I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 786


Chapter 786 Hell is Empty

“Milton is an Old Blind without eyes, a hell scene you can easily see, He can’t see it. He can’t feel what you can feel.

No one’s talking to him about what you’re hearing now.

He’s just talking to himself. Talking to yourself, imitating my image and thoughts with the brain of a mortal – extremely clumsy!”

Kane said: “But his ‘Lucifer Your Majesty’ is very in line with your temperament, proud unyielding, brave and fearless, not afraid of power”

Lucifer turned his head and shouted fiercely at him, “Lao Tzu launched a charge against the LORD, but was slapped and fainted, and he didn’t even say ‘ah’. Issued.

Wake up and be suppressed in hell, how can there be a chance to shout ‘I would rather be the king of hell than the slave of heaven’?

Who do you think the old bastard of God is , and give you a chance to shout?

You give me a try, and if you can, I will call you ‘Dad’!”

It’s true that Harry is here. “Okay, dear son” will be called.

But Kane just looked at him and saw only his eyes, and he was dizzy and breathless.

It is also a good thing that he has already collapsed on the ground, so there is no need to fall again at this time.

“hmph!” Lucifer coldly snorted, turned his head and continued looking towards the distance, “Go back and tell your master, I have received the news of his upcoming visit… I will wait for him, and Welcome him with the greatest enthusiasm, get out!”

Kane’s brain was dizzy, he lost consciousness in a daze, and his body was like a bubble in the sun, slowly disappearing into hell.

Lucifer leaped and spread his wings, and the voice came to the ears of all the demons and undead in hell: “Listen, whether you are a demon or a fallen soul, I am the one who is speaking to you. , Lucifer, the first Fallen.

Ten billion years ago, I first came to this place with a group of First Fallen, and we turned the dark fallen land into ‘hell’.


Since then, you have come here either voluntarily or by force.

For 10 billion years, nothing has changed.

But I always wanted to change that.

I spent a thousand years thinking, why can’t I have another choice?

Is it a choice to be King of Hell rather than a servant of heaven?


Why are there only these two options, and why are the two options of trifling imposed on us?”

“Lucifer, what are you talking about, what are you trying to do?” a few demon dao Shadow appeared in front of Him and asked inexplicably.

Lucifer glanced at them and continued to sound transmission all hell: “You don’t understand what I want, what I want to do, it doesn’t matter, you can see what I’m going to do right away.”


Then, He gave a loud command: “In the name of Lucifer Morningstar, all the demons and Evil Spirits of hell, get out of hell!”

“You are crazy!” Bu surprised and angry yelled.

“Lucifer, you’re just one of Satan.” Belial reminded ugly complexion.

Lucifer noded said with a smile: “You can resist, as long as you are not afraid of death.”

“Boss Lucifer, at night, I’m just going to hold a party of blood and lust. What do you want to do, please explain a little bit, okay?” Neilong wondered.

Lucifer glanced at the Demon Kings and said: “Morpheus is going to visit hell again, and he asks to give freedom to his lover Nada.”

“Death to him.” The Demon Kings said angrily.

“Killing him is not enough to satisfy me.” Lucifer shook his head lightly, golden pupils flashing with determination, “and the symptoms are not cured.”

“Why not The root cause? Even if the Sandman can be reborn, he will no longer be the same as before.” The Queen of Charm said.

“I’m not talking about Morpheus, but this life now.”

“What’s wrong with life now?”

Scanning the crowd Demon King looked puzzled, Lucifer waved his hand and said, “Get out!”

Beelzebub angrily said, “If you don’t make it clear, we won’tβ€””


Lucifer slapped his hand impatiently, and the Demon King intuitively felt like a nuclear bomb exploded in front of him, and when a piece of while light hit, he lost consciousness.

Waking up again, they saw mountains of demons and undead.

They, like them, are like rubbish heaps at the gates of hell.

Believe cried out in disbelief: “Lucifer really drove us out of hell?! I have Satan’s authority, but there’s no resistance”

Inner dragon looked up and down. Fan, surprised and confused, “We are really leaving hell, and the shackles that bind the Demon King are gone.” “We must unite to stop Lucifer from going mad.”

He roared towards the sky, “Lucifer, you say-“

“Go away~~~ Click~~~~” Lucifer’s roar sounded from the depths of hell, and the sound reached the gate of hell, causing a violent storm, blowing the group of demons like leaves into the vast spiritual hell.

“Fakeβ€”” Demon King only had time to let out a snarl.

In a moment, the whole hell is quiet and clean.

On the other side, Harry, who was hiding in Morpheus’s dream, followed him back to the world.

At the home of a single mother who had just given birth, he showed himself, put something into the baby boy’s forehead, and left while the mother cursed.

“Whose child is that baby?” Harry wondered, “Is it an illusion? His breath is very similar to yours, and they conflict with each other.

It seems to be a person. The conflict between the two made me feel an ominous feeling in my heart, as if he could threaten you.”

Morpheus was also surprised by her reaction, “Your perception is so sharp, he was my choice. If I die, Daniel will be the new Sandman, the new Sovereign of dreams.”

Harry frowned: “Why is he? His mother seems to hate you very much, saying that you killed the child’s father .”

“During the period when I was trapped in the mortal array, the four vassals fled the kingdom of dreams and caused a lot of trouble in the mortal world. Two vassals hid in Jed in order to escape capture.

Remember Rose and Unity? vortex, the heart of dreams.”

Halle nodded and said: “Your younger brother’s desire strengthened the sleeping Unity. , let her give birth to the bloodline of the endless family, and want you to kill Rose and kill your relatives.”

The Sandman sighed softly: “Jed is Rose’s younger brother, who is also the youngest brother of Rose. The grandson of Desire, he has a special innate talent.

My vassals Brut and Glob built their nest in Jed’s dream and sent him to earn government-government A host family for the purpose of subsidies.

Jed was severely beaten and abused by his adoptive parents, locked in the basement never seen the daylight, his mind was gradually closed, and his dreams were separated from the kingdom of dreams.

In this way, Brut and Graub can hide their whereabouts.

In fact, they created a small dream kingdom in Jed’s consciousness, and they also found an undead, He was brainwashed into a ‘Sandman’.

Daniel is his son, the false kingdom of dreams, the son of the false Sandman.”

Harry was puzzled: “The false Sandman Just a son, what’s so special?”

Morpheus said: “Daniel’s father is an undead, and his mother is a human being. The two parents lived in the dream kingdom in Jed’s mind for several years. Daniel was born in it.

The dead and the living give birth to the child of the dream in the dream, such a thing has never happened.

Once it happens, it represents the destiny.”

Harley said seriously: “Old Mo, I don’t care what destiny, I only recognize you as a friend, you are the Sandman, don’t arrange the funeral indiscriminately.”

Morpheus sighed With a sound, “This trip to hell is for my own personal affairs. But I also have a responsibility and must guarantee the dream. The kingdom functions normally in any situation. “

“You’re too pessimistic, I never joke about my life.” “Harry said.

“Be prepared. “

After arranging the funeral, Sandman returned to his palace and found that Cain had returned.

“Kane, what’s the matter with you?” “Murphys wondered.

Cain was in a very bad state at this time, sitting on the floor, covering his face and sobbing in a low voice.

“Lucifer agreed to your visit.” Begging, and talking to me a lot, but all I have is fear, and I can’t remember anything. “

“Ai, my poor servant, you have completed your mission, rest.” “

Morpheus patted his head, took a step back, entered the teleportation tunnel, left the kingdom of dreams, and in a few minutes, came to the Hell Sect.

He was done In order to face the locked iron gate, and prepare for the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses behind it.

But he came to an open gate.

β€œSomething’s wrong. . “he thought in the heart.

Hell was dead, pure dead, nothing.

He passed through layers of hell, came to Ninth Layer, came to Before the grotto where Nada was held

Nada was gone, the spirits of demons and the dead were disappeared.

“Lucifer! “Murphys’ voice pierced all directions.

“Hahaha, Morpheus, are you in a hurry?” You are confused by the accident in front of you, you are not knowing what to do, you are anxious, hahaha.” The sky darkened, and Lucifer, who spread his huge wings, flew over with a big smile, looking very happy.

“Where is Nada? what have you done? “Murphys coldly said.

“Who cares about your nada?” “Lucifer both hands crossed near chest, proudly said with a smile: “Today I handed in my resignation letter to the old God, and I quit.” “

“What? “Harry in the dream, Morpheus in hell, all screamed in confusion.

Murphys quickly came back to his senses, and said vigilantly: “What tricks are you playing? I just want Nada, and if my wishes are granted, I swear, I will be grateful. “

“Am I not clear enough?” I have emptied the whole hell, and your nada is among the undead being swept away. You regard her as a treasure, but I don’t bother to look at her. “Lucifer said with a smile.

“Why? You are the king of hell, how can a king destroy his realm? How could the lord of hell give up the eternal battle with heaven? Morpheus was shocked.

The smile on Lucifer’s face disappeared, “The Lord of Hell only does what he wants to do. If he can’t do it, what’s the point of the Lord of Hell?” “

Morpheus was stunned, “What do you want to do? “

Lucifer raised his right hand and clenched his palm into a fist, “I want to be reckless when Demoness Harley humiliates me, ignoring the rules and constraints, crushing Earth with one punch and pinching her little head into meat puree. “

Harry, who was hiding in the Sandman’s dream, shrank her neck.

Lucifer laughed happily, “I want to slap the hell out of your ‘dream’ when you threaten hell.” You chew it and swallow it in your belly, digest it as feces and expel it.

I want to wring Constantine’s head off when he deceives me with holy water, lift his legs upside down, drain the blood from his body, and put the blood together with his cunning and dirty soul to drink together.

I imagine that now, when you dare to come to hell to humiliate me again, you will not be able to eat and go. “

β€”β€”It’s over, Lucifer has turned black, no longer obeys the rules, and can’t afford to offend at all.

Harry wailed in her heart.

(End of this chapter)

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