I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 795


Chapter 795 Make a lot of experience and make a fortune

“Since the Divine King is well-informed and his vision is like a torch, then you should know me I have seen the voice of the sky many times, and even the deity of God. We talked very happily and had a deep friendship. He admired me as a person, and I honored him as the ‘boss’.

If I really did something wrong Why doesn’t the boss of God punish me?” Harry asked confidently.

β€”because God is partial!

Odin indifferently said: “No matter what you say, I will not trust you and will not give you the source of Divine Force.”

“God Brother Wang, I feel you Kind of self-indulgent,” Harry said.

“What did you say?” Odin’s one-eyed stare was sharp.

“I already have Lucifer’s wings, but I still greed for your origin?”

Odin was stunned, speechless. . .

“Dong dong.” Loki tapped lightly on the table with his fingers, and after attracting Harry’s attention, he said, “You just asked us to use strength to exchange wings with you.”


Harry explained: “Power is not only the source of Divine Force, but can be anything that can improve strength, such as Tiancai, Divine Treasures, Divine Item cultivation technique, knowledge and stunts”

Austria Ding was silent for a moment, then said: “Lucifer’s Fallen Wings will only make sense if you get the key to hell. Demoness Harley, I must see the King of Dreams first, and I will talk to you after I complete the transaction with him.”

“Even if you don’t have the key to hell, you can become one of the Satans in hell if you get the Wings of Fallen.” Harry wondered.

Rocky said with a smile: “What does ‘Satan’ mean to Divine King? Only poor people without houses would dream of moving into a 97-square-meter house. Divine King already lives in a big villa Here!” Halle looked thoughtful> nodding, “OK, I will take you to see Old Brother Morpheus from hell.”

If He leads the Nordic gods to take refuge in hell, he must be no worse than the third house.

But Odin didn’t go to hell.

He is a great king in heaven, free and unconstrained. Isn’t it a pleasure to be alone?

Murphys is next door.

Harry is outside, he is inside.

β€œLord rune.”

Morpheus used a title that surprised Harry.

“I’ll be honest with you, the key to hell is a hot potato to me.

I don’t know what to do with hell.

And hell Closing the door, countless undead and demons are rampant in the world, disrupting the normal order of the universe, and this matter needs to be solved urgently.

So, let’s get straight to the point, don’t waste time, if you want a key, please use one Reason convinces me.”

Odin hesitated for a moment, then glanced at Loki.

Loki’s face was full of bitterness, his eyes were even red and wet, and his tone was sad and mournful, “Mengjun, we don’t have the luxury of ruling anyone, or being kings and provoking wars.

We want to go to hell for one reason – to survive.”

Odin was dumbfounded.

Murphys was slightly moved.

Harry’s eyes were wary.

– Found the same kind, the alarm sounded!

“This is my blood brother, Divine King Odin.” Loki pointed to the Old Brother next to him, and said bitterly: “You should be familiar with his character, a brave god, fearless, He is brave and good at fighting, but he is also afraid of one thing.”

Morpheus’s heart moved, and he said softly: “The Ragnarok of the Gods?”

Loki was heavily nodded, ” Although my brother is in denial to the outside world, like a tough tough guy denying pain, the truth is that He has been worried about this and has made many arrangements over the years.

He is not afraid of death, only worried Darkness and winter are upon His people.

A million Asa Divine Race is at stake!

So, we need the keys to hell. So, we come to you Palace, and make a request to you.”

“This” Morpheus frowned.

Odin had a look of anticipation in his one eye.

“I’m not good at commenting on the cough cough, Old Brother, Asa Divine Race, but bidding at least has to listen to other people’s offers, maybe there’s something worse?” Harley Suddenly interjected.

Odin stared at her sternly.

Loki frowned, inwardly shouted in his heart, he should submit the “personnel fee” first, and send the “little devil” away.

“Well, it makes sense.” Morpheus gently nodded, and said to Odin: “I understand what you mean, you can go back to the hall to enjoy the feast I provided for you, or you can go back to your room to rest. .

Wait until I meet other people and announce the results tomorrow?”

Odin right hand turns, taking out a transparent glass ball the size of a baby’s head.

“In response to All Gods turn to Dusk, I created a world that exists in my mind, which is the Hall of Valor ‘Valajal’ in mortal legends.

In this world, I made small All Gods turn to Dusk after another.

I want to find a solution to All Gods turn to Dusk through evolutionary derivation.

For several millions years, the ‘final battle’ that I feared has been repeated countless times, and the battle inside it is endless day and night.

I don’t know when the souls of some mortal heroes also Entering it, they are still on the side of my Asa Divine Race, and I have generously given them the wine, beauty, and glory they want.

In short, now it’s a warrior’s paradise, a hero’s hometown

In the process of observing Valajar day after day, I learned a lot, including combat skills, human thinking, road exploration, and law research.”

Harry’s eyes lit up, and tears of excitement nearly left the corners of his mouth.

Odin handed the crystal ball to Morpheus and said seriously: “Lord of Dreams, if you give me the keys to hell, it means that the All Gods who threaten Asa Divine Race have turned to Dusk. Solved.

This warrior’s paradise world is useless.

I would like to give it to you.

With it, you can cultivate Countless warriors, even War God.”

“I understand.” Morpheus looked calm, only nodded lightly, and did not take Valahall greedily.

“Tomorrow I will inform you all person of my decision, and now our meeting is over.”

Odin purse one’s lip, with suppressed anger hidden in his gloomy expression , holding the crystal ball’s right hand stiffly retracted, turning his head and leaving Loki silently.

“Hey, wait, Brother Ding, please wait!”

Harry also followed out of the Sandman’s room, ran to Odin’s side in small steps, and said with a big smile : “I would like to make a deal with the Old Brother now, for the Wings of Lucifer, for Valajar.”

“No.” Odin said indifferently.

“Old Brotherβ€””

“Don’t call me ‘Old Brother’, we’re not that close.” Odin coldly said.

“Okay, you’re the Immortal Palace BOSS, how about I call you ‘Olympian Boss’?” Harry asked.

Odin’s rough old face twitched.

Not waiting for him to speak, Harry immediately added: “You are a Divine King after all, and it would be disrespectful to call you ‘Odin’ directly.”

Odin was silent. to go out.

Harry grabbed his sleeve and whispered, “Send me Valajar, and I’ll help you convince me of Old Brother.”

Odin stopped Footsteps, “Promise me to get the keys to hell?”

Harry shook her head, “I’ll try my best.”

Odin walked away without saying a word.

Harry shouted from behind: “O Boss, leave a contact information, if things change, we can communicate at any time!”

Odin still didn’t look back, but combed Loki with immortal dao hairstyle quietly winked at her before walking out of the room.

Harry didn’t look at him, “Odin, this old banger, it’s really difficult to communicate – eh!” A pale-gold rune emerges on the surface of the lacquered wood table.

At first it was almost transparent, but now it gradually emits golden light, getting brighter and more obvious.

Harry couldn’t help feeling its effects with a wisp of spirit strength.

“Omβ€”” In the next moment, her Sea of Consciousness was bright and she quickly condensed the same rune.

The golden rune on the desktop was instantly disappeared.

“What is this?!” Harry was startled, and was about to activate the Defense Specialty and shatter it. A familiar breath made her stop her next movements.

It is the Spiritual Fluctuation of Loki, the father of giant wolf.

Although there is no information, it is definitely him.

Then, Harry recalled that when he first came in, Loki lightly tapped on the table in that position with his fingers.

“That guy wants to ‘collude’ with me, this is a Communication Talisman post.” Halle looked thoughtful.

The door of “dong dong dong” was knocked on by the second visitor, and Harley retracted her thoughts, “Please come in.”

The visitor was the second person to pass her test , who entered the hall, Belial the king of lies.

His body is made up of thousands of faces, also known as the King of a Thousand Faces.

“Demoness Halle, hehehe.”

“Don’t laugh, your voice is ugly.” Halle Joan wrinkled her nose slightly, her eyes disgusting, “Lucifer’s wings, what are you planning to do? Price?”

“Give me your wings, and I will give up my revenge against you.” The King of Lies said ruefully.

Harry pointed to the door in the inner room, “Push the door and go in, the monarch of dreams is inside.”

“What do you mean?” The King of Lies coldly said.

“The meaning is very simple, I am not satisfied with your offer.”

“Then what do you want?”

“Give half of your origin to I, I want to steal your magic power and steal your essence.” Harry said generously.

The King of Lies gave her a fiercely look with a thousand eyes and quickly drifted into the room.

Harry thought for a while, opened the door, and stuck her head in for a while.

Unsurprisingly, Belial trades Nada’s soul for the key.

Morpheus didn’t move, let him leave first, and announced the result tomorrow.

The third visitor is Neon Thor.

As soon as He entered the door, he met Harry’s meaningful smile.

Standing at the door and twisting a few times, the Neon Thor walked forward silently, took out a rib cage from his waist, placed it on the table, bowed again, and prepared to enter the inner room.

“Boom!” Harry knocked on the table twice, frowned: “That’s it?”

“Isn’t that enough?”

“Susa , I’ll help you think about it.” Harry put his chin on his hand, and said strangely with a smile: “Outside the palace gate, you turned into a thunder to kill me, but you were kicked and broken your leg.

If there is no accident, you will be defeated by me, and then you will lose the opportunity to participate in the auction-“

Susanoo interrupted her excitedly: “No, you are just taking the lead, I will definitely be able to turn against the wind.”

Harry indifferent expression, only continued to say with a smile: “Anyway, after I broke one of your legs, instead of killing the last one, I quietly sounded transmission. , want to give you a chance.

A chance for you to easily defeat me and appear before God.

In return, you have to pay the corresponding reward – worth half a million Treasure of heavenly deeds.

You swore by your old mother’s name.

But now you’re trying to fool me with a bad rib, is it possible that you do A villain who is unfaithful, unfilial, and treachery, a little god ‘little god’?”

Susanoo’s cheeks turned red and white, suppressed his anger, and roared: “This The rib cage is a high-level Divine Item, my favorite knife, and it is definitely worth more than 500,000 merits of heaven.”

Harry shook the big cross on his chest to him, “I asked the voice of heaven. , the recovery price is only 30,000 meritorious deeds.”

“It can’t be calculated like this, your treasure, in my neon god system, will depreciate 99%, because it is useless to me. It depends on where it is. The price in the market.”

Harry’s eyes twitched flexibly and said, “I heard that you have a ‘Ten Fist Sword’?”

(end of this chapter)

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