I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 815


Chapter 815 Hell Reform

“Hello everyone, this is the live broadcast of Planet Daily over the Indian Ocean, I’m Lu Eise Lane. Now, I randomly take water from the sea and test the content of radioactive substances in it.

Omg, you can see that the radioactive substances in the water come from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which exceeds the safety standard by 145 times.

You must know that the ocean not only has marine life, but also our former allies – seabed people!

Right below me, about 12 kilometers deep in the seabed, there is a rich and magnificent city, which lives in millions of hard-working and kind-hearted residents of Zebel. Now, they suffer from seawater pollution earlier than us.โ€

Watching Louise on TV for a while, shouting and swearing, Harley is satisfied with nodded, “Even a toilet paper has a purpose.

Louis has a nasty personality, it’s true.

But when used well, she also He can be a high-quality tool person, a sharp sword for weeding and garbage removal!

For example, this time, the White House obviously pretended to be dead for several days and did not respond to the crisis.

Oh, I guess those bastards are going to attack the seabed people, make the seabed people angry, and then they will make trouble, they will come out and express their shock and regret, and finally call on the heroes to subdue the seabed people.

But I The promise to Nereus for the next half-month period, if Earth doesn’t even have a piece of news to cheer for the seabed people, where will I lose face?”

Selena frowned: “Louise She is a very good person.

She doesn’t charge black money, doesn’t write fake news, is not threatened by underworld forces, often speaks for vulnerable groups, has high work enthusiasm, and is serious and responsible

For example, this time, she actually went inside the nuclear power plant to find evidence!

So brave.

I have never seen a better reporter than her. “

“But she likes to question Halle.” Ivy said.

“This further proves her courage and sense of responsibility.”

“She relies on Superman to support her.” Ivy said.

“She was fierce at work before she met Superman,” Selena said.

Ivy said: “At that time, she relied on the support of the general’s father, just like this time, she was arrested by the neon police, but a call went from her mobile phone to the embassy, and then from the embassy to the embassy. The Pentagon, and then from the Pentagon to Nagata-cho, Tokyo. The police station that finally received the call from the Prime Minister’s residence sent her away with a smile.”

“She is not the only one in the world with a general father, but you can see What did they do with their privileges, messing around, having fun, drinking and driving are all good people, and some of the second generation are not even people.

Itโ€™s just you and me.


We both borrowed Harleyโ€™s privileges a little too, like Louise, we use power to work seriously and serve the people? No, we just enjoy life and tyrannically abuse power in Gotham.โ€ Selena road.

“You’ve become her fan?” Harry asked curiously.

“Am I telling the truth?” Selena stubbornly asked.

“Among the second generation, she’s really not bad.” Halle nodded, “If not, do you think I’d like to talk to her?

Which one do you think I’m with? The second generation has good words and good words?

Except for you, Ivy, and my early friends, I can definitely be regarded as ‘friends are all sages, no villains’.

Single’ Good people’, ordinary good people, are not qualified to associate with me.

For example, I admit that most superheroes are good people, but have I taken care of them seriously?

Louis is A good guy is just a great flawed, unpleasant guy.”

“Okay, you’re a good guy, but if you take Superman seriously as a friend, why would you be mean to his wife?” Linna Road.


“You said she was a tool.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say it in front of Superman.”

“Whooshโ€”” The red light flashed outside the window, Da Chao knocked on the large wooden door that had been opened, and strode in.

“Uh” Harley’s face is pink, and she’s at a loss.

The walls, wooden doors, and curtains of the manor are embedded with lead layers, or they are covered with lead layer films, but now in Great Xia, the windows and doors are open, obviously unable to stop Da Chao’s super power. hearing.

Selena glanced at her, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Ivy was embarrassed for her.

Dachao said lightly, “Harry, something happened to Aquaman. This evening, he was attacked by dozens of seabed people and killed many of them.”

Harry picked her hair, and hesitantly said: “This, what we said just now about the privacy between women may not be the truth. In fact, I really like Louise.”

Dachao “You don’t need to explain, I already knew you didn’t like her, and I knew she didn’t like you. Anyway, you’re not mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so I don’t feel embarrassed at all.”

Harry rolled the eyes , “Aquaman was stabbed, what was the reason? Atlantis palace struggle, or seabed people’s provocation of the Justice League?”

“The reasons are very complicated, the palace battle is the main reason, behind the Perhaps there is also the conflict between the war-fighting faction and the peace faction within the seabed people.” Superman sighed.

“hehe, the main war faction, the peace faction.”

With a sarcastic smile on her face, Harley changed the channel with the remote control.

“Damn you Marseille!” The international news channel happened to see Prime Minister Neon bowing, “After careful investigation by the expert team, it was determined that there is indeed water seepage in the No. 9 warehouse. Damn you Marseille!”

“Damn you Marseille!” p>

He bowed again and said solemnly: “However, this is not our intention.”

Then, he took out a stack of appraisal reports from experts, proving that the protective facilities are aging , as well as external influences such as earthquakes, resulting in the leakage of nuclear wastewater this time.

Finally, he ended the government press conference with a deep, 30-second bow.

Harry changed a few more channels, but couldn’t find the news she wanted. Later, she took out her mobile phone and found today’s interview record of the White House press secretary in the Puppy Video News column.

A lot has been said, but only one meaning: they do not know about the matter of Neon Fukushima and have no right to interfere, but the determination of the United States to firmly promote marine environmental protection will not change.

“What do you see?” Harry asked.

โ€œEveryone is shirking their responsibilities. No one has come up with a plan that can really solve the seabed crisis. Therefore, we must work harder and take more responsibility.โ€ Da Chao sighed.

โ€œHow do you plan to work hard?โ€

โ€œIt is divided into three steps: first, negotiate with the seabed people, let them understand that we want to live in peace with them and jointly maintain the sea The will of the environment; second, to discuss ways to solve the environmental crisis; finally, the Earth government-government will join in, and the land and sea will be harmonious and win-win.”

Superman’s eyes are firm, and his tone is full of hope and confidence. .

“Well, that sounds good.” Halle nodded, “You came to me just to start a direct conversation?”

“Well, you can help contact Seabed Kingdom, we’ll, tomorrow, Or find a place to sit down and chat the day after tomorrow.”

“That’s easy.” Harry agreed immediately.

“Also, I want to talk to you first to find out your true attitude towards this matter. Judging by your provocation for Louise to follow this news, you are not what you say you are. , completely neutral, do nothing.” Da Chao looked into her eyes and said.

“It’s hard to do!” Harley sighed helplessly and then said, “I don’t want war to break out, but I understand the necessity of seabed people fighting for the right to survive.

Change In other words, if I were a seabed person, I would not tolerate the surface people continuing to pollute and plunder the ocean.

Seabed seven kingdoms, seven situations, just because the environment is different.

But now The situation is that without a fight, there will be countless casualties, and the land people do not know the pain, and they will not really pay attention to the demands of the seabed people.

In recent years, too many things have happened in Earth, and our political- The house is floating, not even the super-civilized aliens, but also the marine civilization inside the planet?”

“You can’t fight, let alone use civilian casualties to teach people to recognize their mistakes.” Superman Stern look.

Harry stretched out her palm as an invitation, “So, this time I’ll take a back seat, and you and Zhenglian will be the boss.”

Superman’s heart filled with a desire to’ Make a difference’, the urge to let Halle take a good look.

“Don’t worry, I will convince seabed people with sincerity and goodwill.” He said excitedly.

Finally, he and Zhenglian became the leaders of the ‘Earth Crisis Response Team’ for the first time.

Finally, the heroes of Earth are about to get rid of the shadow of the ‘Admiral of the Five Rings’.

“By the way, hell seems to be in trouble again, you know?” Superman asked before leaving.

“The gates of hell have been opened. The number of demons from the human world has been rapidly decreasing, but it has recently increased.” Harry said.

“Well, I want to know what’s going on in hell recently.”

“Actually, that’s a good thing, the more demons you have, the more merit you can earn. half a month, your savings.” Harley opened the watchdog’s wealth management account to check, surprised: “You made a fortune, 250,000 meritorious deeds!”

Dachao said bitterly: “I would rather With these merits, in exchange for the lives of innocent people who have died in supernatural events these days.”

“I’ll go to hell to see.”

Harry called Yebi, in Superman After leaving, he also left Quinn Manor and left Earth.

“The demons are back~~~”

As soon as they approached the gate of hell, Harry heard a melodious summon full of magical power.

It came from the inside of hell, like the bells of an ancient temple in the mountains, rippling in circles to the Lingbo prison outside hell.

It’s the Angel of Soul Lemuel!

At the gate of hell, there is a long line of demons and undead as many as the sands of the Ganges River, endless.

They were sullen and staggering as if they were carrying a heavy burden.

โ€œDemoness Harley, you dare to come to hell?!โ€

Behind the gate of hell, there is a huge tower of White Jade Stone with a hundred zhang high. The tower has no windows. A conspicuous red rose is planted on the top of the tower, which is especially conspicuous in the dark and monotonous hell.

On the top fence of the tower, leaning on the ‘Fallen Angel’ Lemuel.

“Why don’t I dare to come to hell? is it possible that Satan Your Majesty wants to kill me?” Harley patted Yebby on the head, and the dog Holy Son stepped on the auspicious clouds and floated to the giant tower.

“Hmph, you made us sink into hell, shouldn’t I deal with you?” Lemuel said angrily.

“Where did this come from? If I can influence the voice of the sky, and let my good friend Zaulie be the Sovereign of Hell, then I won’t be able to reap the greatest benefits from hell. ?” Halle said with a smile.

Lemuel coldly said: “It’s the truth, but you are like the poisonous snake in the Garden of Eden, tempting us to swear in the name of God, breaking taboos and making our vows come true.”

“Ai, God has already arranged everything, if you complain, the pair of wings behind you will black out sooner or later.” Harry said.

Although Lemuel and Duma went to hell, they haven’t turned into fallen angels, at least their wings are still radiating holy light.

Remuel glanced at the angel wings beside him, suppressed the resentment in his heart, and asked bluntly, “What are you doing in hell?”

Harry headed towards hell Looking from the depths, except for the long queue, I couldn’t see anything clearly.

“Even though Gates of Hell has been open for more than half a month, why have the demons started to run into the world again in the last few days? What have you done?”

Lemuel indifferently said: “I And the Duma has reformed the hell system, and the demons are no longer allowed to torture Evil Spirit mindlessly and aimlessly.

Now there is no uncontrolled violence in hell, no reason and no explanation Injuries.

We will use love to influence the fallen souls, help them become better beings, and we will atone for them.โ€

(end of this chapter)

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