I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 820


Chapter 820 is on fire

Three days later, in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 kilometers from Gotham’s coastline.

The second land-sea negotiation ended on Harley’s ‘Duoduo’ cruise ship.

“Aum Your Majesty, are you satisfied with the outcome of this negotiation?”

On the deck, Louise in the blue professional suit handed the microphone to golden high-tech In front of the Atlantis king of Battle Armor.

“I am very satisfied with the venue arrangement and hospitality of this negotiation.” Aum raised his chin slightly, indifferently said.

He was already a head taller than Louise, and this raised chin forced Louise to raise the microphone in her hand even higher, otherwise the radio effect would be very poor, and the audience watching the live broadcast might Can’t hear the sound.

“Oh, you’re implying that you’re not satisfied with the outcome of the negotiation?”

When faced with the ‘golden nuke’, Louise went straight, and the alien leaders saw Several, of course, will not be intimidated in front of Aum.

And her direct attitude and calm eyes also slightly surprised the arrogant King Aum.

“That’s right, I’m not satisfied with the outcome of today’s meeting.”

“What’s not satisfied? Is it the Justice League as a human representative, making any excessive demands?” Lu Issey asked.

“You don’t understand my ‘peace treaty’?” Aum asked rhetorically.

Louis hesitated for a moment, nodded and said: “The content is a bit long, I only read it roughly once.”

“Do you think the content of the treaty is reasonable?” Om asked. .

“It’s reasonable, but unrealistic.” Louise pondered: “Your marine governance plan is enough to become an authoritative masterpiece in the fields of environmental protection and marine ecology.

As long as the content is made public, many universities will choose it as a must-read textbook for marine and environmental protection majors.

But it is too advanced, and it is difficult to achieve with the current level of human technology and industry. “

“It’s hard doesn’t mean it can’t be done, as long as you work hard and are willing to pay a reasonable price.” Aum said solemnly.

Louis immediately said: “The price is too high, and it will affect the existing social order and people’s lives.”

Aum’s mouth curled into a sneer, and said: “But you land People’s pollution and indiscriminate mining of the ocean have affected the current social order and people’s lives of the Atlanteans.

Not only that, our lives in the sea are also under threat. .”

Louis’s expression was stagnant, but quickly returned to normal, and quickly said: “Superman has carefully read your ‘peace agreement’, and he made another according to the actual situation of the Earth countries today. A ‘moderated’ plan.

Extending your 10-year ocean cleanup plan into a 50-year global overall environmental protection plan seems more perfect, have you seen it? Can you accept it? ?”

“Let me tell you the truth, Miss reporter, my people are being attacked by toxic substances all the time, and I don’t want to endure it for a day.

It’s like a patient can’t wait The pain in my body disappears in the next second, and I don’t want to endure it for even a second.”

Aum’s raised chin dropped, looking directly at the camera with cold eyes, he said bluntly: “If I agree with Superman ‘s terms, is a betrayal of the Atlanteans.

The ten-year ‘Orm Marine Protection Act’, just because I gave the ‘Golden Bomb’, to the ‘Galactic Admiral’ A face.

She has saved Earth, and she is also kind to the seabed people.

If she hadn’t been from the land, I would not have given you a day, and I would not have negotiated with you at all, justice Alliance and Earth heroes, no threat to Atlantis!”

Louis complexion slightly changed.

“Hey, the seabed king is so handsome, why is he talking so hard?”

“He seems to be threatening us.”

Viewers watching the live broadcast It exploded, and hot posts related to the seabed crisis appeared frequently.

“Is this going to be a war? Seabed people and us. It feels so magical.”

“The landlord is an ‘amnesiac’, right? As long as the memory of Earth 0 before the restart is still there , will not make a fuss about nothing like this.”

“The amnesiac family did not really lose their memory, but the memory related to the ‘Infinite Earth Crisis’ was lost. The previous crisis on Earth, Basically, it’s still there.”

“Oh, the landlord is not a ‘amnesiac’, but a ‘fake alien’! The refugees from the other four Earths have seized the identity of our Earth 0 people, Property and destiny, the thief is broken.”

“don’t say this, the Galaxy Admiral said it earlier, the current universe is a fusion of five universes, and our Earth 0 just dominates, It doesn’t mean that the other four Earth people don’t have ‘shares’.

Also, we are all victims of the Infinite Earth crisis, and we should hate the watchers and anti-watchers, Earth people are innocent .”

“Upstairs, you say this to prove that you must be an amnesiac. Your memory has been fine-tuned and you have forgotten your former friends and neighbors.

I have no prejudice against ‘fake aliens’, but I am a ‘dual memory person’, I have no effect on my memory without rebooting, but my life was ruined by ‘fake aliens’.

My fiancee was replaced by a two-hundred-pound Ni Gerou, can I not hate it?”

“Fake, dare to discriminate against us black people, God has eyes, so my girlfriend deserves to be replaced by fatty.”


“Trash Ni Gerou.”

A group of netizens were talking and talking, and they were going to the next year’s general election.

“The seabed people are making a fuss, and it looks like there will be a war. Lord Ma Gang may be able to extend his term as a ‘wartime president’ to a third term.”

” What are you thinking? The Darkseid invasion didn’t affect the mayoral election of our central city. How many days can the trifling seabed people last?”

“The situation is different, man, the previous crisis, there was a galaxy The general leads the team, she leads the team, we can rest assured, but this time she is just a middleman.”

“Why is she not the ‘head of heroes’?”

“Maybe with her It’s about environmentalists. Many environmental groups have announced their support for seabed people. Alas, America is torn apart.”

“No, the Galaxy Admiral broke up with the heroes because of the reboot.”

“What’s wrong with the reboot?”

“There are heroes openly complaining that the Galactic Admiral only cares about himself. There are also confirmed rumors that when the Infinite Earth Crisis ends, the Galactic The admiral quarreled with the heroes. Apparently, the heroes don’t want her to be the leader anymore.”

After some discussion, someone began to change their minds, “Maybe, we can try to Trust the Justice League. Harley Quinn has become an admiral of the galaxy, and the five rings will have a new heir.”

“I’m more optimistic about Superman, he has become the ‘second generation five rings admiral’. Innate talent.”

“Obviously Hal Jordan is a better fit, he’s leading a Green Lantern Legion.”

“Don’t expect a Green Lantern Legion, I’ve lost the fifth time, They don’t recruit Earth people at all.”

“Hey, you can’t be selected because of your lack of ability. I have joined the ‘Green Lantern Boys’ special training camp, and I am assiduous cultivation in the first Martial Arts field. Become a green light , just around the corner!”

“Are you out of your mind? The Youth Training Camp is a talent show under the ‘Superhero Agency’, similar to the previous ‘Youth Hero Training Class’.”

“What happened to the talent show? ‘Teen Watchmen’ is also a talent show, and now it is not only officially registered as a superhero, but also recognized by everyone as a B-Rank superhero team with both fame and fortune.”

“The loss rate of Young Watchmen is a bit high. There were nine people when they debuted, and now there are only four left.”

“The rookie team participated in the Infinite Earth Crisis, and it is not bad to have such an achievement. “

“What is the difference between the superhero draft and the green light draft, can ‘green light boy’ be recognized by the green light ring?”

“Go to the dog video superhero forum to see, above Written perfectly clear, one of the draft mentors is ion Shark teacher.

It’s a green light beast!

And the ‘super agent’ Ms. Jessica promised that she would bring the trainees to the green light ring to be tested. “

“Hey, Ion Shark is actually a mentor, and I have to sign up for the ring test, but I’m already thirty-five years old.” “

“There is no age limit for the Youth League, it only depends on the mind. “

“Oh, that’s good, don’t look at me, I’m 35, but I go to dog videos every day to follow hot-blooded anime!” “

“The registration fee of 200,000 US dollars is too expensive. I want to help the suburbs to pay for the tuition. “

On the Internet, because of Louise’s live broadcast, the atmosphere is full of anti-government.

At the presidential palace in Washington, the atmosphere is chilling and quiet.

“I can sign contract, but our government-government cannot guarantee fulfillment of the terms. “Ma Gang Lord said calmly.

“Can’t you sign it? Does the country’s credit go away? “Some European representatives wondered.

Well, this is a video conference with representatives from dc Bluestar countries.

Lord Ma Gang spread his hands and said: “seabed people cunning, what is required is Just environmental protection, rather than invasion of land, is politically correct.

Failure to complete the task is the helplessness of reality and the incompetence of government-administrators. ”

β€œSeabed people are shrewd, they set a schedule, and they have a quota of tasks every month and every year. “

Lord Ma Gang’s eyes flashed, and he said meaningfully: “It’s better to be angry later than to be angry now, don’t say that you can’t see it, Aum just wants to find an excuse to be angry.

If it weren’t for the famous golden nuclear bomb, there would be no negotiation at all, and it would just go crazy.

Since seabed people dare to go crazy, it means they are ready.

But we are not ready for any challenge, we need time! “

“Is war inevitable? Neon is an island country and can’t stand a land and sea war. “Neon stands for worriedly said.

“Can you fulfill the demands of the Atlanteans?” “Ma Gang Lord asked back.

The Neon people were silent.

The representatives were also silent.

(End of this chapter)

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