered gently, and his figure was like an arrow, on the land of lava, fire, smoke, ice, howling undead, and demons. crossed.

His right hand grabbed Kane’s hair and carried him through the sky.

“Look, see? This is hell, what do you think of when you see them? Millions of demons, countless mortal souls, can you find any joy?”

“Ahhhh, spare me!” Kane struggled and burst into tears, “I’m just a messenger.”

Lucifer glanced down boringly, “Why not? Can’t keep up with my train of thought?”

“Pain, struggle, despair. That’s all I see, no joy,” Kane cried.

“That’s all?” Lucifer was dissatisfied, and continued to lift his hair, turning twice in hell, from the First Layer to the Ninth Layer.

“I also saw that the things here are tediously repeated over and over again.”

“And what else?” Lucifer asked.

“And.” Kane thought quickly and thought hard, “Your Majesty, can you stop, I’m dizzy and my whole body hurts.”

“You know Snowti sect , right, they read the Gospels of Judas and believe that I created heaven and hell. They also worship you, thinking that salvation can only be achieved by releasing your heart’s desires like you.”

“The ‘Cain’ ‘It’s not me, I’m a dream creature, as harmless as the Easter Bunny.” Kane said aggrieved.

“You are such a boring guy.” The little interest in Lucifer’s eyes disappeared for the most part.

“I’m giving you a hint, don’t you understand? The ratio of Snotics to hell is not higher than other sects.”

“I can’t see it Come.” Kane said with a cry.

“Look with your heart, you are Cain, you can feel the cry of the believers.”

“I can’t feel it, I am not Cain.” Cain shouted.

“Have you killed your brother?”

“I can’t help but kill every day, sometimes three times a day.” Kane said.

“So, you are Cain, the existence they believe in.”

Kane tried to relax, and slowly, he heard a faint shout.

“Ah, I heard, Your Majesty, you’re right, the Fallen of Snowsect is calling me.” He exclaimed in surprise, then wondered, “But what’s the use of it? ?”

Lucifer landed on a desolate hill, threw Kane aside, looked up at the sky and said, “There is no happiness here, only the same pain and despair.

There is no faith here either, there are more Christians than mortals, and fewer extremist cults of Snowti.

There is no hope here, for a being who is above us , we don’t even have a say.

There are only boundless bonds here.”

He turned and asked, “Your master has humiliated us in public, and we swear we must destroy him, Do you know?”

Kane murmured: “There are rumors, not sure. Rumors are often exaggerated and not true.”

Lucifer turned his head and continued to look into the distance. The cloudy dark red, low and depressed sky, “I can tear him to pieces with no difficulty.”

“Your mighty Supreme, my master himself admits, under God, you are the greatest.”

This time, Kane was sincere and firm.

Because Morpheus really told him, in front of all the ministers of the dream kingdom, he said frankly: God is the first, the old road is the second, he is not his opponent at all, and it is very likely that he will never return. .

That’s why he arranged the funeral in advance.

“But I can only watch him leave proudly.” Lucifer sighed softly.

“You have an open mind,” Kane complimented.

“hehe .” Lucifer sneered, “Why did I fall from heaven to hell?”

“You’re proud” Kane’s complexion changed slightly, and he couldn’t go on.

Lucifer has the most proud heart, and can’t even stand the “humiliation” of kneeling to Holy Son, which shows how small his heart is.

His Sandman protagonist humiliated him, and that humiliation was definitely ten times, a hundred times stronger than kneeling down to Holy Son.

“Yes, I am a proud person, but my pride has been pierced by you.” Lucifer’s eyes flickered with cold light, gnashing teeth said: “Now, he is again Here, I want to stab again.”

Kane didn’t dare to look up, his body shivered under the gloom, depression, anger and many other substantive emotions emanating from him.

Lucifer looked into the distance, his face became more confused, and he whispered softly: “Now, do you still think ‘governing hell is better than serving heaven’ (ps)?”

Lao Lu has ups and downs, his mood swings violently, he fails to control his imposing manner, and the “brother killer” on the side is on the verge of collapse in fear.

“For sure, Lucifer Your Majesty, you’re right.” He slumped on the hill, covering his face and choking.

β€œMilton wrote in ‘The Lost Garden’ that ‘Lucifer betrayed God and then proudly declared – would rather be king in hell than slave in heaven’.

But Demoness Halle also wrote in her ‘Halley Genesis Book’ that ‘all the angels in heaven call her ‘father’, and they will give her 100 bangs when they meet’.”

“This” Kane was confused, “Demoness Harley wrote it nonsense.”

“Then why do you all believe Milton’s nonsense? I didn’t say anything at all, I didn’t say anything.”

(ps: It’s better to be a Ghost King than a servant of God, it’s the old saying in “Lost Garden”.

So Cain said ‘what you said is right’β€” β€” ‘What you said’ was the phrase “I’d rather be Ghost King.”

But in fact “Lost Garden” was written by mortal author Milton, and it was a story, not an interview with Lucifer.

Lucifer denied it, he never said it.)

(end of chapter)


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