I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 801


Chapter 801 Lucifer Soup

“King of Lies, your threatening remarks offend me. And The most unwise thing you have done is to deny me the right to be your guest.”

Morpheus said a few words to the spherical glass bottle indifferently, then waved his hand, and a man appeared in front of him. Half-height redwood chest.

Open the case lid and fill it with Rare Items and treasures.

There are castles in glass jars, alien skeletons with eyes and teeth, gold coins with caesar’s heads, and odd pottery, all of which are in a mess that’s clearly part of the Sandman’s collection .

He put the Demon Spherical Bottle in the box in front of everyone.

“I guess this will teach you how to be polite, little devil.”

He casually closed the lid of the box and asked the gods, “Now, there are Who has doubts about my decision?”


The audience was silent except for the sound of a grown mouth closing and then swallowed saliva. . .

Even Hallie has a dry throat.

She began to plan in her mind, this auction challenged more than 40 Spiritual God and Divine King, almost two levels up, from 8 Level 6 of ‘The Three Demons of Zhakang Play, She Was Chased by Two Demons’ 84%, rose to 8 Level 8 59%, almost Level 90.

Would you like to get a “Ninth Sandman Defense Specialty”?

“Dream monarch, your decision is fair and reasonable. Although I regret it, I cannot refute your decision at all.” Hindu Shinto.

“We’re leaving now, thank you for your hospitality, Mengjun.” Anubis bowed slightly to Morpheus.

“Dream shaper, it’s a pity we didn’t get the deal done, but we’re old friends, I can understand.

Anyway, you are welcome to my gold at any time. The palace is a guest.

My home is your home, and you can enjoy my wine and meat.” Odin said solemnly.

The gods one after another said goodbye to Morpheus, very honest, and no second one jumped out to make trouble.

Murphys also responded politely.

“cough cough, Divine Kings!” When it was about to end, Harry cleared his throat and stood up and said, “Although the key to hell was taken away by the City of Silver, Lucifer’s wings are still with me. Here.

If you are interested, you can follow me to Silver City later. Well, ‘Ten Mile Slope’ outside of heaven, we will have an auction of Satan’s Wings immediately.

First of all, I assure you that the City of Silver will not suddenly jump out to disrupt the situation, because I sold Lucifer’s Wings to the City of Silver before, and he would rather let me throw it away than recycle it.

Secondly, this In this auction, there will not be only one or two winners.

In the name of the heavenly War God, as long as the guests present, they will all gain. .”

The corners of Loki’s mouth twitched, and he praised in his heart: Harley Quinn, it’s quite credible!

“Lucifer’s Fallen Wings seem to be useless except to perceive the law of darkness. We don’t need to go.” He deliberately frowned and said to Odin.

Odin squinted and asked, “What kind of law do you think it would be?”

“Probably some kind of law like God created the world.” Loki casually said.

“Hey, you mean, the wings contain some of God’s secrets?” Susa said in shock.

“Sure, hell is the opposite of heaven, so who is the opposite of God?” asked Loki.

“Little black beans.” Anubis said immediately.

“Uh, little black bean” Loki looked tangled for a moment, hesitantly said: “I suspect that little black bean has something to do with Lucifer.”

“We are discussing here What’s the use? Let Demoness Harley take out the wings, and everyone will appreciate it and it will be clear?” Thor cried.

“Makes sense!”

The gods looked towards Harley, “Can you show us the wings?”

Harley nodded and said: “Of course I’ll show it to everyone, check the goods before trading. But it’s not here. This is the land of the monarch of dreams, let’s go to Ten Mile Slope.”

“Where is Ten Mile Slope? No I’ve heard of it.” Celtic Death God wondered.

“Ordinary angels fly 50 breaths out of the gate of heaven at the highest speed, all of which are under my jurisdiction, 10 breaths away from the gate of heaven, there is a floating mountain, it is Ten Mile Slope .” Harry said.

“So, there are two Ten Mile Slopes, three Ten Mile Slopes, four Ten Mile Slopes, and five Ten Mile Slopes?” Thor asked.

Harry forced a smile and said: “You are so smart.”

“Why don’t you just sell the wings here?” asked Spiritual God.

“In addition to the wings, there are some financial businesses that need to be discussed in detail with the Lord Gods. It is not convenient here.”

Some Spiritual Gods began to stand uneasy, their eyes wandering.

The key to hell allows the sudden outburst of the City of Silver to get it, which means that all Harley’s ‘insurance contract’ has been fulfilled, which is a huge sum of money!

The point is they don’t get any benefit for paying so much.

It’s too pitiful.

I want to renege on a debt, what should I do?

“Everyone, as long as you go to Ten Mile Slope, I will give a small gift to ensure that everyone can share a part of the origin of Lucifer.

Even if you can’t buy wings, you can decrypt it Some of the secrets of Lucifer’s laws can be considered a huge harvest!” Harry tempted.

“What else, let’s go.”

Many Spiritual Gods were excited.

Harry glanced at Loki, he seemed to have settled Odin and Thor, and planned to go to Ten Mile Slope to see the fun.

So, she looked towards Morpheus, blinking.

Morpheus was helpless, and quietly sent a sound transmission to Odin: “King of rune, out of respect, I don’t think there is something to hide from you.

Your blood ally brother Loki, when you took him to see me, you quietly left rune on Harry’s desk, they seem to have colluded”

Odin’s expression remained unchanged, and he didn’t even look at Morpheus. He only said lightly to Thor: “Let’s go to Ten Mile Slope, you have to watch Loki all the time, don’t let him come into contact with anyone, don’t even allow him to speak, and don’t let him out of your sight for a moment. , don’t let him have the opportunity to betray us!”

“Old Brother, it’s not so? I’ve been very honest the past few days!” Loki laughed hehe.

Thor squeezed his fist and said with a sneer: “This is my favorite task, Loki, do a little trick, and then give me an excuse to split your head and pull out yours. Spine!”

There was no Ten Mile Slope in heaven. For Loki’s sake, Harry relocated the auction from the dream kingdom to the outside of heaven, and temporarily moved a floating island to serve as the auction venue, and named it as “Ten Mile Slope”.

It’s not entirely true to say that all the trouble is for Loki.

She is more for Dodo and Yebi, helping them complete the cause and effect with Loki.

– Loki pays the price in the Holy Son event.

This is irrefutable.

So, Harry was willing to give him a chance, even if she went back and sold him again.

In any case, He finally got an opportunity, whether he can seize it or not depends on his own ability.

This is the same as what he did to Duoduo, the curse of the father of giant wolf, only gave Duoduo a chance, but when facing the dog god, this chance is very slim, can he succeed? , mainly by Dodo rather than Loki.

“That’s the Ten Mile Slope? Too small.”

Thor drove the goat carriage, and took Papa and Loki around the heaven before he could Find a small island with a radius of 100 meters.

If the English banner “This is Ten Mile Slope” hangs between the two flagpoles, the gods will only regard this small broken island as a “paradise meteorite”.

The Norse gods are neither too early nor too late, and there are already forty-fifty people on it.

However, Harry didn’t show up.

“Odin Divine King, the god of tricks, His Royal Highness Thor, welcome and welcome.”

Come to greet the gods, a few grass-headed gods dressed up by modern people.

A few heroes who died in the original Earth 0, such as the first-generation star man, the second-generation torch, and the first-generation element girl.

“Where’s Harley Quinn?” Thor asked loudly.

“I’m preparing small gifts for everyone, don’t wait long, Harley will appear immediately after everyone arrives.” ‘torch’ Leili said.

As expected, only half an hour later, Harry stepped on the owl airship and flew over from the direction of heaven.

“Everyone, let’s not talk nonsense, the auction of Wings of the Fallen Angels will start now.” She stood on the airship, without getting down, she said directly: “First of all, I want to explain that I do not have the strength of the Sandman. , there is no way to give your guests rights, and no ability to protect the safety of each guest.

I can only swear that I will never do anything to any of you.

So, this Ten Mile Slope is very small, and I don’t feel bad if you break it.

So, you have to be careful, don’t be sneak attacked by the people around you, and pay attention to safety, I’m not responsible for any accident.”

As soon as these words came out, the gods looked around subconsciously, and distanced themselves from Spiritual Gods of other gods.

At the same time, some Spiritual Gods looked at her strangely.

Since she is incapable of giving everyone guest rights, they also have no obligation to the host.

Harry smiled and continued: “In addition, I have to remind everyone that even if this place is not in heaven, it is the sphere of influence of the City of Silver.

I promise, Angel King Mi Caleb was watching Ten Mile Slope, God was casting his gaze, and a million angels were whispering behind me.”

She was 100% right, obviously.

With such a big commotion outside of heaven, if Michael and God were unaware, it would be called a ghost.

The gods immediately looked solemn, and their eyes became honest, at least on the surface, nothing could be seen.

Only Harley knew that she was bragging.

Michael and God can definitely see it, but they just watch it, and they won’t shoot it.

“Finally, I’m about to take out the Fallen Angel’s Wings and remind you in advance that no one can take it or take it unless I declare you to be its master.


Because I bought an insurance in the City of Silver, which guarantees that when anyone wants to snatch them, a bunch of heavenly holy lights will come to pick me up and my wings.

So don’t risk it Disgraceful face, and the danger of offending the City of Silver and me, doing useless work.”

This time Harley didn’t brag.

She sold Susanoo’s Yin Jade to the Voice of Heaven, in exchange for 2 million merits from it.

Compared with the trifling feats of heaven, his own life must be the most important thing. Second Layer wants Lucifer’s wings.

She has prepaid Voice of the Sky 500,000 Heavenly Merit, if someone shoots at her or her wings, the teleportation will be triggered immediately.

“Take the wings out, there’s a lot of nonsense,” Thor exclaimed impatiently.

Harry glanced at him, and a circle of holy halo the size of a basin rose from the back of his head, the Arkham War God radiance.

“Buzzβ€”β€”” Huiyin holy light flickered, the inner space opened, and a giant test tube with a diameter of two meters and a height of ten meters appeared beside Harry, on top of the owl airship.

“Gudonggudong.” There is also a liquefied gas stove under the giant test tube. The liquid in the test tube has been boiled and is boiling and bubbling.

“The blood of Odin, this, this is the Wings of the Fallen?!” Thor opened his mouth wide, his eyes bursting.

“This is Lucifer soup.” Harry said with a smile.

(end of this chapter)

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