I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 798


Chapter 798 Loki’s Request

“Oh, you’re not for yourself? Who is that for?” Morpheus said.

Harry pointed up, “For my ‘God Boss.'”

Morpheus pondered a while, asking, “What did he give you?”

Harry shook her head, “I read my words, figured out what I liked, analyzed the pros and cons, and finally decided to volunteer and take the responsibility.”

“First of all, let’s watch words, we have all seen it, Archangel Lemuel I followed the news with Duma and came to the auction site.

They said it was for observation, but what can I observe here?

And then try to figure out what God means.

I can assure you that God would never want hell to fall into the hands of outsiders.

Even if Odin voluntarily gave up his personality and authority to go to hell to be a servant of God, God would not be.”

Harry hesitated. With God’s greed for alien powers, it is probably not, not right. If God is just petty greed, Odin can satisfy him and let him take out the position of Hell Sovereign as a reward.

But God is a “gluttonous greedy” and will not satisfy the origin of the “trifling” Norse gods. . .

There is only one place for the Hell Sovereign, but there can be countless Demon Kings.

Give Sovereign to Odin, other Divine Kings are still willing to come to hell, are they willing to be Odin’s younger brother?

Being God’s little brother is completely different from being Odin’s little brother.

So, if she is God, she will leave the position of Sovereign to her own people and give Odin a treatment similar to the third house. Other Divine Kings came and gave the same “Demon King position”.

Not suffering from widowhood but suffering from unevenness.

“God wouldn’t allow Odin to be the ‘hell’s head’.” Harry said affirmatively.

“Re-analyze the pros and cons. Except for God, if you give the key to anyone, no one will be able to convince others. You give the key to Odin, and the gods hate you, and they are ready to kill Asa Divine Race. .

Even after Odin successfully settled in hell, there are still gods rushing to hell to snatch the keys to hell.

But once the key is returned to God, it will return The original owner, there is no problem morally, and no one dares to attack God in terms of strength, and naturally no one will resent you.”

Morpheus fell into contemplation.

After a long time, he nodded and said: “What you said makes sense. But the two angels, Duma and Lemuel, swore that they were not interested in keys, and came here only to observe.”

“Are those two idiots really just observing, not making small moves?” Harry asked suspiciously.

God is omnipotent and omnipotent. Even if the voice of the sky cannot be omniscient, what happened in the Sleeping Demon Palace is not a secret.

A mage with a little energy can inquire about the auction situation clearly, even more how heaven?

So theoretically, Heaven doesn’t need to dispatch two ‘old-level’ Archangel to come to the Kingdom of Dreams as observers.

“They didn’t lie, no small gestures.”

Morpheus wiped his right hand in front of him, as if he was wiping an invisible glass window.

The air is rippling like water.

A 21-inch picture appears indoors, and the characters in the painting are the two Archangels in the living room.

The two angels with refined temperament have golden hair.

The skin is as white as milk, with a faint holy light, wrapped in a long and loose white robe, beautiful and holy.

From the time they came to the Kingdom of Dreams, their feet were always suspended on the ground, unwilling to be contaminated with dust on the ground.

They didn’t eat, didn’t speak, and even kept a posture, didn’t move for a long time, and just watched from high altitude with expressionless and indifferent expressions.

Like a Spiritual God looking down on mortals who are scrambling.

“Look at the others and what they’re up to,” said Halle.

Morpheus moved the camera to quickly go through the scene in the hall.

Susanoo drinks rice wine and eats sashimi.

The Egyptian god Anubis raw chewed one after another bloody heart, blood spattered, brutal blood.

Children of Chaos turns into a pretty little girl and asks the waiter for ice cream.

Thor was drunk and used words and body language to molest the cat god Best next to him.

The elf girl Nora is eating flower petals, her big brother. The male elf who was crying for the elf sisters before, is sitting with a thin and dry male Egyptian god representative, drinking and laughing, abandoning all restraint.

Today’s feast has entertained many guests, and naturally there are many attendants serving the guests. They are all human beings who enter the kingdom of dreams in their sleep and temporarily forget their real life.

In addition to the attendants and guests, there was a show up ahead in the hall: in front of everyone, Cain killed his younger brother Abel in various ways.

Many guests saw with keen interest pleasure and applauded from time to time.

β€œIf you don’t give the keys to God, which one of them are you going to give to them? One by one, you don’t look like a king.”

Murphys said: β€œOnly God takes the initiative Ask me for the key, and then I will consider giving it to Him.

If you want to convince me to give the key to heaven, you must first convince heaven and let the angels find me.

If You say that you are the representative of heaven, that you ask me for the key on behalf of God, and you must first prove that you can represent God.”

Haley said with a confident expression, “Old Brother Mo, I ask you a question. , must answer sincerely.”

“You said.”

She asked with a smile, “Will you hand over the keys tomorrow? Instead of keeping them in your own hands. “

“It won’t necessarily be handed over, maybe I will give Titania a face and keep hell empty.” Morpheus said hesitantly.

“Are you out of your mind?” The confidence on Harry’s face was replaced by shock, “Leaving hell empty is almost the worst outcome. Or, you haven’t felt it yet and didn’t expect it. , the danger of demons and undead running around?”

“This” Morpheus frowned and thought for a while, sighed: “You are right, now the world is in chaos, and hell must reopen the door as soon as possible.”

“I’ll be sure to give the keys out tomorrow,” he said.

“But I didn’t expect to give someone, I won’t cooperate with your ‘insurance contract’.” He added.

Harry smiled oddly, “Today, of the more than 40 guests who came in, 32 of them had business dealings with me, and 9 of them bought insurance contracts.

Those 9 people Both bought insurance to prevent Odin from getting the key, and only Odin has a common goal.

So, as long as you don’t choose Odin, I can make a lot of money no matter what.

Even if you choose Odin, consulting fees and spinach, I can earn thousands of merits.”

Morpheus’ pale cheeks twitched a few times, and he was silent.

“Speaking of which, why didn’t Zeus come? Without him, Odin would have too much advantage. Celtic, Indian, Neon, Egypt and other death-related main gods can’t compete with him at all.” Ha. Li wondered.

Morpheus said: “Don’t forget the underworld that is opposite to the heaven. Hades will not give up the underworld that he has worked so hard to manage, and go to hell to take risks. It’s not worth it.”

“Well, I almost forgot about the ‘Death State’ shared by the gods.” Harry was stunned.

Leaving Morpheus’s reception room, Harley went to her bedroom, lay on the bed and started to contact the voice of the sky.

“It has been confirmed that Morpheus will definitely send the key out tomorrow. Voice of the sky, hurry up!”

Her voice was urgent, with a full sense of urgency in her tone .

“I know in my heart, you don’t have to intervene in this matter.” The Voice of Heaven said indifferently.

“Voice of Heaven, you may not understand the seriousness of the matter. I have personally participated in the entire auction process and have advised almost every ‘Death God’.

He None of us are believers of God.

They are all evil pagan designs!

You have to let the pagan Spiritual God occupy the supreme God to arrange for the fallen believers ‘Jerusalem’?!

As the War God of Heaven, I will not allow such a humiliation to befall my Lord.

I am going to heaven now, to face the City of Silver The angels delivered a speech, calling on them to follow me in Holy War.

I will lead the angels to declare war on all the gods who covet the keys to hell!”

Harry’s voice was loud, like a morning bell and a twilight drum. , deafening.

The voice of the voice of the sky was a little dull, “Don’t get excited, hell will never fall into the hands of outsiders.”

Harry smiled proudly, and said in a serious tone: “The country cannot There is no owner for a day, I suggest – oh, by the way, as the heaven War God, who is my immediate supervisor? Who should I submit the ‘memorial’ to?”

“If you have anything, just ask Me.”

“I want to perform, and it is recommended that one of the four Archangel chiefs, Human, Eagle, Ox, and Lion, be sent to hell to take over the job of ‘Satan’.” Harry said.

“I have a plan in my mind, don’t worry about it.” The voice of the sky.

Harry immediately exclaimed: “I can’t ignore it, I am the War God of Heaven, and I want to seek political affairs in his position.

I think Michael, the Archangel, is not strong enough. Losing Lucifer, you can take on this heavy responsibility.”

tone barely fell , a majestic breath with obvious anger, Mount Tai fell on Harry’s soul like the top, making her unable to breathe for a moment .

The next moment, God’s skin was activated, and all the pressure on her body disappeared.

“Harley Quinn, remember your identity. You are not qualified to point fingers at the major event within the City of Silver.”

The voice of the sky did not hide the anger in her heart, her tone was very strict .

Harry looked thoughtful, and exclaimed dissatisfiedly: “I know this is a major event, but if I don’t even have the right to express my opinion, what kind of War God am I?”

“You, a miscellaneous brand of War God, actually want the King of Angels to fall into hell. His heart can be punished.” Voice of Heaven coldly said.

“Going to hell to be Satan is just a normal job transfer, it does not mean degeneration. If you suspect that I have ulterior motives, you can replace it with my best friend, the Eagle Archangel Zaulie, and send him there. Hell to be a Satan.” Harry said solemnly.

It is obviously impossible for Michael to go to hell, she is just talking nonsense, testing the voice of the sky, and by the way paving the way for her real purpose.

She doesn’t want to be Satan herself, but she is envious of the benefits brought by Satan’s position.

Let’s not say anything else, wouldn’t it be a lot more convenient if you’re hungry and want to eat demons from now on?

Ke Yebi has his own mission, he is not suitable and unwilling to integrate Lucifer’s wings, and naturally he will not be Satan.

Looking at heaven, Zaulie was the only one left.

“I know it in my heart.” After saying this, the Voice of Heaven immediately ended the call.

“There’s a fart!” Harry muttered in dissatisfaction.

“Harley Quinn”

As she lay in bed, ready to take a nap, a faint, almost imperceptible Spiritual Fluctuation, from before Loki left The desktop, and the rune that she imported into Sea of Consciousness and archived came out.


Harry turned over and sat up, unwrapping the seal of the God force field wrapped in the ‘Loki Communication Talisman text’, and the spiritual connection immediately increased a hundredfold.

“It’s me. OK, finally connected. I’ve been trying to communicate with you just now, but something blocked me.” Loki on the other end was relieved.

Harry didn’t explain that the god force field was suppressing rune, and asked directly: “What are you asking me for?”

“Odin shouldn’t get the key, right? So , I hope you can help me regain my freedom.”

(end of this chapter)

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