I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 823


Chapter 823 Copying homework

“I can buy Karma, I can buy Karma, what happened?” The football commentator panicked outside the screen Yell.

The TV footage shows a football match at Camp Nou, the ‘Derby of the Century’ between Imperial Family Madrid and Barcelona.

Suddenly there were muffled sounds of “pΔ“ng pΔ“ng pΔ“ng”, and dozens of manhole covers on the side of the stadium flew ten meters high, like a cannon.

Then, dozens of black-yellow turbid water columns spewed out.

Even the permeable storm wells under the turf are beginning to pour out large swathes of sewage.

It’s all domestic sewage, stinky water from the sewer, and feces.

Players from both teams on the field were splashed with sewage or tripped directly in the mud.

“Huh~~~” Ivy bared her teeth in discomfort, “The two most famous stars in the world are rolling in mud together, it’s so miserable!”

The camera flashed, The evening news of “Rage of Atlantis” focused on London, England.

Like Barcelona, the British capital city has also become a city of dung and rubbish from the harbour and the wellhead.

Selena sighed: “We are no better than them, and the docks and cruise ships are also filled with manure and hazardous waste.”

Ivy said angrily: “Seabed people are so outrageous, they know Gotham is Harley’s territory, but they don’t know how to avoid it?

Don’t they know that even the devil has a strategic withdrawal from Harley now?”


Harley waved her hand and said: “It’s good to avoid being too conspicuous, I am also a victim, Gotham is like other seaport cities, no one pays attention to us, and doubts us and seabed people. Is there a secret deal.”

“You really don’t mind? Silently eat this secret loss?” Selena doubted.

“I’m sure I won’t suffer. When this turmoil subsides, the seabed people will have to compensate me tenfold!”

As he was talking, Harry’s cell phone rang and brought it over. One look, the White House video call. .

“Harry, the seabeds are attacking us!” said the horse Gang Lord loudly.

“What kind of attack is it without even using a weapon?” Harry said in disapproval.

“Why are there no weapons, biological weapons are also weapons, shit, my wife was stunned, and my child almost drowned in the street.” Ma Gang Lord exclaimed excitedly: “There have been casualties all over the coast. According to reports, many of them are still great characters.

For example, Leonardo, a big Hollywood star, was involved in a fecal tide when he and his girlfriend were playing water gun battles on the beach, and is now in the emergency room for gastric lavage.

Seabed people are too poisonous, not only domestic wastewater, dung water, garbage, but also industrial drainage, and even .shit, I don’t know how those murlocs did it, but scientists detected in sewage A lot of toxic heavy metals, and even very strong radiation.”

Harry was speechless, “Aren’t these all thrown into the sea by us humans?”

Ma Gang Lord touched his nose , hesitantly said: “Uh, we. If we want to develop and survive, we can only discharge into the ocean, otherwise the high waste disposal fee will kill the government-government finances.”

“seabed Don’t people develop and survive?” Harley sighed: β€œIt is no longer news to find plastic waste, heavy metals, and radioactive substances in marine organisms.

Atlanteans live in the ocean. , breathe oxygen and obtain moisture from sea water, and suffer the same poisoning as fish.”

“Harry, which side are you on?”

“Mr. President, I am the chairman of the ‘Blue Ocean Environmental Protection Organization’, and you are also an honorary officer, forget?” Harley reminded.

“Really?” Lord Ma Gang thought for a while before saying sorry: “I’m sorry, I’ve been listed in too many environmental protection organizations, and I don’t really remember ‘Blue’. Oh, Wei Lan, I have some impressions Well, is it the Amazon that your companion Miss Ivy promoted. Ah, no, the Amazon is a forest environmental protection.”

He scratched the back of his head and said embarrassedly, “How many environmental protection organizations have you established? “

“More than forty, right?” Harry was also a little unsure, “I will guarantee it anyway.”

“Hey, it will cost a lot of money.” Right?” Ma Gang Lord sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Not much, it’s all used for tax credits. I don’t pay as much tax every year as the steward who helps me keep the door.” Harry said.

Ma Gang Lord corner of the mouth twitched, said: “Even if you are an environmentalist, but now the seabed people are causing human life, human life is always bigger than environmental protection?”

” This is not necessarily true. Many people on the Internet say that Atlantis is doing a good job. It should use filthy garbage and dung to clean this filthy world.” Harry said.

“You’re not like those extremists, you’re a galactic admiral!” exclaimed the horse Gang Lord.

Harry said: “I don’t agree with the behavior of the Atlanteans. In fact, when the death toll is announced, I will still be on Facebook to pray for them and to ‘land and sea peace agreement’ I regret the suspension of ‘.

Of course, the radical behavior of Atlantis must also be condemned.”

Lord Ma Gang felt very uncomfortable after hearing this.

How are you doing my job? I haven’t stepped down from the presidency yet!

“Harry, you should take action, attack the seabed people, and teach them how powerful they are.” He persuaded earnestly.

“Mr. President, have you forgotten? I am the middleman, and the Atlantis crisis has always been the responsibility of the superheroes of the Justice League.” Halle said.

“They don’t work well.”

“How come they don’t work well, aren’t they busy doing disaster relief now?”

“What I want is Disasters don’t happen, instead of waiting for disasters to appear, and then go to disaster relief.” Ma Gang Lord sighed.

“Now that the whole world is affected by disasters, you shouldn’t have any pressure, right?” Harry asked suspiciously.

“If everyone is really unlucky together, of course I won’t have too much pressure, but the eastern countries across the Pacific Ocean are not affected at all.” Having said this, Ma Gang Lord began to gnashing teeth, “Ming Ming said Okay, let’s all fool the seabed people together, but they are so active, they not only achieved the goal of the month, but also exceeded the target by 78%, they are crazy.”

“Oh, so there was no disaster in the east.”

Harry frowned, none of the Western TV stations that I watched just now showed the easy life of the East.

β€œEighty percent of them are laughing at us.” Ma Gang Lord said.

“Have you talked to them?” Harry asked.

“Just finished the video conference.”

“You still dare to hold the video conference? The guard dog system is loaded this time, and it should be able to avoid the eavesdropping of the Atlantis people.” said Ma Gang Lord.

“Well, that’s definitely no problem!”

After hanging up the phone, Harry opened the background of the watchdog and adjusted the video communication of the horse Gang Lord completely. come out.

Well, Western electronic devices and social software all have backdoors. This is the theorem.

After becoming an American capitalist, Harley can’t go against it either.

She saw a big scolding battle.

“It was agreed at the beginning that everyone will do what they can, not do nothing. We only do what we can, without any reluctance.”

“You are as good as you can be. Oh, and it is impossible to achieve the 178% target ‘without reluctance’! Because Aum intends to set the intensity of the ‘ocean cleanup plan’ at the limit of the Earth government.”

“No, Not the limit of all government-governments in Earth, but the weighted average of countries.”

“You mean we’ve downgraded Orm’s assessment of the ‘Earth government-government’ efficiency limit?”

Ivy put her head over to say with a smile: “He told the truth.”

“They are not so efficient, right? They are not afraid of affecting their own economy and life. ?” Selena wondered.

Harry thought for a while, speculated: “They know the attitude of the other countries in Earth – fooling the seabed people and delaying the outbreak of the conflict.

Also know the seabed people’s attitude The idea – to develop a plan for ocean cleanup that is difficult for the Earth countries to complete, so that the land people can’t complete the task, and then take the opportunity to go crazy.

In this way, no matter how hard it is, they have to persevere.

It will only take one month to persist until the seabed people get angry.

When the seabed people get angry, the superheroes of the Justice League and Justice Society will definitely respond.

If the superheroes win, the ‘Om Marine Protection Act’ becomes a decoration, and they don’t have to go through the next stage of suffering.

If the seabed people win, all countries around the world have to strictly enforce the ‘Om’ The bill’, if everyone suffers together, they will not suffer.

Whether they win or lose, they have avoided the ‘feces flooding the city’ this time, reducing the loss of hundreds of billions.

Compared with their efforts. Well, their efforts are not wasted. The nearby Sea Territory has been cleaned up, benefiting the country, the people, and the world.”

“Aren’t they too cunning?” Ai Wei was surprised.

“Can’t say cunning, they are smart, our government is too slow and too clumsy.” Selena sighed.

Another week has passed, and the aftermath of the trash tide is still affecting the battered seaside city.

As the invisible emperor of Gotham, many parliamentarians and officials have come to ask Harley for instructions: what should be done with the marine garbage and sewage involved in the city? Should it be thrown back into the sea, or will it be transported to the suburbs for burial at a huge cost? Or, a more efficient and cost-effective method without side effects?

Harry has many methods, but they can only solve temporary problems and cannot be used as a routine method to spread to cities around the world.

She just left it to them to decide that this year’s municipal budget could be looser.

Even government-government officials are busy, but the superheroes are still unresponsive to the seabed people’s actions.

“What are you doing? Netizens are scolding you for not doing things.”

Harry couldn’t help but called Superman.

“Well, have you noticed the attitude of the seabed people towards a certain country in the east?” Superman asked.

Haley didn’t know why, but said: “They overfulfilled their tasks, and it’s not surprising that the seabed people didn’t dump garbage into their cities.”

Superman said bitterly: “The U.S. government- The government has done nothing for the past month, and other countries have only done superficial work.

I know exactly what they are thinking.

They have no plans at all. What is the ocean cleanup.

Just waiting for the Justice League, waiting for you, waiting for us to help solve the seabed people.

Even at the cost of the destruction of some coastal cities, in the eyes of politicians It’s worth it.

Seabed people attack, superheroes are provoked, double-headed fights, heroes fight to win, politicians toast to celebrate, continue to waste resources and pollute the environment.

I don’t want superheroes to be the reason for their neglect.

I want to turn the Atlantis crisis into an opportunity to raise the environmental awareness of the country and the people, and to change the bad habits of production and living in the past.


So, I went to the League of Nations and had a face-to-face interview with representatives of various countries. The Justice League would not take action against the seabed people.

Since a certain country in the East handed over a perfect answer sheet, other countries can copy it. Homework.

Even if only half of it is done, it can completely improve the current marine environment and give seabed people an explanation.”

“What do you think.” Harry looked strange , “Did they start copying homework in the past week?”

“Many countries in Asia and Europe have taken action, and the results are good.” Dachao said with a smile.

β€œWhat about the United States?” Harry asked again.

Da Chao’s smile disappeared, “Reality will force everyone to roll up.”

A month later, the tide of pollution hit again, and some Asian and European countries were spared, the United States.

(end of this chapter)

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