I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 807


Chapter 807 The White House Paranormal Event

“With the power of President Roosevelt and Lincoln, even if I hear you bragging, It won’t be violent, right?” Harry asked in confusion.

“Harry, why am I bragging?” Ma Gang Lord said while staring: “Yes, in the past few years of crises, you have fought on the front line with outstanding achievements, and I am far inferior to you.

But am I not the president, not the leader of the United States?

My comparison should be the same American president!

Lincoln without a gun and Southern Farm Lord of the battle, Roosevelt is still a cripple, and it is even more impossible for the Normandy landings. At least I drove a fighter jet to appease the hearts of the people.”

“Well, you’re not bragging. But Roosevelt and Lincoln should theoretically be in the First Layer of hell. The Hall of Sages will not become Evil Spirit.” Harry said.

β€œI also wonder, how can they say that they have made outstanding contributions to the United States, why didn’t they go to heaven?

In addition to these two, there are other people, almost from Washington to me, There is no shortage of one, and all that should come.

When the President of the United States was alive, he was already in a high-risk occupation, why is the treatment so poor after death? .

Harry disagreed and said: “As long as the idea of ‘the United States is loved by the heavens’ is removed, it should not be difficult to understand.

Who this land originally belonged to, I don’t need to say.

With so many people dying, George Washington has to take some responsibility.

In the early days, I finished the North American natives, and in the middle, I started to engage with Brother Xi and other countries in the Americas.

Isn’t there a saying ‘too far from heaven and too close to the United States’?

In the past half century, in order to maintain global hegemony, the United States has made so many evils, and it has been possible to go to the First Layer of hell. It’s a good ending.”

“Isn’t America the chosen country? God Bless Amrica, we are devout Christians!” exclaimed Lord Ma Gang.

“I assure you, this is more false than ‘I would rather be a Ghost King than a servant of God’.” Harry said with a smile.

“What?” Lord Ma Gang didn’t understand.

Harry sighed: “There is not a classic scene in Milton’s “Paradise Lost” – when Lucifer betrayed God, he proudly declared that he would rather be king in hell than return to heaven to do it. Servant.”

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong with this?”

Harry pointed to the heroes who were discussing the global exorcism mission, “What are we doing now?

Lucifer gave up hell and satan, do you still think this is okay?

Hey, mortals are arrogant and conceited, and they like to speculate about God and Satan with their own thinking .

Satan never said that he would rather be the Ghost King.

He is more than happy to come to the world outside the extreme hell and heaven.

God from He never said that He would bless Milliken, and he never admitted Milliken’s series of bad things from the founding of the country to the present, and received His approval.”

Horse Gang Lord muttered: “It’s not fair, I put all my heart and soul into it. To maintain the hegemony of the United States and to benefit the people of the United States, but to bear the original sin of the country, and to go to hell.”

β€œHell First Layer is not hell, the environment is good, and there is no torture.” Harley comforted him.

“Harry, I’ll be retiring at the end of next year, but there are still several decades to come. If I pray to God devoutly in the days to come, can I clear my sins and honor heavenly ascension?” Gang Lord looked at her and asked.

“It’s definitely fine.”

Of course, you have to say nice things in person.

Lord Ma Gang breathed a sigh of relief, relaxed, touched his neck and said, “You just said there was resentment on it? It is indeed much more painful than a normal scratch. It hurts.”

Harry suggested: “Rinse with holy water a few times when you go back.”

Ma Gang Lord frowned: “I washed it, priest of the cathedral of St. Mary of the Metropolis. Exorcise me yourself, then sprinkle holy water, saying that the power of God has driven out all evil.”

“The church is not big, but whether the priest who presides is pious. Obviously, the name of St. Mary’s Church is The head is loud enough, but the priest’s level is not good.”

Harry extended the hand and nodded his neck in the air.

“Om~~” A group of plum-sized holy light flew over.

It fell like a ball of flour, spreading a circle of holy light.

Lord Ma Gang moaned comfortably and cried, “It’s amazing, the pain will stop immediately. Harry, please come with me to the White House later, where Yin Qi is heavy, There are no demons, but a large group of Evil Spirits.

Evil Spirits can only be driven away, but cannot be killed. If you drive away, they will also run back silently.”

The Hall of Justice After the party, Harley really went to the White House with the horse Gang Lord.

“shit, why are there so many Evil Spirits?!”

Arriving on the wide lawn in front of the White House, Harry couldn’t help shivering.

Under the bright summer moonlight, the White House seemed to be covered with a thick layer of fog, with a wet, sticky discomfort.

But in fact, the air in the metropolis today is hot and dry, and the President’s car back to the White House is still running with air-conditioning.

The sticky feeling comes from spirit strength.

Or, soul and psychological discomfort.

“A lot? I didn’t see it.” Lord Ma Gang swallowed and stood there, not daring to move.

Harry’s pupils flickered with golden light, and the War God radiance formed a faint circle of light between her eyebrows, and all the dark things were invisible in front of her.

“Have you not asked an expert to deal with it? Thousands of undead have piled up the White House into a mountain of undead, with almost no gap left.” She mood grave was a little puzzled.

β€œNina, where are you Nina?” Lord Ma Gang looked around and shouted loudly.

A small agent in a one-piece battle uniform walked quickly from behind, “Mr. President, I’m here!”

Only after entering, did she realize that she was a woman Murloc, with fins between his fingers, a smooth face without hair, and a ring of fins around his ears.

However, Harry didn’t show a strange look.

Shadow Bureau is all this kind of stuff.

Werewolves, mummies, and Frankensteins are all monsters rejected by God.

“Congressman Quinn said that the White House is full of undead, is it true? How did you clean it up?” Ma Gang Lord flustered and exasperated said.

“Are there so many undead?” Nina the murloc glanced at Harley, took out a tablet, and “di di di” busy at the White House.

“Well, the concentration of negative element force is indeed exceeding the standard, but it is 25% weaker than yesterday. Now that hell has been emptied and a large number of negative energy creatures have entered the material universe, it is a normal phenomenon.”

Harry leaned her head over and glanced at it, it turned out to be a set of instruments to detect the concentration of hell magic.

“You just rely on scientific instruments to catch ghosts?”

The murloc agent shook his head and said, “Devils can be killed, but the Evil Spirit of hell belongs to God, and cannot be destroyed, but only driven out. ”

In fact, except for a very few powerful people, the exorcism of this world only drives but does not kill.

Because demons are also hard to kill.

After the death of the material world, they will be reborn in hell, and most of the demons that cause harm to the world are just projections.

Ricky and Jakarta were surprised when Harley first killed a horned dog demon ten years ago and got the devil’s horn.

“Can you see the dead?” Harry asked again.

“A person with a lot of resentment or an ordinary undead can be seen by mortals with naked eyes, and a person with low resentment is like looking at people hidden in the grass with infrared rays at night, very vague.

Some have no resentment. The special undead, I can’t perceive it at all.

But if there is no resentment, it usually won’t hurt the living, so don’t worry about them.” The murloc agent said in a flat tone.

Lord Ma Gang was excited, “You didn’t tell me that before, you said that the White House has been cleaned up, and there is no more Evil Spirit.”

“I can’t feel it. , doesn’t it mean there is no?” The murloc agent said confidently.

β€œYou—” Ma Gang Lord pointed at her, his face flushed with anger.

Harry patted his arm and persuaded: “This is not a problem with Agent Nina’s ability, some Evil Spirits are not Evil Spirits, but similar to memory, even the most powerful Spiritual God mage can I can’t see it.”

“I can’t even see Spiritual God, how terrible right?” Lord Ma Gang said in horror.

“The mage goes into a state of dying transformation, you know?” Harry asked.

“Oh, the change of magic!” Lord Ma Gang suddenly realized, “I heard that when the death-shifting enters the change of magic, the mage can see what only he can see.”

Since the broadcast of Louise’s special program “Harry Growing Up”, the people of the world all know that martial arts and magic exist in the world, and that the golden nuclear bomb is transcender by cultivation success.

The senior government officials have a more in-depth understanding of Martial Arts and magic.

It’s not surprising that the horse Gang Lord knows that dying changes.

“Strange, why are there so many undead in the White House, is it possible that there is a passage to hell nearby?”

Harry walked forward slowly, her body exuding a faint heavenly light, Wherever he went, the undead retreated to the side in horror.

“Yerby, Yebby!”

After walking around inside and outside the White House, she didn’t find anything unusual, so Harley could only call for foreign aid.

“Whooshβ€”” Yebby put down “Marxism” and quickly jumped out of Gang Lord’s Cadillac DeVille.

“It’s really weird, there’s no Space Crack connecting hell here, and no– I’m not going to buy it!” Yebby’s eyes widened, and he let out a cry out in surprise, “Master Harley, there is a space under the White House. A ‘Hell Divine Kingdom’.

No, it hasn’t come last time, who can create a Divine Kingdom so quickly? Is it related to the emptying of hell?”

“You are in Say what?” Halle slapped it on the dog’s head, “speak clearly.”

Yebby was not sure: “To attract so many hell Evil Spirit, generally speaking, there are two situations, or here There is a dimensional rift that connects hell; either man-made, eg, summon, eg, this place is transformed into a ‘realm’ that connects hell – like the once rich king of Mammon did on Wall Street.

But neither is the case here.

For some reason, the White House seems to be connected to a ‘belief in the Divine Kingdom’ that mimics the Divine Kingdom of hell.”

Harry frowned: “The White House is not connected to hell, but a false hell?”

“That’s right.”

“There is also a false hell?” Lord Ma Gang was surprised, ” Why in the White House?”

“I don’t know either, I’m young and have little experience, this is the first time I’ve encountered such a thing.” Yebby shook his head.

“How do I get in? I don’t even know where it is,” Harry said.

“I don’t know either, I’m the son of hell, but it’s a fake hell.”

Ma Gang Lord expression moved, saying: “I met Kennedy the day before yesterday, and he invited me Go to ‘His America’ and say it looks like hell, which is too outrageous. Could it be ‘Divine Kingdom’?'”

“Come and ask.” Halle all around After turning around, I saw thousands of dead politicians in suits and shoes, and some dead ghosts who were shot, but I didn’t find Kennedy. Or, she glanced at it and didn’t recognize it?

“John F. Kennedy!” she yelled.

“What’s wrong with her, who is she calling?”

The wife of Lord Ma Gang walked out of the bedroom when she heard the movement and asked in horror.

“Call the Kennedy we met last time, the one who was shot in the back of the head.” Ma Gang Lord whispered.

“Ah, it, it’s not gone yet? Didn’t the agent say to clean them up? No, I’m moving, this damn placeβ€”ahhhh!” Mrs. Ma pointed ahead, shrilly call.

β€œAre you looking for me?” A white middle-aged man clutching the back of his head slowly walked over.

(end of this chapter)

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