I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 796


Chapter 796 Lending Gods

The protagonist of the legendary story of beheading the Eight-Branched Giant Snake is this Ken Susano’s male life, he held the Ten Fist Sword to kill the Eight-Branched Giant Snake, and also obtained the more famous ‘Grass Pheasant Sword’ from the belly of the big snake.

“It’s absolutely impossible, the Ten Fist Sword is my exclusive Divine Item, and its value is immeasurable.” Susanoo said angrily.

Seeing his reaction was so intense, Harry didn’t take it personally, glanced sharply at him, and asked, “Do you have any other Divine Items?”

Must be Sazhinan struggled for a moment, took off a jade pendant shaped like a “comma” from his belt, and said in pain, “This is a yin jade paired with Bachi Qionggou jade, which contains the power of the moon and has a strong protective power.”

As he spoke, he put Yinyu on the table and went to get the rib from before.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Harry slapped his ribs down.

“This yin jade is worth at least 5 million heavenly merits, more than 500,000 times more than ten times.”

“You say 5 million is 5 million?” The big cross was placed on the Yin Jade, and a message passed into the Sea of Consciousness. . .

โ€”โ€”Contains part of the origin of the Neon Mother Goddess Izanami, which can be exchanged for 2 million merits.

Harry was slightly surprised, Yin Jade was a defensive Divine Item.

But she has experienced it herself, and she limped Susa wearing it with one foot, and the effect was somewhat poor.

But now Voice of the Sky is bidding 2 million.

It shows that what He is looking for is not jade, but the inner source of Izanami.

โ€”โ€”Fuck, God really wants ‘the sea is inclusive of all rivers, and the source is a furnace’!

Could this be the reason why He can be omnipotent?

Harry thought to herself, grabbed Yinyu in her hand, and said with a smile: “Brother Susa, you really are a person of integrity, this jade is indeed worth 500,000, I I also made a little more money.”


Harry pressed it down again and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I will exchange it with a message, it will definitely make you a lot of money.”

Susanoo’s heart With a move, “Could it be the quotation from the previous guests?”

Harry gave a thumbs up and praised: “Brother is so smart.”

“Don’t call me ‘brother’ .” Susa said angrily.

“Oh, God approves of my ‘boss’ title, you don’t want to be called ‘older brother’, is it possible that you want to turn the world upside down and you want to be on an equal footing with God?” Harley said while staring.

“This” Susa stayed for a while, then his expression became tangled.

Seeing this, Harry said again: “I call you ‘brother’ and God’s ‘boss’, think about it, what have you become a god?

If you neon The gods have obtained the keys to hell, and I will have to deal with my God boss in the future.”

Susa was excited, blushing and said: “Harisan, if this is the case, please continue to call me’ Susa bro’.”

“Brother, Odin took out the Hall of Valor, and he made a threat, so you can do it yourself.” Harry said softly, twitching his ribs lightly, Suzu looked thoughtful and let go hand, let her take the knife away.

“Arigado, Harisan.” Susa bowed ninety degrees and walked inside triumphantly.

“Although after the reboot, our neon gods are no longer as revered as they once were, but they are still strong enough to deal with any challenges and crises.”

Susanoo Sitting cross-legged across from the Sandman, he first showed that he had the power to protect his vested interests, that is, the key to hell.

He then said: “Our Neon Spiritual God is efficient in doing things, and the pantheon is full of energy and energy.

This is from our expansion actions in the past several decades, It can be seen.

We strive for every opportunity to assimilate other gods, absorb those Spiritual Gods who appear later, and even spare the idols and popular worshipers of the new age.

For example, Marilyn Monroe is ours, as are Vajra and Divine Idol.

Hell is a place of infinite potential, it can be a source of unrest in the multiverse, and It can develop into a land of hope that will benefit the real Spirit World (the collective name of the various Divine Domains in Lingbo Prison).

It mainly depends on its manager.โ€

He leaned down and looked at Mo. Faith bowed down and said sincerely: “Please Meng Jun Mingjian, there is no one more suitable for this task than us.”

“I will carefully consider your proposal, esteemed Jiansusu Sazhi’s life.” Morpheus still didn’t make a statement.

Susanoo brows slightly wrinkle, “Of course, the key to hell is the most precious treasure in Spirit World, and we are willing to compensate you for your loss. As long as you say the price, we will be satisfied.”


“Please go back first, tomorrow I will announce the results in public.” Morpheus said indifferently.

Susa reluctantly stood up and left the Sandman guest room in three steps.

“What do you mean by Meng-kun?” Susa walked to Harry’s desk when he got to the outside world and asked.

Harry stretched her right hand to the edge of the table and rubbed her fingers.

Susa looked at her restless little hands and looked at her face in confusion.

“cough cough, have you watched Journey to the West?” Harry coughed lightly, covering his mouth with his left hand, “Why couldn’t the Tang monk get the scriptures from Ananda and Kassapa?”

No people!

Susa was stunned, and then looked embarrassed, “It’s really not very convenient for me at this time.”

“It’s very convenient!” Harry opened the space in the Holy Mother Huiyin and took out A roll of paradise paper, a dog brush, an inkstone made of rare treasure stone dug up in Paradise Mountain, and matching grinding strips.

She splashed ink on the spot and wrote a contract.

“Consulting fee, 200,000 Heavenly Merit, loan from Heavenly Mountain Financial Management, the annual interest rate is only 5%, isn’t that much?”

Susano’s expression twisted for a while.

“As for that? You are War God.”

“Make money and make a living, not shabby.” Harry looked at him generously and said.

“The interest is not high. But whether it is expensive or not depends on the information you provide.” Susa said.

“It’s written in black and white, if there is no dry goods, the contract will be void.” Harry pointed to the paradise paper and said.

Suzu signed his name after “Party B”.

“Basically, Old Brother Mo is very satisfied with you. Odin has three-point hope for his clansman; Belial threatened Old Brother Mo and he was basically eliminated.

If you It can prove that the neon gods can really make hell a land of hope, and the probability of success will increase by at least 50%!

Because Old Brother Mo is a kind person and a proud person.

As long as two things are satisfiedโ€”both beneficial to the general public and taking care of his faceโ€”there is a chance to win.โ€

Susa looked thoughtful.

“How about this, is this message worth 200,000 merits?”

He reluctantly nodded, ready to leave.

“Hey, wait, I have other services here!” Harry stopped him and said with a smile: “I can act as a lobbyist and persuade Old Brother Mo to choose when he hesitates. You.”

“How much?” Susa was a little moved.

A fool can see the relationship between Demoness and the King of Dreams, and it would be beneficial to have her help to speak.

“It is divided into three grades: 300,000, 3,000,000, 30,000,000. Primary level 300,000, no guarantee of success, do your best; intermediate 3,000,000, although you can’t guarantee your success, but you can guarantee to let You can’t succeed alone as an enemy; high level 30 million guarantees 100% success.”

“100% success, are you sure?” Susa doubted.

Harry gently nodded first, then shook her head slowly, “30 million is indeed guaranteed to be 100% successful, but I will not provide this service to you at this time.

Unless you have three 100 million to buy VIP members, and 3 billion to buy special packages.”

“If it can be done, 3.33 billion will do.” Susa gritted his teeth.

“Well, I need cash, but I can’t make a promissory note. I have to take out at least 2 billion and make some connections up and down.” Harley said.

โ€”โ€”As long as you dare to give cash, I dare to run away with money. Reputation or something, definitely not worth 3.3 billion!

In fact, she wants to say 300 million, and the small goal of 300 million is easier to achieve.

But 300 million for the keys to hell, even a fool knows that it is not reliable.

“What if it fails?” Susa asked.

“Even if I sell iron, I will pay you in full. I am the War God, who can renege on a debt.” Harley said seriously.

– Mortgage all the shares of Quinn Manor and Paradise Mountain Technology Company to you at the price of 1 billion Heavenly Meritoriousness; then mortgage Paradise Mountain to you at the price of 2 billion.

Susa was a little excited.

“I want to consult with the mother goddess,” he said.

“Of course there is no problem.”

Haley added, “I suggest you buy the intermediate service with 3 million merits first. It’s insurance.

Make sure that while you’re thinking about it, Morpheus Old Brother doesn’t give the keys to your worst enemy.

trifling 3 million merits, brother dignified thunder Lord God, Surely you can make your own decisions, right?”

Susa’s eyes flashed lightly, and said, “There are many great enemies of mine.”

“Hehe, my brother wants to play a fool? Forty-two gods, you can name 41 enemies in one breath, and I can still guarantee you 3 million to get the key?” Harry said with a smile.

Susa touched his beard, a little embarrassed: Demoness is indeed a Demoness, and his reaction is so sharp.

“You can only say that one enemy, even Odin, is only worth 3 million. Of course, you can repeat the purchase of the ‘Enemy Elimination Contract’, but it can only be repeated five times.” Harley said.

Susa’s heart pounded.

Harry added the last fire, “We signed a loan contract, which means that I will provide the service first, and then you will pay. If the enemy you choose gets the key, the contract will be voided. , you don’t need to pay, you can make a profit!”

“Okay, I want five copies, namely Odin, Belial, Anubis, Hindu God, and Son of Chaos.”

After signing the contract, Susazhi was satisfied and was about to leave, but was stopped by Harry again.

“Brother, wait!” Harry said softly and smiled kindly, “I still have a spinach business, bet who can get the keys to hell, do you want to try?

There is no lower limit on the bet, you can bet a dollar, mainly to relax.”

Susa immediately dropped his guard, said curiously: “What are my odds of winning?”

“Let me do the math.” Harley took out her mobile phone, and after a complicated calculation that she didn’t even understand, she said, “Brother, your chances of winning are too high, so the odds are a bit low, 1.35 to 1, and there is an upper limit. , can’t exceed 3 million.

Or, play the exciting-point, buy other Spiritual God?

For example, Odin, lose 3,000 for one, can’t let me If I missed it, I couldn’t block him.”

“One million, buy myself, can I continue on credit?” Susa said.

“Of course, the credit of Kensu Susano’s life is worth tens of billions.”

Harry gave him a promissory note again, a total of 20+300*5+ 100=16.2 million

After Susa is the Egyptian god, the cat god Best.

He entered the room, walked directly inside, and didn’t speak to Harry at all.

Harry stepped forward to stop the cathead, “Where’s Anubis?”

“He’s in the hall, and I’m in charge of talking to the King of Dreams.” Cat said the head man.

“Then you should help pay for his debts?”

“What debts, I don’t know.”

Harry sneered, “If you don’t know, you can go back and ask and come back again.”

The cat’s face changed continuously, and he took out a small black cloth bag from his pocket, “clang dang” and threw it on the table.

(end of this chapter)

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