I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 792


Chapter 792 Harley, who was killed in seconds

Sleeping in the square in front of the Demon Palace, hundreds of Spiritual Gods were tortured Li stopped at the door.

“What are you doing? Even though you accepted the invitation, you didn’t open the door to invite us in.” Anubis, who was a dog-headed man, said in a dissatisfied tone.

“Demoness Harley, this is the kingdom of dreams, let Mengjun speak out.” Belial coldly said.

Harry put her hands down and loudly said: “All Gods, all Old Demons, please be quiet first and listen to me.”

Although the expressions of the gods were different, No longer noisy.

Harry cleared his throat and spoke at a slower pace, “Yesterday, Old Brother Morpheus has conveyed his meaning to your messenger – he himself is not interested in the keys to hell, But there are too many of you, anyone who gives the key will offend other friends…

This is not what he wants to see, so he made an auction, whose price can impress him, who will own the key, and the rest The Spiritual God under him is not allowed to complain about him.”

“What you said is all nonsense, we all came here with gifts, and you don’t need to remind me.” A refined man in a crimson hunting suit coldly said.

Harry looked at him and saw that he was still an acquaintance, the male life of Kensu Susano of the Neon God system.

Last time he was soft-spoken and polite, and now his eyes are almost popping out of their sockets.

There are also deep wrinkles one after another on the face due to the bite of the gums.

“This little brother, don’t worry, the reason why I am here is mainly for the sake of Spiritual God like you, for your own good!” Harry said with a sincere smile.

“Stop talking nonsense, let’s talk.” A muscular man with red hair said impatiently.

Harry glanced at him, not immediately recognizing him.

“As all the gods know, Lucifer voluntarily resigned from the position of ‘President of Hell’, and he also gave my Old Brother Morpheus the key to hell representing 51% of the company’s equity, and gave him a private The fallen angel wings of the asset were handed over to me.

I have no comment on Lucifer Old Brother’s escape from hell and his desire to return to ordinary behavior.

But me and Mo Old Brothers have self-knowledge, the world is treasure, and those with virtue live in them, we are not worthy of virtue.

Therefore, in today’s auction, not only will Old Brother sell keys, but I will also sell wings.”

“Are you willing?” The gods were shocked.

“You’re Demoness Harley, you’re insatiable, you can’t get in and out, you’d rather die than go hungry.”

“Is it a fraud? is it possible that so short In time, she has created a pair of fake wings that are difficult to distinguish between true and false?”

“Impossible, we don’t have an ordinary person here, so can’t the fake Lucifer wings be seen?”

“Where are we now? In the kingdom of dreams, is it true that you look at the surrounding scenery and the palace in front of you?”

“Hi! The kingdom of dreams, the concept of true and false is almost Disappearing, false is true, true can be false. Demoness Harley is a good way! Put the store in the dream kingdom, as long as Meng Jun is willing to help, she uses chicken wings to disguise as the wings of a fallen angel, and we can’t find it. “

Hearing the disbelieving discussion of the gods, and facing their suspicious eyes, Harley was in a bad mood.

“Everyone, I’m the dignified Heaven War God, isn’t it so unbearable as you say?” She said with a sullen face, “Even if the world has formed an inherent prejudice against me, ‘Gotham’ Halle, haven’t you heard of the reputation of “Faith first”?”

“I really haven’t heard of it.”

The previous muscular man picked the back of his head and muttered. The voice is louder than the shout of the ordinary person.

Harry glared at him, loudly said: “If anyone hasn’t heard of it, it can only mean that he is out of touch with the times.

You are Spiritual God, you can Myriad Incarnations, now You can separate out an Avatar, go to the United States and ask on the road to see how my ‘Sister Harry’ is famous.”

“OK, we already know that you want to sell your wings, so open the door and hold an auction directly! “A Buddha urged.

“Don’t worry, old irons, I haven’t finished speaking yet-“

“Why are you talking so much nonsense?” said the King of Lies angrily.

“I talk a lot? Even the Super Bowl commercial has 30 seconds of content, and I only said a few words about auction? If you don’t question me, I will waste time on Explain?”

“Aren’t you talking nonsense again?” The evil demonic path beside the King of Lies.

“If you don’t disturb me, I’ll fuck you?” Harley snapped back bluntly.

“Don’t interrupt, let her talk, the further you go, the more time wasted.” Spiritual God helplessly said.

“Demoness Harley, you say.” Dozens of Spiritual Gods said in unison.

“cough cough, as I said earlier, one must be self-aware. Old Brother Mo and I understand that our virtues do not match, so we are willing to hand over the keys and wings.

I also Say, I’m here to say these words for the sake of a Spiritual God like Kensu Susanoko.

I and I can’t hold the keys and wings yet, I’m selling them For the immoral and powerless, isn’t it sending you to die?”

“Demoness Harry, what do you mean?” Neon Thor was furious.

Well, he was the only one who was angry, and the other Spiritual Gods all looked indifferent.

It seems that he is not a god like Susa.

“My meaning is very simple.” Harry pointed to himself, “Before entering the door, fight with me to prove that you at least have the ability to return home from the Kingdom of Dreams alive.

I’ll get the ugly word up front.

My family lives in Arkham and was diagnosed with a mental illness, Schizophrenia, when I was 14 by Strange Academician.

My nature is kind and pure, so I am blessed by God and become a heaven War God.

But the unfortunate experience of childhood gave birth to my second personality, which is the greedy ‘Demoness Harley’.

Demoness Harley is not a good person, if you know who bought the keys and wings, but that person is not strong enough, it will inevitably give birth to the urge to rob the road.”

She glanced at the stunned crowd. God, with sincerity on his face, “So, for your own good, please show your strength first and surrender my Heart Demon in the depth of one’s soul.”



β€œSecond personality. I have never seen such a shameless person.”

β€œJust and honourable sellers who say they will rob buyers halfway through the road are unprecedented in ancient and modern China and the West.”

When the gods scolded again and again, the muscular man looked around and wondered: “Is what she said unreasonable?

I am not strong enough, but I got the key to hell and Lucifer’s wings, which are one piece. Big fat.

Demoness, if Harley doesn’t have bad intentions, will she be worthy of our evaluation of her ‘cunning, greedy, vicious shameless’?

Don’t talk about her, even me I’m a little moved.

And now she reminds us in public, it seems that it is indeed for the sake of weak Spiritual God like Susanoko Mikoto!

Let them save money and money Two misfortunes.

She finally said the truth once, why do you scold her?”

The gods were stunned, and the scolding stopped abruptly.

β€œWeak Spiritual God.”

Only Neon Thunder God was chilling, β€œCan your words represent the will of Asa Divine Race?”

The muscle pimple man squeezed his fist, “crack crack” sounded, “You are indeed weak, I can crush you with a slap-“

“Thor, shut up!”

“Thor, shut up!”

“Thor, shut up!”


Next to the muscular man, a man with a taupe large-brimmed hat and a taupe loose long coat is low-shouted.

“Thor?” Harry looked at him carefully this time, his face gradually wrinkled.

Marvel’s Thor is also very rough, but the body in front of him

close to three meters seems to be made of a bunch of muscles, and the wrist is bigger than Harley’s waist. It was still thick, and the muscles on his shoulders were bulging, bigger than his own head, and he shrugged his shoulders, as if he had three heads.

And Thor’s symbol, the Meow Hammer, was also discovered by Harry.

It has been held in his hand. I didn’t realize it before because it was too small. It was like Yao Ming was holding a pencil.

The hammer looked about the size of a judge’s gavel.

But its owner is so huge and so muscular, making it more and more small.

“It doesn’t matter if anyone disagrees with my ‘competition to attract investment’ plan. Please stand aside first and let those who are willing to compete go first, and you will enter the arena last,” said Harley.

“Since it’s possible not to enter the field, why bother?” Abinus wondered.

“Ai, my good intentions, why don’t you understand?” Halle sighed then said, explaining: “If you have the ability and dare to compete, go first.

The following Those who do not dare to compete and are weak, also enter. Although it is a bit late, they can also declare to the people in front that they have also won the competition, but they are in the back and have just entered.

Wouldn’t that save face?

Of course, even if the cowards were put in, I would advise you not to raise your cards and not to bid successfully. After all, you all felt guilty when facing me, What are you fighting for ‘hell Sovereign’?”

“Demoness Harley’s words are so reasonable, it’s strange, how can she tell the truth.” Muscle lump Thor wondered.

“Old Brother, let’s fight for the first place, Sandman won’t give the key to someone who can’t even beat Demoness.” Beside, Loki in white robe and red vest whispered.

The man with the wide-brimmed hat and the long coat sighed then said, “Is Thor sure?”

“father, what do you mean, you’re worried that you won’t be able to beat her?! Let me Come on.” Thor pointed at Harry and yelled excitedly.

“Odin, you do it yourself, and it’s neat. The stronger you are, the more others will cringe.” Loki said.

Odin pondered for a moment, then walked up to the steps first, and said to Harry: “I am the Nordic Divine King Odin, Demoness, how do you compare?”

“It’s normal. It doesn’t matter whether you live or die.” Harry said.

Odin took off his wide-brimmed hat, revealing a simple face no different from ordinary Nordic men.

“You, are you sure?” The look in his one eye was a little weird.


“Right here?”


“I’m going to shoot.” Ding reminded.

Harry nodded, seriously said: “Come on.”

Odin gently tossed his hat into the sky, “I’m coming.”

The voice fell, his silhouette disappeared in place, and Harley’s Level 5 speed force was on defense, and he didn’t see anything.

In the last moment, she lost the silhouette of the one-eyed old man; in the next moment, her brows ached, and a sudden death crisis enveloped her, she wanted to scream.

“He-bang!” A few handfuls of blood spilled in the air, and Harry flew out like a cannonball, hitting the wall of the Sleeping Demon Palace.

In her original position, Odin stood calmly, only making a gesture of pointing and poking forward, and in front of him, there was a pale-skinned man with a long face.

It is the Sandman who will save lives.

“Divine King Odin, please come in.” Morpheus extended his hand to invite.

Odin stared at him for a moment, then took a few steps back, raised his hand to catch the falling wide-brimmed hat, and put it on his head, “Loki, Thor, let’s go in.”

“What just happened?” A Spiritual God asked blankly.

“Gudong.” Kensu Susanoman swallowed his saliva, muttered: “Demoness Harley was killed in seconds, if it wasn’t for Mengjun to block her, she would be instantly headshot.

But I, I couldn’t keep up with His movements at all, if it was me, so would I.”

His body shivered a few times.

“I didn’t see it clearly,” said Buddha ugly complexion.

“Huh, me too.” Anubis sighed in relief, looking better.

“Your Majesty, what just happened?” the double-mouthed demon asked in surprise.

The King of Lies, Belial, looked at Harry, who was embedded in the wall, struggling to climb out, and indifferently said: “Old Odin used his fingers instead of the tip of his spear, and used the power of Gungnir– The goal is sure to hit.”

“Hey, as expected of the Divine King, good trick.” The gods marveled.

Then, they laughed again, “Hey, Demoness is arrogant and ignorant, and dares to pick War God King, and this time I finally fell.”

“One-shot kill, good. Miserable, hahaha!”

“It seems that we have high regard for her, in the face of absolute strength, she can’t even fight backβ€”” Er suddenly exclaimed, “Ah, father, your forehead is bleeding, what’s going on?”

“Shut up, you read it wrong.” Odin lowered his head and drank, pulling his son, his pace quickening.

Thor broke free and pulled off his father’s wide-brimmed hat, “I read it right, father, look, your forehead is split.”

Odin Stiff there, with a gloomy expression, the body under the robe trembled slightly.

“I said earlier, don’t bring him here.” Loki whispered beside him.

(end of this chapter)

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