I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 803


Chapter 803 Big Shots

Out of Heaven, Ten Mile Slope.

In the center of the mound with a radius of 100 meters, the Archimedes airship is parked.

Above the airship is a glass test tube two meters thick and ten meters long.

The raging flames at the bottom of the test tube have been extinguished, and the soup in the tube is also dry to see that there is not a trace left.

Around the airship, there were seven or eight long wooden tables, and the Spiritual God number 100 sat around.

They all caressed their belly, with a memorable expression on their faces.

“OK, today’s auction is officially over. Divine King Odin exchanged Valhalla for Satan’s right wing, but it’s not a permanent exchange. I got Valhalla for 100 years, and he got Satan’s right wing for 100 years.


In the past 100 years, we can only comprehend the laws of each other’s treasure, and we must not destroy them…

Of course, cooking soup with wing bones is not considered damage.”

Harry hooked her fingers, and the golden wing bones stained with oil and onion and garlic were hooked out of the test tube by the rope embodied by the energy of the yellow light, and fell directly in front of Odin.

The gods are full of envy, but no one competes.

Odin’s one eye flashed with excitement, he stretched out his hand to take the wings, feeling the rhythm of the real Dao in it, he couldn’t help sticking out his rough tongue and licking the surface of the wing bones, so delicious!

“Okay, War God in Heaven has the credit, and it’s bold enough!”

He was delighted, gave a big thumbs up, and took out a glass ball and threw it at Harry.

“Don’t be disappointed, Divine Kings, we are all Spiritual Gods and can live for millions of years. When Odin’s Divine King’s deal is over, we can do it again and have countless auctions.”

Harley reassured the dejected gods, then took out another wing and placed it in front of Susanoko, and said, “The Neon Gods will permanently obtain the left wing of Satan, so as toโ€” โ€””

“Demoness Harley, how dare you humiliate me like this!”

Suddenly, a thunderous scolding sounded faster than light, and the last moment was still far away, The next moment had come to Ten Mile Slope, and the voice contained not only anger, but supreme power.

“BOOOM!” At the same time when the gods heard the voice, the floating island with a radius of 100 meters exploded.

“Oh, Lucifer is attacking, everyone run.”

Harry screamed while covering her ears, and activated the voice of the sky.


A bunch of pure and holy radiance enveloped her and the Archimedes airship below her, and several grass-headed gods around her.

The next moment, they disappeared into the violent and chaotic energy flow.

“Lucifer, you’ve given up your wings, everyone knows itโ€”ahhhh, bully intolerably!”

Moments before leaving, Harry vaguely hears old Odin’s howling.

After teleporting to Paradise Mountain, Harry let the grass-headed gods disperse, and quickly came to the “South Heaven Gate” – the floating island where Zaulie was stationed.

“How is it, Lao Zha? Has Lucifer hit heaven?” Harry said curiously.

Zawley stared at her, and the Divine Idol scientist was looking at ghosts, “You’re crazy.”

“What’s wrong with me? Lucifer is crazy, He clearly said that he would wash his hands in the golden basin and would no longer bother about the affairs of the rivers and lakes, but He just retired for three days, and then jumped out to make a fuss.

Harry looked around, the atmosphere of Silver City was peaceful and peaceful. , “He is arrogant outside of heaven, why haven’t you dispatched an army of angels to encircle and suppress him? “

“You eat His flesh, boil soup with His bones, and give it to the gods to drink and taste, and you blame Him for reacting violently?”

Even if he renounces the seat of Hell Sovereign, he is still a mighty, proud Supreme. Zaulie said in a complicated tone.

“Pride of shit, people who are truly proud will at least spit on a nail. “Harry pointed to the mist-shrouded void outside the “South Heaven Gate”, as if pointing to Lucifer’s nose, and scolded: “What’s the matter, when he gave me his wings, he bluntly said that he was uneasy and kind, and wanted to make me Bad luck.

Am I obediently and honestly unlucky?

Hey, he started the game. If he wants to play the game, he should abide by the rules of the game, and if you agree to bet you must accept to lose.

The wings are given to me, they are mine, and what I do with them has nothing to do with Lucifer.


Today this is a mess, and the entire multiverse knows that he doesn’t speak anything, so what face does he have to be proud of? “

“Demoness Harley.” A resentful voice that tried to suppress her emotions, resounded outside the void, and a black dot flew from a distance, quickly showing a silhouette of a person, separated by a long distance, stopped. Down.

I can’t see the face clearly, but the voice and breath are the proper Lucifer Morningstar.

Harry shrank his neck and body, shrank in Behind Zaulie.

Zaulie was not afraid, holding the hilt of his sword, coldly said: “Lucifer, you want to force the city of silver? “

Harry shrank back and felt a little ashamed, this is paradise, if Lao Lu dared to come in, even for the sake of face, Michael and Goshang Imperial Capital should come out and stop it.

With confidence in her heart, she also let go of her hands and feet completely, walked to the edge of Hanging Mountain, and shouted with her arms on her hips: “Lucifer, you idiot who can’t afford to lose, you have already given me your wings, what’s the point of being agitated and irritable now? ?

If you really have the seed, take your wings back and continue to be a fallen angel and go to hell to be a Satan.

The fallen angel Lucifer has wings. Lucifer, who is idle and free, has no wings at all, and he doesn’t even have this consciousness?

hehe, I figured it out, the wings on your body are easy to break, but the wings in your heart are still there.

You still want freedom and shit? ! “

“Demoness Harley, you are responsible for every word you say right now.” “Lucifer gnashing teeth said.

“Old Lu, think about it carefully, although what I said sounds ugly, is it wrong? Harry’s tone slowed, and he said earnestly: “What is a trifling stinky bag compared to true freedom?”

You shouted ‘I want to be free, at all costs’, you closed the Gates of Hell, you cut your wings, and all the gods were shocked, even the voice of the sky, I plan to sell my wings to the voice of the sky At times, the Voice of the Sky even didn’t know what to do and didn’t know how to deal with them. “

โ€”โ€”Harley Quinn, are you insulting me?!

The voice of the sky interjected indifferently, and it only sounded in Harley’s mind.

Harley Doing two things at the same time, said: Boss, don’t be too sensitive. The current situation is very obvious, either suppress Lucifer with strength, or hit him with mouth cannons.

What’s more obvious is that things Up to now, no angel has come out to save the field. The angel can’t do it, so I have to go.

Or, boss, you decide to go on your own?

This is not good, after all, you are Boss, although I’m looking forward to it.”

The Voice of Heaven was silent.

Harry took it as his acquiescence, and continued to say to Lucifer: “Your act of closing the door and cutting your wings shocked Supreme’s voice.

Hello, good. Chic, so high-quality.

What’s the result?

It’s only been three days, and you are carrying your wings again, bringing the power of Satan to the gate of heaven, you are majestic, The imposing manner is compelling, but do you know that the voice of the sky is snickering? The angels are snickering?

They are all laughingโ€”I thought Lucifer was an arrogant man, but he still couldnโ€™t bear the old God Give him wings and strength, hahahaha, he is not even as good as a child named ‘Nezha’.

The little Nezha cuts the flesh and returns the mother’s bones to the father.

Lucifer was reluctant to give up after only three days, and came back to grab his wings, hahahaha.”

Harry laughed heartily, but kept saying: “I’m not laughing, I’m imitating the angels mocking you. “

“sou! sou!” Two golden lights shot out, like two battle axes, splitting the sky into a crack that was as black as ink.

Harry felt the danger of death, the neurites between the eyebrows throbbed, the pupil shrank into a needle eye, and everything in front of her was slowing down, slowing down countless times.

Level 5 Speed Force Defense feat: Dynamic camera captures the Flash’s every movement in normal state.

Although the speed of golden light is fast, it is still flying at high speed, not the “jump” that Odin oppressed the laws of time and space.

Harry sees it clearly, it’s two golden-bright and dazzling bone wings!

“Fuck, don’t play if you can’t have fun!”

The golden wings are too fast to keep up with their movements, only thoughts are faster than golden wings, and Harry barely activates the yellow light With energy, he turned sideways with himself and Zaulie behind him, avoiding a direct collision.


The air is exploding, the floating island where Zaulie is stationed is exploding, the space near the floating island is exploding, the law is cut off, revealing the darkness The cracks of the sky like ink.

Harry felt pain all over her body and almost lost consciousness.

โ€œahhhhโ€”โ€”โ€ Zaulie howled miserably.

She found him in a turbulent stream of law and magic.

Archangel was bruised and bruised, his body twisted irregularly into odd shapes, with a rib and spine pierced through the flesh and exposed.

The wing feathers are messy, broken into knots, and drooping behind the back.

It’s miserable.

Harry looked at herself carefully, fortunately, the eight specialties blocked the damage of the power of miracles, only physical damage, causing some superficial wounds.

In addition, my brain is a little confused, like spinning a few times in a front-loading washing machine.

When she dragged Zaule to the safe area, she was shocked to find that from Lucifer’s original location, to Zaule’s station, and then to the City of Silver, there were deep, dark spots along the way. The Space Crack, a total of fifteen floating islands were shot and exploded along the way.

Lucifer disappeared, his wings

Harry found the edge of the City of Silver along the slowly healing Space Crack, and above the city gate of the City of Silver, found the two golden bone wings.

The five-meter-long wings, like darts, sank into the city wall as a whole, and even went one meter deep, and the tips of the wings emerged from the other end of the city wall.

“Hisโ€”” Harry gasped, this is the City of Silver.

Bricks forged with Divine Gold, each piece is a proper Divine Item.

“Voice of Heaven, where’s Lucifer?” she asked.


“What can I leave behind when I go?” Harry asked again.


“Then those wings”

Harry still wants to recycle.

“Just like that, let them stay here.” Voice of Heaven indifferently said.

Harry opened her mouth, sighed then said, and chose to be deadly and not money.

“Lao Zha, how are you?” She turned to look at Zaulie, who was shrouded in a beam of healing holy light.

“I’m in a bad state now, and I’m in a worse mood, and I don’t want to talk to you,” he said weakly.

“Are you mad at me?” Harry cried out in grievance, “Lucifer, go back on one’s word, suddenly went crazy, can you blame me? If I hadn’t pulled you just now, you Eighty percent of the time you are knocked out by one move.”

“How come you were injured so badly? You are the eagle archangel, the general guard of the gate of heaven, and that’s how it behaves.”

Zaule’s mood was even worse, and he didn’t want to talk anymore.

“Ai, also blame the Voice of Heaven for being biased. If it agrees with my suggestion and lets you go to hell to be a Satan, your strength will be at least ten times higher, and it won’tโ€””

“What did you say?” Zaulie raised his head suddenly, staring at his black and white eyes, surprised and angry: “You asked me to manage hell?”

“Uh, you don’t Would you like to be a King of Hell, better than a city gate guard?” Harry asked in surprise.

“I was almost killed by you!” Zaulie had a bead of sweat on his forehead, his black face turned pale, and said angrily, “Going to hell is equivalent to depravity, depravity is a good thing?

Harry, don’t take everyone as yourself, I have faith, and I love the life of bathing in holy light.”

“Lao Zha, if you have the strength, live in the City of Silver. High position. Recommending you to go to hell to be the king is hurting you, but you are now.”

Under the stare of Zaulie’s red eyes, Harry couldn’t continue.

“Harley Quinn, you come out!”

At this moment, a roar came from outside the heaven directly into the Silver City.

“Odin? You’re not dead yet?”

(end of chapter)

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