I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 810


Chapter 810 Real Money Ability

“Hahaha, it’s me, starving the entire world and feeding them Eating hamburgers made of shit; it’s me again, in the name of safety, to make school children wear bulletproof schoolbags (guns are rampant); because of me, deformed babies are born in cocaine, airliner unfathomable mystery falls in the sky Like rain (terrorist attacks and so on), it’s me who taught the southern border (the US-Mexico border) to become hell on earth.

hahahaha, it’s not for anyone, I’ll make you all obedient!”

The dollar bill is very arrogant, very proud, and very powerful.

The tycoons who originally chased and controlled it in the real world were slaughtered by it like pigs and dogs.

“It’s too strong.” Free Goddess shrank.

“The ‘dollar bill’ is so terrifying, it, it seems to be flying towards us.” Lord Ma Gang looked terrified.

“Hey, where did you come from?” The US dollar also noticed them. . .

“Why are you killing people indiscriminately?” Harry asked loudly, stepping forward.

“Isn’t that what you gave me? Dollar hegemony, no rules, do as one pleases, act wilfully.”

Dollar bill swooped down with a big laugh, ” Now, let me harvest you the same way you harvest others with dollar bills, hahaha.”

Harry brows slightly wrinkle, originally planning to score a brace and take dollar bills as the second little brother, I don’t want its hostility to be so heavy, a proper evil Demon God.

The kind that cannot be repent and be saved.

As it says.

The meaning given to the US dollar bill is brutal killing and plundering, and the positive meaning of “currency” is almost wiped out.

Facing the bomber-like bills of paper, Harry opened his mouth and spat out a surging river of golden: yellow light energy mixed with a small amount of stomach acid from Level 8 Food Defense Specialty.

The big river suddenly stretched for more than ten kilometers, involving the cloud of banknotes in the sky.

“Ahhhh, what is this, what a pain, what is eating me, no, it shouldn’t, I am the dollar bill, and I have always been the only one who has swallowed human beings, your reason and conscience, and devoured Human beings are devoured by the virtues that God expects from your civilization, ahhhh”

Thousands of voices, old, young, children, men, women, all kinds of voices angry, shrill, and finally Weak pleading.

“Forgive me, master, I am a dollar bill, you created me, you gave me the meaning of existence, you love me, love me!”

” I’m not interested in money.” Halle said indifferently.

The dollar bill immediately changed the way of begging for mercy, saying: “You need me, and I can fulfill any of your wishes. The United States needs dollar bills even more, and I am the best tool for you Americans to rule the world!”

“Harry.” Ma Gang Lord looked hesitant, “The United States cannot live without U.S. dollar bills.”

“Yes, yes, the United States cannot live without U.S. dollar bills!” U.S. dollar bills excitedly said.

Harry didn’t bother to talk nonsense any more, and just increased the intensity, and a bubble popped out of his stomach.

“Hiccupβ€”” She hiccupped, and the dollar bills screamed and lost her breath.

Don’t look at it’s arrogance, it’s one grade better than free Goddess, almost high-level belief in God, but digesting it is no more difficult than digesting an ordinary Divine Item.

trifling a Divine Item, Harry didn’t feel anything after eating it.

“Huh? What’s wrong with it?” Ma Gang Lord anxiously said.

“It’s completely dead. How many Demon Kings have I killed over the years? Trifling believers in gods dare to stab me in front of me.” Harry spread out his palms, and the golden clouds in the sky quickly shrank. To the size of a ping-pong ball, it falls into the palm of your hand.

At this time, the sky was as dark as blood, but there was no more paper money.

“What will happen to the United States without the US dollar?” Lord Ma Gang said worriedly.

“The US dollar bills here do not affect the fate of the US dollar bills in reality. It is the reality that the United States, under the blessing of ‘the power of believing and knowing’, projects here, not here to project reality.


For example, free Goddess, here is.” Harry glanced at the more respectful ‘freedom’, “Divine Idol on Liberty Island was not damaged in the slightest.”

Not bad crotch.

Lord Ma Gang was relieved, pointed to her palm and asked, “What is this golden ball?”

“Would you like the remains of the US dollar bill? I’ll send it to you. you.” Harry asked.

“For me?” Ma Gang Lord was surprised and delighted, “What’s the use?”

“I don’t know either, you can try it.”

“How to use it?”

“There is a ray of divinity in it.” Harry’s heart moved, and the yellow light energy shell cracked a few gaps.

“chi chi chi β€”β€”” Like pulling the plug of a smoke bomb, the small ball suddenly spewed out a large amount of dark green smoke.

“Ah, it smells so bad!” The horse Gang Lord got close, was smoked in front of him, his face turned green, his eyes turned white, and he passed out.

“Shit, is this the legendary stench of money?” Harry’s pretty face paled too.

The taste is too strong.

Not really the smell of brass rusting.

In fact, copper rust does not stink.

It’s not the stink of material things in reality, it’s not rotten eggs, stinky salted fish, or the foot odor of a lazy woman who doesn’t change her socks or boots for 100 days.

It’s a breathless, visceral disgust, like at one point in your life, being extremely disgusted by money.


Holding her breath, after careful observation, she strangely found that the dark green smoke was not the residue of ‘dollar bills’, but a ray of divinity.

A golden ‘money ability’, a dark green ‘copper smell’, a total of two divinities.

Harry glanced at the horse Gang Lord and stamped the copper stench of dark green on his eyebrows.

She said she wanted to give him a piece of divinity, and she promised to do what she said.

The remaining ‘money ability’. Harry felt for a moment, pinched it with her hand, and showed a gold coin with her double ponytail head portrait.

“Giving it to little Helena when I go back.”

Having already arrived in Washington, Harry didn’t continue to wander around, but went straight to the White House and met several US presidents.

They were originally in Lucifer’s hell. After being driven out of hell by Lucifer, they habitually returned to the White House, and then found out that the ‘Hell America’ was also affected by the negative forces of the ‘Hell America’ and became violent. Full of air.

Therefore, when he disagreed with the horse Gang Lord, he jumped on him and bit his throat.

Harry did not eliminate demons protect the dao, through Abraham Lincoln, directly back to the White House in the material world.

“Omg, Barack, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing the unconscious horse Gang Lord in the yellow light energy ball, Mrs. Ma was so excited that she almost cried.

“Stress shock, wipe his face with ice water and wake up quickly. If you want to know what happened, you can ask Mr. President, he has been through everything.” Halle said.

She didn’t spend much time in the White House, returning to Quinn Manor with her free Goddess that night.

In the early morning of the second day, Lord Ma Gang called again.

“Harry, why did you leave without sealing the ‘Hell America’? Also, when I woke up this morning, I felt something was wrong with me, and there seemed to be a faint stench around me, only I could Smell, is it repercussions? Yesterday, the green gas was poisonous.”

“Didn’t I say to give you the divinity of ‘dollar’? The divinity of ‘the copper smell of dollar bills’.” Harry said.

β€œI became a rotten egg?” Ma Gang Lord exclaimed.

“Become a super stinker if you need to. Well, I guess you can get powers from dollar cash and then activate super powers.”

Ma Gang on the other end of the phone Lord subconsciously reached into his pocket and felt a few paper notes.

After calming down, I felt vaguely in touch with them.

He is blessed with spirituality and activates his abilities.

“chi chiβ€”β€”” The dozens of dollars in his pocket disappeared instantly, and a cloud of light green mist with a radius of one meter was sprayed out from his body.

“Ah, it stinks — plop.” Vice President Joe, who was coming to report for work, creded out in surprise, his eyes rolled, and he passed out.

The nearby bodyguards are in strong physical fitness, and they only struggled to run out with their noses covered, but did not fall into a coma.

The horse Gang Lord stood there, stupid.

After a while, the intense retching and noise outside the door woke him up.

First to appease the staff who came to ask, he hurriedly told Harry about what happened here.

“Congratulations, you have also become a power user.” Halle said with a smile.

Lord Ma Gang laughed dryly and said, “I can’t smell the stench after I stimulated the copper odor, don’t you think it’s strange?”

“What’s so strange about this? No matter how stinky the feet are, the owner of the feet will not feel the smell.”

“This ability.” The horse Gang Lord said hesitantly.

“If you don’t like it, I can help you extract the divinity.”

“What else can it do other than ‘fart’?” he asked.

“Well, to assist you in your cultivation, maybe you can go back to ‘Hell America’ to be a hair god.”

A superpower is better than nothing, even more how.

Now that I have a good relationship with Harley, the hairy god of hell America can also go to heaven.

If you really go to Heaven Mountain to be a grass-headed god, then the future is too bright.

It has a better ending than any U.S. president who has gone to hell.

“You come and remove the ‘Hell America’, or seal it up,” he said.

“You go to Sam Uncle and Destiny Academician, they are the best for this.”

“I’m afraid to please Destiny Academician.” Ma Gang Lord hesitantly said.

“You look for Destiny Academician Kent, he’s a good guy and an old professor at Columbia University. Let the Shadow Bureau talk to him.”

“Well, I see.” Ma Gang Lord nodded, and finally asked: “Free Goddess, you brought it back? How do you plan to accommodate her?”

“I will give her freedom and let her choose her own future.”

A few days later, Liberty Goddess opted to join the “Freedom Fighters”, recognizing Sam Uncle as Captain.

Harry finds the Stranger, and makes him teach herself how to enter the Eternal Rock.

On the Rock of Eternity, the headquarters of the Wizard Council, the Castle of Eternity, was established.

It exists at the very center of the multiverse, built by the old Shazam, with unexpectedly simple materials: a rock from heaven, and a rock from hell, combined to become ‘Eternal’. rock’.

Twilight a week after the Key of Hell auction ends.

Harry put on a slightly more formal blue and white plaid shirt, and said to the kitten doing yoga in the living room: “Selena, hug Helena, and go out with me.”


“See old Shazam, I’ll see if I can make Helena the thunder Shazam.” Harry said.

The kitten said while staring: “Helena is so young.”

“Shazam doesn’t care about age, no matter the old man or child, after transforming into Shazam, he will remain young and middle-aged Status. So, if it does, you can meet a grown-up Helena tonight.” Halle said with a smile.

“This” Kitten was stunned, “Isn’t she still a baby?”

“Hey, what about Solomon’s Wisdom.”

Kitten still hesitated, “Is it in such a hurry? I want to discuss it with her father.”

“Can I still hurt her?” Harry said with displeasure.

“No. You are very good to Helena, it seems too good.” Selena smiled bitterly, “You prepared Divine Item suit, Green Lantern power, Apocalypse for her before she was born. The mother box of Xinggao, after birth, she used various kinds of diving fruit Immortal Treasure as supplements. I just gave her a ‘money ability’ gold coin the day before yesterday, and now-“

“So what are you struggling with?” Harry was puzzled: “I want the best for the child, what’s the problem?”

“Her father said that Helena is too young, let her grow up to 20 years old like an ordinary child, and then choose by herself. The road ahead. I think it makes sense.

The better you treat Helena, the higher your expectations for her future, which will put too much pressure on her.”

Harry turned over the silver, said ill-humoredly: “Do you know how many volumes are there in the current ‘Yuerdai’?”

(end of this chapter)

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