I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 812


Chapter 812 The Change of Atlantis

“You and Nabo can communicate with the parallel universe, when it was How do you treat peers?” Hallie said curiously.

Old Shazam complexion slightly changed, silent.

Harry’s eyes flickered, “Before you became Spiritual God and obtained the uniqueness of the universe, you should be the same as the ordinary person. There are many peers, right?

Now there are countless parallel universes, There is only one Shazam and one Naboo left.”

Lao Sha said with admiration: “All the mages who can succeed in cultivation as Spiritual God are Heaven’s Chosen Child, and they have encountered countless fortuitous encounters on the way of cultivation.

Since it’s a fortuitous encounter, naturally it can’t be repeated, and the probability of repetition is extremely low.

For example, my singularity spell, the multiverse is the only example, such as your paradise War God , and only one copy.

Therefore, becoming a wizard of Spiritual God, almost embarks on a life path that is different from all peers. As long as there is no contact, the similarity of peers will eventually disappear completely.

So, after you get the strangeness and stand out from your peers, don’t lend your power to them and let them go on the same path as you.

If the future is formed Battle of the Great Road.”

“It will be very dark and bloody, you never want to see such a scene…” The old wizard said gloomily.

“I’ve lent my strength.” Harry repeated his story.

“God didn’t stop it,” she added.

Old Shazam’s eyes were full of envy, “You really blessed by heaven, you can see God’s face many times.”

Harry smiled proudly, “Have you seen it?”

Old Shazan straightened his back and said, “I have seen King Michael’s projection!”

“hehe.” Harry laughed proudly Do not speak.

Old Shazam turned his eyes away, didn’t look at her, and said, “Since God didn’t stop it, and only explained one thing, they can’t threaten you.

Or not after reincarnation. It’s ‘Harley Quinn’, which is no longer the same as your destiny; or the gap between you and your peers is too great, they are all ordinary persons, and some of your strangeness they can’t repeat anyway.

For example, God’s favor on you.

As long as God doesn’t change his mind, it’s almost impossible for a second ‘Demoness Halle’ to appear.”

Harry frowned: “Listen What do you mean by what you say, there is still the possibility of my peers becoming peers again?”

“Of course, the rebirth option given by God is ‘reborn according to one’s own will’. Replace it with Are you willing to be reborn as another person, or do it again?” Old Shazan said.

“But now there’s only one universe left,” Harry said.

“Thank you for completing an unprecedented restart of the universe, so you forgot about the transcendental flow? As long as there is life in the material universe and life has thoughts, it will make choices.

As long as there is choice, a parallel universe will be born, and there are countless parallel universes in the super-time flow.”

“The living, heavy ‘soul’ can be reborn in the super-time flow of illusory and become the Illusory World The fake, ‘floating’ person”

Harry’s face was slightly wrinkled, she could accept this theory intellectually, and common sense as a mortal made her feel strange.

Old Shazam indifferently said: “The same is the soul, but the way of the soul’s existence is different. It can be like a living person like your grass-headed god, or it may just be a piece of digital information.

It can be the fierce Evil Spirit, full of what you call ‘quality’.

It can also be so illusory that it is almost non-existent, only visible to those who are dying.

The souls of mortals are different from the souls of Spiritual God, but they are both souls; the souls of the material universe are different from the souls in the flow of time, and they are also souls.”

“It makes sense, but if they Reborn in the super-time flow, can you still pass on the ‘Martial God experience’ to me?”

“You can also get the Martial Arts experience by watching other people’s battles. Be real.” Old Shazan said.

But what she needs is not combat experience, but “experience power”, a kind of energy.

“You lent your power to a lot of people, didn’t you?” asked old Shazam.

“Four peers, one Wonder Woman.”

Old Shazam stared into her eyes, and asked again, “You seem to know the essence, from Wonder Woman. I got a lot of benefits, but my heart is greedy and I want more, so I found me and want to find a few more ‘debtors’?”

“I’m not greedy, you generally don’t understand Wrong.” Harry said embarrassedly.

“Where did you get so much Divine Force?”

“I Innate Divine Strength.”

Old Shazam looked thoughtful, “It seems that the rumor is true. Yes, you stole the ghost’s magic power, and you gnawed on Lucifer’s wings, and the harvest was huge.”

“Nonsense, I didn’t, I didn’t steal it!” Harry immediately denied Sanlian.

Old Shazan waved his hand and said indifferently: “Old man also made his fortune by stealing Divine Force, there is no need to disguise in front of me, I’m impossible to discriminate against you.”

Harry relaxed He laughed, “Oh, yes, you are the big thief, I’m just a little thief. Senior, disrespectful.”

Shazan’s old face twitched a few times, “Compared to you, I am an old thief. I am ashamed of myself, the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before!”

After a few random compliments, he added: “However, this is not what I want to say. Even if Divine Force is sufficient, don’t choose multiple ‘Blessed Ones’ in the same universe.”


“The Shazam Charm is a magic, and ordinary Like magic, the more skilled you are, the more skilled it is, the more effective it can be.

Like your Life Source spell, after you have been promoted to archmage, you can use it again, and the effect will be stronger than when you are a full-fledged mage. .”

“Isn’t this as it should be by rights?” Harry missed the point of the old wizard’s words.

Old Shazam said: “The problem is, you don’t know the Shazam spell at all. You can borrow Divine Force through the ‘Shazam Law’, relying on the Shazam contract.

The Shazam Contract is not your personal contract, it’s actually my exclusive Divine Item.

I can use it however I want, but it imposes restrictions on the rest of you.”

“Oh, what do you mean, the cultivation Shazam curse is equivalent to building your own ‘signal station’ and signing the Shazam contract, but it robs your home’s internet, and you limit the internet speed to your ‘guests’.” Ha Li looked thoughtful said.

Old Shazam took a while to understand what she meant, nodded and said: “The power of miracles has a price.

When you really master Shazam’s spell, you will find that ‘loan When Divine Force earns experience’, how much burden will the soul bear in the sea of multiple Universe Principle.

Through Shazam’s Law, your soul builds a bridge of information and power: ‘You – Universe Principle The sea – Divine Force borrowers’.

If there is no limit, you all borrow force crazily, dozens, hundreds, how can I bear it?

In fact, except for You, the other Spiritual Gods who signed the Shazam Pact, have mastered the Shazam Charm.

The Pact only adds a layer of insurance to their Divine Force secrets, they will not borrow power through the Pact.”

Harry said with a smile: “I want to learn the Shazam spell, one of the reasons I’m looking for you this time is to learn it.”

Learn Shazam Praise the curse, those second-hand Harleys shouted “Hallelujah”, so that she could feel it and lend her power.

“Your Martial Divine Law has not yet been formed, it has only touched the sea of laws initially, and your body has not yet activated magic power.” Shazan wondered.

“Well, I use the ‘Heaven War God’ god position given to me by the boss of God as a law, and use the salary sent to me by heaven – ‘God’s Power’ as the magic power that acts as a driving spell.”


Through the exchange of ideas, old Shazam taught Harry the ‘Shazam’s Charm’.

Harry said again: “Teach me to find the Human Demon spell.”

“You can teach you to find the Human Demon spell, but you must promise me a condition.” Shazam said resolutely.

Harry’s heart moved, and she suddenly said: “You want me to be like a stranger, helping you find ‘thunder Shazam’ everywhere, right? It doesn’t matter, I’ll take this task.”

When I turn around, I send a message to my little brother and ask them to bring all the family’s nephews and nephews to Quinn Manor, and let her try one by one. If I can make my own people become thunder Shazam, then it will be perfect.

“No, my request is, don’t bother me again in the future, and don’t help me find a successor, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it,” Old Shazan said with a sullen face.

Harry couldn’t hang up on her face, “Shazam wizard, the final decision is in your hands, even if the person I’m looking for is not what you want, you can refuse, as for slandering me like this?”


“Demoness Harley, let me be honest with you.” Old Shazam looked towards the bottom, Selena was holding the child, looking bored at the engraved pictures on the stone wall.

He changed to a spiritual sound transmission, saying: “All miracles have a price. Thunder Shazam is no exception, what a benefit, what a price.

I If you get your wish and accept the little girl as a heir, you will be indifferent when it is time for her to pay the price in the future?”

“What price?” Harry asked.

Old Shazan didn’t answer, and continued to torture her soul, “Or, will you hack me as a creditor? Without a debt collector, she naturally doesn’t have to repay the debt.”

“No, how dare I.” Harry’s eyes flickered.

“Hmph, the multiverse is your most daring act, even the Divine King of Naboo dares to hack.” Old Shazam glared at her, “I consider myself powerful and prestige among the Human Race mages, I don’t dare to expect you to treat me differently, so I simply don’t have anything to do with you.

As long as I don’t get involved with you, countless troubles will be reduced in the future.”

β€”β€”old man, you are so self-aware, but you are so far away from me, a strategic withdrawal, how can I lie to people?

Harry began to reflect in her heart, is she too strong, only winning but not losing, so that no one plays with her?

Then, she thought about whether to take revenge on the old Shazan, for example, to find the future thunder sand sculpture, what is his name

“You go.” Lao Sha Zan started chasing people.

Harry sighed then said, and brought Selena and little Helena back to Quinn Manor.

As soon as I entered the house, Ivy leaned over mysterious and secretive and whispered: “Seabed is looking for you.”

Harry was startled, “Atlanti Where are you?”

“Not from Atlantis, but from the kingdom of Zebel, that stupid red-haired murloc.”

“Zebel Mela Princess ?” Harry asked in surprise.

The relationship between Mela and her is not very good. Now that she came over at night, she is still quietly. Is there something going on in the Seabed Kingdom?

“She’s a guest from afar, why do you call her a stupid fish?”

“Didn’t you call her a ‘stupid fish’ first? Krypton invaded, you put She plays around like a stupid fish.” Ivy pouted.

“Hey, the Krypton invasion happened how many years ago with Old Huang, where is she?”

“At the pier, hiding in the river, refusing to come up, If she hadn’t taken the initiative to trigger the plant alert, I wouldn’t have known she was here.

By the way, she wants you to go to the pier quietly, don’t expose the traces, there may be seabed people hiding in the river to monitor Arkham Island .” Ivy said.

“It seems that a major event has really happened.”

Harry looked solemn, and went to the treasure room to take out the ‘music conch’ that Mela presented to her at the War God banquet. , entered the meditation room again, all the arrays were turned on, and finally wrapped the body in the sandman robe, and came to the pier without a trace.

“Demoness Harley, here!”

Mela sensed the breath of the conch, and her head came out against the yacht’s hull.

“You dignified Zebel Princess, why are you so embarrassed?” Harry asked in confusion.

Meila said: “My father wants to see you, come with me.”

“What happened?”

“Aum wants water Flood North America and provoke a Life and Death Battle between seabed people and land people.” Mela said solemnly.

“The guy has water in his head, so he’s tire of living.” Harry was surprised.

“Ai, things are very complicated, I can’t tell for a while. Come with me. It’s not far from the port of Ci’en, 500 kilometers away to the north.”

” Mercy Harbor, Aquaman?”

“Well, it’s also related to Aquaman.”

(End of this chapter)

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