I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 809


Chapter 809 Free U.S. dollar bills in the United States, Harley who is a servant of God

Looking at the scene like a neon man, Tokyo is not cold , Harry fell into intense discomfort and shock.

“That’s freedom Goddess, right? I feel free” she was chewing moldy dry buns in her mouth, “It’s not a law, but it’s very much like a law, the divinity is close to the law’s ‘freedom’ Will’, probably a middle-level faith god.”

Drawing a “War God Power” from the Arkham War God radiance, raised his hand and pressed it forward, the power spread out like a wave, The Americans, who looked like bloodthirsty ants surrounded by honey, fell to the ground screaming, leaving only a Goddess in a messy robe, lying on his back on the grass weeping.

“Omg, what the hell happened?” Ma Gang Lord, kneeling on the grass, shouted in lost self-control, “Why is the free Goddess being quilted, quilted, quilted? “

Even with what was happening at the scene right in front of him, Goddess lying there with the thugs by his side, he couldn’t believe it, let alone say the word.

“Who are you?” a fat Old Bai man shouted struggling.

“Who are you?” Harry asked rhetorically.

“I’m Senator Lucia Wayne of Gotham, so let me go!” Old Bai said proudly.

Harry startled, “of the Wayne family?”

“That’s right, Gotham Wayne!” The Old Bai man said with more pride and air. . .

Lord Ma Gang said: “This dead ghost is lying. I don’t know if there is a Wayne family named ‘Lucia’, but in the last hundred years, there has never been a Wayne Senator.”

“He didn’t lie, he’s Gotham’s Senator Wayne, Nigerou, who are you? What have you done to us? I’m Admiral Termeen, let me go!” shouted the black brawny man on the other side.

Yerbi whispered: “This Wayne may be from another parallel universe, or it may be a collateral universe.”

“Is this Goddess really the belief system of the free Goddess?” Harry ask.

Yebi raised her dog’s eyes and looked at the crying Goddess over there for a while, and sighed, “Then Goddess does have a kind of ‘freedom’ divinity, which is very strong and highly recognizable. It’s the Free Goddess.”

“But I remember that the Free Goddess was incorporated by the Neon Goddess.” Harry wondered.

Yebi’s dog-eye golden light flickered, and after a moment’s careful perception, he said: “The Neon Man has included the free girl Divine Idol, and this free Goddess should be the ‘freedom of the United States’ in ‘freedom, democracy and equality’. ‘ incarnation.”

Harry kicked Congressman Wayne and asked, “Why do you want to strengthen the ‘foundation’ of your own country?”

The words came out, She felt a little weird herself.

However, the characters and what happened at the scene were already too weird, and her words were nothing.

“She deserves it, she’s a crotch,” cried Fat Wayne.

“What did she do?”

“She is ‘freedom’, liberty, the prostitute of words! Anyone can use it, and if there is power, more Can give orders to it, what you say, what it is, what you say, what it does, this scumbag!” Fat Wayne danced with excitement.

“Omg! Am I in a dream, all this is illogical and crazy, I must be in a dream, I’m having a nightmare.”

Ma Gang Lord looked confused and shook his head vigorously, as if he wanted to regain his “awake” and escape from this strange foreign world.

Harry looked thoughtful, excited and angry at the sight of the sword, and gradually calmed down.

The biggest difference between believing in God and becoming a God according to the cultivation law of a mage is that believing in God exists based on a certain concept.

The United States in front of me is strange and absurd, like a distorted fantasy world.

But it is a Divine Domain composed of Power of Faith.

equivalent to the concept of American belief in God.

The identity of the United States is its essence, its reality.

For example, Sam Uncle, it is the embodiment of American patriotism, so its appearance is “Sam Uncle of Stars and Stripes Top Hat”, it has American traditions such as honesty, reliability, hard work, patriotism and so on. virtue.

What is the concept, what is faith in God.

The concept of this Divine Kingdom is “American”, so it is very American.

It is not it that is distorted, but the Magical America in reality.

The American patriotism includes all kinds of good virtues, and Sam Uncle’s character is the reality of these virtues.

America’s magic, ‘American God’ looks a little distorted.

β€œGreat Thousand Worlds, there is no lack of strange things! Even countries can form a ‘belief in the Divine Domain’ similar to the belief in gods.


Harry could only express such emotion.

Well, she didn’t know that Gotham, where she lived for more than ten years, also had an incarnation of faith.

Los Angeles also has it.

In short, this is a bizarre and motley’s absurd world.

“Harry, what are you talking about. This is hell, and the people here are lunatic and mentally ill.” cried Lord Ma Gang.

Harry sighed softly: “This is the real America after tearing off the veil of gorgeous lies.”

“Help me, save me” Free Goddess whispered pleading.

“You get dressed. Well, Yebby, clean up for her and come see me again,” said Harry.

Half an hour later, Yebby led the free Goddess, who had washed the dirt by the small lake, to her.

The tall and slender maroon girl with curly hair, although she suffered from those pickled things, doesn’t look weak, she looks a bit like Diana, with a kind of healthy beauty.

Wearing a light green Greek robe, wearing a silver pointed crown, holding a book in the left hand – “The American Magna Carta”, and holding a flashing torch in the right hand.

A living free Goddess.

“Facing her, it feels a little strange.” Lord Ma Gang tangled.

Harry felt the same way.

“What’s the matter with you? Dignified Spiritual God, Divine Force is not weak, why is it defiled by mortals?” she asked.

“I am the ‘freedom’ of the American people, I can’t resist the American people, this is the rule.”

Although free Goddess is sad, his big eyes still sparkle with “freedom” brilliance.

Well, not an exaggeration, nor an illusion.

This is characteristic of conceptualizing belief in God.

“I was on Liberty Island and they all respected me and regarded me as Goddess, until one day, a great character in Washington dragged me into town and insulted me in the woods.

At that time, he was still a little scared and called ‘Jesus’ and ‘God forgive me’.

But after one time, great characters often treated me like that, They scolded me as a cousin.

After that, even if it wasn’t the great character of the White House, the ordinary American great characters lost their respect for me, and after seeing the great characters act wilfully to me, they would also follow after they left. I joined the violent crowd and scolded me as a skilled girl.

Then more people came, and this kind of thing happened more frequently.

Only the ordinary person respected me, loved me, Believe me, let ‘freedom’. Let me survive.”

“Jesus!” The horse Gang Lord began to hold head again and groaned, “This is not scientific, not materialistic, do we exist in In the mind of an expert who criticizes the spirit of the great American nation?

The people and things in front of us are all his thoughts?

Through these symbolic scenes and deeds, I hope Are we expounding his thoughts of slandering the spirit of the United States?”

Harry gave him a surprised look and said, “Mr. President, being able to say such a thing proves that you are very clear-headed and have a good understanding of the current state. .”

“I don’t want to know, I feel bad and need a psychiatrist.” Lord Ma Gang grimaced and shook his head repeatedly.

Harry smiled and said, “It’s okay, go back and let Sam uncle take you to its Divine Kingdom for a walk.

Or as you say, put your soul into it In the brain of Sam uncle, there is a direct dialogue with its thinking.

Guaranteed to make you a pure American spiritual believer again.”

Ma Gang Lord continued to shake his head, looking towards freedom Goddess said: “If you are ‘free’, what other beings like you? Is there any?”

Free Goddess lamented: “There are many more, democracy, equality, justice, decency, benevolence, Innocent and kind. They were all humiliated, abused, trampled, tortured, and finally died of weakness.”

Ma Gang Lord twitched a few times and said angrily, “You are lying! I am in power for seven years. Years, defeated the Kryptonians, regained dignity and freedom from the Green Lantern Legion, shouted ‘long live life, justice forever’ when Darkseid invaded, infinite Earth crisis, we united the whole universe.

Even if America is not the greatest, at least it will not decline to the point where justice is dead and goodness is no more.”

“cough cough, Mr. President, this is indeed ‘the United States’, but not all America. It was born in the White House!” Harley reminded.

“What do you mean? Is the White House ravaged – ravaged freedom, killing justice and kindness?” Lord Ma Gang said unhappily: “Harry, you know what I’m like, how can I be so unbearable?”

“The fact is, if hell hadn’t been emptied, a large number of undead appeared in the human world, crowded into the White House crazily, and none of us would have known that there was a ‘Hell America’ under the White House.” Harley sighed.

Lord Ma Gang looked even more ugly, “Is it possible that it was affected by the restart? The five universes merged into one, and the other four US countries did too many dirty things, which lowered the ‘US country’ The overall level.”

“Maybe” Harry asked the free Goddess, “is there any other Spiritual God nearby besides you?”

“I only know one.”


“US dollar bills!” Free Goddess’ expression was solemn, and the freedivine light in his eyes was covered by fear.

“The dollar bill has become a god?!” Ma Gang Lord began to groan again.

Harry was startled, too, and asked, “Where is it?”

“It’s nest is there,” said Liberty Goddess, pointing in the direction of Wall Street, then south. , “but it’s always in Washington.”

“Go and see. We’ve got to make a trip to Washington anyway, and we’ve got to get out of the White House.” Harry made an immediate decision.

β€œPlease take me, take me away,” pleaded the free Goddess.

β€œAre you free to leave?” Ma Gang Lord asked in confusion.

Free Goddess looked at Harry and said, “I don’t know what to do, but in you I see hope for ‘freedom’.”

Harry surprisedly said: “Your vision is quite accurate.”

“I am ‘freedom’.”

Harry thought for a while, then said: “The easiest way, you are loyal to me, Become the God of Heaven, and use the power of heaven to cut your bond with this ‘Hell America’.

You are not ‘free Goddess’, you are actually ‘freedom’, so, back to Earth, I will set you free.”

“I would like to give you allegiance, Lord God.” Free Goddess saluted with joy on his face.

Ma Gang Lord brows slightly wrinkle, an indescribable annoyance in his heart.

Freedom, the symbol of the American spirit, has sold itself as a servant.

This world is a partial projection of the reality of the United States, representing the dark side of the United States.

The time and space are different from the material world. After a certain distortion, everything here has been miniaturized into a symbol.

They walked along the highway for only ten minutes to Philadelphia, and after a few minutes, Washington appeared in front of them.

Harry thought it would be very difficult to find ‘dollar bills’, but as soon as she approached the National Mall in Washington, she saw the dollar bills wantonly slaughter.

Densely packed one-hundred-yuan bills flew in the sky, like a swarm of bees, shooting knife-like banknotes at the tycoons and politicians who grilled human flesh below.

“ahhhh, fuck that mother’s dollar bills, get out of the way!” Some generals fought with guns and knives and were dismembered.

“Christ is above, Jesus, ahhhh” Businessmen and politicians in gorgeous dresses, seeing the US dollar bills falling like a rain of flying knives, collapsed on the ground and begged God to appear.

It’s a pity that God didn’t want to pay attention to them. They were brutally killed by the beautiful knife that they were chasing.

β€œhahahaha.” The exact opposite of the misery of the free Goddess, the dollar bills are powerful, laughed unbridled, and sing triumphantly.

(end of this chapter)

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