I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 791


Chapter 791 Odin’s Ambition

Loki squeezes out a twisted sneer on his pitted, tattered cheeks eroded by venom , “What else can we talk about?”

“We are blood brothers, and I can only rely on you for some things.” Odin said.

“Hehe, yes, we were brothers, when we mixed our blood and swore together before the bones of Ymir the giant–brother always together, and never for mead alone.


Why don’t you come over and lie down side by side with me for two days?

Our brother has wine to share, and we have to share difficulties!” Loki sneered.

“Loki, father of giant wolf, god of tricks, you should understand why you were treated like this – you killed my son Baldr.

If only this A little personal vendetta, I have long forgiven you based on the friendship between our two brothers for many years.

But you are not only my enemy.

If you are free, you will be good to all of us.

Sa Divine Race will be a threat…” Odin sighed.

Loki’s bloody eyes that lost his eyelids widened, and he cursed: “Shit, if I could threaten you guys, how could it end so tragically?

By myself My son’s intestines are bound up in this all black, no daylight underground cave.

Every moment the poisonous snake’s venom falls, eroding my flesh, melting my strength, making me sick and weak It’s unbearable.

This state has lasted for thousands of years.”

Odin’s one-eyed flashed a dark look, and said bitterly: “I don’t want to, but I will lock you up. When entering this cave, the fate of Asa Divine Race is written into the prophecy.

The prophecy says that Loki will be imprisoned until the Ragnarok, and that day you will break the Bind, fight Heimdall to the death, and both die.

Then, the winter of Fenbull will come, the entire world will be frozen, giant wolves will devour the sun and moon, and giants will ride in Great ship, waging a final war against the gods”

“I don’t want you to die, and I don’t want the Asa Divine Race to disappear into cataclysm. So, I lock you in a cave under the Immortal Palace and let The poison of the poisonous snake keeps you weak.

As long as you are weak, you can’t break free.

You can’t break free, and All Gods turn to Dusk won’t trigger.”

Loki snort disdainfully, said: “Asgard has been integrated into the ‘heaven’, the power of the gods has faded from the world, the sun and the moon no longer even belong to the gods, do you still think this prophecy Is it true?”

“Why not true?” Odin frowned: “You are the smartest, most cunning, most vicious of our pantheon and the only one who can rival Demonness Halle in terms of deceit God, why don’t you understand the truth of ‘Destiny is set and cannot be changed’?

Even if you don’t believe the revelation I got in the World Tree, but Goddess of fate also said the same thing, the gods hear the prophecy I feel, why is your acuity so poor?”

“ao wu!!” As if stimulated by something, Loki struggled to lift his body and let out an angry roar, “Odin , you humiliated me so much!”

“What am I humiliating you for?” Odin unfathomable mystery.

“You’re implying that I’m not as cunning and vicious as Demoness Harley. I understand that in the years I’ve been imprisoned, you’ve been living so well, you’ve forgotten the life that I messed up, the life I made fun of Life.” Rocky gnashing teeth.

“This.” Odin touched his nose, didn’t expect Old Brother to struggle with this.

He hesitated and said: “Loki, you are still the god of lies and tricks. No one robs you of this priesthood. Demoness Harley is the War God of heaven. But.”

After a pause, the one-eyed Divine King considered his words in his heart and said, “You deceived the youth Goddess Yistool, you cut off Thor’s wife Sif’s blonde hair, and you killed my eldest son Bader

Your achievements are limited to our Asa pantheon, so you might as well hate the multiverse.

You are so wicked, you might as well kill gods like Demons.

She killed three Palace!

She pitted Demon King Mammon together with countless Divine Kings and Demon Kings on the origin wall, and she deceived the anti-monitor half of the multiverse energy.

She also Played ghosts and anti-monitors in the land of the origin of time, and in the restart, offended all the gods and demons in the universe that can be offended.

She even spared her own people from the heavenly gods, Gabriel, Ghost, Uriel, Raphael”

Loki opened his mouth wide, but he couldn’t say a word to refute.

Odin patted him on the shoulder, comforted: “Old Brother, there are talented people from all over the world, please be careful.

You are just a trickster, but she is a trickster. A life-threatening lunaticโ€”playing with other peopleโ€™s lives, as well as your own.

You are nine points shrewd and one point treacherous, sheโ€™s nine points crazy, nine points treacherous, nine points vicious, nine pointsโ€” “

Loki interrupted him coldly, and said, “You are frightened by her, you will not even count, so many nine points, is the total score 100?”

Odin seriously nodded, saying: “Yes, you are only ten points, but she is a hundred percent.

No way, Demonness Harley is so crazy, treacherous, powerful, vicious, greedy, smart, and bold. , rational and calm, outstanding innate talent, someone above, destiny.

All nine points, a total of 99 points!

Minus one point, I am not afraid of her pride, she is crazy early I am so proud that my eyes can only see the sky.

Subtract one point from each item, so as not to hurt you and hurt our morale.”

“You are so crazy. , come here and say something like this to me?” Loki said with wide eyes.

“I just want to help you who are out of touch with the times and reintegrate into this world.” Odin said.

“Integrating into this world?” Loki’s expression moved slightly, and he said in a trembling voice: “You want to set me free?”

Odin gently nodded, and said excitedly: “I finally See the hope of solving the All Gods turn to Dusk. As long as it doesn’t happen again, you, who triggered the cataclysm in the prophecy, naturally don’t have to be imprisoned here.”

“You didn’t mean All Gods turn to Dusk. Is my destiny unchangeable?” Loki wondered.

“Well, Immortal Palace and Asgard, and even the whole of the sky may not be destroyed, but it is not possible, but we Asa Divine Race can be preserved.”

Odin excitedly said: “We can leave Immortal Palace, leave Asgard, leave heaven-“

“Without the strong and warm fortress, how does the king cope with the cold winter and cruelty Enemy?

To Earth? That place is more dangerous than Heaven.

Earth is the bridgehead of Heaven, Heaven hides behind Earth, and disaster comes first to Earth!” Loki sneered .

“You’re not stupid, you understand the truth.” Odin looked thoughtful, this sworn brother probably pretended to be confused and understood and believed the fate of All Gods turn to Dusk.

“Let’s go to Lucifer’s hell!” He said solemnly.

“What?” Loki was stunned for a moment, then he looked up to the sky and laughed, “hahahahaha! Poor old Odin, who has become so old and demented, dares to touch Lucifer’s beard.

Or, did you forget the hunt that year? Would you like me to help you recall it?”

The excitement on Odin’s face was quickly replaced by gloom, and his one eye flashed. Overwhelmed with fear and fear.

How could He forget?

Now the eight Divine Domains are very peaceful, except for the fateful battle between the new god and the two brothers of Darkseid, there is almost no war.

But the history of mankind is a history of war, and so is the history of Spiritual God.

Billions of years ago, the various planes of Lingbo Hell and many Divine Domains were more turbulent than the mortal kingdoms.

Odin once learned about the vastness and magic of hell, and led the Divine Weapon generals to rush to kill them, preparing to occupy the bridgehead first, just like dealing with frost giants, dwarves, elves and other divine races. Gradually nibble, and finally add a pearl called ‘Hell Sovereign’ to the crown.

He thought: that is the pearl of the second only to ‘King of Heaven’.

On the way, they met Lucifer.

Lucifer was alone, like walking outside, not even wearing armor.

Asa Divine King is planning to conquer hell. Naturally, he knows that the boss of hell is Lucifer, but Odin can’t see the depth of the other party.

Odin has never had anything to do with stupidity.

On the contrary, he has drank from the fountain of wisdom, and is wiser than Loki, who seems to be shrewd but has a lack of political IQ.

He raised his hand to stop his team and walked to Lucifer with a heroic expression, while speaking was accompanied by bursts of laughter that represented rudeness and simplicity.

He said that he was taking people out to hunt. He heard that there are many powerful beasts in hell (ancient demons and demons that are not fallen angels), so he planned to try it.

He also treats Lucifer as the most honored guest, sharing mead and food, giving him a gorgeous Divine Item bow and arrow, and inviting him to join the hunting party – the ancient Spiritual God room, with guest rights Tradition.

The guest rights in “Song of Ice and Fire” come from reality, from ancient Europe.

Among the European gods, there are also rules that the host must not harm the guests, and the guests must not harm the host who entertains them.

Odin is very smart, and now he can’t see Lucifer’s strength, but as long as he joins the hunting team, he must have a battle, a battle with ferocious prey.

It was then that He could see the depths of Lucifer.

If Lucifer looks mysterious, but in fact it’s nothing, Odin Divine King doesn’t mind killing his guests by mistake.

At worst Three penalties afterwards.

If Lucifer showed stronger strength than him, Odin Divine King would continue to laugh honestly and rudely, continue to serve mead and barbecue, and then really treat Lucifer as a guest and form a good relationship .

As for taking hell, well, He just came out to hunt today.

I don’t know if Lucifer saw his cunning thoughts, and said simply: “I’m so old, I haven’t hunted like you did.

Thank you. , I joined.

However, hunting in hell is boring, any beasts in your mouth are not worthy of my weapons.

Why don’t we go hunting for gods.”

“Hunting God?” Odin’s expression froze.

Lucifer smiled gently, looked at him and said: “Well, you should be familiar with Spiritual God like you, right? I want to try, you will lead the way.”

In desperation, Odin really took him to the site of the most powerful enemy of the Asa pantheon, and then

Odin shuddered, recalling the scene before the official hunt ended.

He doesn’t dare to recall and is prone to nightmares.

Also because of the hunt that delighted Lucifer and shattered his ‘colonial hell’ dreams, Odin was given a “friendship privilege” – to take his clansman to hell to hunt.

Ten years ago, Duoduo got the “blessing” from the father of giant wolf when he happened to meet Odin and Loki who had returned from hunting in hell.

“Lucifer has given up hell, he abdicated, hahahaha.

He gave the Sandman the key to the Gates of Hell, and let Demonness Harley give his wings Cut it down.

As long as I get the key, I am the master of hell, and as long as I take away Lucifer’s wings, I can surpass the former Lucifer.”

Odin Divine King’s The tone gradually became frenzied, “Loki, good brother, help me, I need your strategy!”

It took Loki a while to digest the information revealed by the brother, his eyes flashed, and he said seriously: “Yes, you need me, and I am willing to help you, for Asa Divine Race, and for myself.

To get hell, we will be completely free from our destiny.”

Odin tore off his brother’s intestines and said with a smile: “That’s right, that’s it, you help me also help yourself!”

(end of this chapter)

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