I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 800


Chapter 800 Hell Loses Another Satan

“Father, I cannot bear the cruelty of your will, please take this burden from Take it from my shoulders, and give it to anyone.”

Archangel Lemuel twisted his face and roared to the sky, which was very different from his previous noble, indifferent, serene and distant demeanor.

The Archangel Duma beside him was still silent, but silently wept.

Two tears, like two long snots, hung on the cheeks, shining brightly in the light.

Very has several points of beauty.

“Angel Lemuel, what’s wrong with you, what do you want to say?” Morpheus wondered.

Remuel was only excited and shouted incoherently, at one point telling about God’s injustice and now begging the Father for mercy.

Harry’s heart moved, guessing that heaven could not bear the Holy Land transformed into ‘Ability God’ after all, and made a request for the key to hell. . .

However, the Voice of Heaven did not listen to her suggestion and let Zaulie or any of the four archangels serve as ‘Satan’, but instead distributed the two Archangels who came to observe. .

Thinking of this, she immediately held the big cross and said: “Voice of the sky, did you just send a message to Lemuel and Duma? They are crazy, collapsed, and unbearable. Why don’t you put the burden on you? Leave it to my Zaulie Old Brother.”

“My will is decided!” Voice of Heaven said indifferently.

On the other side, Duma lightly patted Lemuel on the back to make him regain some sense.

Facing the surprised eyes of Morpheus and the crowd, the angel of the soul Lemuel said in dismay: “Now, I will deliver the message of the Father.

Hell must Existence!

There must be a place for the devil, and there must be a place for the Evil Spirit.

Hell is the shadow of heaven, heaven and hell go hand in hand, like reward and punishment, Hope and disappointment are inseparable.”

Pausing for a moment, He continued: “Hell must exist, and if it disappears, heaven will also lose its meaning.”

Spiritual God did not Stupid, upon hearing this, he immediately understood what Heaven wanted, what Archangel wanted.

They were angry.

“Fake, how can you be so shameless, before you entered the door, you swore that you were just here to observe and would never ask for the keys to hell.”

“Hell It’s Lucifer’s, not heaven’s, God wants it, please show up and say in front of us, don’t hide behind your back and use tricks.”

“If God wants hell, why let Lucifer You gave the key to the monarch of dreams? Why didn’t you show your face, speak, or ask before the monarch of dreams held an auction?

Now the gods come with all their hopes, but you dance at the last moment Come out and ask for the key, are you playing the gods like monkeys?”

“All quiet!” Morpheus shouted in a low voice, and all the noise disappeared.

Not all of Spiritual God stopped yelling and yelling for a moment.

Some people, such as Thor’s muscle pimple, are still roaring, but their mouths are opened and closed, and no sound comes out.

“Let Archangel Lemuel finish his speech, and everyone will express their opinions.” Morpheus said solemnly.

Having seen his methods this time, the gods stopped shouting, but looked at the two Archangels with dissatisfaction, resentment, or malice.

Archangel Lemuel broke down again.

“no!” He raised his head and roared loudly, with such a loud voice and surging power that the Sandman great hall shuddered.

Morpheus’s expression did not change, he only raised his hand and pressed down, the palace stabilized, and Lemuel’s volume was also pulled down like a switch, quickly reducing to normal decibel.

“No, He shouldn’t have this kind of order, this order is very inappropriate.” Lemuel covered his face and shook his head repeatedly, “We have never offended him.”

” Angel Lemuel, please pay attention to the situation at this time, and clearly state your request or the request of the City of Silver!” Morpheus said solemnly.

Remuel lowered his head, muttered: “I received an order from the voice of the sky, hell can only be handed over to those who directly serve the Lord God, to me and the Duma. We must fall into hell. , in charge of hell for the Lord.”

“You mean, you want the keys to hell?” Morpheus confirmed again.

<> Lemuel gently voted p: “I and the Duma will rule hell in the name of the Father Jehovah, we”

This is not fair and there is no justice.

We never did anything that deserved to be expelled.

We have made great deeds for heaven and for Him, we are brave and fearless, we have fought countless times in the front line of fierce battles, and we have made outstanding achievements and illustrious achievements.”

The more He spoke, the more excited he became. Roar towards the sky again: “Do you understand what you have done? We are pure spirits, and our feet have not even been stained with dust.

You forced us to go to hell, away from the glory and grace of our Lord. .

This shouldn’t be!”

He clenched his fists, his expression gradually grim, “This shouldn’t be, this is a big mistake, I can’t, no I can’t It will do what you want!

I’m going to resist, just like Lucifer did back thenβ€””

“hehehe” Harry covered his mouth, stealing heartless beside him laugh.

Then she was stared at by Archangel, who was full of resentment, “Demoness Hallie, what are you laughing at? Could this have something to do with you? You must be behind the scenes, right?”

Just as Harry was about to raise her face, squinting her eyes, and say “Yes, what can you do?”, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the scrutiny and angry eyes of the gods in the audience.

She was heart shivered with cold and woke up instantly.

I can’t stimulate these Spiritual Gods now, she still has a project fund of up to 100 million waiting to be collected!

“What’s wrong with your brain? ‘Hell Sovereign’ is such a great thing, even if I don’t enjoy it myself, there are still many friends who can recommend it, why should I give it to you two, a scumbag who sees people underestimate?” Harry was furious.

“A good thing? Going to hell is a good thing?” Lemuel’s eye socket cracked.

Harry pointed to the gods below, “According to what you mean, these great Spiritual Gods who are busy for the keys to hell are all blind idiots?”

Knowing that she had the intention to divert the conflict and arouse public anger, she was really full of anger and aggrieved.

They rushed over, intrigued and tried their best for the key to hell, but after these two Archangels easily got the treasure they wanted, they were howling here

Murphy Si suddenly said: “Remuel, Duma, do you still remember the oath you made outside the palace yesterday?”

They said: come here only for observation, not for the key, if you break this oath, you will fall into hell forever! !

Morpheus continued: “Now the City of Silver has made a request from me, and I can’t refuse.

I did not create hell, nor did I create the City of Silver that projected hell.

Therefore, I will give the key to its true owner.

When I make this decision, and complete it, it means that you have broken your oath – you come This is not just for observation.

You will go to hell.

You can choose to go to hell at the command of the City of Silver, or go to hell for breaking your oath.

This has no effect on the final result.”

He also handed over the keys.

Remuel looked pained, motionless.

The Angel of Silence Duma stepped forward silently and caught the key.

Morpheus secretly sighed in relief, facing the gods: “This result is a bit unexpected, but it is the most reasonable, the key is returned to its owner.

I only hope not Anyone would feel bad for being too disappointed.”

The gods were silent.

The result really disappointed them, but again, they couldn’t blame him for anything.

Heaven wants the keys to hell, who has reason to refuse?

To blame can only blame the dog god, playing the gods as monkeys.

“Dog’s stuff”

“Uncomfortable? hahaha.” The King of Lies suddenly laughed wildly, “Of course, I’m heartbroken right now, but I promise you, What happens next will make you want to die!”

“What do you want to do?” Morpheus asked lightly.

“I’m going to eat the soul of your beloved, little Nada, little dessert, I’ll take one bite at a time, and I’ll make sure that every bite of her will make her cry a hundred times. Missing you and complaining about you 10,000 times. hahahaha.”

“You shouldn’t have said that to me.” Morpheus coldly said.

“I just said, how about you, can you touch a single hair of me? According to the rules among the gods (ps), when we are accepted by you as guests, you will provide us with sanctity The right of guests – during your visit to your kingdom, our safety is guaranteed from harm of any kind.” The King of Lies proudly said with a smile.

Morpheus looked gloomy, his fists clenched.

Harry said disdainfully: “King of Lies, you are lying again, Nada is not on you at all.”

“Hey, not?” At this time, thousands of mouths laughed together, and the most central mouth opened wide, allowing everyone to see the red fruit soul wrapped in steel cables in his body – Nada.


Harry turned to Morpheus, laughed: “Okay, now that you are sure that Miss Nada has also entered your palace, you should help her fulfill the guests. Right.”

“What did you say?” The King of Lies Surprised and angry.

Murphys looked thoughtful.

Harry said with a laugh: “The entrance is a guest, you have the right to be a guest, Belial, and so does Nada. Now everyone has heard, you want to eat her, the monarch of dreams has the responsibility to protect She is far away from your harm.”

“You’re playing with me?!” The King of Thousand Faces twisted and angered thousands of faces.

Harry stuck out his tongue to him, “Yes, I’m playing with you, how come?”

“ao wu ~~~” the King of Lies howled, Pounced on her.

“Stop it!” Morpheus stepped forward, his palm stretched forward, and invisible force stopped the King of Lies, “This is my palace, and Harley also has the right to be a guest, you can’t hurt her. No If you hurt anyone, including Nada, hand her over quickly.”

“Fuck, go to the special guest right, I won’t play with you anymore.” The King of Lies roared towards the sky, the body Swelling to a height of 100 meters, struggling to break free, and continue to pounce.

“This is what you said, no guest rights.”

Morpheus’s face instantly dissipated, and his expression fluttered over with ease.

– Would you like to help?

Harry quietly sound transmission.

– You stay honest.

Morpheus swishes into one of the Lord of Lies’ mouths.

“You actually ran into my body, idiot, hahaha” Belial chewed with hundreds of mouths, “Mengjun, you are so delicious!”

“Really? , then you are delicious.” Morpheus indifferently said.

The next moment, the palace began to expand and grow, and Harley and the gods were also expanding. Little. Eventually, He disappeared, and Morpheus ‘abruptly’ appeared beside Harry.

It was said to be abrupt, but in fact, everyone didn’t find it abrupt at all.

“Where’s Belial?” Harry asked suspiciously.

Murphys raised his hand, holding a spherical glass bottle the size of a pineapple, the bottle contained the King of Lies who swelled a hundred meters high and chewed together with thousands of mouths.

The hapless bastard didn’t even realize he was in the bottle.

“This” Harry was stunned.

The gods in the audience were dumbfounded.

There were even gods trembling.

Most of them, like Harley, had no idea how it happened.

“In other places, I’m not necessarily his opponent. But this is my home, and everything in the Dream Kingdom follows my will. Even the Demon King will only do what I want. It exists in the form of.”

(ps: The guest rights here are not from “The Song of Ice and Fire”, but the guest rights in “The Song of Ice and Fire” come from the old Europe of the real world.

In dc comics, the gods do have this right.)

(end of this chapter)

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