I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 805


Chapter 805 The Return of Wonder Woman

Harry asked Morpheus to help him carefully perceive her status, but he didn’t notice any abnormality.

She asked him for a quiet room, entered the deepest state of meditation, and used every single thought to perceive the source of the attack.

For a long time, Harley did not find the person who attacked her. He couldn’t find where his body was hurt.

No one attacked her at all, and she wasn’t hurt.

She tried to let the voice of the sky help her heal, and also asked the voice of the sky to help find the sinister villain who attacked her.

Voice of Heaven said she had a problem.

Even the voice of the sky said that she was not injured, so she was 80% not injured.

Although it is very unreasonable, Harley can only change her thinking, no longer insist on the concept of “where am I injured, who is attacking me and in what way”, but explores where the experience comes from of.

Fortunately, she was very lucky, from the first unfathomable mystery bubbling in the experience jar, to the complete silence, which persisted intermittently for more than three hours!

Well, three hours sounds like a long time, but in fact, the total experience gained is not even 0.1%. . .

The amount is small and intermittent.

Three hours of careful search, Harry vaguely found the source of the experience – the shazam contract!

The old wizard found a singularity spell: in the order of the initials of Spiritual God’s real name as ‘s, h, a, z, a, m’, when borrowing Spiritual God Divine Force, the magic power can be exempted The price of the mark, and it’s easy to feel the divinity in Divine Force.

The Singularity Charm is a bug in the Universe Principle system.

As long as this loophole is plugged, the wizard will surely become a god.

In order to patch this system loophole, the old wizard created a ‘Shazam’s Law’ for ‘Shazam’s singular point magic’: according to the initials of Spiritual God’s real name, it is ‘s, h, a’ When borrowing Spiritual God Divine Force in the order of , z, a, m’, you will pay a price, and you will not be able to perceive the divinity in Divine Force.

According to this law, old Shazam created a series of magics borrowed from the Divine Force.

Many Spiritual Gods have learned his magic to ensure that when they lend Divine Force to mortals, they will not be wiped out by mortals, and that mortals will pay 100% of the price.

Well, the former dragon slayer (Robin Hood who stole the spiritual power of God) has completely become the accomplice of the evil dragon (the eagle dog who helped the Spiritual God Guardian God power).

But this is the opposite of system bugs (singularity magic) and system patches.

The Divine King of Naboo wants Harley to lend her power to Diana.

Because the source of power is lent out, it is possible to gain insight into Harley’s bottom line.

She has grown so much in such a short period of time, it is very curious.

Curious about her secret.

In order to let Harley drop her guard, Neb recommended her to the Shazam wizard, her real name ‘Harley Quinn’ whose initials are “H”, can sign the “Shazam Contract”โ€”โ€” Corrected Shazam’s singular point enchantment.

It is still possible to borrow power, but the debtor needs to pay the price (what the price is, it’s a secret, old Shazam didn’t tell Harry), and the lender (the Spiritual God who lent Divine Force) gets huge benefitsโ€” โ€”Completely the opposite of the original singularity spell that borrowed power without cost.

After signing the name into the Shazam contract, Harley’s “thick-skinned Martial God” Divine Force is protected by other “Shazam rules” at the multi-universe level, not afraid of Wonder Woman stealing her Divine Force’s Secret (Old Shazam can analyze her Divine Force).

On the contrary, Wonder Woman, who uses her powers, will also give her benefits and help her cultivation.

Harry borrows “Martial Power of God” to Diana, and when Diana fights with “Harry’s Martial Power of God”, a part of the ‘Martial God comprehension’ obtained will be distributed to Harry.

This is guaranteed by the Shazam Pact, which creates an invisible conduit between Halle and Diana, passing Diana’s “Martial God Sense” to her.

At this moment, the source of the “level EXP” that Harry found came from the “pipeline” constructed by the Shazam contract.

“Diana is back!”

Haley realized.

“Diana was not only resurrected, she was fighting, and brought the ‘Martial God experience’ in battleโ€””

Harry’s eyes flashed through a bright light, suddenly stood up, excited Laughing: “hahahaha, I see, that’s what happened!”

Why would Spiritual God lend power to mortals?

Certainly not Spiritual God’s good heart.

If it’s purely kind-hearted, why didn’t Spiritual God lend his power to the relatively reliable heroes like Bateman and Green Arrow, but to thunder sand sculptures and temperament ordinary vegans – war eagles with doves?

Why did old Shazam keep waiting for the most suitable person to appear, even at the cost of wasting favor and magic to find the ‘Man of Destiny’?

Because Spiritual God lends power to mortals for cultivation! !

The Divine Force of Fire Attribute must be lent to those of Fire Attribute physique, in order to better utilize the Divine Force characteristic and give back to Spiritual God’s “fire perception”.

Vulcan borrowed the flame Divine Force and couldn’t gain the insight of water.

What kind of characteristics of Divine Force are borrowed, and only the characteristics of this Divine Force are improved.

What is Harley’s Divine Force trait?

She declares to the outside world that she is the “Martial God” who has achieved the level of Transcendent Saint with hard work.

So, Neb thought she could get ‘Martial Arts experience’ from Diana.

Diana is the Greek War God, and from her Martial Arts experience, Harry made a lot of money.

But in fact, Harley is not really a god, only level 80, with extra defense, touching the sea of laws of the dc multiverse.

The Sea of Law has adopted this cultivation method of “adding points and increasing defense”, making her a “preparatory god” who can touch the sea of law, but fails to condense the law.

Whether it is a True God or a false god, Harley’s Divine Force feature is not Martial Arts, but the feature of “increasing experience by being beaten, and adding defense after full experience”.

What kind of “perception” does it return to with the Divine Force of what characteristics.

What Diana gave back to Harry was EXP!

“Murphys, Old Brother, I’m going back.”

Harry hurriedly left the cultivation room and found Morpheus to say goodbye.

“Are you in a hurry?” Morpheus asked curiously.

“That’s right, I probably found the crux of the problem, and I have to go back and verify.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Wonder Woman Diana is resurrected.”

Morpheus closed his eyes for a moment, nodded and said: “No Wrong, she’s been resurrected for almost a month.”

“One month?” Harry was surprised, why did he only gain experience now?

With the help of Morpheus, she returned directly to Gotham from the Kingdom of Dreams and returned to Quinn Manor.

The moment she landed, several messages popped up on her phone.

The first is from Superman, ten hours ago: Harry, haven’t you come back yet? There are a lot of demons coming out of Earth, and I captured more than 40 in one night. That’s too many, and the extraordinary prison on Stryker Island is about to fill up. Come back soon, we’re selling demons.

The second, from Bateman, also has nine hours.

โ€”โ€”Harry, there are a lot of ghosts and demons in Gotham. I teamed up with Zatanna, Nick, and Constantine to arrest a group of demons. We want to exchange them for merit points.

The third item is still from Bateman: Are you back? Listen to the trio of Zatanna, the gates of hell have reopened, and the demons are lining up to return to hell. What should we do with the demons we have captured? Some demons are shouting grievances, saying that they did not deliberately come to Earth to cause harm to the world, and even used means to escape from my prison and return to hell.

Fourth from Heavenly Eye, Colonel Steve Trevor: Senator Quinn, Diana is back!

The fifth article comes from the horse Gang Lord: Harry, what’s wrong with hell, why can you see the undead in the daytime? Damn, I met Roosevelt and Lincoln at the White House and they made me referee – who is the greatest president of America and I said ‘of course it was me’ and they instantly turned into Evil Spirit and they were going to bite me, thanks to the Shadow Bureau agents Arrive in time.

Harry rode on Yebi, went around the United States, and cleaned up all the demons and Evil Spirits collected by heroes such as Batman, Green Arrow, Flash, Animal Man, Superman, Sam Uncle, etc. clean.

She personally killed her, and received a total of 1.48 million merits in heaven, half of which belonged to herself and half to the heroes, which were deposited into the account of heaven’s wealth management.

In addition, those demons also provided her with more than 1,700 hearts, and the magic power provided barely raised the attribute from 54 points to 55 points.

There are many demons, but fewer Archfiends with noble status.

Because of the low level, the magic power level and purity provided by the Devil’s Heart are very low. After the transformation and purification of the Escape Pattern, the pure Bloodline Power obtained is less.

A little attribute at 50+ is ten times more Bloodline Power than a little at 30+.

So, Harley’s harvest is actually very rich.

For this reason, she gave half of the 740,000 merits to the heroes.

“It’s great, I made nearly 150,000 merits in just a few days, and Louise no longer has to worry about going to hell after death!” All heroes are very happy, Dachao is even more Bubbling beautiful.

Second day In the afternoon, Zhenglian held a grand party in the Hall of Justice.

Not only were the heroes present, but also Halle and Mr. President.

“Today’s banquet has two purposes. First, to welcome our old friend and old comrade-in-arms-Wonder Woman to the Justice League.” Dachao said excitedly, pointing to Diana beside him.

“Welcome, we all miss you.” He hugged her gently.

Battman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and other heroes and giants also embraced her excitedly one by one. The more emotional Flash and some of the heroes who witnessed Diana’s death even had red eyes.

The scene was very touching for a time.

“In addition, a big accident happened in hell. Lucifer gave up the seat of Satan and drove all the demons and Evil Spirits to the world. There have been too many supernatural events recently, and too many people have been killed. Superheroes want to Take action”

Superman talked about the exorcism plan, exorcism method, and imprisoning the demon to exchange money on the stage. Harley became impatient after listening to it for a while, and quietly sent a sound transmission to Diana next to him, “Hey, Diana, let’s talk.”

Diana glanced at her, stepped down from the podium, and asked in a low voice, “What do you want to say?”

“You How long have you been awake?” Harry asked.

“About the beginning of July, almost a month. However, it was not until yesterday afternoon that I left Paradise Island and returned to the United States. As soon as I came back, I met the devil.”

After a while, the heroine seriously said: “Harry, I know what you paid for, thank you.”

“Do you remember what happened before? Infinite Earth Crisis, Anti-Monitor.”


Diana nodded and said: “I wasn’t affected by the reboot, neither was my mother.”

“Did the Greek gods bring you back?”

“After you put the Divine Force into my clay body, I already have sentience. You brought me back, and the gods completely restored me to the way I was.”

“I thought Zeus would take it away. My power.” Harry said.

Diana sighed, saying, “Father does intend to take your Divine Force out and give it back to you.

I refused.

Like I just You have helped me regain some of my senses.

When I found out that the gods were drawing your power, I begged them to stop, I want to repay you.

If I fight I will be very happy that the experience can help you.”

Speaking of this, she looked curious and asked, “How do you feel?”

“It feels good , inexplicably has more combat insights.” Harry said with a smile.

“That’s good.” Diana also smiled, with a very sincere smile, “When you don’t get any benefit from me anymore, just tell me, I’ll give you the Divine Force back.”

โ€”โ€”No need to pay it back, always help me earn experience!

“How do you feel when using my Divine Force?” Harry said curiously.

(end of this chapter)

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