I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 802


Chapter 802 Satan’s Wrath

There is only one Divine King on the scene, but there are many Lord Gods.

None of these Spiritual Gods doubted that what was in the giant test tube was not the Wings of Lucifer.

Supreme’s majestic magic, the power of the law that shines with golden silver light, and the satanic personality that forms a great oppression force for the soul. They are so bare in front of the gods.

Even the most suspicious of Demoness’ character, at this time, firmly believed that Harry didn’t lie, she really took out Lucifer’s wings.

But the question is, why don’t the wings have black feathers, purple flesh, and golden fascia?

Why does it only have a skeleton? !

Why is this skeleton still being boiled in the pot?

Why are there chopped green onion, star anise, cumin and ginger slices in the pot.

Why is it so fragrant?

Why am I drooling?

Why is it so like a pot of soup?

Oh, yes, Demoness Halle just said it directly, it’s called “Lucifer Soup”! !

β€œOld Odin’s one-eyed!” Odin raised his forehead and groaned in shock, β€œDemoness Harley is too crazy, too irrespective of the law and of natural morality, too crazy, too”

“Mother Fake!” Loki recovered from his stunned speech and sighed: “I lost, I am not the opponent of Demonness Harley in terms of crazy tricks. I would like to call her the best. Strong ‘God of Madness’!”

“Too terrifying, Demonness Harley actually stewed Lucifer.”

Susanoo shook the sweat on his forehead, his face pale like paper.

He was planning to renege on a debt before.

The treasure worth 16.2 million merits in heaven, if you get the key to hell, the absolute value of this money. . .

But the key hair didn’t touch, He was not reconciled, and it was painful.

But now. In order not to be simmered by Demoness, after he returns, he has to find the mother, father, and brother sisters for a good discussion.

“Everyone, don’t be stunned, come and get a small gift.” Harry patted the hot test tube wall, said with a smile: “Each person has a bowl of soup, you can choose to eat wontons, noodles, or eat Soup with rice, drink the soup directly.”

Speaking, a grass-headed god brought a stack of sea bowls, which were almost half a person’s height, and the mouth of each bowl was the size of a plate.

Harry hooked her fingers, the yellow light energy embodied a tube, stuck it into the test tube, and “gudonggudong” poured hot soup from the port.

She demonstrated by herself, holding up the bowl and drank the soup in one breath.

“Ha~~~” Harley let out a breath of hot air and sighed contentedly: “Good soup! A supreme power belonging to Lucifer exploded in the taste buds, I seemed to see the holy one. Angels dance under the moon.

The aroma of chopped green onion seems to have chemically reacted with the creation law of the Most High, not the soup, but the essence of the world.

Obviously it’s just soup, but it has a moist chewing feeling, as if chewing the beef tendon of the Q bomb. Well, it should be the power of the personality, it is the actual paste, good, really good, I have to come again One bowl.”

She said, she really put another bowl in, and tasted it with intoxication on her face.

“Coodong, coodong” The gods began to swallow.

“Demoness Harley, give me a bowl!” Thor couldn’t help but stepped forward and shouted.

“What kind of soup do you want, noodle soup, wonton soup, rice soup?” Harry asked.

Thor tilted his head and thought for a while, then said, “How about adding a few slices of mutton?”

“I don’t have any mutton here.” Harry wondered.

“It doesn’t matter, I have it!” Thor whistled to the outside, and two tall and mighty goats stepped on the void and ran over.


Thor broke the neck of the sheep with a big laugh, bloodletting, skinning, and meat slicing skillfully.

“These two gods Is the sheep your mount?” Harry asked with a frown.

“Hahaha, my goats are more amazing than you can imagine, as long as I hit them on the head.” He tapped each goat head gently with a meow hammer

The skeleton wrapped in sheepskin is like inflated, bulging out a piece of muscle, the dead eye regained its divine light, blinked a few times, and came back to life.


“It can also be used as a mount and eat meat, this god sheep is not bad!” Harry’s eyes lit up.

Thor handed over a lump of lamb shank and urged, “Hurry up and cook the mutton soup for me!”

Harry didn’t go to pick up the meat, but only controlled the manifestation of the yellow light energy With a small knife, quickly slice off dozens of paper-thin mutton rolls, use the hot soup, and the fragrant mutton soup is ready.

“Snoring.” Thor opened his mouth wide and drank it all in one breath.

“How?” Loki said curiously.

“Another bowl.” Thor raised the bowl high.

“One bowl per person, this is a small gift. If there are any leftovers, I will scoop them for you later.” Harry said.

“How do you feel?” Odin asked.

“Feeling.” Thor scratched his fluffy hair, “I want another bowl.”

Odin said with a sullen face, “I asked if you had any There is no force to explode between the taste buds, and the law is mellow like a cream.”

“I don’t know, it just poured down the throat without passing through the taste buds.” Thor touched his belly and said, “But, it is true Unlike normal mutton soup, it’s warm in the belly, so comfortable.”

“Give me a bowl of soup.” Odin decided to try it himself.

“Want lamb or something?” Harry asked.

“Just a bowl of soup.”

Harry handed over a bowl.

Odin took a sip, squinting his eyes and savoring it for a while, drinking slowly.

But slowly, his expression became more and more serious.

“Good soup!” After drinking, He said solemnly.

“Where is it?” Anubis asked, staring at him.

Odin raised his head and glanced at Harry above the owl airship, and said: “The soup has the breath of supreme power, but there is no trace of Lucifer’s original magic power. Ordinary mages will not be consumed by it. Imbued with his own magic power, the cooking method is brilliant!”

Harry smiled proudly, but any trace of magic power leaked out has been drained by her.

Lucifer’s wings are composed of four parts: 1. Material blood, flesh, skin, bone, feathers; 2. Lucifer’s original magic; 3. The ‘Satan’s Law’ hidden in the bone marrow, Can represent a part of the authority of hell; 4. Lucifer’s personality, or the destiny belonging to the first fallen angel, can replace the original Lucifer to a certain extent.

Harry only wants the second ingredient – the source of magic.

However, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ingredients are not as completely different as feathers, meat, and bones. They are mixed together to form the ‘Power of Lucifer’.

Harry thought hard and finally decided to give up the power in her bone marrow and eat the rest.

In the dream dimension, she hid in the secret room provided by Morpheus, first plucked the hair, and then “marinated” the two wings with stomach acid, soaked the flesh as firm as Vajra, and smeared it. Seasoning, roasting and grilling, like eating tiger skin chicken feet, nibbling off the meat on the wings.

Well, the stomach acid of her Level 8 Food Defense Specialty can’t melt the flesh on Lucifer’s wings.

The flesh has to be shaved off, so that they completely lose the protection of the supreme power, and then put them in the stomach and slowly dissolve.

If the wings were still on Lucifer, her stomach acid would have no effect on it.

Harry only gets Satan Source Power.

After all converted into Bloodline Power, the attribute reaches 59 points, fast 60 points!

A full 15 points increase.

Bloodline Power’s increase in body attributes is not linear.

For example, if the attribute is from 10:00 to 11:00, if one thousand bloodline power points are required, then, from 20:00 to 21:00, it may take five thousand points, which is five times the previous value; 30 to 31 , even 50,000 points, ten times that of the previous Level 10.

Ordinary person exercises to the limit, about ten points of strength, while superman who can push Earth to move has “only” around 99 strength.

So, the higher the attribute, the stronger the effect, and the harder it is to add a little bit.

The original magic power that Harry got from eating ‘chicken wings’ only accounted for 30% of the total, and the remaining 70% was entangled with the laws in the bone marrow.

That’s why she came up with the idea of boiling chicken wings.

“There is no magic, but there is a faint sense of law, mysterious abnormal, Supreme. Drinking this soup for a long time can help people quickly understand Supreme Law.” Odin continued to comment.

“Are there any side effects?” Susanoo asked.

Odin shook his head, “I said, there is no magic in it. Ordinary cooking can’t force out the authority and personality of Lucifer in the bone marrow, so this is a pure soup with no side effects. .”

“Give me a bowl.” Loki said immediately.

“I want it too.”

“Give it to me!”

After the gods each had a bowl, there was still a lot of soup left, and Harry was also very forthright, Add another bowl or half a bowl to them, in short, drink up the soup in the giant test tube, leaving only two golden-bright and dazzling wing skeletons.

“Demoness Harry, I’m not full, should I add more water and continue cooking?” Thor licked his lips and asked eagerly.

“The soup is not cooked enough time, and the taste is not strong.” Harry said.

“It’s fine, it’s okay to be bland, as long as you fill your stomach.” Thor said immediately.

Harry thought for a while, then pointed to the mutton left over and said, “Use mutton to freshen it up, and then have a pot of ‘mutton fallen wings soup’.”

“Alrightβ€” Huh!” Thor’s movement of handing the mutton stiffened, his eyes widened and he pointed at the bones in the giant test tube, shouting: “What’s the matter, there is a tooth mark here? Wouldn’t you have gnawed on this wing once? , you are so cruel, you actually eat Lucifer’s meat!”

The gods looked at each other with strange expressions.

Harry looked natural and said, “You read it wrong, that’s the mark left by the meat-picking tongs.”

Then she quickly filled up the water, added soy sauce, raw Soy sauce, oyster sauce, and vinegar to block the sight of the gods.

“What’s the point of eating Lucifer meat after drinking Lucifer soup?” Rocky whispered.

“pa pa!” Harley clapped her hands and shouted: “The soup is over, and the water in the pot starts to boil again. I believe everyone has verified the authenticity of the wings.

Now, the auction starts, the left wing will be sold first, you Divine Kings can bid directly, or you can use spirit strength to communicate with me quietly.”

On a beach in southern Australia.

Lucifer was naked, lying on the chair, watching the sunset fall toward the end of the sea, dyeing the sea a golden color.

“The sunset is so beautiful!”

He lay lazily with a kind of ease and comfort on his face that he had never seen before.

The color of the sunset is magnificent and magnificent, not the dark red blood of hell; the seagulls and the waves sing in my ears, without the wailing of the undead and the roar of the devil; the warm wind caresses the skin of the red fruit, There is only sweetness in the air, no sulphur and scorched smoke.

Lucifer was immersed in the sunset, and said with infinite emotion: “I am right, no matter how much the cost, for all this now, it is worth it. Worth it; I was wrong, I should have made the decision sooner.”


“Lucifer meat.”

“Lucifer soup. “

Suddenly, He brows slightly wrinkle, and someone mentions His name. Not surprising.

Even if he loses his wings and gives up the seat of Satan, he is still not a mortal.

He senses whoever chants his name.

It’s just that compared to before, the sound has become a little blurry, and the hearing is also a little dull.

He shouldn’t have cared about those voices, the whole supernatural world is talking about him giving up hell these days.

But ‘Lucifer Meat’ and ‘Lucifer Soup’ are too strange, and they vaguely sting his sensitive spiritual sense.

Lucifer narrowed his eyes and carefully perceived ‘Lucifer soup’.

“It’s delicious, didn’t expect soup with Lucifer’s wings to be so delicious, Demoness Halle, give me another bowl.”

Demoness Halle, make soup with wings and give it to the gods? !

Lucifer stood up suddenly, with a gloomy expression on his face, “Magic~girl~ha~li!”

(end of this chapter)

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